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Wednesday, January 7, 1998
New LM CTF release
Loki's Minions CTF has hit version 1.23. For more information on what's changed or updated refer to the website. Thanks Wanker.

TeamFortress 2 news
On March 23 (ironically exactly one year after I first started my Quake 2 page endeavors with The Fault Line), TFCon 98 will begin. TFCon 98 promises to be a huge TeamFortress party. In Tulsa, Oklahoma no less. Apparently TeamFortress for Quake 2 will be revealed by Team Fortress Software (the makers of Team Fortress for Quake 1) there. The TFCon 98 website is taking signups already.

Quake2.com doings
  • Rastaman's Quake 2 Server Frontend is a helpful utility to server admins, with a measly $10 registration fee with incentives to register. Anyways, I'm blabbing on about it because we now host it! :)
  • The UAC Gateway, which was a links resource for Quake 2 we provided akin to Serpent's Realm on HexenWorld for Hexen 2 and the popular Slipgate Central for Quake, has shut down now. The reasons behind this stem from the inability to keep this resource going with the other important work Satanic (the maintainer of the Gateway) has to do here. Pulled from the now defunct Gateway page:

    Welcome to the now closed UAC Gateway. Due to various other projects plus college I couldn't possibly keep maintaining this website. Rather than giving it to someone else I'm closing it down, permanently.

    This page will be taken down shortly but until then you should check www.quake2.com and www.slipgatecentral.com. I apologise to all of you that mailed me saying how the Gateway proved a valuable resource. We are now turning a new chapter in Quake2.com and you should stick with us. Through our comprehensive list of hosted sites you should find all the information necessary. If not then our news coverage will provide the rest. Ultimately if you think we are still missing something mail us.

    I want it to be known that I'll miss this resource, and I don't think I'll be the only one, either. But, never fear, even more is in store for the future! Hakuna Matata. Or something.

    Bots, bots, bots. And more bots.
    The mikeBot page has an editorial up on bots and the different approaches that can be used in the code that gets them to "know a level." Examples are made of existing bots out there for reference.

    Ensoniq sound users rejoice
    Apparently Quake 2 3.10 fixes the problems with Ensoniq cards and Quake 2. In addition to that, Ensoniq has released new drivers! Check out the Unofficial AudioPCI page for more. Thanks go out to Lord Deathstrike.

    Quake 2/Diamond Monster 3D contest
    Thanks to WU-GFKiller for pointing out that the final results of the id Software Quake 2 and Monster 3D contest, which has run on now for ten weeks, were posted. Visit the website to see if you won anything.

    The Major League Quake 2 website has undergone a revamp and is easier to navigate, but even more interestingly, they have issued a challenge to all Quake 2 related sites (this one included) to form their own team of all star players to compete within the league. They are right now asking Quake 2 related sites (again, including this one) who it is that will represent the website and the website's honor. Some big names, like MPlayer, TEN, and others seem to be getting involved. Just reporting this all FYI, we, er, don't know who will defend our honor yet.... I could try for it I guess :). Anyways, do check out the MLQ2 website.

  • I'd like to congratulate Prophet on yet another new gig (not replacing but in addition to Remote Review). "Prophet's News" on games.net. People have asked me how this man does it. I don't have an answer to that. :)
  • The QuakeEasel is looking for a few good men to help with a new hosted page on a new server. They need fresh talent. To see if you can fit their call, go over to the website for details.

    Ports/porting info
  • There are documents on compiling the Quake 2 gamex86 source using Watcom over at http://www.yossman.net/~realtime/. Thanks Prophet.
  • Jet converted the Q2 gamex86 source over to Linux, correcting "typos that MS doesn't give warnings about" and making a makefile for it as well. He notes that gamei386.so is about 90k bigger than id's distributed version. Get the archive here (380 K).

    Even more mod stuff
  • Ramshackle has posted a review of the map Gun_Q2 by headshot (of qcon1.bsp from QuakeCon 97 fame).
  • The Powerball page indicates version 1.0 is now out. I guess it is out of beta :).
  • Quake(2)Voice reports needing programming help on getting client IP's.
  • Ionicis Teamplay has reached version 0.90. Details on the mod, as well as information on what it provides and where to e-mail suggestions or bug reports, is on this website. Thanks Quasarius.
  • There's some nifty X-Men related skins on this website.
  • There's a project underway by some architecture students on creating good architecture as Quake 2 maps on the Clan K-os page.
  • Crypticsoftware.com is a multi-game oriented page that also has many interesting maps and other mods for download, and is apparently doing a Q2 TC.

    Gaming Nexus has hit us with yet another Quake 2 review. Thanks go to Prophet.

  • Disruptor updated his .plan with some notes that the id web and FTP servers will be down ever so briefly tonight, as well as some Winsock related stuff. Read it here.
  • Brian Hook updated his .plan with some sports ranting and some notes on a change the video menu will undergo. Check that out here. Also, he put his benchmarks into HTML format at http://www.idsoftware.com/bwh/benchmarks.html.
  • Zoid updated his .plan about issues with the Linux port and in some cases workarounds, as well as some hindsight notes.

    More mod stuff
  • Yet another CTF conversion is War of CTF, now at version 0.9.
  • Keys 1.2 has been released on the Keys website, which adds rune like keys to Quake 2. The website is hosted by Q2Review, a part of our sister site 3Dx.
  • MDS (Missile Defense System) has hit version 2.0. Check it out here.
  • Although we've mentioned them before, thought I'd throw in a little plug here for DamageMatch, which makes deathmatch scoring based on damage instead of merely kills. So you have to be more careful and can't score best to snagging other people's kills.
  • The Quake -> Quake 2 map conversion utility m2m has hit version 0.5b, get it 5thD. Thanks to the illustrious Blue on that one.

    Hosted Site news
  • EarthQuaked has posted a review of the mod Monster Enhancement 1.01, as well as a demo of SkitZ playing against the Eraser bot just for fun.
  • Battle of the Sexes has hit version 1.6. For full details hit the website, but here's a summary of what's new in this version:
  • Team scoring based on frag count (use "teamscore" to display scores)
  • Can only switch classes after death
  • Added "kill" alias to commit suicide
  • Bodyguards start out with armor depending on gender ("Jacket Armor" for females, "Body Armor" for males)
  • Snipers start out with silencer
  • Every three minutes the Berzerker class drops all armor and gets quad damage
  • Made it faster to join the game if you already know the team and class you want to choose (Before you had to wait for the menu before you could choose)
  • Enhanced tracking device to display player class and team
  • Captains and Bodyguards get proximity grenades
  • QDevels doings
    QDevelS has started posting articles, with some already up worth checking out.

    Quake 2 for Linux mirrors (updated)
  • ftp.frag.com (thanks ZyFly and Winston).
  • ftp.cdrom.com (thanks Nathan Haley).
  • I'm not yet aware of any other mirrors for this file. Anybody who mirrors it can get in touch with us I guess. I SEVERELY recommend ftp mirrors because http will KILL your server.

    ftp.cdrom.com stuff
    If you are still trying to get the Q2 3.10 patch, or the source release, or the Linux port, etc., be sure to check out the following directory of ftp.cdrom.com: ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/quake2/official/. Thanks Nathan Haley.

    Vanilla CTF
    Vanilla CTF has found a new home at frag.com. Find the new website at http://www.frag.com/vanctf.

    Miro Hiscore 3D
    Miro Hiscore 3D (thanks to the many who pointed out my typo before), the European version of the Pure 3D, is available for purchase to anyone interested. Surf on over to this page. Thanks Bojan Likic.

    Quake 2 Server Front End patch
    The Quake 2 Server Front End release had bugs with writing to the registry in NT4, so a patch has been devised (for NT4 users only) to help fix the problem. All NT running users of Quake 2 Server Front End are encouraged to get the patch. Check the website for more and the file.


    Mod standards
    Armin Rigo of Quark a new part of his cry for a standard in Quake2 mods (currently there is none, and this makes getting mods to work confusing to some users), siting Java as a possibility (an area id software seems to be interested in, as well). Check it out here. Thanks Prophet.

    New Level Review Site
    Here's a mail we recieved from Smythe of BANGG:

    The Bay Area Network Gaming Group (http://www.bangg.org) is now hosting BANGG Quake 2 DM Level Reviews. (http://www.bangg.org/q2/dmreview) We are attempting to review every Q2 DM level that is posted to cdrom.com, in weekly batches. So far, almost all levels that were posted by 12/28 have been reviewed on our site.
    This site sounds pretty dedicated. Check it out.

    More Awards for Q2
    The Adrenaline Vault has recently showered Quake2 with awards, most recently with Game of the Year and Best 3D Game of 1997. Would we expect any less? Thanks Scamp for passing this on to us.

    New Qoole Release
    Matt Ayres of Qoole fame just passed along the word that Qoole v2.31 is out, fixing a few bugs, and now includes a help file. If you're pondering which map editor to get, let me put my '2 cents' in by recommending this one. It's great for beginners to experts.

    Skins, Skins, Skins
    Here's the scoop on the new happenings in the skin community:

  • SkinGod has just released a 521 skin pack over at his ever-growing site. The current file for download is 8.9 MB, so you may want to wait until he splits it into multiple downloads (which will be done soon).
  • Due to popular demand, Millennium has just released a new skin pack featuring colored female Quake2 skins (as you may or may not know, he released a colored male Quake2 skin pack a short while back).
  • Jobe

    Tuesday, January 6, 1998
    Our Means of Destruction and Mayhem
    Onethumb made a .plan update where he rants about the importance of Quake 2's weapon balance in making sure it doesn't degenerate into a rocket launcher only game like Quake did, and a request to mod authors to stop speeding up the rate of the rocket launcher's firing or the speed of the rockets themselves. He also posted a tidbit very useful to mod authors since the 3.07 and beyond gamex86 codebase hasn't been released yet: The exact values that the rocket launcher and hyperblaster speeds changed to in the version update. Quoting him:

    The rocket speed went from 550 to 650. The hyperblaster damage went from 20 to 15 (dm only, single player is still 20). That's it. Relatively minor, eh? Use it, love it, enjoy it.
    My only remaining question is this: Didn't the BFG also get reduced in how much damage it did? How large was that change? Anyways, I am posting this weapon informating he gave just FYI.

    Best of 1997
    OGR has posted their Best of 1997 awards, of which Quake 2 won best action game of 1997. Thanks to the immutable Prophet.

    Request for levels
    Killer Quake 2 is looking for levels to be e-mailed to them. More on the website.

    My personal Game Spy tip for you all
    A while back I posted a tip that
    PlanetQuake had posted about filtering so that you only see Quake 2 3.10 servers in Game Spy (or another version, if you are holding off upgrading). I just wanted to post a slight revision to the original tip. Since DEC Alpha servers are now going to be running 3.11, you should reconfigure Gamespy to filter for servers that do contain "3.1" in the version number instead of "3.10" since that will ensure that DEC Alpha servers running 3.11 (which is completely acceptable to 3.10 users) aren't filtered out. Go to the View menu, pick Options, go to the Filtering folder tab, and use the Add button to add a rule that "version" does contain "3.1". If you followed the original tip and already have a filter for 3.10, select it, click "change" and edit the existing rule to say 3.1 instead of 3.10.

    Map cycling
    On The Sentinel I saw posted that there is a mod posted that may be helpful to server admins, it reads a "maps.txt" from your baseq2 dir and cycles through the maps listed in the maps.txt in order. It was made by DarkTheties.

    The Total Package
    Stomped's Quake 2 site The Sentinel is now hosting The Total Package, a mod/util in beta right now that will be enormously useful once all the planned features are implemented.

    3dfx funkiness solved
    Brian Hook updated his .plan today again on the topic of the 3dfx "washed out textures" problem. It has been solved. Read on:

    If you are one of those users that are suffering from "washed out", "funky", "weird", "grainy", "pixelated", "ugly", "messed up", or "wrong" looking screens on a 3Dfx, remember that you must adjust your screen brightness through the options menu and remember to SELECT THE APPLY OPTION WHEN YOU'RE DONE. Adjust until it looks right.

    This is actually not a bug -- this is actually a side effect of a bug fix, believe it or not. Prior to patch 3.10 if you adjusted your 3Dfx brightness it would be adjusted for THAT session -- it would not reset your brightness the next you executed the game UNLESS you did an "apply" or "vid_restart" after you started the game. This was causing a lot of understandable confusion on the part of users.

    This new problem arose when I fixed the bug by setting the 3Dfx brightness at startup no matter what. Users that had previously been messing with the brightness (cranking it up) were not actually seeing the results of their tweaking, so when patch 3.10 was released they were suddenly confronted with the grainy horror of an overly gamma corrected 3Dfx -- settings they had chosen but never actually seen until now.
    Yet another hosted site
    Fans of the Battle of the Sexes mod will be happy to know that it has now become hosted by Quake2.com. Check it out here.

    MORE mod and util stuff
  • SteQve's No Frills Quake Page, home of the DeCamper patch, has published a response to concerns that the voting mechanism in the DeCamper mod can be abused. Check the page to see it. Thanks SteQve.
  • We were contributed a review of the C.R. Bot by Matthew "Marvel" Ramsay. Click here to see it.

    Linux Quake 2 released
    The Linux Quake 2 port has been released. Grab it
    here (off ftp.idsoftware.com). Here's Zoid's .plan update on the matter:

    Quake2 for Linux has been released.


    It has the same requirements as Q2Test, other than the fact you need to own a released Quake2 CD. It's based on the 3.10 Win32 version, so it's up to date with all released patches.

    I hope everyone enjoys this release and we'll see a lot more Quake2 servers on the net running under Linux.

    I'll probably release a Makefile in a couple of days that shows how to compile the gamex86.so source (Linux's version of Win32's gamex86.dll). The game source released in q2source_12_11.zip will compile under Linux unchanged (the wonders of portable C code). User created addons must be recompiled under Linux to work--a good argument for mod authors to release source and write portable C code.

    As usual, the Linux port is an unsupported product. You can email me at zoid@idsoftware.com, but I can not guaruntee a reply (I'm very busy with Q2 CTF at the moment). But I'll help out where I can.

    Have fun!

    /// Zoid.
    Hosted Site news
  • Aenima Interactive now calls Quake2.com its home. They are doing a deathmatch pack for Quake 2 and possible future Quake 2 related projects after it.
  • A Quake 2 LAN competition in Australia is receiving hosting from us for their website. Be sure to check it out.
  • Quake Workshop 2 now is up to 20 editing tutorials (with more on the way no less), and they have their mailing list set up and ready.
  • EarthQuaked has re reviewed the swinging grappling hook with the new version 1.2 release recently made... go read the review, he [Skitz] likes the hook much better now.
  • The Quake 2 Modeling Studio now has a new review up of the took 3D Studio VIZ, and also have released Q2-Modeller 0.81. Details and the file are available there.

    The "I can't make this up" department
    A 3dfx dedicated magazine? Yup, says this press release. Thanks Michael.

    Quake 2 modem to modem guide
    Check out this "how to" on how to play Quake 2 with 2 Honest To God modems. Click here.

    PQ Poll
    The PQ Poll was updated with new questions and the results of last week's Quake 2 related questions.

    New GL guide
    Saw on Blue's News that Brett "3 Fingers" Jacobs has updated his Quake 2 GL tweak guide. Grab a copy here.

    Mod and util stuff
  • Worldcraft.com's news page was updated yesterday... still no version 1.6 release, but an updated/fixed copy of the "hack" to get 1.5b to edit Quake 2 is up there. Thanks SkitZ of EarthQuaked.
  • QDevelS have released a new version of the Duel patch. Thanks Prophet.
  • A CTF type conversion project is under construction, that needs "A hard working coder, that is not curently involved in an other Q2 TC's, or mods. A webpage designer, that wont mind helping promote this idea. And a Level designer." If interested in participating send e-mail to hofer.
  • Version 2.0 of the Quake II Server Front-End is now available at this website: http://www.rastaworld.com/quake2. The program code has been updated for faster processing, and it is supported by Win95 and NT. Registration is only $10, and you get free upgrades. Thanks RastaMan.
  • Q2-Modeller 0.81 has been released on our hosted site the Quake 2 Modeling Studio, as detailed in the update above.

    New Sites
  • The Quake2 TC Vault - specializing in Quake2 TCs and MODs.
  • The Swedish Quake2 Clan - homepage for the clan; in English.
  • Id Fan Site - A Swedish/English Page.

    .Plan Updates
    Brian Hook made three .plan updates (one from yesterday, two today):

    January 6, 1998 (early AM, part 2)

    You do NOT need to have a DEC Alpha to play on the DEC Alpha server! Please folks, play there if you can -- alpha2.idsoftware.com or

    It can support 16 players and has a timelimit of 30 now. I'm trying to test its robustness and it's looking pretty damn good right now. It looks like there is roughly a 1:1 correspondence for players->CPU percentage. 4 players take up 4% CPU and 12 players take up around 12% CPU. This means that in theory -- assuming enough bandwidth -- that a 500MHz DEC Alpha can support around 100 players. In reality, this number is probably more like 70 or 80. Maybe a 700MHz DEC Alpha could support a 100 player map.

    January 6, 1998 (early AM)

    Jesus, haven't worked this late in a long time. I'm really digging on this Swing stuff for Java, I just wished that there was a more concise set of documentation for it somewhere. I'm going to have to investigate Borland JBuilder because I absolutely A.) refuse to use J/Direct and B.) despise the set of tools that Sun provides with their JDK. I hope that the Borland stuff is much better -- it looks like they're adopting the coolest corporate strategy: don't dictate a policy, offer everything to everyone.

    January 5, 1998 (part 4)

    Shadows in ref_gl have been added back in. Some notes:

    - shadows aren't perfect. There is some serious Z-fighting going on, and they still stick out over stairs and stuff.
    - shadows are SLOW -- twice the number of Alias triangles will be rendered
    - shadows are interpolated, and they DO look good under many circumstances
    - I don't plan on touching the shadow code ever again, so don't ask for any tweaks to it :-)

    To enable you do "gl_shadows 1". This variable is archived, so it only needs to be set once. This will be a part of patch 3.12 (3.11 was a DEC Alpha only patch).
    And, Xian made a short .plan update:
    --- Jan.6.1997 (1:08pm) ---
    Modem Fixes with QFECheck

    1) Some users have reported that Qfecheck states that their WINSOCK.DLL is invalid. Upon searching their \WINSOCK directory, they report in having a WINSOCK.DLL and WINSOCK.OLD. Upon copying their WINSOCK.DLL to a temporary directory, then copying WINSOCK.OLD to WINSOCK.DLL, Qfecheck states that everything is up to date, and their connection problems go away.

    (More later)
    Aeon Trinity Quake2 League
    Mike Wertman notified us of his new Quake2 League called Aeon Trinity (update: link was broken before, fixed it). It's being run inside the Black Sun Empire, and it should be having it's first tournament sometime this month. For more info, go to #Black-Sun on EFNet (irc.vol.com).

    Slipgate / Nigel (tag team :) )

    Move over Bill
    Although this has nothing to do with Quake2, I found this news release by C2Net about the Apache webserver pretty impressive. We run Quake2.com off of Apache. Here are the first two paragraphs.

    The Apache Web Server, from the Apache Group (http://www.apache.org/), now serves over half the domains on the Internet, according to the latest Netcraft Web Server Survey (http://www.netcraft.com/). According to the January 1998 survey, the Apache server and its derivatives serve 50.24% of the 1,834,710 sites found by Netcraft.

    From its humble beginnings in early 1995 as a set of patches to the original NCSA Web Server, the Apache Web Server has steadily grown in popularity as well as power and capability. The Apache server was one of the first Web servers to implement the HTTP/1.1 protocol, for server, far outpacing commercial offerings from the giants Microsoft and Netscape.

    Apache is also working on an NT port as well.