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Tuesday, January 13, 1998
About our deadness
I apologize for the lack of news posting lately, I'll be working a considerable amount of time tomorrow on rectifying that and the hosting situation (a LOT of people haven't heard back from us yet, working on it). Since Jobe let the cat out of the bag, yes, we are working on a redesign as well. Don't let the major changes to the staff and site structure thing worry you... site structure refers to the layout (we're redesigning) and as for staff, we are shifting in duties somewhat. Anyways, as I said I'll be working on getting that all (or, in more realistic terms, as much of that as possible) resolved tomorrow. Add to this a bunch of real life work (that I won't detail), and it is quite a full plate. Anyways, just wanted to drop that line. Bear with us please.


Are we dead?
Please excuse the lack of updating over the last couple of days. We're undergoing a site redesign, in addition to trying to work out the skin contest issues, as well as some major changes to the staff and site structure (more info on that later). Please bear with us while we run around like chickens with our heads cut off. Thanks.

Linux Quake2 Speed Boost
Prophet sent along word that there is a new modification that supposedly speeds framerates up by as much as 135%. If you are running Linux, this is a must-get item.

JawMD2 Update
JawMD2, the model viewer that just recently screamed onto the Quake scene, has been updated. The new version takes advantage of Silicon Graphics' OpenGL for Windows, so Microsoft's OpenGL implementation is no longer used in this version. Also, overall texture mapping speed has been significantly increased, as well as some new features added. Go get this great, free, program.

The Eraser Bot Goes to 2nd Alpha
The popular
Eraser Bot has now gone into 2nd alpha status, fixing various bugs, making the bot "smarter", and other overall improvements. If you liked the first Eraser Bot, check out the new and improved one.

The Quake2 Fortress
A new site entitled The Quake2 Fortress is now up and running. This site is working towards being THE site for Team Fortress on Quake2. Thanks Prophet.
Fragfest '98
As alluded to in last week's Quakecast,
BMG Interactive has now formally announced their stance as hosts for Fragfest '98. Along with the Gamesmasters UK gaming show as sponsors, this event will be held on January 13th at 7:00 PM, and will feature such prizes as Grand Theft Auto (by BMG), a Grand Theft auto-customized Sony Playstation, and more. Check out the Fragfest '98 page for more information. Thanks Prophet.

The info. about the Juggernaut Quake2 TC being bundled with Quake2 is false. People who buy Quake2 recieve the product for free, while those of you who already own it get it for around $20. Sorry for any confusion.


Sunday, January 11, 1998
New Quake2 TC
Anarchy, a new Quake2 TC is in the works. Go check out what they have to offer.

XQF, a QuakeWorld/Quake2 server browser/launcher for Linux/X11 by Steve Jankowski, has just gone into a new version. Check out the
XQF page to learn more about it. Thanks goes out to Prophet, the man who knows everything ;-). Help Wanted
Bozer of the Alien Fortress TC sent along word that the Slaughter Development Team is looking for modelers. Check out their page and see if it's for you.

Battle of the Sexes News
Here are some of the new features to be implimented soon into B.O.T.S.:
  • sounds associated with events (eg. steal key, capture key, etc.)
  • Enhanced team scoreboard
  • Other various bug fixes
  • And what I found MOST amusing - "In the spirit of the name of the mod, if only two teams are playing, team 1 is always female and team 2 is always male".
  • Check out their page for more information on this "mod" mod.

    New QGraph Version
    Prophet sent along word that QGraph has updated from v2.0 to v2.0.1 (the update is 96KB, full version is 3.2MB), due to the change in the Quake2 communication protocol. Go try out this useful program.

    He Keeps Going, and Going, and Going...
    Millennium, the man who brought us the popular colored skins, has now done it again with the Quake2 CTF colored skin pack (for a preview click here). These skins should work with any CTF mod, and are sure to make as much of a splash as the original colored skins did.

    Mail Call
    Satanic updated the mailbag, click on the link to the left frame to access it. This installment features questions over GL Quake, error messages, and more. Check it out.

    Carmack Hits The Road
    John Carmack made this .plan update, talking about an upcoming trip he's planning on making:

    Odds are that I will get back and just flush the 500 messages in my mailbox.

    No, I'm not taking a vacation. Quite the opposite, in fact.

    I'm getting a hotel room in a state where I don't know anyone, so I can do a bunch of research with no distractions.

    I bought a new computer specifically for this purpose -- A Dolch portable pentium-II system. The significant thing is that it has full length PCI slots, so I was able to put an Evans & Sutherland OpenGL accelerator in it (not enough room for an intergraph Realizm, though), and still drive the internal LCD screen. It works out pretty well, but I'm sure there will be conventional laptops with good 3D acceleration available later this year.

    This will be an interesting experiment for me. I have always wondered how much of my time that isn't at peak productivity is a necessary rest break, and how much of it is just wasted.
    He also goes into some other issues, including tweaks he's working on for Quake2. Click here read all about it.


    Battle of the Sexes update
    Battle of the Sexes is trying to nuke an overflow bug that's apparently happening in 1.7. He has a 1.7.3 release up now, but he says he's still chasing down and trying to completely eliminate the bug. There's also now a servers page there with a list of servers running the mod, and a request for maybe some possible help in making new models since the mod seems to be quickly entering "TC level."

    New CRBot
    CRBot has released a new version: 0.93. There are reportedly quite a few changes and updates in this version, check it out if you liked the last version you saw.


    .plan update
    Brian Hook updated his .plan earlier, talking about various issues:

    As per a suggestion from Jack Mathews, when you do a "setenv" from the console with a single parameter it will print out the value of that environment variable.

    I tested gamma with 3Dfx and set our vid_gamma to 1.0 and tweaked SST_GAMMA and the same problem manifests itself, implying that the 3Dfx gamma is just hosed at very high values.

    Spent some time trying to benchmark server performance (thanks to all those that hopped on for 3 minutes at a time!), but instrumented builds were hosing our numbers because of reduced performance. Irk. So we ended up not getting anything terribly useful out of the numbers.

    Gamma for Voodoo 2 was not being set correctly, fixed it (Jack Mathews pointed that one out).

    I've also fixed a lot of crap in our support for glPointParametersEXT, and the next patch should have that working (and NVidia is going to be supporting it Real Soon Now).
    Juggernaut Quake2 TC Out!
    The new Quake2 TC entitled
    Juggernaut, from Head Games, has been released to Computer City locations across the country, bundled with copies of Quake2. This version only offers a small taste of what's to come. Cutscenes, more levels, etc. are slated to be in a full version of the TC, being released soon.

    Correction from before: Forgot to thank PlanetQuake, where we saw this news.


    Saturday, January 10, 1998
    3dfx difficulties
    Disruptor made a .plan update worth checking out if you 3dfx users are having a hard time playing on servers:

    Wacky Fix du Jour

    If you are playing with 3DFX based boards and are experiencing some connection difficulties or general wierdness over the net with a modem connection, make sure you are running the updated 3DFX MiniDriver for Quake II.

    I've heard reports that it's fixed some play issues in some cases. For what it's worth, the updated minidriver will be included in the Quake II Deathmatch Pack "soon".
    ServObit 1.3
    ServObit 1.3 has been released on
    SteQve's No Frills Quake Mods Page. The only (major) change is that server operators can now specify how long the message of the day is displayed. There are other minor changes. Source code is available, and a port to Linux is planned. Thanks SteQve.

    Ramshackle review
    Ramshackle has reviewed Iikka Keränen's Quake 2 DM level IKDM1.

    Thanks to
    Julianne Gentile and Prophet for both sending us this news release:

    The First All Female Quake II Tournament


    New York, New York (January 10, 1998) -- In praise of the exciting new game called Quake II and its support of the female gaming community, Julianne Gentile of Cleveland, Ohio, has organized the first all-female Quake II tournament.

    Registration has begun for Queen of the Hill II, the sequel to the widely successful QuakeWorld Queen of the Hill (QOTH) event held last October. The first Queen of the Hill tournament was a terrific success and attracted the finest women gamers from around the world.

    After only a few days of open registration, over fifty skilled Quake women have signed up for the competition. It is expected that over 200 players will have registered by January 31, 1998, the final day of registration.

    The main purpose of the Queen of the Hill events is to allow women gamers to meet and have fun, although the competition generally turns out to be quite fierce.

    Currently, the process of lining up sponsors and Quake II server providers for this event is under way. The games are scheduled to begin on February 27, 1998.

    QOTH II is hosted by Focus on Quake, a personalized guide to Quake and Quake II from The Mining Company. Please contact Julianne Gentile (quake.guide@miningco.com) at The Mining Company for more information about this event.

    Focus on Quake

    Linux Quake 2 mods
    A website dedicated to Linux Quake 2 server operators to help them find Linux ports of mods to use instead of running 95 or NT servers is
    Linux Quake 2 Mods. Incidentally, this can also help those UNIX purists who run the Linux port of the game to play themselves instead of just as a server. They'll be "working with" OpenQuake. Thanks go out to Blue's News.

    Quake 2 Deathmatch Depo...
    has moved to http://www.q2depo.gawd.org. Thanks Blue.

    Yet another Robert Duffy interview
    Robert Duffy, the creator of QE4-Radiant, has been interviewed by
    Lair of Rebel Design as well as Matt Sefton (see previous post).

    Eraser bot and modeling stuff
    Just saw on impact.frag.com that Ridah posted a workaround for people who start getting low fps in Quake 2 with several Eraser bots running (January 7 news there). Also, I saw that a new version of qdata.exe was produced by Ken Turner, with a new -lwo option to use Lightwave files and a -nolbm option to force it to compile the model even if you have no skin for it yet. To grab Ken Turner's new qdata.exe use this link courtesy of info-video.com.

    Major League Quake 2 announcement
    Received the following announcement from
    Major League Quake 2 that is worth a gander:

    Major League Quake 2 has a new home. We are now hosted by unclespanky.com and can be found at http://www.unclespanky.com/MLQ2. For those unfamiliar with Major League Quake 2, Imagine if you will a league dedicated to the game play of Quake 2 in a professional format. MLQ2 has carefully been modeled after most Major League sports. It is your opportunity to play in the big leagues. To ensure the worlds best competition will be found within MLQ2 we have invited individuals as well as already formed teams to participate. MLQ2 has also taken it one step further. We have invited many Quake2 related sites and game related sites in general to form there own Quake2 all-stars. We are asking that these sites represent themselves in our league to find out once and for all who infact are the best Quake2 players in the world. Invitations have been sent to the likes of Mplayer, Heat, Gamepro, Quake2.com and many many more. Sites have already begun to accept our invitations. Quake2.com and Unclespanky.com are on the front line ready and willing to uphold there honor. There will be major announcements next week showcasing other sites who have chosen to participate.

    We look forward to seeing you out on the battle field. Check us out at http://www.unclespanky.com/MLQ2.
    More websites
    Yet more Quake 2 web sites have opened, go see this one (update: link was broke before, fixed it, thanks to those who let us know) and this one.

    QSpy on the topic of GameSpy
    Joe "QSpy" Powell of GameSpy updated his .plan on the topic of the upcoming (and eagerly awaited) GameSpy 2.00, and a note to customers. Here it is quoted:

    I'm really pleased with how GameSpy 2.00 is turning out so far. I've received some good suggestions on how to use some of the sounds submitted to the Sound of the Fury contest. What I'm planning on doing right now is adding a theme selector to the Sound Events options page.

    btw, STOP sending registration key requests / problems to help@gamespy.com and support@gamespy.com. Those addresses are for technical support. Send all registration email to orders@gamespy.com.
    Quake2.com skin contest
    The deadline for the Quake2.com skin contest was late last night. The winner will be announced sometime soon. Thanks to everyone who participated and submitted some awesome skins.

    Hosted Site updates (updated)
  • We're now host to Black Eye Entertainment, who are currently developing a Quake 2 TC called the Chronos TC. They also need a modeler capable of animating monsters and weapons, and a coder.
  • Quake 2 Server Frontend's website has been revamped. Have you server admins tried this utility yet? Very useful.
  • EarthQuaked is at it again, a review of Drastic DLL 0.6 has been posted.
  • Battle of the Sexes has hit version 1.7 with a huge number of added features or updates. Check out the website for full details. Be sure to e-mail him comments and suggestions, as well as the IPs of any servers running the mod.
  • The GLQuake2 Primary LZ now has information up on overclocking or tweaking all chipsets for GLQuake2, and more information is coming in daily. Also, they have information up stating that a tweaking utility for GLQuake2 similar to GLQ+ for Quake will soon be released, and it will be the home site of this utility. Check out the website for more details.

    Single Player Quake 2 Level Heaven has an in depth interview with Robert Duffy, creator of the QE4-Radiant editor based off the QE4 codebase. The interview includes his motivations for creating Radiant, the response from the community and id, and his plans for future releases.

    Mod and util stuff
    Lots of news today. Our first batch comes in from the intrepid Prophet:

  • Vanilla CTF has been ported to Linux. Snag the (beta) port here. There's a 10 player server running at
  • QTracker has hit version 1.5, with a number of fixes or added features. A complete list of fixes, as well as downloads of the full program and an upgrade utility are all on the QTracker page.
  • Capture Tha Fro is a CTF variant that has been released. Right now it is missing entities, teamplay support, sounds and weapon enhancements, but hey it is a beta :). Snag it here (off PlanetQuake).
  • Rocket Arena 2 menu screenshots have been posted by crt on the Rocket Arena page. He reports he is still working on getting them to work with the id maps.

    Now, for some other mod and util news:

  • Slaughter Development Team is looking for modelers, level builders, skin makers, and programmers.
  • The Quake II Center is looking for experienced programmers and artists to help with a Men in Black themed TC.

    John Carmack .plan update
    John Carmack updated his .plan about yesterday's "base100" map (note, this .plan was written late yesterday so when he says tomorrow he means today):

    We got 70 people on a base100 server, and it died after it wedged at 100% utilization for a while. Tomorrow we will find exactly what overflowed, and do some profiling.

    Base100 is really only good for 50 or so players without overcrowding, but we have another map being built that should hold 100 people reasonably well.

    I will look into which will be the easier path to more server performance: scalar optimization of whatever is critical now, or splitting it off into some more threads to run on multiple processors. Neither one is trivial.

    My goal is to be able to host stable 100 player games in a single map.

    I just added a "players" command that will dump the total number of players in the game, and as many frags/names as it can fit in a packet (around 50, I think).