Deathmatch Archives A-E

Name: All That I Bleed 
File Name: ecdm1
Type: DM 
Recommended Players:  2-4 Players
Author: Ed Cope a.k.a Scope   
Date: 2-22-98
File Size: 444KB

Name: An Auxillary Death 
File Name:stroggdm5 
Type: DM
Recommended Players: N/A 
Author: Mark Major (aka Shmitz)   
Date: N/A  
File Size: 914KB

Name: Body And Soul
File Name: martim14 
Type: DM
Recommended Players: N/A
Author: The MarTim Team  
Date: N/A  
File Size: 897KB

Name: Confidence Lost  
File Name: ospdm1 
Type: DM  
Recommended Players: 8-32 
Author: Craig Sparks - BotanikA    
Date: 3/30/98  
File Size: 3.89MB

Name: Cray Oh La Boxes 
File Name: craybox
Type: DM 
Recommended Players: 2-13 players 
Author: Tom Hall    
Date: Jan 20th, 1998 
File Size: 1.18MB

Name: DM Battleground   
File Name: dmbg1 
Type: DM
Recommended Players: N/A 
Author: Tiarnan Breffni    
Date: 6/2/98  
File Size: 1.26MB