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Thursday, January 22, 1998
.plan land
Zoid, the CTF lord, made a .plan update concerning the progress of the official Quake2 CTF, although it was too long to post here. It seems the mod is coming along nicely...shouldn't be long before we're fragging to some "zoid magic".

War of CTF Update
Hot on the heals of the .95 update, the War of CTF mod has now entered v.96. These are some of the following fixes:
  • Fix for level changing in linux version.
  • Added two new door types for CTF-maps.
  • Changed flag messages to centerprint.
  • Entities for the city2 map added.
    More information on this Capture The Flag mod can be found
    here, and the mod itself can be downloaded at this page. Thanks Prophet.

    Quake2 Multiplayer
    Willem "TheWeasel" Knibbe of PC Games has written and posted an article on Quake2 multiplayer. This article covers every aspect of multiplayer, from find a server to skills you need to learn. This is a great article for newbies, as well as veterans, and is worth a read. Thanks again, Prophet.

    DC-CON4 Pics
    Questgate has been updated with the long-awaited pictures and impressions of DC-CON4, for those of us who were unable to make it there this year. Go check it out, and see what you missed.

    The Skin Contest LIVES!
    ...It's getting closer...

    After all your patient waiting, I have good news for you. I just completed sorting the skins, and uploading them to an "undisclosed location" where judging will take place as soon as everyone is available. I know you all have been waiting for a long time, but as Nigel pointed out below, we've all been kind of busy. In fact, the only reason I even completed the sorting is because I'm horribly ill and have some free time on my hands (when I'm not loopy on medication). And now, what you've been waiting for...the finalists. We were hard-pressed to narrow the numerous submissions to only a few choice skins, but with bandwidth and time constraints, it was a necessity. I would just like to go on record as saying ALL of the skins we've recieved are WONDERFUL. But, as I said above, we were forced into cutting the countless entries down to only a few, outstanding skins. Here is the list of the finalists, I used their nicknames where possible, and if not that, their names, and if not that, meerly their email addresses. This is just to let you know which ones of you made the final cut ;-). To those of you who didn't, I still eternally thank you. This skins contest was a huge success due to EVERYONE who submitted. I can't wait to judge these. Anyways, here are the names, in no particular order (note that some of these people sent in multiple entries, although their name wont be listed twice if more than one of their entries made it into the finals):

    Quake Skin Finalists:
  • SpliceR
  • loknlode
  • Rorshach
  • Sepiritz
  • Fritz Schober
  • CaNDYMaN

    Quake2 Skin Finalists:
  • heerema
  • Roger Bacon
  • crypt@provide.net
  • PhatSac
  • Millennium
  • Thomas Voss
  • Chris Holden
  • partycrasher
  • Yuri Rocha
  • SpliceR
  • Brendan O'Malley
  • CaNDYMaN

  • Congradulations to all the finalists! We'll keep you posted on the progression of the judging. Any questions/comments on the contest can be directed to me, and you can also reach me on ICQ at #6060844. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the contest! (note: In all we have 6 Quake finalist skins and 17 Quake2 finalist skins made by the above authors...a fraction of those submitted)


    "Hey, what ever happened to Quake2.com?!?" - A Note from Nigel
    Ok, guys. I've got the explanation. It comes in two parts:

    The Good News
    Well, we're still alive. That's a good thing, right? I've been busy with midterms this week (High School sucks.) and jobe's been stuck in RealLifeŽ. I'm not sure about Slip, but he's probably even more busy than the rest of us. Anyway, that's the good news. Now time for:

    The Bad News (insert agonizing screams here)
    Due to the holy load of mail I have in my inbox, this 3 day update is gonna be cropped down to the biggest highlights of the past few days. Sorry to all you guys who submitted stuff that doesn't get posted; it's not that we don't think it's important, it's just that I have to live with my fingers, and they get especially moody when I force them to do manual labor. Anyway, enjoy this update - I'm sure my fingers will :)

    H3D Update
    A mail landed in our inbox on Monday from Andrew Gibbons from H3D Media with an update on the H3D glasses that you've been hearing a lot about lately. The majority of the letter consisted of this paragraph:
    H3D continues to work closely with 3Dfx to include native support in both the mini-driver for OpenGL and Glide 2.45. As we mentioned in our last update, this is part of our effort to provide a stable and supportable driver platform for stereo in Quake II and many future games based on the Quake II and other 3D graphic engines. To be consistent with this effort, H3D has decided not to release Quake II support until the H3D functionality has been included natively in both of these drivers. The current test plan calls for this to be completed by the end of February. In the meantime, H3D will also be working with id to improve the H3D implementation to correct a text legibility problem and some other minor improvements. We will release the Quake II support without these changes if necessary - but we would like to get them in.
    The rest of letter had an apology about the lack of Quake2 support. Stick in there, guys! Quake2 support will be worth waiting for ;)

    Site Openings/Movements
  • Q2: The Body Shop - Quake 2 models and skins.
  • The Quake2 Skin Shack - Moved. Contact Phantom Lord if interested in being webmaster/skin reviewer.
  • JawMD2 - Now hosted by us! With new logo by Greg '|69|' Pape (and menu by yours truly :)
  • NEUROGAMER - Grand Opening.
  • Captured.com - CTF Mania brought to you by the folks at PlanetQuake.
  • Quake 2 Domain

    Interview with g.o.d.
    There's an interview with g.o.d. (Gathering of Developers) over on CDMag.com. You can go check the interview here. Thanks Prophet. There's also a 10 page interview with Mike Wilson over at Gameslice

    qME 3.1 Preview Released
    The preview version 3.1 of qME was released, and it now supports 3 model types - Quake, Quake2, and qME. You can download it from here.

    Thresh and Kenn's Quake2 Guide
    There's a new strategy guide written by Thresh and Kenn over at Gamers.com. Go scope it, and learn to play like the big boys. :)

    First Quake2 Movie?
    I'm not sure if this is the first or not, but we got mail from Jagged about his movie available on his site.

    WorldCraft 1.6 Beta Testing Started
    Got word from Prophet that WorldCraft has started beta testing on version 1.6. Full news on their site.

    Quake 1 Player Model for Q2
    There's a redone Quake marine model for Quake2 done by Rikki Knight that can be downloaded from http://home.swbell.net/wigger/quakeguy.zip.


    Monday, January 19, 1998
    Upcoming TC from Monkey's Fort
    We got this letter about a new TC that's coming out:
    "The team from Monkey's Fort has started a Quake2 TC! But to get the TC started we need your help! We have a few positions open for programmers, mappers, and skin artists for our upcoming Quake 2 TC. We are not releasing any info about the TC yet but let's just say from what we have right now its going to rock! :-) If you would like more information or if your talented in one of the fields mentioned above and would be interested in helping out please E-mail me at: mailto:rpg@cpuweb.com

    FamkeBot Interview
    There's an interview with TheFatal1 (creator of the FamkeBot) over at http://groove.quake2.co.uk/. Thanks Groove.

    qED2 Free Retail Upgrade
    Here's a press release for the qED2 upgrade:
    HERE IT IS! The free RETAIL UPGRADE Version of qED2! ONE program, supports THREE major game engines (and numerous Add-On's)!

    This 1 package includes qED2 for Quake, X-Men, Hexen2, and Quake2!

    For Win95/98/NT4 users who own the fully registered retail copy of the prior qED version. This is a FULL release with complete documentation and ALL the fantastic new features! Owners of the Retail/Full version of qED V1.x can download this massive new release NOW and receive complete functionality.

    This package is a bit large, in part because of the extensive new documentation included.

    DOWNLOAD NOW : qed2update.exe (3.3MB) from
    (Please contact webmaster@3dmatrix.com before you re-post this file at other sites.)

    Download this to a temporary directory on your computer. Execute qed2update. During the install the program will require access to a valid copy of qED V1 to complete normally. Note that this package will install into a different directory than your existing qED V1.x program so that there should be no conflict with your current projects.

    Don't own qED1 but want full qED2 now? Just find your best deal on the qED1 package and then grab this free upgrade. Visit http://www.3dmatrix.com/ for help in finding product outlets.

    Powerful editing features, massive documentation included, KEWL!


    James R. Shiflett, Worldwide MicroTronics, Inc.
    PO Box 8759 Spring, TX 77387-8759 USA
    jrshiflett@compuserve.com shiflett@microtronics.com
    SECURED E-MAIL PGP DATA 1024/67A21B75 1995/03/26
    Visit our WEB at http://www.microtronics.com/
    Visit our GAME site at http://www.3dmatrix.com/
    Bwa. There you are. :)

    QBSP3WAL Released
    Yet another announcement we got in the mail about a release:
    Quake 2: QBSP3WAL Released

    QBSP3WAL, a modified version of QBSP for Quake 2 that can read Quake 1 textures, has been released. This file is a temporary fix made by a QuArK user that allows the use of custom textures with Quake 2. This file should be usuable in conjunction with various Quake 2 Level editors - not just Quark.

    According to the Quark (Quake Army Knife) page, "The next release of QuArK will be able to produce custom Quake 2 .wal files with all enhancements that you don't get with this trick : long names (up to 32 instead of 16 characters), texture-specific flags, etc".

    QBSP3WAL can be found here.

    Source: Quark
    Thanks Prophet.

    New Quake Workshop 2 Tutorial
    HAL9000 of the Quake Workshop 2 has posted a tutorial on flowing water in Quake2. This can be used in any editor you use, and is easy to use. Thanks Prophet.

    War of CTF .95
    Suprise! Another announcement:
    Version 0.95 of The War of CTF, a Capture the Flag mod for Quake 2, has been released. The following additions/fixes have been implemented in Version 0.95:

    * Fix for big names in newitems.ini.
    * Items can be added in the game.
    * You can turn off CTF. (and still have the hook and other things)
    * Bug fix for the elevator-flag-hook bug. (at least one person knows what this is)
    * A happy CTFWAR user (Chris) has added entites to the command map.

    War of CTF features base spawn positions, entities for the first 13 levels, editable MOTD and level list, Auto team selection or user team selection, Grappling hook. (you can't change weapon when you use it), Easily read team score, average, ping, and team player data, and a new HUD with all available weapons.

    Version .95, and the new Linux version can be found on the War of CTF download page. Further information on this mod can be found here.
    Again, thanks Prophet (you little newshound, you :)

    Vanilla CTF 4.1 Update
    There's a new version of Vanilla CTF out... the new version (4.1) updates an error in 4.0 with the laser beam flagposts. Thanks BigLare.

    Battle of the Sexes MOD v2.1
    Guess what! Nigel has yet another press release! Whoo-hoo! :)
    Battle of the Sexes v2.1

    New to this version are special abilities for Captain, Berzerker and Nurse class and important bug fixes:

    1) Bodyguards can absorb a kamikazee's suicide. For example, if a kamikazee ran into a group of people, if one of the enemy players is a bodyguard, all the damage will be absorbed by the bodyguard and the rest of the players will be safe. This also includes Apocalypse.
    2) Added "scout" command for Berzerker class. The scout command lists the total number of players playing each class. This is especially useful for a team in determining how to defend or attack another team based on the different classes they are using.
    3) Added bonus to scoring if the team has a Captain. If your team has a Captain then it will score 15 points per capture instead of just 10. However, if the opposing team kills your Captain they get 10 points as if they captured your key.
    4) If the nurse touches a teammate with the grapple they will be healed to maximum health.
    5) Allow females to carry enough grenades for Apocalypse suicide as kamikazee.
    6) Added timer to map voting. The most popular map automatically loads 60 seconds after the first vote has been cast if less than 3 people are playing. If 3 or more people are playing, the timer does not start until 2 people have voted.
    7) You can now send messages to just your team. type "cmd sayteam [your message]" in the console, where [your message] is the message you want to send. This is still a bit cumbersome so the best method is to probably bind a key to send some standard messages like: bind F1 "cmd sayteam I need help at our base!"
    8) Every 90 seconds the leading team score is announced.

    Bug Fixes:
    1) Fixed intermittent server crash bug... finally... :)
    2) Fixed frame error message that sometimes prevented you from seeing
    what people were typing. Also the cause for overflow in some cases.
    3) Fixed bug that prevented keys from being generated when a new level was loaded.
    4) fov problem has been fixed. Players can now properly change the fov.
    5) Fixed null skin errors. Also fixed problem of men wearing female skins and vice-versa.
    6)Hook can no longer be attached to the sky.
    7) Team scores are cleared when a new level is loaded.

    Check out the full details on the website.

    Website: www.quake2.com/spinoza
    Please send your comments and suggestions and servers to:
    The Quake2 Cluster Project Update
    There's a large developmental update on the Quake2 Cluster Project on their website. It concerns UDP vs. TCP, and it has some diagrams. Thanks Prophet.

    American McGee .Plan Update
    American McGee updated his .plan with some personal stuff:
    Well, Bear and I took our r/c helis out for the first
    time over the weekend. Since this was the first time
    out we made sure to hook up with some people who knew
    what they were doing and could help us out. We were
    fortunate enough to find Ed Walker who runs RC Online
    here in the Dallas area (www.rconline.com). He and the
    guys at AeroHobbies got one of our machines trimmed out
    and ready to fly. It was great watching it lift off and
    hover for the first time. Although we didn't get to
    actually fly ourselves this time we had a great time
    and are really looking forward to our first solo flights.

    -American McGee (american@idsoftware.com)
    id Software
    Site Updates
    The FAQ and Mailbag have been updated.

    Skin Announcements
  • Tuxedo Snork - Snork in a tuxedo. Thanks Quaker X.
  • Marvel Comics Quake2 Skins - Skins of your favorite Marvel characters. Thanks Prophet.

  • MiB Quake2 TC
  • Planet 3D
  • Dakota's News & Threewave

    Nigel (Thank you, Nite :)