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Have you ever been playing capture the flag and had someone mercilessly taunt you as they run off with your flag?  Sure you have.  I bet you were thinking "I'm gonna get medieval on your ass".  Now you can!  Enter Ninja Quake II - CTF!   Now you can enjoy the up close and personal pleasure of slicing your opponents with swords, and chopping them into little giblets with a chainsaw.

Ninja Quake II is a mod that adds martial arts attacks and weapons to the world of Quake II.  The premise is simple, either you like to be the thuggy brustish marines who cower behind their heavy weaponry, or you have the guts renounce them, relying on strength, speed, finesse, and steel.  No more blasters, rockets, and BFGs, instead you'll have the swords, hammers and axes.  To compensate for the lack of blasters and bullets, you'll be given agility, speed, and skill.  Take up the challenge, become the ninja...

February 19th, 1999:

    I'm still working on it.  It's still somewhat broken.  Really, I'll put it out soon.  Sorry bout that.

February 9th, 1999:

    I may seem quite absent from the ninja quake front these days, but I have had a chance to work out quite a few little bugs, and add new features.  I sincerely hope to have a new release for Friday (Feb. 12).  I have two last bugs to work out. One where if you play certain single player / coop maps, it decides to quit.  And the other doesn't let you out of 'spectator mode'. As soon as that goes away, I'll make a release.  Some of the new features include: real help for new players, improved control over special moves, skin changing fixes, sound fixes, and it actually will come with a real demo (or 3).  The bad news of all this is that you'll have to upgrade you version of Quake2 to 3.20.  I recommend this anyway, but I figured I'd give some advance notice of this change.

January 5, 1999:

    Happy New Year!  It has been a happy new year, as a few people have written me in the last 2-3 days to tell me the origin of the 'game is write protected' error.  And, thankfully, the solution is quite simple (albeit time consuming). All you need to do is update you quake2 to a version past 3.14 .  For your convenience, here's a link to get the program to get you up to date: q2-3.20-x86.exe .  I'd like to thank Marc, Tyler, and Nick for the heads up on what's going down.

December 14, 1998:

    I haven't updated in a long while, so I figured now would be a good time.  I have some things to say, so why not...

    a) I archived some news.  Is this important?  Probably not.

    b) I have a question.  I want to know if any ninja quake 2 players own the rogue mission pack: Ground Zero.  I do, and I must admit I enjoy it.  If a few people Email me and say they do, then maybe I'll put out a rogue port to ninja quake.  That way you can play the new missions, and fight the new bad guys, and stuff.

    c) For those wondering what I'm up to, and if I'll continue Ninja Quake 2 work:  Yes, I will.  I'd like to add a 'chasecam' perspective, as some people have requested it.  If anyone knows of any source code laying around for such a thing, please let me know.  I put in the chasecam code from 'Weapons of Destruction', which works to some degree, but has some issues with water and stuff.  I'm still tweaking it, maybe I'll get it right.

    d) A number of people have written to say 'I can't get this to work, I exec ninja.cfg and says It's not there.'  Some tips and stuff:

    e) A number of people have written to say 'I can't get this to work, I type 'game ninjadm' and it says 'Game is write protected''


November 3, 1998:

    Rejoice!  A major design announcement has been made for the coding of QuakeArena.  The Mod DLL's will now be in interpreted ansi c (in a sandbox).  It was previously thought that Java would overcome the portability issues, but it seems that other issues, like speed and efficiency, have compromised it's standing.  I think they made a wise choice.  I was beginning to question if I should go forth and start designing a mod for QuakeArena, but now, I will undoubtedly do so.  Read more about it, go find John Carmack's .plan file.  I can believe I actually recommend reading a .plan, but I guess there's exceptions to every rule.

    In other (Not-Quake) news, I'm getting married this weekend, so if it's seems like I've been unresponsive to my email, that's why.  I most likely will not be able to update, or be responsive till around the 14th or 15th.

    Final note: Lord Tofu's is up and running, it was closed for a while for a lmctf tourney game, and the guy who passworded it forgot to reset it.  My apologies to those who wanted to play.  It also has a test kinda beta kinda tweak to the server side code, which should get rid of the annoying scoreboard bug, as well as the annoying 'I'm not the same skin as I was before I died' bug.  I can't reproduce the scoreboard bug under the debugger, but I think I know what caused it, and I think I fixed it.  I imagine I'll only know by trying it.  There are other ways to fix it besides throwing any old solution at it, but at this time it'll have to suffice, because I don't really have the time to do otherwise.

October 27, 1998:

    Not too much to report here.  I'm still tracking the awfully elusive scoreboard bug.  I did want to make sure I updated the site so you can take a poke at Lord Tofu's server.  Check out the 'Servers' section.  I have some niceties from some folks out there which I will post very soon.  I have a pingtool tab and some new ninja skins.  As soon as I can I'll post those things.  Thanks a ton to Brett Hillebrand and george (?) for sending those to me.

October 21, 1998:

I'm on the trail of this score bug, and I hope to have a new (server side only) release soon that fixes it. I'd like to thank everyone who has played on Tofu's Kingdom, I'm sure if you have you've seen the scoring bug. Interestingly enough, you can get the correct scores, pings, etc, from GameSpy, Pingtool, Quake2Peek, etc. I know I had alot of fun playing and I hope you did as well. With the exception of the scoreboard, and the fact that I forgot to take config.cfg out of the zip, I think this release has gone over extraordinarily well. Rock on.

On the news front, The Mod Pod has posted a review of Ninja Quake 2, and it's a pretty darn good one. Go read it. Thanx to MeSsEd for taking the time to review it.

October 19, 1998:

First lemme apologize for today's update... If it looks bad, my html editor is flukey, and rather that figure out what was wrong with it, I'm just using notepad.

Wow, what a lamo I am. I'm doling out apologies for being so late on this. I'm guiltier than William Jefferson Clinton. Well, to beat dead horses, it depends on your definition of the word late. But anyway, I fixed many things in it lately so I'm going to post a single player/coop/deathmatch version of NQ2. Right now. Once again I'd like to apologize for all the delays. There were vweap bugs, there were shield bugs, there were spq bugs, there was RealLife. And I know that is a RealLame™ excuse, but seriously, I've been busy. I hope you like the new release, it doesn't come with docs, and I'm sure I must apologize for that as well. I just put the final set of fixes into it. Right now (5:53 pm) I'm running the final tests. It's kind of exciting, and I really am proud of the way this build came out. For games where ninjas_only is not set, the shield is wild fun. Note to rox jox: firing rockets point black into shield is bad for your health, and the hyperblaster is only slightly more intelligent.

Also: Very VERY important... Ninja Quake 2: this edition... has a home at - Lord Tofu's Kingdom. Deathmatch, ninjas only, and I'll try to organize some games, so that the server doesn't sit there empty. It will be there 24x7 unless there is an LMCTF tournement game going on there. So try it out. I hope to see you there!


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