[September 23, 1998]
Map Contest

I recieved the following email today:

Impulse 98 Map and Model Making Competition

As part of The Australian LAN tournament, Impulse 98 (covering Quake 1, Quake 2, Half Life and Team Foretess), there will be again a map making competition. This year we are seeking three Quake 2 Duel maps to be used in the 64 players double elimination competition. The Author of the winning map will receive Diamond Monster Fusion 16MB 2D/3D Video Card and 32MB of RAM. The Winning map will also be used for the Quake 2 duel final.

There Will also be a Quake 2 Model Map Making Competition run as well with the prize of Diamond Monster MMX300 Sound Card (bundled with Half-Life Day 1) and 32MB of RAM.

Entries For the map making competition close the 5th of November. Entries for the model making competition close on the 20th of November.

For more details go to the Impulse98 site at http://imputlse98.playnow.com.au


[September 18, 1998]
1 great new level today


Name: 1964-echos of the past
File Name: 1964com.zip
Type: SP
Date: September 18, 1998
File Size: 7.5 mb

This was a great level. It has been out for about a week but I finally got around to reviewing it. i had so much fun playing all eight levels, I was most impressed with the underwater level and the outdoor level I thought that they were done very well. What I was most impressed with was the amount of detail and work that went into this level the architecture was simply amazing. And these levels didn't just look good, they were very challenging and entertaining as well. It took me almost an hour to beet all eight maps and I enjoyed every minute of it. This is a great unit and it is definitely worth the download.

[September 11, 1998]
2 new levels today


Name: Structural Mechanics
File Name: smd0898.zip
Type: SP
Author:David Hyde
Date: September 11, 1998
File Size: 2. mb

To tell you the truth. I didn't care for this level too much. The textures were too bright and it was very un detailed. I just couldn't finish it. The authors new textures were way too bright I just couldn't stand it. If the level had the normal Quake2 textures I'm sure I would have liked it a hell of a lot more.


Name: Doom1 E1M5
File Name: d1e1m5.zip
Type: SP
Author:Rhett D. Baldwin
Date: September 11, 1998
File Size: 621 kb

The author claims this so be a conversion of an old doom level. I would say no. A conversion has the same layout as the original. This has the same layout for the first part of the level but the rest is completley different. I'm not badmouthing the level or anything but I wouldn't say it's a conversion. I didn't get through the whole level but what I saw was pretty good so give it a try.

[September 10, 1998]
No levels today

I have no new levels today but I just started downloading 2 new ones and they will be up shortly.

[September 2, 1998]
PC Gamer Presents: Dry Gulch

It's finally here Neil Manke's 'PC Gamer Presents: Dry Gulch'


Name: PC Gamer Presents: Dry Gulch
File Name: coconut.zip
Type: SP
Author:Neil Manke
Date: September 2, 1998
File Size: 7 Mb

One of my favorite authors Neil Manke's long awaited sequel to Paradise lost is finally here. This is a huge 2 level unit unit with some of the most original ideas I have seen. Neil has spent great attention to detail on his level and it certainly shows. You can see the great detail while walking through the canyons, or while visithig the saloons. You can even get a table dance by one of the dancing girls. In this level you will find giant frogs, killer birds, killer mexicans, dangerous hookers and much more. As in all of Neil's levels, he has taken it to the extreme and It came out to be the best of all his accomplishments, Very good work!!!

And keep on the lookout for PC Gamer Presents: Coconut Monkey 3...

Currently there is no download for this level, But it will be avalible on friday.

[September 2, 1998]
PC Gamer Presents: Dry Gulch is coming this friday

I have been Informed by Neil Manke that PC Gamer Presents: Dry Gulch is coming this friday from the PC Gamer website.

Als there is one correction to my last review on Order & Chaos. I had said that I thought the level was built on a non 3D accelerated computer. Was I ever wrong. Paul Taylor emailed me and informed me that Richard Dale Carlson worked for Ion Storm and works on only the best computers avalible. Sorry Rich :)
[September 1, 1998]
2 New Levels: Order & Chaos and Space Pirates

I came across 2 interesting levels the other day while surfing the net.


Name: Order & Chaos
File Name: chaos.zip
Type: SP
Author:Richard Dale Carlson
Date: September 1, 1998
File Size: 727 kb

The first level Order & Chaos was a fairly small but interesting level. Generally the level was short and sweet, but (I know I've said this before) it needed a bit more detail in some areas. Some areas like the underground part was very good and there was no problems there. The overall layout was a problem, it just seemed pointless for a key to be hidden underground and for the door to be a floor above it. I also thought the level ended a bit to quickly. I suspect that this level was built on a non 3D accelerated computer and that is the reason it was so short.


Name: Space Pirates
File Name: spacep.zip
Type: SP
Author:Matthew Harding
Date: September 1, 1998
File Size: 2.4 mb

Space pirates was a 4 level unit with a couple of problems. First of all some parts of the level looked pretty good, and some parts looked too plain. This was due to bad texture choices. Also the level keeps crashing, I had to restart it 3 times. Eventually I just gave up. I never actually finished it but what I saw was somewhat adequate. If you like space levels you might like Space Pirates.

Overall I had fun playing the two levels and I'm sure you will too, so give them both a try.

[August 31, 1998]
New Level: Airstrike Central


Name: Airstrike Central
File Name: snazspq7.zip
Type: SP
Author:Ian 'SnAzBaZ' Packer
Date: August 31, 1998
File Size: 407 kb

This was a very small level, with somewhat pointless plot. The overall layout I thought was pretty good but it lacked in detail. The monster and weapon placement was not good, there were too many monsters and not enough ammo. It seemed as if the author did a rush job and tried to finish the level in a hurry. With a little more time and effort this could have been a good level.

I would also like to say its too bad that the Quake Map Hotel is closing. It was one of the most unique of all the review sites and it will be missed.

[August 30, 1998]
New Level: Space Odysseys

I have a new level today by Yuri Davidov.


Name: Space Odysseys
File Name: sody.zip
Type: SP
Author:Yuri Davidov
Date: August 30, 1998
File Size: 3.5MB

This was an fairly good 5 map SP level done in the Space theme that should keep you busy for a while. You start off in a strogg space station, and eventually work your way to the strogg asteroid. The asteroid was one of the finer points of the unit, with good architecture and excellent monster placement makes the asteroid level worth the download time. As for the rest of the unit, I was liked with the first couple of maps that took place in the space station and but I didn't enjoy the final level as much.

The whole unit was put toegther fairly good in a liniar fashion. The detail was ok, the monster placement was good, and the level apperead to be balenced out nicely. If your into space levels give this a try.

[August 28, 1998]
New Level: The Oppressor

I have one new level today, I hope you enjoy it.


Name: The Oppressor
File Name: msdm5.zip
Type: DM
Author:Mike Shand
Date: August 28, 1998
File Size: 2.78MB  

I have one new level today, The Oppresser. This is a very nicely designed DM level, and I think it would be good in deathmatch, I haven't tested it out in DM yet but I assume it would be good. There are lots of places to hide and lots of places to pick off people.

I should have annother update by tomorrow.


[August 26, 1998]
Welcome to the ASYLUM

Well here it is, the Asylum is the replacement for the GuRu's BestQ2Maps I hope you enjoy the new site. I should have some reviews up soon.

the ASYLUM is hosted by Quake2.com which is hosted by NetMegs.

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