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Tuesday, January 27th, 1998
Dont Forget About Them!
The guys over at the Quake2 Warehouse are looking for some feedback on ideas for projects they have, as well as some good ol' exposure, so head on over and help the guys out.

Site Movement
Just a quick note: The Deathmatch Depot has moved over to the folks at Telefragged. Thanks for the heads-up, Nataz.

LAN Listings
There's a Quake2 LAN party listing over at PunkMusic.com by none other than Scarecrow (a.k.a. Mr. Buttons). Check out this useful resource, and find a party going on near you.

CTF hits 1.3
Loki's Minions CTF has hit 1.3. I could tell you what all was added...but, then it would take up this entire news page. Let's just say some WAY cool features have been implimented, and you REALLY need to check these guys out. Take my word on it.

PlanetQuake on the Scene
PlanetQuake is going to be doing an in-depth coverage of the PGL in Seattle (covered by none other than Mr. Dave "Fargo" Kosak), so if you're looking to be kept "in the game" regarding this event, keep PQ in mind, as they're going to be updating throughout the event.

Another One Joins the Fray
There's a new Quake2 news/hosting site over at QuakeLand. Go check these guys out and see if it's your flavor.

Crash and Burn
crash speaks:
"crash's spq2: 8 levels reviewed, 3 TLKA!"
Wow...deep quotes from crash. Visit his way-nifty single-player Quake2 map review page here.

Quake2 Bible Updated
Thresh and Kenn have updated the Quake2 Bible with part 2 in the series over at Gamers Extreme. Thanks Prophet.

Steed Does Cinematics
In appropriate order after the earlier post, Paul Steed made a .plan update giving information on how to make a .cin file (or a cinematic file for Q2, like the opening and closing cinematic), as well as some rants about the Juggernaut TC (it just wouldn't be a "Steed .plan update" without a rant, would it?).

SLS Update
The Standard Log Specificaitons utility has hit a new version (1.2). This utility allows mod authors to write a log function which is supported by log parsers and stat progs (ex. GibStats). Another nifty feature of this utility is that it works with any kind of scoring system that's implimented. Thanks Prophet

Map Making Contest
Big Al's Kick Ass Quake2 Site is holding a Quake2 map contest for DM and SP maps. Visit their page for more details.


Quake2 Review
Theres a review of Quake2 up over at Games.net. You can read it here.

Quake2 Cinema Info and Tutorials
If you've been wanting to make your own .cin files just like the nifty movies at the beginning and end of Quake2, there's an example of a homemade one over at
QuakeLab2. They also mention instructions for making .cin files over at Deconstruct (including a 4meg demo file). Thanks Prophet.

Muchos Quake2 Skins...
Want a couple skins to play around with? How about 1200 skins? There's a HUGE skin repository up over at Skinland that has between 1100 and 1200 skins right now, with more being added every day. They also promise to have tutorials on skin making up very soon, as well as a models section.


New Quake2 Comic
Turtle over at Quake2 Comics has just released the first issue of a series of comics he plans on doing. He states that he's been inspired by the work done on Dank and Scud, and wants to help carry on the tradition into Quake2. He also admits that the comic is a little crude at the moment, but with enough visits, he adds, he will be getting a GL card to up the quality. Go help kick this guy's counter up, so he can continue his work, and improve upon it.

Body Shop News
The folks over at The Body Shop (a skin site) have done a little remodeling, worth a look. Some of the new features they have to offer include a discussion board, better catagorized skins, and more. They are also now accepting votes for the 2nd edition of the "Top 10 Skins", and have 12 player plug-in models ready for download. Go see how the renovating went.

The Magi Wars development team is looking for coders, skinners, map makers, and modellers (basically a whole team, eh?) to help them out. Check out their page and see what they're about.

Quake2 Mission Pack News
Here's a press release I recieved (in my ISP mailbox, strangely enough) from Activision, talking about an upcoming Quake2 mission pack from Xatrix Entertainment (kind of lengthy):

Activision is pleased to announce id Software's Quake II Mission Pack: The Reckoning. The new Quake II Mission Pack , from id Software, will be available for the PC this Spring.

Players take part in an elite commando force that must infiltrate an alien city and locate and destroy a secret alien moon base. Players dive into a series of mission-based campaigns and navigate through three hazardous episodes that challenge them to explore industrial landscapes, crawl through waterways and airducts, navigate treacherous canyons teeming with vicious mutants, and stow away on an alien spacecraft.

This is the first official Quake II Mission Pack from Id Software and developed by the award winning team at Xatrix Entertainment, creators of Cyberia and Redneck Rampage. Quake II Mission Pack: The Reckoning boasts a savage arsenal of new weapons including a deadly plasma accelerator that delivers a pulsing energy blast, an energy trap that captures enemies and turns them into a food cube - a suitable meal for a hungry Space Marine, and a particle shotgun that blows holes through anything in it's sights.

Quake II Mission Pack: The Reckoning puts gamers' fraggin' skills to the ultimate test. Hordes of wild Gekk can stalk virtually undetected, but attack with lightning quick moves as they drop from the shadows to claw or bite unsuspecting prey. Other new enemies include the bio-mechanical Symbioid and the Alien Repair Bot.

Accept no substitutes soldier. If it's not an official Mission Pack from id Software, then it's not worth your ammo!

New Holy Wars
Holy Wars, the DM mod we had reported on earlier, has been released in a new "special edition" version, 1.5. This is to commemerate their move to PlanetQuake, and includes the source and some special maps from renouned mapper Escher. Visit their page to get the whole scoop, and to download this interesting new mod.

Scarred Contest
chao, my friend over at Scarred, is back after a long period of being MIA, and is having a contest for a new logo. Go check out his page for details.


Monday, January 26th, 1998
Jobe Will Be MIA
This is probably the last update you will see from me tonight, as I need to cram for some tests tomorrow, and finish up school projects I've been procrastinating. If anything important comes up, I'm sure that Nigel or NetGuy will handle it. Ciao for now, guys.

LAN Party Listing
The House of LAN is a new site dedicated to providing you with the best resource in LAN party listings, from news, to pictures, to a directory so that you can find LAN parties near you. Very cool site, I plan on using it a lot in the coming months. (Jobe Note: If you know of any good LAN parties going on around the Dallas/Metroplex area, drop me a line. Been looking for a good LAN scene for a while now.)

New Art Site
Theres a new Quake2 (and 1) art site sprouting up, "Crazy Design". These guys specialize in helping people with web logos, clan logos, etc., and already have a proven track record. Go check them out if you're looking to get some graphic work done, and dont have the cash to shell out.

Hosted Site Update
The guys over at The Quake2 Bot Epidemic have posted an intriguing article entitles "An Eraser Bot vs C.R.Bot showdown. Which bot do I choose??". This is a very interesting article, due to the sheer number of Quake2 bots being released. To go along with the article, there are extensive reviews of both bots, as well as tons of help for those having trouble setting up/using the bots. Check out these new features, it's well worth the bandwidth.

New Hosted Site
Team BDP is now hosted. These guys are planning on releasing a TC called "The Ebb of Life". Intriguing? Check out their site for more info.

Here are the current cries for help in the Quake2 community:
  • The PowerMod team is looking for new members (designers and coders) for their upcoming LazerFrag mod (skinshots and more info. available on their page).
  • The guys over at the Quake Shock Development team need some programmers for their MiB TC. Enquire at the link above.
  • Our hosted Chronos TC is once again looking for members, this time experted Single-Player level designers, texture artists, and a modeller. Send URLs where examples of your work can be seen to Jago if you want to apply (no attachments to the mail, please).

  • Just A Reminder
    This is just to remind you guys that the Gameslink IRC Network is still waiting to be properly populated. Visit the servers page for a list of irc servers you can access the network on. This is also the official Quake2.com IRC network, so if you drop by you'll probably see myself and the rest of the Quake2.com gang lurking around. Come on by, and help us warm up the network for the big tokay interview this coming Friday. Each server is rated to handle about 256 clients...my goal is to give NetGuy a severe headache by pushing this limit by far. You up to the challenge?


    Menus and Mods
    A couple new mods and menus have entered beta tests and/or released new versions. Here's the rundown: Quake2 Art Made to Order
    Alot of people seem to be getting into the Quake2 art scene, as is evident with the opening of a new site over at Frag.com. Here's the email notice:
    "Sean "Hell Spawn" Oliver has a new Quake 2 art site up. You can find some of the best Quake 2 related art there. You can check out his site at Q2palette.frag.com/q2meister. Or you can fill out a request form for Player logos, Clan logos and Web site Logos at the Mother site Q2palette.frag.com where all Quake and Quake 2 artist have come together to form the Q2 Palette - "The source for Quake II creativity" all the Quake artwork is done for free, so they will get to your requests in the order that they arrive!!"
    Hosted Sites Update
    Version 2.2 of the Battle of the Sexes mod has been released. New to v2.2 are custom skins, turrets, external entity files, and much more. Check out the full details over on their website.

    In other hosted site news, A World of Quake2 has 3 more single player levels reviewed. "Incarceration" by Greg'Manx' Barr, "Hadley's Hope" by John E. Schuch, and "Death Is Not Worth Trying" by YooShin Yang are all reviewed and it turns out that one of them makes a great deathmatch level as well. Definitely worth a look if you're hungry for new maps.


    Sunday, January 25, 1998 - Superbowl Sunday!
    Hosted Site Update
    Wow...they've just been hosted, and they already are getting site updates ;-). Anyways, the FEAR team have updated their page with the following items:
  • Added gameplay patch section
  • Updated all links (apparently quite a few died when ftp.telefragged.com relocated)
  • Go check out their great site.

    Help Needed
    The people who are starting on the SpecOps Quake2 TC are looking for an additional modeller and skinner to help out. If you fit the bill, visit their site and apply. Contest
    The folks over at the AlienFortress TC are having a contest to see who can create the best logo/banner for the page. The prize for this achievement is to be able to beta test some of the weapons to be included in the game. Interested? Head on over.


    Message from Nigel
    Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been saying much, or answering too many questions lately.. this whole thing sorta took us all off guard. <G> Right now, Jobe and I are working very hard right now at dividing up duties between the various staff members. I know a lot of you are anxious to offer help, but at the moment, we're not looking for any new people. If we ever find a need for new people, we will notify you beforehand. On another note, the GamesLink.Net interview with American McGee of id Software will be run by the Gaming Queue staff (the guys who ran the Undernet #idSoftware and #Gaming interviews). I'll be there, as will some others from the page, so stop on by and join in on the action. Hope to see you all there :) Ok, anyway, that's all the time I'm going to take up. <G>


    New Gamespy Tabs
    Matt has posted some much needed Gamespy tabs for JailBreak, Rocket Arena, and CTF. You can download these files here, and make searching for the right Quake2 server a lot easier.


    Questworld Starts New Servers
    Questworld, one of the longest running servers in the country, has opened up two Quake2 servers, the first running the latest Quake2 custom map server mod and the second running Rocket Arena 2 with custom maps. Here are the servers: Head on over and "taste the pain!"

    NetGuy - oh yea, Hi :)

    Level Contest
    DoomsDay's Quake2 Page is holding a level contest for the best Quake2 DM and SP level. Go submit your best map today.

    Site Movement
    The Holy Wars DM mod, which allows you to become a very pissed off saint wreaking havoc until someone "steals your halo", has moved
    here. To check it out, and...um...get sacrilegious, or something.

    Frantic Post
    This guy seemed like he was going to have a brain aneurysm if we didn't get this news out, so here it is, in his own frantic words:
    Please for the love of god(or satan) Put this in a headline format!!! The epicenter has just reopened and now is the home of the quake 2 link exchange which islocated at http://quake2.warzone.com/q2e/ Also now looking for sites to host,Redesigned, Host the Quake 2 terminal which is a Slipgate Central for quake 2!!! More info on http://quake2.warzone.com Please print this exact letter I need you too!!!
    Please. Go check out his site. Before he goes on a tower with a high powered sniper rifle and pulls a "disgruntled postal worker move".

    New News Site
    There's a fledgling Quake2 news spot lurking in the shadows now called Big Al's Kick Ass Quake2 News. Go stop by and see what's in store for this new site.

    Quake2 Strategy Guide
    There's a new Quake2 strategy guide out now called Quake2 Boot Camp, providing information about tactics, weapons, configurations and more. Definately worth a read if you're looking to sharpen your skills.

    New Gamespy Add-on
    [MAM] Ragnarok has developed an add-on Gamespy tab that allows you to see which servers have "staying weapons" on, and which have them off. As you may know, when you're playing with 8 or more people on a small map, it's not fun to run around with nothing but the blaster while you wait for weapons to respawn, so this program allows you to choose your Quake2 servers more wisely. Very cool and much needed addition.

    AlienFortress Marches On
    AlienFortress, a upcoming Quake2 TC we've reported on before, has posted their first "public beta weapon" of the Light Machine Gun (formerly the UZI). Go see how this TC is progressing.

    "A Little Help From My Friend"
    Nigel and I would like to welcome Ryan "NetGuy" Passage into the news family. NetGuy, who has always been a fixture in the Quake2.com background (working as head IRCop for Gameslink.net, the official Quake2.com IRC network, as well as helping out wherever need be), so after Slipgate unfortuneatly resigned due to school pressures, we enlisted his help as "volunteer news editor" (as you can plainly see below). What this means is, he wont be updating as frequently as Nigel or I, but will always be there when we need help, or we are behind. This also means that he's on the news mailing list, so he gets to endure the countless mailbombs we get per day ;-). In a word, "NetGuy's got da skillz", and I'm looking forward to having him contribute to Quake2.com. I'm sure you, "the viewer", wont be dissapointed, either.

    New Comics Skin Site
    QuestGate is now hosting DaLinK's Quake 2 Comic Skins, a site dedicated to bringing comic book characters into the Quake2 realm via skins. Go check out this interesting new site, and start playing Quake2 as your favorite action hero.

    Site Movement
    Just a quick note, the Quake2 Deathmatch Depot can now be found here.

    PingTool v1.8 Released
    A new version of PingTool has been released on the
    PingTool webpage. There are many new enhancements in this version, the most notible being that it now supports Quakeworld and Quake2. Check out their page for a complete listing, and to download this program.


    Return of the Hosted Site News
    Quake2.com is proud to announce a new site that has joined us, FEAR, providing a much needed resource to the Quake community. Here's a clip from their announcement:
    FEAR provides an overview of common Quake II resources using pictures and graphs to review them. Some things we cover:
    - rated over 120 deathmatch levels and posted the top 15 with a short review and a screenshot
    - rated all major level editors
    - rated all major model editors
    - rated all major Pak editors
    - provided overview of the best bots and their features
    - tons more being added everyday
    - hard at work on our own deathmatch pack
    Welcome aboard!

    Hosted Site News
    We got this contest reminder in the mail from Blaze:
    This is Blaze from the Quake2 Scene (http://www.quake2.com/scene), reminding you that there is only one week remaining in my contest. For those of you who haven't entered, please see my site and do so NOW!

    Be sure to head on over and check out what Blaze is up to.