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Monday, October 13, 1997
Quake2 Clans - Dyno
Well we don't even know if they plan on calling them Quake2 "Clans", all I know is Quake2 multiplayer is gonna kick ass. My old project, the Clan Complex, has moved to They plan on having all features for Quake and Quake2 clans together, should be a great clan resource for both games.

Imitating me? - Slipgate
I'm awfully surprised at this news. Blue reported that he, JudgeCal, and others were imitated (albeit not very well) on EFNet #quake. I followed his link to The #Quake Peon Palace because I wanted to read the log. To my surprise, someone imitated me as well. For the record that was NOT me. When I saw that I went to EFNet #quake and found yet another person imitating me. Sigh. When I do get time to hang out on IRC, I go to EFNet frequently, so I'm glad that the ops etc. didn't buy the imitation of me.

More 300ks - Slipgate
Well, Tony "manero" Collen, Jason Springer and Vito Miliano have also e-mailed in 300,000 hit screenshots. Either some folks were joking or we've seen yet another example of the inaccuracy of image counters. I appreciate all the folks mailing in. If anyone else who also got 300,000 hasn't submitted their screenshot yet, please don't. I think we've decided the counter wasn't behaving well recently.

More Ozzy Info - Dyno
Thanks again to Mondain, who sent us some info on Ozzy's interests in tracks for aftermarket patches of Quake2. He sent us the address of the site where he found the information,

Ok, Another TC - Dyno
Got another new TC project to mention, Project Carnage, check it out. And next week, my dog will have the website for his TC ready for the public, heh heh. Man, I hope all these TCs get finished, that would be great, too bad so many of the Quake ones failed.

New Design - Dyno
Well the new design is coming really soon. We've been getting some great ideas, and from what I have seen so far, the new design rocks!

Sunday, October 12, 1997
2 Visitors were #300,000? - Dyno
I just got a message from C12 saying he was the real visitor 300k. Well, I won't call anyone a liar, so they are both cool! Actually, come on people, it's only a number, hehehe.

Visitor #300,000 - Dyno
Visitor number 300,000 was Rich. Thanks everyone for all the support, we literally could not have gone this far without the viewers like you.

Links page Update - Dyno
Updated the links page again. Pretty soon we're thinking about implementing a directory of Quake2 sites, will be 100 times better than our current puny links page.

Interesting New TC - Dyno
Check out another new TC for Quake2, the Time Traveler TC, by Magnum.

Interviews - Dyno
Word came from Nigel about the latest lobosoft interview, check it out:

The HacX team is being interviewed in #idSoftware on Friday the 17th starting at 8:15pm EST along with Singe, the maker of the Quake mod "Slide". At around 9pm that night, we have the Wedge, Driller, and Choryoth from VALVe Software to discuss Half-Life.
Saturday, October 11, 1997
Updated Links - Dyno
I just updated the links page, there's some requests filled, many of which are posted here.

New Quake2 Page - Dyno
Check out Quake2 Boy's web page.

Quake2 Grafix - Dyno
Check out Quake2 Grafix, a Quake2 Graphics site with some original animations by the author.

HacX - Dyno
There's a new game in developement using the doom engine, it's called HacX. Well everyone is probably thinking, YUCK, the doom engine! Actually looks quite fun to me, I've read some things about it, and had a chance to look into it quite a bit. But on a more relevant note, HacX 3D (a sequel?) will use the Quake2 engine, according to the web site. So, check out the Banjo Software homepage for more info.

CW Contest - Dyno
Paul Steed made yet another plan update about the Crack Whore contest. I guess there's not a lot of entrees and some people think he's just a perv who wants porn. Where would they get that idea?

Quake2 Addons Page - Dyno
There's a new page devoted to Quake2 Addons at They have news, links, and addons. Of coarse, the addons are not there yet, because Quake2 is not out yet.

Ozzy Music - Dyno
Got some info from Mondain (who must be an Ozzy fan), that Ozzy is extremely interested in doing an aftermarket/add-on soundtrack CD for Quake2. He read about it on a few Ozzy Osbourne dedicated web pages... Well, how exciting, but what about NIN?

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