11/25/00- RA3
I've made a new RocketArena3 ref/info site for all you RA3 fans out there. Check it out for newest maps, faq, info and a list of RA3 clans in the community. Click here to go to QBitch's RA3 Domain!!

08/12/00- Alliance CTF
Alliance Version 1.3 is now available for download here.
We're sorry for the frequent patches but there were some serious gameplay issues that needed fixing quick. As always, this release comes in full or ugrade versions, in both installer and zip formats. 
The changes are as follows:
- Fixed runes disappearing in match mode bug
- Fixed weapons stay so dropped weapons can always be picked up and give default ammo amounts
- Prevent players from dropping ammo near a weapon to eliminate a weapons stay cheat
- Got rid of drop weapon command because it was causing other bugs (nobody used it anyway)
- rune/player effects have been made more subtle
- slightly reduced resist power
- added g_crockMode for single hit shotgun in Combat
- gave the bots back the shotgun and railgun in Combat;
g_botInstantWeapons 0 will take them away if desired
- eliminated grapple release from damage in Combat
- included new server configs for Combat with new map rotations
Thanks Mr. White =)

08/12/00- Alliance CTF
Alliance CTF/DM for Q3A Version 1.2 is now available for download at http://www.planetquake.com/alliance . As always, this release comes in full or ugrade versions, in both installer and zip formats. This new version corrects a few of the changes made in 1.1 + adds some new features. The changes are as follows:

  • Grapple damage removed - it won't open doors anymore
  • Increased damage required for grapple to release from 10 to 100
  • removed auto re-fire on grapple
  • if g_teamAutoJoin, teams will be re-mixed based on scores after each map.
  • instagib mode added - (see instagib_ctf.cfg and instagib_dm.cfg)
  • rune fx changed
  • kills were added twice - fixed
  • stats not reseting at match start - fixed
  • no rails/shotgun for bots in combat mode
  • can give team orders on a dedicated server in the menus
  • added colored motd.txt for server ops
  • altered lightning gun effects
  • tweaked run/player shell effects

  • Thanks Mr. White =)

    John Carmack Interview
    The second half of Gamecenter's interview with John Carmack is online. In this portion John talks about the development of the Dreamcast port of Quake III Arena, cross-platform development (and its role in his next engine), whether Dreamcast users will be able to play against PC gamers (apparently this still hasn't been 100% decided) and of course, lots more. Here's an excerpt dealing with the status of cross-console deathmatch:

    I don't know about the whole issue about who's going to be able to play with who, because I worry about the PC people just making it completely not fun for the Dreamcast people. I mean, keypad people fighting against keypad people is no problem--you can just sit there and do your tank-turret thing and try and line up on the other person. Playing against somebody that's in amongst you with a mouse will not be terribly entertaining [laughs]. I'm pretty sure we're going to wind up having split masters--Graeme [Devine, designer at id Software] is probably more on top of that, where we've got things that are sort of Dreamcast-only and open rounds.

    Quake III Arena Music Released 
    Following a recent trend, id Software has released seven songs from the Quake III Arena soundtrack in MP3 format. The files are available from id's own FTP server, or from the id Software mirror at CDROM.com

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