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Thursday, February 5, 1998
New OpenQuake Utility
The OpenQuake Group has begun adding new features to their web site. Included among them are newly reviewed mods as well as a utility that searches the Quake2 source and displays files in HTML format.

Point Release Info
John Cash updated his plan yesterday with a little bit on the point release:
Point Release (3.12)
It's in Activision's testers hands right now. That means we should be able to release it Real Soon Now. Looks like Zoid is on track too.
Assassin TC Changes Focus
We received a note from the Assassin TC team informing us of some changes it's going through:
The Assassin TC is changing focus. It is now going to be "Soldier VS Sniper", a deathmatch only mod similar to TeamFortress. You can be a soldier or a sniper, each having his/her own weapons, characteristics, and advantages/disadvantages. There will also be teamplay modes, such as Snipers vs Soldiers or Red team vs Blue team. Help of all kinds needed. Please contact me at beatnik622@earthlink.net.
New Quake2 Site Opens
A new Quake2 site has opened up shop. Quake2 Rage will be providing files, news and info.

CyberClan Central Opens
CyberClan Central, a site devoted to providing alot of services to the Quake and Quake2 Clan community has opened. If you're into the clan scene, be sure to check out CyberClan Central.

New Expert Quake Version
Expert Quake mod (for Quake2) v1.1 has been released. Featuring Linux support & GibStats Logging support, ExpertQuake has been tested and is very stable. More info can be found here.

New Quake2 Mission Pack Announced
A new mission pack for Quake2, called "Charron" has been announced. This pack will be non-retail and will feature maps by Bkshra who worked on a few Hexen2 projects. Check here for more info.

New MDx Version
Version 08.b of MDx, the Quake and Quake2 model viewer program is out over at the Studio MDx.

Keys2 Moves & Updates
The Keys2 mod has moved to a new site over at planetquake.com/keys2. They also have released version v1.4 including a server launcher.

Clustering Servers
Cluster is a project that makes it possible to link multiple servers so users can enteract on the same map. Already being used for servers linking between California and Canada, the mod has hit v0.3. For more info be sure to visit the Cluster home page.


Wednesday, February 4, 1998
BSP to VRML Converter?
Also noticed over at BluesNews that a BSP to VRMLconverter has been released. Called "bsp2wrl", this program sounds like it could provide for some interesting map walkthroughs, kind of a try before you buy(download) thing maybe? Head on over to thebsp2wrl homepage for the details.

Loki's Minions CTF Source Code Released
Saw over on Blue's that the Loki's Minions CTF team has publicly released the source code to their popular CTF mod. You can get it from eithertheir site at www.planetquake.com/lmctf orfrom their site at www.captured.com/lmctf.

Eraser Bot Virus Fixed
After the flurry of emails and incidents reported, Ridah has released a new beta of his Eraser Botover at the
Impact Team site, along with an apologyto those who may have been infected (including himself). This release includes nothing more than a virus-free installer. There is also a .zip file of it for those who are still a little uneasy about using the installer version.

Riva128 OpenGL (Beta) Drivers Released
Just a quick note to let all you Riva128 users out there know that nVidia released their new OpenGL Beta Drivers today. These drivers are for Windows95 users only, NT usersneed not apply. A list of download sites can be seen here.


Tuesday, February 3, 1998

Erase THIS
Team Impact has released yet another version of the Eraser Bot, with several new features (including a WinInstaller....nifty!). Thanks Prophet.

I Hear The Voices...
QVoice, a project aiming to have voices transmissible through Quake2, is marching forward. Here's the current scoop:
"the client is 90% done, just need to finalize the recording code. Server code isn't very far, but here's the lowdown on how it's going to implemented:

A seperate linked in .LIB (.SO) with .H file Menu code, like RA2's (wow!) EASY importing to a project, so mod authors don't have to go through Odysseus's trials to get this in their code. Simply call a few functions and it works. Boom. Something like in the g_cmds.c where it processes cmd , you'd call QV_ProcessCMD and it'd do it's special thing. Server options will be written to a .INI (or such) file, so server ops can set them once (via the menus, with a password) and they save themselves. But those are AFTER we get it to our initial beta testers and before the public beta."
Hosted Sites Updates
  • JawMD2, the rocking Quake2 model viewer/skin previewer has been released to 1.28, with added features.
  • Site Movements/New Sites
  • Shattered Art has moved over to those guys at PlanetQuake.
  • BadPeon's Gaming News has moved to LogicQuest.
  • Quake2 Comics is a new site that hosts...well...Quake2 comics!
  • Jobe

    Budding Mappers Rejoice...
    If you've been having some problems with making maps, or just need a couple examples to get you started on building your own map of mayhem, Akuma has the site for you. He has put together 45 example maps to get people going, and he posted them all on his site.

    Monster3D 2 RELEASED!!!
    Diamond Multimedia rocked the gaming industry last year with it's impressive and extremely popular Monster3D video card. Yesterday, Diamond made waves again when it OFFICIALY released it's new Voodoo2 video card: the Monster3D 2. Available now for preorder, the card will be available in early March. Full details can be found

    GoatCheez dropped us a note to tell us of a unique discovery he made on ftp.cdrom.com. He found a 12 meg deathmatch map! Here's the link (you might need to shift+click this to save it).


    Monday, February 2, 1998
    TC News
  • Moltar Interactive, makers of the upcoming Anarchy TC, have posted screenshots of their work up on their page.
  • There's a review of the new Quake2 TC, Juggernaut, up at the AVault. You can visit it here. Go check this out if you've been debating weather or not to buy this, as they cover many aspects of the game.
  • WTF?
    Some of you might be wondering about why I'm not getting around to much of the news today. Simple. I've been BUSY. RealLife, that place we only seldom dare to venture, has been calling a lot lately. But, just give me a day or so, I'll be back on the ball ;-). School always comes first... (P.S. - I don't plan to go back on the old news...I hope you understand.)


    South Park Conversion Info
    Screenshots of early modeling work for the Unofficial South Park Quake2 Conversion have been posted over at Scoot's Quake2 Zone. The official site for the unofficial conversion will be moving to http://southpark.scoots.com shortly. Personally, I can't wait to kill Kenny...

    Best Quake Movies & Demos of 1997
    Definitely a day for "Best of the Year" awards, the Quake Movies Page has completed their polling and has posted the results of their Best Quake Movies & Demos of 1997 survey. They can be found at the site by clicking on the QMA image link.

    Quake2 Wins Best Action Game of the Year
    Thomas Klepek dropped us a note to mention that PCGamer (the magazine edition) gave Quake2 the Best Action Game of the Year Award, along with Jedi Knight winning for Best Game of the Year. Congrats to both id Software and LucasArts!

    Petition to Bring Back Fun Names
    We got an email from Tony Browneller that might interest some of you who are wanting to use "Fun Names" in Quake2:
    This is to let you know I have started a petition to be sent to ID Software. A Petition to have the "fun names" brought back, entitled "Do you think id Software should reconsider "fun names" in Quake2? I would appreciate it if you could post this in your news. I will continue to add to the petition for a few more days, and will be sending it away. The petition is located at the QNM website here: http://qnm.telefragged.com The response has already been overwhelming, and was tempted to not even make this announcement, but what the heck.
    LinQuake Logo Contest
    LinQuake is having a logo contest for their excellent linux Quake/2 site. The prizes are yourhost.io.nu as an IP (if you have a static one) or youremail@io.nu. Pretty cool huh? The deadline for the entries is February 10, 1998 11:59 CST.


    Quake2.com Shirt Slogan Contest
    Well folks, this is it. Yet another contest. This time, it's for a slogan for our Quake2.com shirts. The winner will recieve...well...a swift pat on the back ;-), and the satisfaction of having their logo adorn our shirts. Want an idea of what we're looking for? Here were some of the suggestions floating around the Quake2.com offices:
  • Life's Hard...Frag A Friend
  • Feel the Love
  • Kill Pixels Not People
  • Total Peace Through Cyberviolence
  • The slogans must be 100% original. 100% ORIGINAL. The contest ends Friday (I know, little time to prepare, but we need to get these shirts to press), so get to thinking! The shirts will also be open to the public to order...but more on that later (soon). Any slogan submissions can be sent to


    Sunday, February 1th, 1998
    More News to Come
    I'll be updating the rest of the news late tonight. I'm wasted right now (lack of sleep...loooooong weekend), and I need to get some rest. Check back tomorrow morning for the rest (including that important piece of news I've been promising you).

    New QERadiant Released
    A new version of QERadiant (.041) has been released over at their page. This version fixes a few bugs, and adds a few needed items. Visit the page to learn all about this great level editor.

    Hosted Sites Updates
  • The Bot Epidemic has been updated with the current news on ALL Quake2 bots. Any questions? They're the ones to turn to.
  • Battle of the Sexes mod has gone through yet ANOTHER version change. Go see what kind of improvements have been made, and features added (some very important).
  • FvF2 Progress
    The FvF2: Heroes of Genocide team (sequel to the wildly successful FvF for Quake) has released a preview of the story line for their upcoming product at their web page. Go see what you're in store for.

    New Deathmatch Mod
    TagYerIt (formerly Project One), encompasses the age old game of tag we used to play as kids with the technology that is Quake2 to provide an entirely new twist to Deathmatch. Visit the link above to learn more about and download this exciting new mod.

    Quake2 Conversion?
    There's a group of students working on a Quake2 conversion called the Quake2 Oop Conversion Project. Here's their project goals, stated in a press release sent to us:
    1. To convert the original Q2 dll code from C to a totally C++ version. Including conversions of both data structures and member functions.

    2. Impelmentation of a plugin / socket based extension structure. The new completed dll will have a plugin manager ( the socket ) that will enablemod developers to create weapons and creatures ( the plugin ) without modifiying the core code ( the loader ). So when implemented, for example a creature with 2 weapon sockets will be able to be equiped with any weapon dll of the users choice. The creature itself will fit into a creature socket, which will dynamicly load all of the creatures for the mod. Allowing more modularity for the mod developer, by just manipulation of precompiled dlls, also allowing people to mix and match their favorite weapons / creatures / player options / bots.
    You can reach their site to learn more by following this link.

    Jobe (newly appointed head news pimp, or something...)

    Staff Changes
    Okay, I'm sure you've all been hearing about the "changes that will be taking place at Quake2.com." Well, we've finally ironed everything out, and this is our public announcement. First off, I'll be taking over as CEO of Quake2.com, and Head Webmaster (meaning, I get to netseX0r Jobe and NetGuy whenever I want!), and Jobe will become the Head of the News Department, as well as Vice Webmaster. Any questions or concerns about the website in general (layout, hosting, inter-site relations) should be sent to me at Nigel@Quake2.com. All News-related questions or concerns (invalid links, press releases, etc.) should be sent to Jobe at Jobe@Quake2.com. Now, although Jobe and I are taking on different roles, we will be working together on everything we can. Thanks for everyone's support in the past few weeks, and we hope these new staff changes can help us to continue to make this site prosper.

    Quake2-Ware Back Up
    Quake2-Ware is back up and running! Contact Virtigo if you're interested in helping them out.


    Yet Another Contest
    Big Al's Kick Ass Quake2 Page's contest for best Quake2 level has changed it's prize for the winner. The winner will now recieve a server to run their map for 2 weeks, a news clip, and their map hosted on CDROM.COM. Follow the link to learn more.

    The Far Side Reviews Levels?
    Pharcide Quake2 Level Reviews has posted some new reviews of current Quake2 DM levels. Go see if any of those DM levels floating around are for you.

    Msg from Quake2 Skins Central
    Simon of Q2 Skins Central has had to change his email address from a hotmail box, to something more substantial due to the number of mails he's recieving per day. He can now be contacted here.

    There's an interview up with Ridah, the bot-god who created Eraser, over at Groove's Bot Page. Visit them, and learn all about the man who created the most successful Quake2 bot to date.

    Hosted Site Update
    The crazy cats over at our AWOQ2 have updated their site with two new levels for you to review and download: "Vostok Rising" by Ed Cope and a DM level "Da Tank" by Invictus. Go snag those, and the rest of the quality maps they offer.


    Saturday, January 31th, 1998
    Hosting Frozen
    Many of you guys have noticed that our hosting system has been kind of out of kilter lately. Due to this, we are going to freeze any hosting requests until further notice (hopefully not long). So, that means, if you send mail to hosting@quake2.com...you'll have wasted your time. Please be patient while we work things out, and improve upon our services. Thanks guys. Any questions can be aimed towards me.

    Man Down
    QuestGate, and all its hosted sites and email addresses, will be down most of Sunday morning due to upgrades. Please be patient while the improve their services for you.

    Another Award for Quake2!
    ...and it keeps racking them up. Quake2 was voted best game of 1997 on PCGamer.com. Was there any doubt? Thanks Iconman98.

    Back From the Dead
    Agent25's Quake2 Skin Depot is back from a small hiatus. They've made some changes to their site, so go check it out.

    Skinning for Dummies (cont.)
    We reported on these guys a while ago, but the people over at Skinning For Dummies are back with some new tutorials: one for making cybernetics, and one for headshots. Go visit their page, and create some carnage of your very own.

    The Epicenter is looking for some slaves to help out with redesigning the site, and a new name. The winner will recieve a free Quake2 mousepad. Interested? Enquire at the link.

    Quake2 Items Tutorial
    There's a new tutorial up by Quake DevelS on how to make Quake2 items here. The tutorials are meant to work with the qdevels.c functions, so be sure to snag them when you get there.

    New Quake2 Modeller
    Studio MDx is a new Quake/Quake2 modeller lurking about. Here's a note on their progress, taken from their news page:
    Well, this morning I added some basic import/export routines to support 3DS and TRI files. (I used some other code left over from MedDLe. Very nice.) Anyway, I need to play with generating skin texture coordinates for them, and then I'll post an update. Hopefully, with the advent of skin coordinate generation, we can also implement object creation from the editor itself! We'll see how it all goes.
    PlanetQuake Does PGL
    The folks over at PlanetQuake have updated their PGL coverage page. Go check out their site and follow along with the carnage.

    TC Update
    The people over at the flux TC have posted a model to be included in this exciting, upcoming TC. Go check it out.

    Go GamesLink!
    Wow...my hats off to all my peers over at GamesLink. The tokay interview went GREAT! If you didn't make it, or havn't read a log, read it edited (only the good stuff) right here (thanks Chrisco, for the conversion). Thanks goes out to American for being such a great sport, and letting us bombard him with questions while he stayed cool all along. And a BIG thanks to everyone who came! Don't forget to stop by irc.gameslink.net sometime, and check us out.

    Hey Guys...
    I've recieved word that some of you out there are sending flame mail to Fritz Schober...please don't. I think it was just a mistake on his part by not thoroughly reading the news, so please refrain from mailbombing and flaming the poor guy. Not cool, you know?

    New Deathmatch Pack
    Kombat03 has posted a deathmatch map pack he made, for all of you to frag to. He also requests some people check it out, and think about hosting the maps on a Q2 server. Any takers?

    Hosted Sites Update
  • Blackeye Entertainment, the folks working on the Chronos TC, have updated their page with their progress on their status page. Go check out this exciting new TC.

  • the page for the model viewerJawMD2 has been updated with news, and a promise of a new version soon.
  • And here's the BIG scoop on the Battle of the Sexes version update:
    Battle of the Sexes v2.3

    New to this version are new abilities and tools to make fraggin just that much more fun:

    New features:
    1) Sniper gets 3 silent alarms that can be placed on walls to signal when enemy players are approaching using the "alarm" command. When an enemy gets near an alarm a message is displayed to the Sniper and team Captain(s) indicating which alarm was triggered and the class and name of the player triggering the alarm. The enemy will not see that they have triggered an alarm unless they see the alarm attached to the wall. If more than one enemy triggers the alarm at the same time, they will all be listed. When the Sniper dies the alarms self destruct. 50 cells are required to place an alarm.

    2) Bodyguard can now place defense lasers using the "laser" command. Once placed, the laser can be turned off and on using "laseron" and "laseroff". However, if the laser is left on for more than 15 seconds it will self destruct. 50 cells are required to build a laser and only one laser can be built at a time. When the Bodyguard dies the laser self destructs. You can also destroy the laser manually by using the "laserkill" command if you don't like the laser placement. However, you will need 50 more cells to build a new one. The laser will be the color of the Bodyguard's team's color.

    3) Bodyguard has new "decoy" command that allows them to glow like his/her team's color to draw off an attack by confusing the enemy. The glow lasts for 20 seconds.

    4) Nurses get flash grenades. The flash grenades will explode 1 second after throwing them or if they touch an enemy. You will be informed if you momentarily blinded the enemy. The enemy has to be looking at the flash grenade in order to be blinded. The effects wear off after about 2 seconds. The effect can be immediately cured by jumping in the water.

    5) Whenever a Berzerker issues the "scout" command, the results are also displayed on the team captain's screen. The Captain can request the Berzerker to scout to determine the makeup of the enemy team(s).

    6) Added "autoid" command that turns on the automatic display of the information of the player you are looking at.

    7) Added "scorelimit" server variable to end the game when a team score reaches the limit

    8) Updated Entity files for maps listed in "VOTE.LST"

    9) Lowered taunt limit to 5 per minute

    Bug Fixes:
    1) Sniper sight is now accurate for left handed and center settings

    2) Fixed intermittent problem of maps not loading properly after voting
    Phew :-).

    Help for Jailbreak
    Here's an interesting piece of mail we recieved from cRaZeD:
    Well...here goes nothing. Anything you see wrong with this please let me know via e-mail. This text really only helps with map JB2, but that's all that anyone ever uses right now. Other than that, I hope this file stops the rumor that you NEED 3 people to escape from jail. I HAVE DONE IT WITH 2 REPEATEDLY!!!! !! :) Had to get that out of my system.
    Site Movements
    Here are a few site movements we got word about:
  • The Quake2 Depo has up and moved to VortexQ. Also, they now have 121 levels for Quake2 reviewed, with more coming daily.
  • The Body Shop now resides over at LogicQuest. Go check out their player plug-in models and skins, as well as a messageboard and top 10 list.
  • New Site Hosted!
    We at Quake2.com extend a warm welcome to MaelStrom, a new skin site added to our "family". We're glad to have them on board, and look forward to seeing their work in the future.