Deathmatch Archives K-O

Name: KandyBase 2
File Name: kndybas2 
Type: DM 
Recommended Players: 2-16 
Author: Marin Gazzari - Kandyman
Date: February 14, 1998 
File Size: 839KB

Name: Kill The P.A.
File Name: kick 
Type: DM 
Recommended Players: 2-7 
Author: headshot [Dennis Kaltwasser]
Date: N/A 
File Size: 504KB

Map Name: Medieval
File Name:
Text File: Medieval.txt
File Size: 1.36 MB
Type: DM, 2-12 recommended
Author: Mike Burbidge (g1zm0)
Date Released: June 21, 1998

Name: Once in winter night in Ice Land
File Name: iceland 
Type: DM 
Recommended Players:N/A 
Author: Stas Melnikov
Date: N/A 
File Size: 813KB

Name: The Oppressor
File Name:
Type: DM
Author: Mike Shand
Date: August 28, 1998
File Size: 2.78MB