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Friday, January 9, 1998
Net advice from Disruptor
Disruptor updated his .plan on the stroke of midnight with the following blurb:

If you are overflowing on connecting to alpha2.idsoftware.com, try setting;

"msg 2"

In the console. This will only print any "say" message, and client connect/disconnect messages. This should *REALLY* cut down the number of messages you get.
When I was playing I noticed people overflowing, but I never saw it happen during play (although it conceivably could I'm sure). I always saw a couple people get overflowed when the fraglimit was hit and the map restarted. Although you won't see who killed who (or who just killed you), following Disruptor's tip here may be helpful all the same.

Juggernaut TC
The anonymous TC reported with screenshots a few days ago has been unmasked, as it were. 'Juggernaut' will be distributed in Computer City over the next few days. The publisher is
Head Games. For 3 (I'm assuming exclusive so I won't post here) screenshots and more information, head over to PlanetQuake, where I saw this info.

GameSpy contest extended
I was firing up good old
GameSpy to find some new meat to frag (or be fragged by, in my case) when I saw a new message of the day. I won't quote it entirely here since I'm sure you'll see it too the next time you fire up that program, but basically the Sound and the Fury contest has been extended due to complaints that voters weren't given sufficient time to download the samples and vote. So they've decided to have a runoff round of the finalists where you can still vote (even if you voted before). Check gamespy.com for more information about this and to vote.

Quake 2 DLLs doings
Our hosted site Quake 2 DLLs has put up a new tutorial on implementing player classes in Quake 2. The tutorial uses a medic class for its example and includes information on how to get input, display to the screen, and play sound events in Quake 2. Also they have registered #dll on the GamesLink network (which can be accessed through our connection to it at irc.quake2.com as well as the other nodes), which they intend to be for DLL programmers to chat, ask questions, and relax (hey, programmers need to also!).

QDevelS doings
QDevelS has posted Q_DEVELS.C, which adds functions to the Quake 2 codebase that prove handy, like centerprinting, stuffcmd, finding an entity by its name, and more. There's only 5 added functions in this first release, but able coders can contribute more functions to be included in later releases. Also, the Reaper II project has been clarified: It does not have Steve Polge's (author of the original Reaper) blessing, and it is apparently not going to be based on the QC of the Reaper. Instead it is being built from scratch using the basic AI techniques that Steve used with the original Reaper.

Yet more DM map stuff
Talon's Strike has posted 7 new maps for Quake 2, some of them being deathmatch in nature. As if the huge deathmatch from earlier tonight wasn't intense enough :).

100 player DM
As some people know, Disruptor earlier today released a big 100 player DM level that is a combination of the BASE levels in Quake 2. I had a chance to grab it and play around with it for a while on the id server alpha2.idsoftware.com running it, and I had a blast (plus, I don't think I've seen a DM with so many id guys in it at once). Anyways, Disruptor's updated his .plan now with the news of its existence. Click here to read it. Be sure to read the whole .plan (about the 32 meg memory requirement, the fact that you shouldn't distribute this map yet since a final version will be out later, and more).

Help request
Quake 2 Press is in need of another news updater. If you meet the requirements he wants you to e-mail him. The requirements:
  • Find and post news fast.
  • Be able to update during A.M. hours
  • Be experienced in HTML and use Wordpad or Notepad (or MS DOS Editor)

    COOP support and Quake 2
    John Carmack updated his .plan to report that COOP is alive and well at last in Quake 2. Here's a quote:

    Coop play works now, including coop savegames. I also fixed the savegame problems when under doors or on lifts.

    We still have some game issues we need to hack around to allow coop to be played all the way through the game (like needing to pick up multiple power cubes, but still leave them for other coop players to grab), and the monster ai needs a bit of work for multiple players, but it will all be there for the next release.
    Unfortunately it sounds like version 3.10 savegames won't be compatible with the next release. At least cooperative will be there :).

    Ranger Babes
    Received the following announcement from the Rangers (I thought they got split up but apparently not):

    [R2]7oF9 & [R2]BostonChick are holding a Quake 2 female skin contest for the official Ranger 2nd Battalion 2040 Clan (http://rangers.gamesnet.net) female skin. Info can be found at http://www.doitnow.com/~bstnchk/babe/.
    More mod and util stuff
  • Laser Tag! Sound like a cool Quake 2 modification? It needs help to become a reality, check out the website.
  • Quake DevelS have written up a tutorial for people having problems compiling the DLL source under Linux and other UNIX variants. Thanks Prophet.
  • The Forge has released Q2toWAD, which takes the Quake 2 textures and puts them in a Quake 1 style texture wad usable by Worldcraft 1.5/1.5b until 1.6 is released. Thanks Prophet.
  • The Area 51 TC has changed over to a Quake 2 TC and is now being developed for Quake 2.
  • QuMa has reached version 1.6, now supportive of Quake 2 (it is a level editor).
  • QuakeTrek.com is the home of a recreation of the Enterprise NCC-1701-E for Quake 2. They need modelers and level editors to help on the project.

    Hosted Site news
    Aenima Interactive has registered channel #aenima on the GamesLink IRC network (which Quake2.com is a part of). To get on GamesLink, use irc.quake2.com or quake2.gameslink.net as your server (or any other GamesLink server for that matter).

    More news
  • The Quake II Center is looking for programmers and artists to help with a Quake 2 total conversion. Go here for more information.
  • Check out Slade's Place for gaming related news. Thanks Prophet.


    Operation Urban Assault TC
    The Operation Urban Assault TC is now hosted by The Sentinal.

    Bot Stuffs
  • We received this mail about the FlameBot:

    Well... after a little more tweaking, head over to the download area to grab Flamebot Version 0.00251 - Beta. HOWEVER, this IS a beta, EXPECT bugs... and PLEASE read the readme.txt. Also please remember that it's only a beta release of a single component of a beta release. We'll get a FAQ up soon as you start asking some questions... but in the meantime... enjoy the beta of the waypoint code. Bug reports to flamebot.bugs@dd.networx.net.au


    Flambot can be found at:

  • The MikeBot page has Quake2 protocol information up.

    DM2.BSP Conversion
    Deathmatch Classics has posted a remake of the original Quake's deathmatch map, DM2.

    Nigel (still sick :( )

    Prophet informed us of a competition in his local area at the Hard Drive Cafe. The Cafe is located in Pittsfield, MA and will be hosting a Quake 2 competition in their cafe on January 27th starting at 7 EST.

    Here's the address and contact info:

    The Hard Drive Cafe
    Berkshire County's Premier Cybercafe
    Allendale Shopping Center, Pittsfield, MA 01201

    Mod, level, and util stuff
  • Zoid has released the Linux Quake 2 makefile for the DLL source. Grab it (1 k) off Stomped's FTP (which we can't reach, so we haven't been able to mirror it yet). Thanks Redwood and Prophet.
  • Vanilla CTF has hit version 0.3.
  • Go here for a pair of NEW deathmatch maps for Quake 2.
  • QGraph has released version 2.0, adding new features and Quake 2 3.10 compliance. For more details visit the website, which even features a mailing list that lets you get notified of QGraph news and new releases. Thanks Prophet and Michele Di Maria.

    Website movements
    I've been meaning to mention KrAy-ZeE's Modeling Guide, which has moved to PlanetQuake and can be found here.


    Thursday, January 8, 1998
    Yet more hosted site updates
    SkitZ of EarthQuaked has posted a review of SWEP 0.40 alpha.

    Randar's Bot News
    A new site to check out is Randar's Bot News.


    Mod News
    Here's whats all up in the mod world, thanks Prophet:

  • David 'crt' Wright is still at it, working on Rocket Arena 2, a RA version of the popular mod for Quake2. The mod will have similar rules to the original (winner stays, loser leaves, with a holding area). David is also hard at work on a dynamic menu system for the mod, which he will eventually release, and will allow mod authors to use his code in their work. The map specifications have been set, and sent to the map authors to build thier maps to their specifications. Check out the Details can be found on the Rocket Arena page.

  • Douglas Winslow has created a new utility that "frees" up the CD under Linux, which normally would need to be mounted to run Quake2. The utility is meant to be mounted in place of the Quake 2. The author wants to stress that his utility isn't meant for people that have pirated copies of Quake2, they would normally not have the required CD in their possession, and that he Strongly objects to such usage. More info can be found here. Jobe Note: People who pirate id games should be burned at the stake.

  • Ridah, of QuakeRally fame, has posted information concerning the next version of Eraser bot to be released. Check it out at Team Impact, I'm not posting it here in trying to conserve space / bandwidth.

  • On a related note, work has started on a Q2 version of the Reaper Bot, absent it's original author, Steven Polge, who is doing AI work for Unreal. In other words, Unreal AI will ROCK. More info can be found by following this link.
  • Jobe

    Hosted Site news
  • Oak II Bot's page indicates that they have decided on the method by which the Oak will learn the level as it plays. Worth checking out for bot programmers.
  • Roach's TC Roost is keeping wonderfully abreast of all the Quake 2 TC news, a lot of which we weren't even aware of. Check it out!
  • Aftermath Development have put up a picture of their current sketch of how the human player in their upcoming Quake 2 TC Xenophobia will look.
  • The Ghost in the Shell TC have revamped their website, and hired a new modeler.

    Cluster project
    The Cluster Project (now hosted by PlanetQuake) is an effort to link a group of Internet servers together to present an open world to move in from level to level instead of a closed world, with players on different servers and different levels altogether. Currently at version 0.1 (not everything is implemented yet). Also, the makers are going to be on QuakeCast tonight at 8:30 EST (RealPlayer required). Speaking of QuakeCast, I saw on PlanetQuake that JudgeCal will no longer be a part of QuakeCast, which is unfortunate.

    UK, anyone?
    Be sure to check out quake2.co.uk if you are in the UK for Quake 2 goodness.

    Another new bot
    Also from sCary's new gig is the news that a new Q2 bot has emerged, the Flamebot. Be sure to check out its website for news on the progress of it, the worklog, screen shots, and list of features. Unfortunately, the bot's not out yet (not even public beta) so let's hope it is released soon :).

    John Cash speaks
    I saw on sCary's new gig that John Cash had sent a letter to the OpenQuake mailing list. Here it is quoted:

    Having had a little time to mull over some of the requests from mod authors and this list, I've decided to go ahead and implement a few of them.

    Chat messages ("say" and "say_team") are now done in the game code. Zoid in particular wanted this so he can do some cool CTF messaging stuff. His stuff should be applicable to most any teamplay type mod. Oh yeah, I made say_team actually work too ;-) Right now team is decided either by model or by skin, but I've made a couple of generic functions (ClientTeam abd OnSameTeam, if I recall) that could be modified to determine the team in other ways if desired. This stuff is already 90+% done and will definitely be in the next patch.

    A generic EF_ light. I'm not positive yet exactly how I'll be implementing this, but I'm going to go ahead and give you a way to create a dynamic light with arbitrary rgbi (red green blue intensity) values. WARNING: GL players will love this and get the full effect, but software players will get a "best match" selected from the 256 color game palette so you probably want to make sure you check out your stuff with the software renderer too or else you'll find out that mapping 24 bit color to 8 bit color can produce some really awful "matches".

    A generic particle function. Once again I've not yet done this but I am going to give you something. I'd like to remind you to look at using the TE_SPLASH when possible; I might even go ahead and add a few more colors to that to encourage it's use. The main problem with a generic particle function is that it can generate an insane amount of network traffic. If your mod is single player only then this isn't as big a deal. Let me know (preferably on this list; I get enough email already) what you guys would like here. Something very similar to what Q1 had? Or maybe you have a better idea by now. I haven't really thought about it yet, but I will be for a day or two before I code it so make your opinions known now ;-)

    Happy New year!
    John Cash
    Bots. Bots. And a never ending stream of... more bots.
    The mikeBot page has posted responses to the bot pathing editorial we reported yesterday, check it out. Thanks to John Crickett of our Quake 2 DLLs and Oak II Bot hosted sites.

    Interesting mod news
  • According to the LavaBall page, they have begun work on LavaBall for Quake 2. They are talking about some cool things they'll be doing that didn't happen in LavaBall 1, such as the lava ball glowing red at first and then slowly cooling and dimming. Be sure to read their updates on the matter over there.
  • Due to popular demand from skin artists everywhere, Millennium, the guy who did the colored versions of the male and female skins, has released the Photoshop source files he used on his website.


    Just a Reminder...
    Remeber, all you skinners, our Quake2.com skin contest ends tomorrow at midnight, CST. Don't forget to get in your submissions before then! I just want to thank all the people that have submitted all the GREAT skins, it's going to be a really hard job judging these things. On that note, I don't know when the judging will take place by our "panel", but I'll be sure to get that information to you as soon as I know myself. Thanks again for the submissions, guys.

    P.S. - Please don't send any more skins after tomorrow night. I'm looking so forward to my being able to check my mail and it not taking 5 minutes or more every time :-).


    Windows networking bugs
    Christian "Disruptor" Antkow made a very important .plan update for people having network problems in Windows 95. Click here to read it.

    Mod standards revisited
    SteQve of SteQve's No Frills Quake Mods Page has published yet another look at the standardization of mod writing. Read it here.

    Map review extraodinare
    A Quake 2 map review site that I found very well laid out and with interesting content is Whitesnake's Really Cool Quake II Deathmatch Levels. He also has Quake and Hexen 2 level pages, which are linked from his homepage (of sorts).

    Brian Hook .plan Land
    Things covered in the Hookmeister's .plan of late:
  • There was a slight correction for the Matrox M3D card on Brian Hook's benchmark list.
  • Some ranting along with Onethumb about FOV and its fairness (being an old DOOMer, I can't manage with anything but FOV 90 anyways, the others look too wierd for me to be able to play them).
  • And some complaining about Java :).

    Read it all here.

    QWF female skin pack
    The Quake Women's Forum have released a female skin pack worth checking out.

    Map Mod again
    Saw on The Sentinel that the Map Mod by DarkTheties has been updated and now also includes the compiled gamex86 dll. Grab it here (143 k).

    Scoots again
    Scoot's Quake 2 messageboard has gone through yet more revamps. Check it out here.

    3Dx drivers
    Thanks to Prophet for letting us know that Videologic has released updated GL drivers for the Apocalypse 3Dx card for Quake, Hexen 2, and Quake 2. Grab the Quake 2 driver off the Videologic ftp site.