Single Player Archives A-E

[August 31, 1998]
New Level: Airstrike Central


Name: Airstrike Central
File Name:
Type: SP
Author:Ian 'SnAzBaZ' Packer
Date: August 31, 1998
File Size: 407 kb

This was a very small level, with somewhat pointless plot. The overall layout I thought was pretty good but it lacked in detail. The monster and weapon placement was not good, there were too many monsters and not enough ammo. It seemed as if the author did a rush job and tried to finish the level in a hurry. With a little more time and effort this could have been a good level.


Name: Arkanion 
File Name:  arkan0, arkan1, arkan2 
Type: Single Player, 3 maps 
Recommended Bots: N/A 
Author:  Mike Daugherty (aka Jerkoff) 
Date: March 7, 1998 
File Size: N/A     


Name: Angron Installation 
File Name: angron1a, anglon1b 
Type: Single Player, 2 maps 
Recommended Bots: N/A 
Author:  Jonas N.P. Lindstrom 
April 23, 1998 
File Size: 2.52MB    


Name: Azure Mines 
File Name: azure, eof 
Type: Single Player, 2 Maps 
Recommended Bots: N/A 
Author:  James Parkman aka gloom  
Date: March 23, 1998 
File Size: 2.19MB    


Name: Blood-Red Sunset 
File Name: yspq5 
Type: Single Player 
Recommended Bots: N/A 
Author: YooShin Yang   
Date: April 21, 1998 
File Size: 1.44MB    


Name: Chris The Titan 
File Name: tac 
Type: Single Player 
Recommended Bots: N/A 
Author: Jussi Tuononen      
Date: July 10, 1998 
File Size: 2.32MB    


Name: Covert Operation 
File Name: Covert1, Covert2, Covert3, Covert4 
Type: Single Player, 4 maps 
Recommended Bots: N/A 
Author: Dave Waters     
Date:  May 8, 1998 
File Size: N/A    


Name: Crater's Edge 
File Name: Cr8rEdge 
Type: Single Player 
Recommended Bots: N/A 
Author: Alex Mad Rex Richardson    
Date: April 6, 1998  
File Size: 3.0MB    


Name: Dawgfight 
File Name: dawgfite 
Type: Single Player 
Recommended Bots: N/A 
Author: Bryan Pillow    
Date: N/A  
File Size: 1.85MB    


Name: Doom1 E1M1 
File Name: DoomE1M1 
Type: Single Player, pak file 
Recommended Bots: N/A 
Author: Borys Siewczynski   
Date: N/A  
File Size: 3.33MB  


Name: Doom1 E1M5
File Name:
Type: SP
Author:Rhett D. Baldwin
Date: September 11, 1998
File Size: 621 kb

The author claims this so be a conversion of an old doom level. I would say no. A conversion has the same layout as the original. This has the same layout for the first part of the level but the rest is completley different. I'm not badmouthing the level or anything but I wouldn't say it's a conversion. I didn't get through the whole level but what I saw was pretty good so give it a try.


Name: PC Gamer Presents: Dry Gulch
File Name:
Type: SP
Author:Neil Manke
Date: September 2, 1998
File Size: 7 Mb

One of my favorite authors Neil Manke's long awaited sequel to Paradise lost is finally here. This is a huge 2 level unit unit with some of the most original ideas I have seen. Neil has spent great attention to detail on his level and it certainly shows. You can see the great detail while walking through the canyons, or while visithig the saloons. You can even get a table dance by one of the dancing girls. In this level you will find giant frogs, killer birds, killer mexicans, dangerous hookers and much more. As in all of Neil's levels, he has taken it to the extreme and It came out to be the best of all his accomplishments, Very good work!!!