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Friday, January 16, 1998
New DamageMatch
DamageMatch version 1.1 has been released. DamageMatch, for those who didn't hear about it before, is a modification that makes scoring based on damage instead of kills, so you want to be more wary about getting hit and stealing kills from others by running in at the last second won't help your score quite as much. Version 1.0 was OpenQuake verified, version 1.1 is now being OpenQuake verified, but there shouldn't be need for concern. Drop by the author's website and click the DamageMatch link to get information on the mod, including what has changed since 1.0, and of course the link to download it.

Superheroes 2 developments
Two major developments have hit the Superheroes 2 mod. Firstly, there is a new version released, grab that at the Superheroes 2 website. Second, there's now a mailing list over at PlanetQuake all about Superheroes 2, which lets you get news of bug fixes, added powers, new servers, and other information. To subscribe, e-mail subscribe-superheroes@list.criticalmass.com with the subject "Subscribe." Clicking on that mail link and hitting send will also do the trick since the subject is stuck into the mail link.

Monster 3D 2 info
Well, we've all (well most of us anyways) heard about the Monster 3D 2 coming up right? (If you haven't, it is going to be like the Monster 3D but will use a Voodoo 2 chipset instead of a Voodoo chipset). Well, I just got some more information about Monster 3D 2 and what they advertise it will be like. Since this is all from an ad, some of this information is factual and definite (for example, that the card has 2 TMU units) and some is well, what you would put in an ad. If this card delivers all of this it should be pretty darn good.

  • Monster 3D 2 will also be a 3D only pass through card like Monster 3D, connecting to your 2D card the same way the Monster 3D and other passthrough cards did.
  • Diamond calls it "three to six times faster than the original Monster 3D."
  • Uses a Voodoo 2 chipset (of course).
  • Has the triangle renderer and 2 texture units (2 TMUs, as the GLQuake(2) pages say).
  • Advertises framerates of over 60 FPS, and if you have a MEGAMonster (2 Monster 3D 2 cards connected together in one computer, referred to as SLI by Brian Hook and GLQuake(2) pages) you should get over 100 FPS.
  • Partial OpenGL support, Direct3D support, and Glide support (but that's the case with all Voodoo and Voodoo 2 cards).
  • Can do resolutions above 640x480.
  • They say it will begin shipping early March and be available through major computer retailers worldwide by then.

    Finally, if you want to win a Monster 3D poster, go to this
    contest entry form.

    Of course, anything that applies to the Voodoo 2 chipset applies also to this card beyond what's mentioned here, so you might want to check the Voodoo 2 FAQ on Voodoo Extreme and other GLQuake2 oriented sites on the 'net that discuss Voodoo 2 at all (ex. Zanshin's and GLQuake2 Primary LZ).

    More level reviewing
    Lotus Look has 2 new level reviews posted.

    GameCenter Quake 2 review
    GameCenter has posted a Quake 2 review. Thanks Prophet.

    ServerConfigMOD has now hit version 1.5 beta, offering unlimited map cycling, ServObit integration and much more. The full (non beta) release of 1.5 is slated for next Tuesday sometime. Anyways, also, ServerConfigMOD is now hosted by us at Quake2.com. To get version 1.5 beta and to read up on the utility more, go to http://www.quake2.com/sconfig/.

    Be a Quake2 demo movie star! (updated (again))
    Do you want to be a star in a Quake 2 movie? (Note: we mean a Quake 2 movie in a demo file type of thing, not something on the silver screen) Well, if you are so inclined, e-mail
    Flea [AM] or look for him on the server Update: His mail address posted before couldn't handle all the mail, so if you haven't mailed him yet or don't think yours got through, the link has been changed to a new address to mail him at. The movie's story, script, etc. are ready, he just needs cast members. They also have a server (different from the one I just mentioned) that the movie will be filmed at. The movie will have credits and other special effects, and goes by the name "Operation Eclipse."

    LAN Parties (updated)
  • The Gathering is a LAN party in Norway. Last year they had 2900 people, but this year they expect 4000. They've signed on a bunch of sponsors, including 3Dfx Interactive. Go to the website for news/info, and for network specific information check this page.
  • Virtual Magic Network Gaming Services is running a big event of its own as well, here's the lowdown:

    Quake II LAN Tourney - 64 Player Spots  $200 Cash First Prize
    Pentium 233's - 21" Monitors - Provided
    1 on 1, Single Elimination Seeded tourney 10 minute 8 person FFA to determine seeding
    Actual match lasts 20 minutes OR first to 15 frags
    Sat January 31st 10 am Doors Open at 9am
    $10 Entry (advanced) Phone Credit Card allowed $15 at the door
    Config Files may be emailed to VIRTUAL@vmweb.net in advance, none accepted day of the tourney
    Virtual Magic - Network Gaming Center Call (414) 241-8739
    Milwaukee Wisconsin Mequon Pavilions I43 and Mequon Rd
    3 Miles North Of Milwaukee County
    3-10pm CST 7 days a week
    Credit Cards Accepted / NO FEES
    Contact Jeff : Virtual@vmweb.net
    H3D news
    Andrew "Wireless" Gibbons of
    H3D sent along the news that H3D and 3Dfx are working closely together to include H3D Stereoscopic support in the upcoming release of Glide 2.45. The (estimated) release date of Glide 2.45 drivers is the end of this month. However (here comes the bad news) 3Dfx has asked H3D to not release additional modified versions of the Glide libraries to support H3D until the official release of Glide 2.45, so the Quake 2 incarnation of the drivers so you can use your H3D glasses with Quake 2 will not be released on Monday (what they originally planned). However they note that certain games will not even require patches in the future as a result of this, for example, Quake 2 has stereoscopic support in the engine, so the new Glide release will immediately add H3D functionality without a patch. They apologize for the delay and ask that you contact Andrew Gibbons if you have any questions.

    Some more hosted site news
  • On the Quake 2 Modeling Studio, NST 0.60 (NPherno's Quake 2 skin tool) has been released. For info on what has changed visit the website. Also there is news there that QME 3.1 is near release. Prophet scooped us on this stuff :).
  • Aftermath Development has hired a new skinner named "Skinz."

    MLQ2 announcement
    Yet another MLQ2 announcement:

    Major League Quake 2 has announced that they will support TF and CTF throughout the season. They have also implemented a chat room for meetings and q&a sessions. It is also announced at MLQ2 that a final schedule and the formation of teams will be complete this week. Check out MLQ2 at http://www.unclespanky.com/MLQ2/
    More review type stuff
  • WarCouncil has put up a Pure 3D review. Thanks Prophet.
  • GhostNet has reviews of the best known map editors, and the maintainer says he'll post his own maps on the site as they get released and "other Q2 info worth knowing" so it is worth checking out. If you've had a tough time picking an editor, reading reviews can help.

    QSpawn has found a new home on Telefragged, and has now released version 1.54, fixing a lot of problems. Thanks go out to the inescapably swift Prophet.

    I'll be here for you...
    Ag, bad spinoff on that Friends song. Anyways, just a quickie update to let you know that I (Slipgate) will be here this weekend. DC-Con 4 is practically next door but I was unable to attend for various reasons, and I'm not headed anywhere else really this weekend, so you can expect updates on the Quake 2 front over the weekend.

    Hosted Site updates
  • Crash's Single Player Quake 2 pages have found a new home here. Be sure to check out the Siskel and Ebert of level reviewing (who also has 6-7 new reviews up today!).
  • Battle of the Sexes hits 2.0! Details at the website.
  • The Quake 2 Bot Epidemic is a bot news and review site now hosted by Quake2.com.
  • The Quake 2 Scene, which will provide aliases, tips, tricks and more stuff for PLAYING Quake 2.
  • EarthQuaked has posted reviews of Zone 1.1 and Jester2 1.43.

    Fragzilla has written a review of Juggernaut for those of you trying to decide whether to buy it or not.

  • The TF Yellow Pages and Slade's Place have merged. The new address for the yellow pages is http://www.neurogamer.com/slade/tfyp.
  • A new Quake 2 DM, SP, TC, PC, and mod map review page has popped up.

    Mod and util stuff
  • There is a Keys server at Gracias Prophet.
  • A "first version" of Rocket Arena 2 (Rocket Arena for Quake 2) has been released, but with a warning that it is somewhat buggy and is not feature complete. Go grab it at the website.
  • The QuArK page posted a zip file with sorted textures. Gettable at ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/idgames2/planetquake/quark/q2textrs.zip. Thanks Prophet.
  • QDevelS has posted their 23rd tutorial. Check it (and all the others) out. Thanks Prophet.
  • QPed is now one year old, and has released a new version to celebrate. Get the acclaimed editor at its homepage. Thanks Pete Callaway.
  • A "campaign" mod worth checking out can be found here, check it out.
  • Control it all for Quake II is a new program that lets you configure nearly every useful setting for Quake 2, even making aliases.
  • A promising looking teamplay mod needs new models, and asks that anyone who would be willing to donate them some good software with which to build the models e-mail elecice@hotmail.com.
  • JawMD2 has been ported to Linux. Thanks Jawed Karim and Prophet.
  • PackIt is a PAK explorer for Linux and X11 systems. Thanks Prophet.
  • The CR Bot has moved to PlanetQuake and can now be found at planetquake.com/crbot/, and has also been updated to version 0.96. Thanks Prophet.
  • The Eraser bot is being ported to Linux. Details at the Impact Team website. Thanks Prophet.
  • GSLogMod has been ported to Linux, grab the Linux port on Linux Quake 2 Mods. Thanks Prophet.
  • SteQve has created a web page to link mod authors with beta testers. If you like to live on the edge or you are a mod author who needs beta tester's, check out SteQve's No Frills Quake Mod Beta Testing Page. Currently SteQve's project "Project One" is up there.
  • Quake Name Maker has hit version 0.99. The changes are a lot of tweaks and fixes, and restoring the export bitmap option once again. Grab the full install (2176 K) or the minimum install (261 K). Also, the website has been redone and you can now register QNM online.


    Thursday, January 15, 1998
    QuakeCast canceled
    today's QuakeCast was canceled for various reasons. Maybe the guests will make their appearances next week.


    Quake II Secrets Guide
    OGR.COM has a special Quake2 single player secrets guide up on their page, complete with screenshots. This is a must-visit for anyone who wants to get the most out of Quake2. Thanks REG.

    New Quake2 Bug List
    The Nightmare Speed Demos site has put up a page devoted to Quake2 bugs and code workarounds where available. A valuble resource, no doubt. Go check it out of you're having any kind of problems with Quake2.

    Also, apparently the base1 speed run of 12.7 seconds is impossible for computers that get a good framerate (see why on the buglist, has to do with the speed of the player and the framerate).

    Zanshin Gets Hitched!
    Just got the news that Zanshin, the GLQuake god, finally tied the knot! On behalf of the Quake2.com staff, we wish him and his new wife the best for the future! Congradulations, Zan ;-) (pictures of the wedding can be found here).


    Tonight on QuakeCast... (updated)
    Xatrix Entertainment guys will be on
    QuakeCast (RealPlayer required) tonight, talking about their upcoming Q2 mission pack The Reckoning. Also on tonight's show is the H3D guys talking about their glasses. Finally, QuakeCast now starts at 9:00 PM EST instead of 8:30, and lasts an hour instead of an hour and a half.

    Unfortunately, I will be watching the archive <grin>, because I'm running out the door elsewhere :).

    Earlier today I reported our hosted site EarthQuaked reviewed Headhunters 2. They reviewed the first beta of Superheroes 2, not Headhunters 2. The update has been corrected. Apologies.

    Zoid releases CTF screenshots
    Zoid has released 4 screenshots of Quake 2 CTF in action. Grab them
    here off id Software's FTP. Thanks to Disruptor for the heads up.

    Here's thumbnails of all four (thanks Nigel for helping me with these):

    Quake 2 FAQ updated
    Unofficial Quake 2 FAQ has been updated to version 1.3, a major update that brings it up to date with the latest info. Also, this version is now available for download as a zip file.

    GSLogMod version 1.1 has been released. It is a frag logger that is Quake 2 3.10 compatible, server side, reports more information than Quake 2 itself normally does, and has the same logging format as GibStats. Grab it at the Gibstats page.

    Server stuff
  • Wanted to post a correction to my calling of BFT10K a LAN party yesterday (see original post). It in fact is a tournament for normal Internet play.
  • A Quake 2 server list of servers in Scandinavia, designed for people in Scandinavia, Norway, Finland, and Denmark, is available here. Thanks Zip.
  • There's a Quake 2 server running in the UK at Quake.cableinet.net that we were asked to mention.

    For level editors everywhere
    AKUMA's website, which has housed examples of how to do various tricks in Quake 2 levels such as the lasers and others, now has 24 examples up worth checking out.

    Book of Records
    Shot Just Once Quake 2 design team has started a Quake 2 Book of Records. No records are yet there, but you are encouraged to submit yours. Thanks LizardKing.

    3D card stuff
  • There's a Voodoo 2 preview done by fastgraphics.com. Thanks Prophet.
  • Mauler let us know about the new Orchid Righteous 3D drivers, snaggable off Orchid's FTP. Here's a link.

    More Quake 2 websites
    Another Quake 2 website has popped up, called Voo2Quake.

    CTF happenings
    Couple of interesting happenings in the CTF world. All these news blurbs are courtesy of our hosted site
    Capture^2, where I saw them.

  • There's news on a Quake 2 conversion of the ThunderWalker CTF map TWCTF8. This map was originally done by Jim Lowell, and then the ThunderWalker crew made it into a CTF map. The conversion is available from The Reservior. The map lacks flags since each CTF mod out for Quake 2 has a different way of incorporating flags, but it shouldn't be too hard to adapt it to any of the CTF mods out there so far.
  • There's a new flavor of Quake 2 CTF out called Ruination CTF. The Capture^2 guys quoted DaKoTa on the matter, so I guess we will too:
    Ruination Capture the Flag is a new Quake 2 CTF mod by Brian Yee. This is a server-side mod that is just loaded with features, including a fast, TW-style [ThunderWalker-style] grappling hook and runes (hence the name "Ruination"). Additionally, the server includes a scoreboard and advanced features like dropping runes, dropping flags, and a "whois" command. Brian doesn't currently have a web page for RCTF, but you can download version 0.10 here. His server is running at

    More mission pack info
    Saw on
    Redwood's that there is a GameCenter article about the upcoming Quake 2 mission pack by Xatrix Entertainment. It gives a bit more information then the original press release Todd Hollenshead gave out does.

    Superheroes 2b1 review
    SkitZ of our hosted site EarthQuaked has posted a review of the Superheroes 2 mod's first beta. Also, the site's had somewhat of a new facelift.

    Skin pack note
    Apparently that 3.2 mb skinpack I reported yesterday is "supposed to be" on QuakeWorld Central, but it isn't. Here's a link to it from Stomped's ftp site (remember, limited logins, so if you get an error message it means try again later). I'll see about mirroring it over here later today.

    Flamebot author interview
    Spectre, the 14 year old creator of the Flamebot, has been interviewed on
    The House of Milamber. Thanks Milamber :).

    Mod and util news/releases
  • Walter |2| Costinak has made his own Quake 2 DM level, called Strogg's Funhouse. Go to its respective website for information and to grab it.
  • Lotus Look is a new Quake 2 level review page.
  • The Navy Seals page needs modelers and coders for their Quake 2 version. Quoting Blackhorse: "There is no one left to work on this modification." Go check it out if you can help. Thanks LokNlodE.
  • CuteLauncher, a Quake 2 front end, has hit version 1.2b. Get it here.
  • The Lithium Server mod has hit version 0.73.
  • The C.R. Bot has reached version 0.95. Snag it at the website. Thanks Thane Sherrington and Prophet.
  • QuaKe FLAvour has been updated with a number of items, including an updated Death Messages mod that works with Quake 2 3.09 and 3.10 and also features a level cycler, a request that he needs a modeler and coder to help him with a new project, and an upcoming server frontend utility coded in Java, plus the ever irresistable "more."
  • The swinging grappling hook for Quake 2 has been ported to Linux, and is gettable from Linux Quake 2 Mods. Thanks Prophet.


    Wednesday, January 14, 1998
    Hosted Sites updates (updated)
  • On Quake 2 Modeling Studio, version 0.53 of NPherno's Skin Tool (NST) has been released.
  • AfterMath Development has put up two new character sketches on the Xenophobia TC website.
  • There is a review of "X-Weapons 0.1" on EarthQuaked, plus a slightly new format somewhat (not fully) influenced by our friend Redwood.
  • Battle of the Sexes has hit version 1.9. The website has details on what is new. Boy, that 2.0 is just around the corner!
  • Quake Workshop 2 has announced they will post no DLLs unless they are either OpenQuake verified or tested successfully safe by the Workshop staff.
  • BlackEye Entertainment, makers of the Chronos TC, have exchanged some e-mail with Todd Hollenshead about commercial Quake 2 products (posted there). Plus, they have hired a new coder, and are looking to hire two new mappers.

    LAN parties
  • BFT10K is open for registration. Information about it is on the website.
  • Respawn 98 (the LAN party in Canada happening in a month that's been quite abuzz with news lately) has found new hosting for the website at respawn.com.

    Verite stuff
    Beta 5 of the Rendition Verite driver for Quake 2 has been released on the
    Rendition site (thanks Blue).

    Some more mod and util news
    A couple of other latent items I missed that I consider important:

  • Superheroes 2 (the Quake 2 version of Superheroes for Quake) has emerged in beta form at the website. Thanks Blue.
  • A 3.2 mb skinpack for Quake 2 has been released by ^Drag0n^ (the maker of the QuakeWorld skinpacks) on QuakeWorld Central.
  • Cluster released version 0.2 of its mod (which is an effort to link servers together) at the website.
  • Fight Til Finish is like Deathmatch mode 4 for QuakeWorld and Quake (all weapons to start and insane amounts of armor and health, each respawn). Difference? Its for Quake 2.

    Hosting for hire
    Our hosting advisor Ryan "Bloodshot" Mattson formally retired. We'll miss him deeply, and thank him for his hard work and effort here, and for the sites he helped us become host to. We've hired a guy to take his place as hosting advisor, namely the old familiar face of Rotwang. Rotwang is now taking over as our hosting advisor and will deal with site hosting requests made of us now.

    A lot of .plan land to cover here, so I'll just cover it in brief:
  • Tim Willits thanked people for helping test the base100 map, and commented that it is really better suited to 50 and gets crowded past that.
  • Todd Hollenshead updated his .plan explaining that Juggernaut is not bundled with Quake 2 (which has since also been clarified by Head Games), and he updated his .plan with a copy of the press release regarding the first Quake 2 mission pack (this is the store variety, not the point release that will be adding cooperative mode, CTF mode and DM levels). Check his .plan for the press release and more.
  • John Carmack is most definitely out of town as he said, because his .plan hasn't been getting updated like it was the past few days before he left town.
  • Disruptor updated his .plan with a link to the "bonk" fix for Windows NT. No fix yet for 95 unfortunately.
  • And other miscellaneous things in other .plans. I'm sure you've been keeping track using ours and other finger services.

    New Quake 2 book
    Well, first it was Thresh, now Killcreek has participated in the making of a Quake 2 related book, with walkthroughs of the levels, strategies, and more. It is being published by Prima Publishing. Look for it soon! Thanks Prophet.

    Improve your ping!
    Check out this page for tips on improving your ping times. Be sure to read it through fully before following any of its instructions, to read notes, warnings, and the like. Thanks Robert McMillan.

    GL Optimizing
    Gamers Extreme has posted a GLQuake2 Optimization Guide. Thanks Prophet.

    CGDC Austin
    CGDC in Austin, Texas, will have Paul Steed talking about how the Quake 2 art was done as an "Entertainment" presentation. It'll also have other presentations from some other familiar and unfamiliar names to the Quakemunity. For more info check out this website.

    Mod, level, util news briefs
    Well, the mod news that's happening or that happened that we missed out on reporting before:

  • A new TC called Revelation: The Prophecy is looking for 1 texture artist, 1 modeler, 1 skinner, 1 programmer, and 1 sfx engineer. Check em out if you can help.
  • Loki's Minions CTF hits version 1.24. Check out the website for the details and servers running it.
  • ServObit 1.3 has been ported to Linux by SteQve. Get it at the No Frills Mods Page, as usual.
  • The upcoming Bobo3D TC has put up screenshots from it, check em out at the website.
  • There's more Juggernaut screenshots over at Head Games's website, thanks Prophet. Speaking of which, the lowdown on the bundle thing is that its not bundled, you just happen to receive it free if you buy Quake 2 at participating stores, but if you already have Quake 2 its the full 24 bucks. Shucks :).
  • There's an update on the progress of the making of Rocket Arena 2 on the Rocket Arena website (of all places). Thanks to the Prophet of Quakemunity news.
  • QuMa the editor has moved its website over to frag.com, now found here. Thanks to (you guessed it) Prophet.
  • BSPHQ has a new tutorial up relating to Quake 2 and a "bobbing box." Interested? Check it out. Thanks go to Prophet on that one as well.
  • The quake 2 mods Admin, QMOD, CQMOTD, and HISTORY have now got linux.so files for easier compiling, surf over to http://quake.hype.com/mods/ for info and to grab them.
  • SList, a server browser, has reached version 0.99. Grab it here (that's a cdrom.com link).
  • Check out Quality Control Central, aimed at helping mod and level designers for Quake 2 and other Quake engine games.
  • CR Bot has hit version 0.94, details on what's changed are on the website. Thanks Prophet.
  • The teamplay mod Keys2 has had version 1.22 for Linux and Win NT/95 released, find em at Quake 2 Review. Thanks Prophet.
  • There's a new site from the Questgate network. Check out Quake2Fortress.com. It is about TeamFortress 2. Thanks Prophet.
  • Quake2CTF.com has got a 20 question interview with Paul Steed, id Software artist extraordinare, up.

    Web site stuff
  • A new French Quake 2 page can be found here.
  • CB's Quake2 Resources needs help designing logo (or a logo designed for them).