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NAME: Gladiator

WEAPONS: Railgun, "clamp grip"

DAMAGE DEALT: 50 per railgun hit, 20-25 per "clamp grip" hit


"With two massively mechanized legs and one shoulder-mounted railgun, the Gladiator is the daddy of all the adapted humanoids." "

This guy is big and tough, and in case you didn't know, railguns are fast and hard to avoid. I read somewhere that between the time he targets you and begins to fire, and the time it takes for the slug to reach you, you have 0.3 seconds to get out of the way. With 50 damage at stake, you'd better be quick on your feet. He will not fire the railgun close up, opting instead for his less-deadly pokey-thing attached to his left arm. If you can get close enough, a hit-and-retreat with the super shotgun could finish him off, but he is very tough, and his pokey-thing does hurt. Another good way to fight him is speed-damage: go all-out with a chaingun or hyper-blaster and don't let go of fire until he's dead. You might take some damage doing it that way, but it may be safer than any alternative. One time to REALLY watch out for him is if he is above you; if there is an un-crossable gap between you; or if he is one of many monsters coming at you at once. Keep in mind that you have virtually NO time to dodge before planning your attack.