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Friday, January 30th, 1998
Jobe Is Out
Well, I'm stepping out for the night, probably wont be back until 7-ish tomorrow morning, so the news might not be updated until tomorrow evening (depending on what happens). Don't forget about tokay on GamesLink!

Don't forget! There's going to be an interview on GamesLink.Net (irc.gameslink.net) with American "tokay" McGee of id software tonight at 9PM EST. I myself wont be there (I'll be sure to get a log) due to "RealLife", but it looks exciting from what I've heard about. Just gather in #Quake2, and let the questioning begin!

Here's another daily dose of the Quake2.com classifieds:
  • Black Omega is looking for some new members for their upcoming TC. Send mail with a URL of your work to Wildcard.
  • Another TC in need of help is the Assasin TC (link active soon). They are looking for anyone and everyone, from modellers, to DLL programmers. For more information, enquire here.

  • TC In The Works
    The Forgotten Realm: Entrance to the Underworld is a new TC being developed by Dan Reid and his crew. In this TC, you have found a portal portal, which you must travel through to gain access to the underworld. They already have 2 levels complete, with a promise of 14 more. Sound interesting? Follow their progress by following the link above.

    Skins, Skins, Skins!
    Those crazy cats over at Quake2 Skin Central have restructured the organization of their skin packs (now in 'male' and 'female' packs) and are now up to a whopping 700 skins total! Clans, don't forget to send in your skins to be a part of the pack.

    Site Movement
    Vampire CTF Maps has moved to their new location here, and are near completion. They also have plenty of goodies you can download (including screenshots, and desktop backgrounds).

    A Sad Turn of Events
    I was dreading this would happen, but it seems that Fritz Schober, the guy who won the Quake portion of our skin contest, used Kenneth Scott's skin (from the
    SkinForge) and slapped his name on it. Because of this, SpliceR will now have his position updated from runner-up to skin contest winner. Congradulations! This kind of stuff does happen, and I apologize for not catching it. Thanks to the folks who informed us. I apologize for myself, and for Fritz's actions. The contest information has been updated below, and his skin has been removed from our directory.


    Another New Quake2 Bot in the Works
    There's yet another new bot being created... called the "Terror Bot" it will have its own custom maps, as well as an interesting twist: the bot will have "temp shielding", meaning that it will become immune to the weapon you are using against it, thus forcing you to constantly switch weapons during the game (kinda like the Borg ;). More info can be found here.

    ServerConfig Mod now with Vanilla CTF Support
    ServerConfigMod v1.6 CTF has been released, now with the Vanilla CTF v0.41 source code integrated right into it (plus some added inhancements). Visit quake2.com/sconfig for the latest news and download.

    New GSLog released
    GSLog 1.2 has been released, and is now up to par with the Log Standard 1.2. It should be noted that until the release of GibStats 2 version 1.2, it will not be possible to use the GSLog logs with GibStats. You can get both the new GSLog and the Standard Log Specs over at GibStats.

    Keys 2 Woes
    Keys 2, beta 1.30, has been removed from download because of numerous crash reports. It's also noted that the author is extremely busy, so a new version probably won't be released until after the Quake2 point release comes out from id. Check it out for the full scoop.

    New Changes to Everyone's Favorite Jailbreak Mod are Coming
    The way cool Jailbreak Mod (one of my personal favorites) might be changing quite differently very soon, here's a clip from the page:
    I've done some thinking and there are some things I would like to change for the next release. 1) Move some of the lighter weapons outside of the security doors in the bases. By that I mean shotgun, machinegun, and maybe grenade launcher and RL. 2) I also wanna add some more spawn spots so it's harder for teams to 'cover all the spawn spots' and kill everyone upon respawn. Other questions people had: Teamsay cannot be fixed until 3.12. A little clarification for the func_button spawnflags - think of the spawnflag as saying which team can use the button.
    New CRBot Version
    More of a bugfix than a new-feature version, the CRBot v0.99 was released over at the CRBot Homepage. This version does have a few code/AI improvements, like avoiding rockets and other projectiles, and shooting accuracy.

    Holy QDevils Batman!
    The QDevils have been working overtime on alot of new projects/tutorials. I mean, there's ALOT of new stuff over there, including (but not limited to): homing missiles, Air Strike, Rotating Map mod, Flash Grenades, "Star Wars Lasers", etc. There's just a ton of stuff over there to check out, so be sure you do.

    Galaxy Defenders... (Help Wanted)
    There's a new TC in the works, being based off of the cool movie: Men in Black. They're currently looking for coders to help on their project. If you're interested drop by and check it out.


    Thursday, January 29, 1998
    Clarification Below
    I guess I didnt state it well...when I said you cant use the skins, I didnt mean that. I meant that I'd prefer you not go prancing around impersinating a Quake2.com guy. So ...use them all you want to! Good advertisement ;-).

    Quake2.com Skin Contest JUDGED!
    After long, long last, and much frustration by everyone envolved. The winners of the Quake2.com Official Skin Contest have been decided. It took a lot of time to narrow this down, but in the end, we knew what we had to do. The Quake2 skin is just...wicked cool, plain and simple. And we like the Quake skin, because it looked like a Strogg, and if you havn't noticed, we're Quake2 .com, not Quake.com ;-). Thanks to EVERYONE envolved in this contest! You guys rock. We will be getting the shirts out to the winners as soon as possible. Also, keep checking back here often for a soon-to-be-announced surprise on that note ;-). Thanks again to all, here's the information:
    Quake2 Skin Winner

    Winner: Roger Bacon (download
    Runner-Up: Chris Holden (download here)

    Quake Skin Winner

    Winner: SpliceR (download here) Runner-Up: N/A (due to circumstances listed above)
    As you can see, I don't have Roger Bacon's email address. ROGER, get in touch with me ASAP so I can get the information I need to ship you the shirt. If you want, can also visit the directory where the finalists were housed, and see all the other runner-up's contributions here. So remember, if you see some guy fraggin to these skins, check the name. You'll be fraggin with the folks from Quake2.com ;-) (on that note, we ask that you don't use these skins if you're not a member of Quake2.com. I don't think we'll have a problem with this, but if it does come up, we'll have to turn into legal pricks, or something...).

    New Point Release Screenshots
    On the same note as above, PC Gamer has some screenshots of the Quake2 Cyborg to be included in the upcoming point release. This guy looks pretty wicked, so check it out.

    The Quake2 Press got a makeover recently, so go gaze at their new found splendor.

    The Quake2 Warehouse, a new site we reported on earlier, is having a logo design contest, and they're looking for some people to work as news contacts, or people to send in news stories to them directly. So whip out Photoshop and 3DSMax, and your 'contact book' and get crackin'. You might be wondering "whats the prize?". Well, according to the mail...a zip disk. I'm sure he meant a zip disk with stuff on it...I hope...

    Here's yet another call for help from the Quake community:
    qWar, is my patch, think of it like a more comples Team Fortress. More realitic. Tanks, PLanes, Boats, COmmandos, Turrets, etc. Im looking for a skilled modeler, and possibly a skinner(not sure about that) to help out, full credit will be given. Also im looking for posible beta testers. Please check out www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/ Lab/9502 for the main page as well as a link for beta testing. Thanx!
    See if you can help the guy out.

    Really Condensed News
    Due to powers beyond my control, I'm just going to be moving from this days news on. I've been really busy IRL, so if I missed a REALLY important site mention, re-email the news with it and I'll post it. Otherwise, I hope you understand I gotta take care of some stuff ;-).

    New Site/Editor
    There's a new site emerging (MGS) that offers an exiting new Quake2 map generator to speed up map editing. Very cool sounding, check out their site for more details.

    New Mod
    Ionic Mods has released a new mod for Quake2 in the same genre as Clanwars was for Quake. Visit their page for more detail on this intriguing mod.

    It's An Epidemic!
    The folks over at that kick ass site, the Quake2 Bot Epidemic, has done another one of their patented bomb updates. Here's the scoop straight from marvel:
    1) New SABIN release of the base code is out.
    2) We also have information on the upcoming Assassin Bot for those interested and previews on the Frostbot.
    1) We have two NEW complete reviews on theCRBot v0.98 with a list of the new features (including the new MENU system and the "dynamic skill setting".)
    Thunderwalker CTF Entities Released
    The folks who brought us TW CTF have released the entities for their mod, for use in anything your little demented mind might come up with. Thanks Prophet.

    Just A Note
    Recieved this mail, of interest to anyone who downloaded the new version of ServUp! (1.3):
    I have had 2 people report problems with the Readme file for the latest ServUp! 1.3 release. Can you please make a note for people that have already downloaded the zip file that all files need to be placed in the ServUp directory. The readme read that only the gamex86.dll is to be placed in that dir and that is incorrect.
  • CB's Quake2 Resources is looking for some fresh meat to help out on staff.
  • QE Radient Hits A New Build
    v.38 of this freeware level editor has been released to the public. Go check out their site and snag this suped-down version of the editor id uses.

    RA Hits 2.096
    Rocket Arena guys has released a new version of their smash hit, fixing some bugs from previous versions, as well as adding enhanced teamplay, and other enhancements. Spooge.


    Wednesday, January 28, 1998
    Holy .Plan Updates, Batfink!
    Brian Hook updated three times today, folks:
    January 28, 1998 (part 3)

    I reran some preliminary TIMEDEMO numbers with the new NVidia drivers, and they are REAL fast -- like, 33.6fps at 640x480, which is faster than the latest Voodoo numbers. Pretty amazing. I'm still not real happy with the overall image quality, but that's a subjective thing. Still, the driver guys there have been doing a pretty phenomenal job of increasing performance.
    I'm going to rerun the Voodoo Rush numbers and the NVidia numbers after the point release is finalized. I got a newer board from 3Dfx that is more representative of a production board than the prototype that I'm currently using for testing.

    January 28, 1998

    Someone passed along this URL, it's kinda funny:


    I finally got around to reading the "Glitch" section of the February issue of Boot magazine, and I thought it was pretty funny. Now, if I was, say, an egotistical jerk (which I've been accused of on occasion, usually by some lowly puke who thinks we're "friends" because he has my e-mail address), I'd think that the satire was about me and my poor experience with Boot.

    [Note to humor impaired: the above is sarcasm]

    But that would be inappropriate for me to believe, since all I was doing was just whining a lot -- hell, all they really did was handle themselves unprofessionally, lie to me, renege on the parameters of our interview, then incompetently deal with the aftermath. Where would I be justified getting upset about that?

    [Note to humor impaired: the above is sarcasm]

    I hope all eleven of you that managed to find issues of this month's issue get a good laugh, I know I did. :-)

    January 28, 1998 (part 2)

    Damn, looking at the same issue of Boot, and I looked at the interview with Bellfield and Yassaie. Now, granted, this is Boot doing the interview, so God knows what kind of screwed up interpretation is going on, but I thought I'd do some clarification and commentary.

    On p.36, there are a couple technical terms that are just substituted with underlines, indicating a lack of technical knowledge on the part of Boot or the transcriber. I _think_ the proper term they were looking for was "occlusion culling", but I'm not sure. Pretty big oversight, letting that one through.

    At one point Yassaie compares DirectX to Win32 -- "look how long it took Windows to become a graphics standard and you can see how young Direct3D is". Ouch. If all we can hope for is that DirectX will eventually become as "good" as Win32, well, we (developers) are screwed. And with the "talent" at Microsoft working on this stuff, it's hard to see how they could make it any better than Win32. But that's just my take.

    Bellfield makes a couple of ill-advised comments. For starters, he implies that I'm hypocritical because I highly recommended the PowerVR PCX2 for GLQuake, but harshed it when it comes to Quake2. I've said this before, but the rendering requirements of GLQuake and Quake2 are DIFFERENT. People need to accept that they are different products, and that one accelerator can be good on one and crappy on the other. In the case of PowerVR, it falls apart with colored lighting and it falls apart with high triangle densities, and those are two major additions to Quake2 over GLQuake.

    The other comment Bellfield made was: "I personally believe that lighting and texturing of the PowerVR PCX2 of Quake II is far superior, for example, than the 3Dfx version, whose use of color lighting looks way over the top."

    Uh, if you really said that, and you really believe that, and there are no other missing qualifiers, I might recommend you look into a good drug counseling center -- get off that pipe! Are you using the same kind of eyes the rest of humanity was issued?! Also, 3Dfx didn't exactly implement colored lighting, WE did, so if anything WE were over the top, and 3Dfx just had the hardware to allow us to abuse colored lighting (if that's your attitude about it).

    He goes on to say: "Also, remember that Hook is comparing a $99 PowerVR- enabled product to those from our competitors' that range from three-to-10 times that retail price, and that will not be available for three to six months."

    I've pointed this out before, but the 3Dfx is TWICE as much as the PCX2, not THREE TO TEN TIMES. What $1000 accelerator was I comparing it against?

    And I know the interview was done quite some time ago, but the V2100 (Diamond Stealth II S220) kicks the crap out of PowerVR for the same price, AND it has colored lighting, good performance, and 2D acceleration.
    And, Hollenshead updated with this:

    I saw an article on Next Gen that claimed a title from WizardWorks outsold Quake II in December. Unbelievable! So unbelievable, in fact, that it's totally untrue. Quake II December numbers were actually very impressive. According to PC Data, Quake II finished second overall to Riven for December in both raw units and dollar volume and Quake II wasn't on the shelves during either of the first *two* weekends in December. PC Data is the most widely used sales tracking source in the software industry. Retailers, distributors and developers all regard it as the software sales Bible.

    More important than where Quake II ranked, however, was the strong raw sales data. Santa's sleigh must have been full of Quake II for all of the good boys and girls.

    Btw, see if you can guess what 3D shooter from id was the No. 1 seller the first week in January...
    Personally, I didn't even wait for Santa to bring me my copy of Quake2. I pre-ordered that puppy :)

    3DNet Picture and Profile Page
    Hanif informed us of the new 3DNet Pic Page which contains pictures (I think, even though I didn't find any :) and profiles from all your buds on 3DNet. Hanif is only 13?!? Gah, I can only imagine how much news he'll be able to scrounge up when he doesn't have school to worry about (like 16 year-old Nigel...)

    3DFX vs. Sega?
    Thanks to Prophet for pointing us to a news article on a new lawsuit between 3DFX and Sega. Here's the lowdown:
    3Dfx Interactive™, Inc. (Nasdaq:TDFX) today announced that on January 9, 1998, the Superior Court for Santa Clara County entered an injunction ordering Sega to return to 3Dfx Interactive, and prohibiting Sega from using or disclosing, 3Dfx Interactive trade secrets and confidential information which had been shared with Sega pursuant to the Development Agreement between 3Dfx Interactive and Sega which Sega terminated without cause in July 1997. The January 9th injunction formalizes an injunction that was originally filed by the Court on December 22, 1997. 3Dfx Interactive filed suit against Sega Enterprises, Ltd. and Sega of America, as well as NEC Corporation and VideoLogic Group, Plc. for claims arising out of Sega's termination of the agreement to use 3Dfx's chipset in Sega's next generation video game console.
    3Dfx Interactive, a publicly traded company (Nasdaq: TDFX), develops high performance, cost-effective 3D media processors, software and related technology that are designed to enable a highly immersive, interactive and realistic 3D experience across interactive electronic entertainment platforms – personal computers, coin-operated arcade systems and location-based entertainment ("LBE"). Current 3Dfx Interactive products include the Voodoo family of accelerator chipsets, Voodoo 2 Graphics, Voodoo Graphics and Voodoo Rush. Visit the company on the web at http://www.3dfx.com.
    Now now, no fighting children.. why can't we just settle it over a good, old-fashioned fragfest? :)

    New Releases
  • Servup! - Server administration tool; updated to v1.3
  • ServerConfigMOD - Another Server administration tool; updated to v1.6; includes Vanilla CTF support


    New Quake2 Modeler Released
    David Kruse has released a brand new Quake/Quake2 modeling program, based off of the MedDLe code, called studioMDx. It lets you edit and save MDL and MD2 files. He mentions that it is fully functional, and new releases should come as time goes by. Definitely check it out by going here

    DeathMatch Maker 2
    DeathMatch Maker, a commercial map making program, has hit its Quake2 stage, with the release of DeathMatch Maker2. Details can be found at www.deathmatchmaker.com. Thanks gato.

    Skinning For Dummies (really)
    Spawn22 dropped us a note to tell us that his site, called Skinning For Dummies, has moved to Inside3D.com. You can view it there.

    Hosted Site Update
    We got news from Roach (of the now closed Roach's TC Roost) that Converted is now up and running at www.quake2.com/converted. Here's a clip from the mail:
    It is formed from the mergence of 2 TC sites, Roach's TC Roost and the House of Milamber, and it has offers a service to all TCs and the Quake community. One of the things it offers is the automatic update table where any web master of a total conversion project can update the page with the projects latest news etc. They have to obtain a username and password from this site first: www.quake2.com/converted/pass.html.
    sCary's New Tune
    Prophet sent along word that the guys from LinQuake News created a cool musical tribute thing for sCary's Suga Shack. The song is in mp3 format with instruments and vocals. You can snag it here.