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Sunday, January 18, 1998
GL Goodness, in a can
Our hosted site, The GLQuake2 Primary LZ, is now the home site of a new front end gameplay setup and GLQuake2 tweaking utility. The first beta of this utility, called Quake 2 Executor, has been released on the website. For an idea of what this is like, if you used GLQ+ for Quake you have some idea of what to expect. In other news, I also saw news there on an installer for the VeriteGL minidriver, to make sure it is installed properly, available here, done by azero. The website for the Verite minidriver installer is here.

Congrats to Quake 2
GameSpot reports that Quake 2 is on its Top Five Downloads! Thanks Sharky of Voodoo Extreme.

Hosted Site news
  • .dm2, a website that has archives of submitted demos, is functional again, and has instructions on how to convert 3.09 demos to work with version 3.10, along with other interesting demo editor news.
  • Aenima Interactive has a few positions open for programmers, mappers, and skin artists for an upcoming Quake 2 TC. Please email Stagger with a quick resume and a link to any examples of your work that you may have.
  • The Quake 2 Scene is running a contest, go check it out.
  • EarthQuaked has a review of LSD Quake 2 Mods v1.3b1 up.
  • We're now hosting the Wireplay Clan Ring.

    Lots of CTF stuff
    A BUNCH of CTF news recently. A lot of this comes thanks to the folks at our hosted site

  • Loki's Minions CTF has been ported to Linux. The current port version is of course a port of version 1.24, the current version.
  • War of CTF has released version 0.94, with bugfixes and a Linux port to boot.
  • Vanilla CTF has reached version 0.4beta. Also, it was ported to Linux, but I believe the Linux port is still of 0.3beta.
  • Zoid reported (on IRC) that the first two of the four screenshots released recently of Quake 2 CTF are from Quake 2 CTF ctf1.bsp, and the third and fourth one are from ctf2.bsp. Which means in layman's terms that the first 2 shots are of the first CTF level and the next 2 shots are of the second CTF level. And yes, it turns out Zoid is left handed :).
  • Finally, last but DEFINITELY not least, Gentle Nova is running a Quake 2 CTF Release Party that will be in Canada in February. For more information, go to the Salute to Zoid website (what an appropriate name).

    You might remember me mentioning a movie that needed actors the other day (if not, click
    here). Right now they are looking for a dedicated server. If you think you can help e-mail Flea [AM].

    Level stuff
  • Talon's Strike is still chugging away at level reviews, and has posted several more recently.
  • Deathmatch Classics has gotten a lot of classic conversions at this point, ranging from Quake DM level conversions (both of id and non id levels) and even Doom 2 Map 07. Mmmm, Doom.

    Mod and util news
  • rust now has 23 tutorials covering 80 of the entities in Quake 2, along with example maps for all of them. Thanks Fishman.
  • The Impact Team website now has the third alpha of the Eraser bot up. Apparently the next version will be a beta. Thanks John Crickett (of the Oak II Bot and Quake 2 DLLs) and Weatob77mk@aol.com.
  • The QDevelS tutorial on LCC-Win32 was updated. Correction: Before I mistakenly reported that the tutorial now worked with NT, but apparently I was incorrect. The Quake 2 DLLs LCC tutorial apparently works on both Windows 95 and Windows NT. Thanks John Crickett.

    Skin stuff
  • Go visit Agent25's Quake 2 Skin Depot for specialty skin packs.
  • Millenium, now famous for his other sets of colored skins, has released yet another skin pack, this one has 13 colors, 6 of which are new, 8 CTF skins, all new black male and female sets, for a total of 60 new skins. This is going to be his final skin pack since he is moving on to other stuff. Wanna grab it? Click here (ftp.cdrom.com link).
  • The Snork model now has a new skin for it, titled Jailbird Snork. Thanks Quaker X.
  • Quake 2 Skins Central has released their sixth skinpack today.

    Websites (startups and movements)
  • Quake 2: Operation Alien Overlord.
  • The Contact TC has moved.

    Requests for help
  • The Contact TC is looking for talented level editors and modelers. Contact Steb.
  • A new TC called Dr. Jones that needs mappers, coders, modelers and graphicians (is that a word?) is looking for help in said areas, if interested contact Anders Thörnström.
  • Epicenter needs webmasters to run the files, maps, and bots sections of the page.
  • Mushroom Blue Entertainment needs dedicated modelers for the upcoming Survival. Interested? Contact Jared Hosh.
  • IDEA Games is a group that needs coders, level designers, modelers, skinners, texture artists, and sound designers. They describe themselves as, "We are a for fun mod creation group with too many ideas and too few people."


    Saturday, January 17, 1998
    Level reviews
    Ramshackle has posted reviews of "Kick the P.A." by headshot (who made qcon1.bsp of QuakeCon 97) and "Guns and Ammo" by Danimal.

    Cluster project news
    The Cluster project page has been updated with techie protocol information and the news that OpenQuake verification is still in progress on version 0.2 of the mod.

    Hosted Site news
  • Scarecrow's Quake 2 Buttons has now added 10 more buttons and fixed a few things. Now at 65 buttons! That's a lot of buttons.
  • Blackeye Entertainment (who are making the Chronos TC) have hired a new concept artist, and are looking for 2 mappers, so if interested go and e-mail them. Also, the leader of the TC showed me 2 music samples they have created so far, this TC looks like it'll be really cool when it is out.

    Mission pack news
    GameFan has gotten their hands on current screen shots of the upcoming Quake 2 mission pack coming out by Xatrix Entertainment. Check them out, as well as a brief article on the mission pack, here. I especially like the fourth screenshot from the top (second from the bottom). Props to PlanetQuake, where I saw this news blurb. They got the news from Sherwin Abesamis.

    Modification/utility news
  • The Coven has announced details on their upcoming Quake 2 DM pack, titled "Disposable Heroes."
  • Quake DevelS have released a new LCC bundle, grab it if interested. Thanks Prophet.
  • Some more Keys2 servers for you are and Thanks Prophet.
  • Iikka Keranen (AirQuake author, maker of PCX2WAL, and a DOOM WAD author in the old days, plus now an ION Storm designer) has released a new version of his PCX2WAL utility. Grab it off his utilities page. Thanks Prophet.

    Website news
  • CB's Quake 2 Resources has moved to http://neurogamer.com/CBQR.
  • Quake 2 Skin Central is a Quake 2 skin site worth checking out. He notes that although he has a lot of skins and skin information up, he's fast running out of web space and is looking for a host. Volunteers?

    GameSpy news
    Just thought I'd mention some salient
    GameSpy news. The runoff round in the GameSpy "Sound and the Fury" contest ends 1-16-98 at midnight, but that is running by PST time, so for you EST folks like myself, that's 1-17-98 at 2:00 AM. Which is roughly 2 hours from now (1 hour and 52 minutes from the publishing of this update for those of you who are EXACT). Anyways, the winners will be announced on tomorrow at some point (January 18). The winner of each sound category gets $150, and the winner of the original sound category not only gets the $150, but their submitted sounds become THE GameSpy sounds in future GameSpy releases.

    Plugin player model!
    Sumaleth over at
    impact.frag.com has released the first version of his plugin player model, in the form of Morbo. It can be gotten at the website. The idea is to be able to have different models instead of just different skins in a Quake 2 DM. Read more on the topic over there. Also, I saw posted as news there that KrAy-ZeE's Modeling Guide has a plugin player project of sorts going on as well. Thanks Sumaleth :).

    Gamespot strategy guide
    GameSpot has posted a Quake 2 strategy guide. It gives general playing hints and a full single player walkthrough. Thanks go out to cowtipper.