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Quake2.com staff
Bini "Blitz" Parkhurst Quake2.com Founder, Server Administrator, Business Manager, GamesLink.Net IRCop
Jeff "Nigel" Bixler CEO of Quake2.com, Head Webmaster, Hosting Advisor, GamesLink.Net IRCop
Ryan "NetGuy" Passage News updater, GamesLink.Net IRCop, GamesLink.Net CService Administrator
Chris "WU-GFKiller" DeGaeta Web Board Administrator
Paul "Paubo" Teehan Game Info maintainer, Mailbag

We also appreciate the work put forth by all of our subsites, too.

Other indirect helpers/contributors
James "Prophet" Fudge
Ben "Rotwang" Loeschke
Chris Spencer
Hanif "Hanif" Jhaveri
Immortal news reporters and friends forever thanked for their contributions
Walter "|2|" Costinak Quake2.com site logo
Bill "Phoebus" Mull Explaining cascading style sheets
Patrick "Void" Cupka CGI work
Ismail "Slipgate" Saeed Former chief news editor, co-founder, and loyal friend
Ryan "Bloodshot" Mattson Former hosting advisor and news editor
Kevin "Stonage" Brown Most recent updated finger service
Darryl "Nite" Ashton Helping this site when it was an infant, and being a good friend

Awards and accolades
PlanetQuake Paul Steed interview, August 4, 1997:

Q: What websites do you follow?
A: All the Quake mainstays: PlanetQuake, Redwood's, Void, Quake2.com, etc.
Voted as Cool Central Site of the Hour, August 12, 1997
Cool Central Site of the Hour

Voted "Best New News Site for 1997" in the Quake Women's Forum "Year in Review"

From December 7 to December 13
Quake2 Award of Excellence in News for 1997
Quake2 Award of Excellence for 

March 1998 Gamer's Choice Award - Best Quake2 Site
Gamer's Choice Award - Best Quake2 Site; March 1998

April 1998 Quake Zone - Site of the Month
Quake Zone - Site of the Month; April 1998

May 1998 QuakeFiles - Site of the Month
QuakeFiles - Site of the Month; May 1998

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Thanks to all the people who have helped on this site, both mentioned and not. It wouldn't be the same without any one of you.

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