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The utilities section is basically an archive of files I feel are pertinent to the creation of the types of files that are associated with this site. If you feel there is an outstanding program out there that can help with the creation of Windows files, by all means tell me about it and I'll see what I can do about adding it to this page.

Also, if you're interested, you can browse around Tucows for hundreds upon hundreds of utilities, and not just Windows utilities... They have everything.


A handy freeware program that lets you install Windows Desktop Themes if you don't have Microsoft Plus!. (Klaus Thrane, 1.6 MB)


Desktop Themes

A shareware program that allows you to create your own Desktop Themes without needing Microsoft Plus!. I'm not positive (because I haven't used the program myself...), but I think you can also install new themes with this program. (Left Side Software, 102 KB)



A wonderful shareware program that lets you create icons, cursors, and animated cursors. When you register, you will get even more goodies. This is a must have for theme makers. (Impact Software, 1.2 MB)


Pak Explorer

A nifty freeware program that lets you sift through all the pak files associated with Quake, Quake II, and any game that uses either of these engines. (Ashley Bone, 84 KB)


Paint Shop Pro 5

A shareware program that has all the features and functions needed to create wonderful looking graphics. This is a must have for nearly everyone. I know I can't survive without it... (Jasc Software, 7.3 MB)


Quake Scene Builder

This is a truly fantastic program for making Q2 scenes, which can easily become outstanding wallpapers. Definately worth a look see. Just go check out the gallery at the homepage! (Quake Scene Builder, 415 KB)


Screen Saver Studio

Though you must purchase this product before you can download it, it looks to be quite a promising program that allows you to create screen savers with ease. Check it out.


Start Menu Changer

A snazzy little program that lets you change the flying windows graphic that's on your start menu button and the graphics and text in the start menu. (Alexey's Start Menu Changer, Quake Buttons, 460 KB)



A very handy little program that allows you to resume lost downloads, set download speed limits so you can still browse the web, and tons of other cool features. Any dial-up modem person should have this thing. We've all been there before when we only have 200 KB left to go on our 12 MB download, and our ISP drops us. Now you can fight back!

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