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Wednesday, October 22, 1997
Q2Test Sound Fix
Matt Sefton of SPQ Level Heaven posted an Ensoniq and Turtle Beach sound card fix for Quake 2 Test he received from Wes Morrison. I'll quote it here:

I had the same problem. After poking around a while, turns out that Microsoft's DirectSound was the problem. But not the only problem...

There's a variable called s_wavonly that defaults to 0. Setting this to 1 and then restarting the sound system (snd_restart) _should_ work (by disabling DirectSound), but on my system it just turns the sound off. So, I edited config.cfg (which q2test writes everytime you exit) and added the line:

set s_wavonly "1"

This works, but q2test strips it out when you exit. So, I got my key mappings and video mode the way I like them, added the required line to config.cfg, and then typed:

attrib +r config.cfg

to make it read-only. Now I can't make permanent changes to settings in the game, but at least sound works each time. You might also want to change s_mixahead from the default of 0.2 to 0.1. This might cause choppy sound in higher resolutions. Unfortunately s_mixahead is a misnomer, as you can't actually mix "ahead". It really sets how long of an interval to mix before playing the sound, so it causes a delay. Setting it to 0.1 helps a lot. That's the value WinQuake uses for it's equivalent setting, _snd_mixahead, and I didn't notice the delay there. Also, weapons animations seem to hit their peak "kick" frame a lot sooner than Q1, so this exagerates the delay, but that should be easily fixed before Q2 comes out.

Wes Morrison

Thanks Hanif.

PlanetQuake Q2Test Review
The webmaster over at PlanetQuake got together and wrote a compilation review of Q2Test. Thanks Hanif.

More Gamer Reviews
Both PC Gamer and OGR have updated their letters sections with gamer reviews of Quake 2 Test.

Todd Hollenshead .plan Update
Todd Hollenshead, CEO of id Software updated his .plan with the following:


I'm glad everyone is having fun with the Quake II test. I think the Quake II/id fans have managed to brown-out the Internet with all of the downloads ;) We're trying to get an estimate of how many times the test has been downloaded, but its difficult to extrapolate the numbers. My best judgement tells me that absolutely *no less* than 250,000 downloads were made in the first TWO DAYS.

The Philosophy of id
Brian Hook updated his .plan file with the game design philosophy of id Software:

Part of releasing any new product for perusal and criticism by the masses is enduring the slings and arrows of competitors, reporters, reviewers, and just about anyone else who can type. I was feeling pretty good until I saw some pretty negative comments about the Q2 demo on various newsgroups, which is normal, but what bothers me is that a lot of people expect something RADICALLY DIFFERENT from id software. A lot of people are looking to id for a game that id doesn't want to write -- an RPG, a fighting game, a 3/4 view fighter, whatever.

This, folks, is why you have a choice. As much as we like to think that Quake2 is different from Quake, it is going to have essentially the same basic goals - run around, kill shit, survive until the end. This is the very essence of a "first person shooter".

Which brings me to my point -- the first person shooter, aka FPS, is a genre unto itself. It is not a technology, it is an actual, honest to goodness genre just like real-time strategy, turn-based strategy, driving simulation, flight simulation, game show, puzzle, RPG, whatever. It is a separate genre defined as "running around a world from the first person point of view and shooting things". Invariably an FPS involves "finding a key" by "killing enemies" so that you can "go to the next level".

You can call the key something else, or you can make it a switch, or you can make it a timed event even, but the key exists -- it is defined as "some action or event that must occur in order for the player to continue towards the conclusion of the game". Along the way you will encounter obstacles, and those obstacles are usually some type of enemy that you must kill. And when you have removed your obstacles, you get your key, and move to the next level.

In this fashion, Quake is like Super Mario 64. The difference being that in Super Mario you "jump and squish" and in Quake you "shoot and gib". Both games have you running around, getting powerups, trying to get to the next level, while not getting killed. They differ in the details and the implementation, but that's about it.

What this comes down to is that MANY classes of game fall within this description, yet people get upset when "yet another shooter" comes out that does this. You don't see people saying, "Oh great, yet another flight sim" or "yet another football game", but for some reason shooters are singled out as being overly derivative. Maybe it's because they all harken back to a game that is still in our recent memory (Wolf3D), so being able to call everything a "derivative" is pretty easy. We're seeing much the same thing with real-time strategy games right now, and maybe an analogous "problem" exists in that field.

And in the end, yes, Wolf3D, Doom, Doom 2, Quake, Quake 2, Unreal, Jedi Knight, and the host of other FPS games coming out are going to be doing roughly the same thing in slightly different ways, just like the host of military flight sims do today. The consumer gets to choose which one implements their vision of the perfect FPS the best, and thus the market decides what is good and what is not, and that is a Good Thing.

If people buy more copies of Unreal than Quake2, we will have to re-evaluate our design decisions. If people buy more copies of Half-life than Quake2, we will have to re-evaluate our design decisions. If people buy more copies of Jedi Knight than Quake2, we will have to see about getting a Star Wars license :-).

So when you're criticizing Quake2, or any other FPS game for that matter, ask yourself -- "do I dislike this specific game, or am I just sick of this genre?". The former contains the type of complaint that I think most game companies doing FPS games are interested in. The latter, however, is where you get to vote by buying "Dark Reign" or "You Don't Know Jack".

id software writes first person shooters. We do these types of games far better, in my opinion, than any other game company on planet earth. And I do not see us giving up this _genre_ any time soon. But we are always looking to IMPROVE upon this genre to make, with each successive generation, the definite product that defines the genre, much like other companies do with RTS and flight sims.


No CTF in Quake2 Commercial Version
Recently Dave "Zoid" Kirsch, original programmer of Threewave CTF and newly hired contractor of Id Software, was interviewed by the Quake Workshop and made it be known that CTF will not be in Quake 2 release. Here's the relevant portion of the interview. Thanks Tom Sorensen for sending this in.

For Quake2, you are adding CTF into the commercial release; how much different will CTF be in Quake2 from Threewave CTF? Is there anything in Quake2's CTF that you wanted in Threewave CTF, but it never made it?

CTF won't be in the initial commercial release. It will come out a little later as an upgrade/addon. Time constraints of development. The CTF will not be significantly different--the essential gameplay elements will remain intact. I don't want to change something that works. Lots of small issues, such as grapple redesign, the runes (or possible lack thereof), etc. actually still need to be worked out. I'm hoping it will be an evolution of CTF into a more refined game. Many people know my dislike for adding stuff for the sake of just having new gadgets to play with. ThreeWave CTF has always been basic, simple and complete.

In his letter he also mentioned the fact that the Quake Community is quite depressed by the fact that it won't be released with the full version. And even worse they feel it will come out as part of an "expansion" pack which will cost money. But one thing is for sure, ID Software never promised to put CTF into the full version, and implementing CTF into Quake2 may cause setbacks in the release date as well. Turning this into an ugly situation could just make things worse, but still yet, some avid CTF players may not even have interest in the game without CTF.

Hosted Site News
There's a brand new hosted site set up, Turmoil's Q2 Console Commands.

A Load of Quake2 Test Reviews
Ok, here goes: Eidolon Gamer's Society has a review of the Quake 2 Test (thanks Prophet), and there's another by Tesla Coil, and finally Katarn let us know about Quake2 Test Impressions.


NME Teaser Screenshot
The NME Animator page has been updated with the news that it now supports the MD2 format. A teaser screenshot is included on the page; this is the parasite model open in NME. Saw that on Game-Wire.

Paul Steed .plan Update
Paul Steed updated his .plan file with the following:

On to the Q2 Test. John summed up the attitude towards changes in the game at this point so I'll try not to be too redundant. Basically you won't be able to please all the people all the time so keep that in mind as I try to address some of the issues you've sent. Some things I'd like to point out that WILL NOT change are:

1. Textures are smooth and 'muddy' in GL. Just the way it is and the price you pay for faster gameplay and colored lighting

2. Models will swim due to the frame interpolation being achieved through a 'grid' which the vertices are forced to snap to in xyz space. Just the way it is and any sort of tighter grid would slow the game down.

3. Weapons are going to stay where they are, off to the side. Straight out in front of you blows artistically and looks dumb to me.

4. Unless John decides to make it an on/off feature, the weapons switching will be the same as it is now. Tactical play balance is a part of the game now in case you haven't noticed.

5. This is Quake2 and not Quake. This game is an evolution of Wolfenstein and will never be an RPG or flic-fest like JK or Wing Commander. We have THREE artists at id and we don't plan on expanding any time soon. Our games are a nearly arcadian experience with no higher meaning or need for cogitation other than which weapon you're going to use to blow the shit out of your enemy. We create a virtual world where after dragging your ass through your 9 to 5 or boring school days you can get a little escape and have a ton of fun. Don't underestimate the changes of the multiplayer experience we have in store for you. I promise you it takes DM and MP to the next level after the one Quake has set.

6. And finally the fact the Q2 will kick some major ass this Christmas is indelible.

I'm in the process of making changes in the animations (such as showing empty rl and gl racks and tweaking ALL animations to be more realistic) based on your valuable input but to be honest, after 600+ e-mails, I've probably heard it all by now. I'm in no way trying to discourage you from writing to me with suggestions and or requests for changes, just letting you know that I'm probably already aware of the issue by now. So send 'em to me but try to be original and/or inventive in your comments.

Thanks again for the kudos and fraggin' good comments.


Tuesday, October 21, 1997
John Cash on Quake 2 Code
John Cash has made several posts to Inside 3D's newly launched QuakeC mailing list with some Quake 2 programming information. The following is taken from Inside 3D:

:I assume that the .DLL code will be in multiple .c and .h files; I was
:thinking that once we got the source, we'd all pick a .c or .h file to
:decode -- and tell the list which one we're doing so we minimize duplicate
:effort. ( Of course, if the file in question is 4000 lines long, more than
:one person is probably a good idea. )

Currently it's in 62 files. Longest is just shy of 1,800 lines. Most
of them are in the 200-500 line range.

:As a software-only player I have to say that Q2 looks better than any
:other unnaccelerated game I've seen in software mode. My guess is that
:this is due to the great lighting effects and brilliant texture art.
:While I'm off-subject it looks like there might not be any fullbright
:colors in Q2 - are there?

No, there are not.

:Will the include files for the DLLs be released early? So we can look at
:the interface? Please? Please?

prolly not

Thanks Drywall.

WU-GFK's Quake 2 Test Review
WU-GFK updated the news section of the #Quake2 Undernet site with a review of the Quake 2 Test.

New C Tutorial
JohnC and Hendo, those fine folks at Quake II DLLs have released another C tutorial, this one covering Structures. They've also released all their C tutorials they're written so far in one ZIP file. If you're an aspiring Quake 2 mod programmer, check this site out.

PlanetQuake Poll Results
The results of PlanetQuake's Poll are up with the following results regarding the Quake 2 Test:
Are you disappointed in the fact that the Quake2 Demo won't have Multiplayer support?

Well, it kinda sucks, but I'll still get it       457       41.2%
HELL YES! That Sucks!       341       30.9%
Doesn't matter one bit! Quake2 will ROCK       146       13.2%
I don't give flying fart, just gimme it!       158       14.3%

There new poll questions are Quake 2 Test oriented. Go over and take the poll.

Meddle Supports Quake 2
Saw on Blue's News that the new version of Meddle now loads Quake 2 models (MD2 format). It doesn't load the skins, but you can edit to your hearts content. Download it here.


Talon's Strike
Talon's Strike has always been one of my favorite level sites, I was happy to hear they have a redesign now, and they plan full coverage for Quake2 levels as well. It's looking better than ever, check it out.

John Carmack Plan Update
John Carmack made a plan update concerning the test. Some things about the sounds as well, and the changes they plan to make.

Many of the comments about the Quake 2 test are already being addressed. We expected quite a few of them, but the test has served its purpose of bringing in some good feedback that we couldn't have predicted.

The final game will definately be better as a result of the test.

However, it certainly won't please everyone. I am confidant that the majority will think that Quake 2 is significantly better than anything we have ever done before, but even if we please 80% of our potential customers, that will still leave a couple hundred thousand people thinking that we let them down.

I suppose that I have it the easiest there -- I can always defend my technical decisions with specific discussions of my evaluations of the tradeofs that led me to the paths I chose. In fact, in a large number of cases when someone suggests something, I can actually say "Tried it. Didn't work as well."

Defending level design, artwork, or sounds is a lot harder. We can't even always agree here at id on many of these issues, so we know for sure that we can't please all the users simultaniously. All we can do is put talented people on the job and have confidence in their abilities.

Note: Q2TEST DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY HIGH QUALITY SOUNDS! That would have added another 15 megs to the demo size. Selecting high quality sounds just upsamples the existing 11khz / 8 bit sounds. There is a significant quality increase (at a slight speed and memory cost) with the full production sounds.

Quake 2's goal is to be the best first person shooter ever. We are trying to evolve a genre, not move to a different one. If you don't want a game that mostly consists of running around and killing things, you will be dissapointed. We are trying to be cohesive, but not deep. I have high hopes for the games that are atempting to aply our technology to other genres, but don't look for it in Quake 2.

Quake2 Article
Hyper@ctive has an article up, "50 reasons for getting the Quake2 Test version" by Spoonman. I knew it, reason number 1 is, "It's Quake2". Thanks Prophet.


Although this is not Quake2 news I feel that this is important enough to post anyway. In light of Janet Reno's decision to levy a heavy fine against Micro$oft I am sure some people are asking why? Isn't capitalism and the free market place the American dream? Here is one persons opinion of why Micro$oft is no longer engaged in a free market system on a level playing field. I think this article should prove informative to those interested in the Micro$oft controversy. BTW, is proud to say we run on Red Hat Linux and handled the amazing traffic we have been recieving lately because of the release of the QuakeII demo just fine. Other operating systems *do* work!


New Hosted Site EarthQuaked
I'm please to announce that we are now hosting a new site called EarthQuaked.
This is a new site devoted to Quake 2 patches. It's called EarthQuaked and we hope you'll all enjoy it. If you have made a patch and would like it reviewed straight away without SkitZ having to go through everyday looking for new ones, email it to him at


Zoid's .plan Update
Zoid updated his .plan file with the following information about Linux Quake2 Test:

- Linux Quake2 Test. Now that the Win32 q2test is out, I'm working fast and furious on getting q2test out for Linux as well. It will support software and GL rendering modes (ala MesaGL). It will also be a console application initially and uses SVGALib for Mouse and Keyboard handling and video in the software render. The GL version has the same requirements as the Linux GLQuake I'm working on.


Monday, October 20, 1997
Zoid's Finger
We've added Dave "Zoid" Kirsch to our finger listing above. Zoid is currently working on Quake 2's CTF and a Linux Quake2 Demo port.

Gamers Rate Quake 2 Demo
PC Games has a new feature, Hotfile: Quake 2 with reviews by regular gamers like you and me. Email them your review. Four screenshots are included as teasers. If you haven't downloaded the demo yet, do it!

OGR's Strategy Guide
OGR put up their Quake II Test-Demo Intelligence Compendium. The strategy guide reveals the locations of the secret areas and has an overview of the weapons. Screenshots are included.


.plan update news
Barrett Alexander announced in his .plan that the Quake 2 hats that were available at QuakeCon 97 (I'm wearing mine right now incidentally) are now available for sale finally from Activision here.

Disruptor updated with comments about how many downloads and are reporting of the demo (over 100,000 downloads between the two of them) and a request to other mirrors to indicate to him how many downloads they are getting if they could by e-mailing him.

Brian Hook updated as follows:

Those of you getting weird lockups on 3Dfx -- um, PLEASE make sure you have the latest versions of Glide (2.4x) from 3Dfx. Also, PLEASE make sure that if you are having problems, BEFORE submitting a bug report get rid of ALL 3Dfx environment variable tweaks! This means SST_GRXCLK, SST_FASTPCIRD, etc. etc. since these may cause lockups through no fault of our own. If you clear those environment variables, and you're using Glide 2.4x, and you're still encountering problems, please let me know.

I'm getting several reports of floating point exceptions occuring on the DEC Alpha. This is a known problem, and is probably the result of some bugs in our code that are masked on Intel (this is why porting to different platforms is so damn useful!). We're going to look into this as soon as possible. In the meantime we're enabling divide-by-zero exceptions on Intel via _controlfp() and hopefully this will let us hunt down the problem.

Got several reports that Q2TEST for DEC Alpha works on 21064. Coolness!

Apparently Q2TEST/AXP doesn't work with Dynamic Pictures Oxygem boards (not much of a surprise there).

More Quake 2 codes
Here is another site with Quake 2 codes. Click on the Quake 2 symbol to get to them.

New hosted site
Not forgotten, we've begun hosting the conversion team RMD Software, which will be doing conversions for Quake 2, starting with a mysterious one titled TSFQ (that's an acronym for the full name of course).

New downloads
GamesDomain has put up many download mirrors of the demo in several countries (the most internationally spread collection of mirrors I've seen yet). Thanks to Azhar Khan for the information.

The list of mirrors has of course been added to our ever developing list of places where you can get the demo.

New hire
This actually happened a little while back, but we've finally had a chance to announce this now that the news relating to the Quake 2 demo has calmed a bit. We have hired Rotwang as our new hosting advisor and a news editor. He's taking pRy's place in both roles, but pRy will still handle our articles and interviews for us.

Story contest
The Quake Literary Guild has a Quake 2 demo story contest where you write a story based on the 3 demo levels. Prize is a free copy of Quake 2 when it comes out. Go there for details. Thanks Figin.

.plan updates and Quake 2 for Alpha
Paul Steed updated his .plan with thanks for the feedback received and a promise to address as much as he can in the models etc. American McGee dropped a note thanking folks about the sound comments and letting folks know not to rip stuff out of the demo's pak file and put it on the web (personal messing around with it seems OK though).

Disruptor and Brian Hook both updated about the fact that the Quake 2 port for Alpha is released. You need to have Quake 2's demo already downloaded to use this, and its about 800 KB of a download. Thanks to Redwood for informing me about the Alpha port.

Still downloading?
A major update to our list of download sites is up (thanks to Rotwang for help on it), and another list is apparently at 3D Alpha (thanks to Prophet for that one).

Quake 2 console commands
Here and here are yet more Quake 2 console command lists.

Quake 2 with Assassin 3D
David Disney gave Redwood a config for the Assassin 3D controller in Quake 2, get it here.

Yet more secrets
Nexus Simplenet has a guide (with screenshots) to the various secrets.

Quake 2 codes
Here is a page of Quake 2 codes to look at.... I don't like using cheat codes myself, but if your that type go check it out.

Quake 2 benchmarks
I was e-mailed about Quake 2 benchmarks using different systems being up at this site. Also Gateway of Rogue put up a thing in his .plan (linked to Stomped for now) about the Quake 2 demo secrets.

Yet more Quake 2 sites
Check out this site as well.

Interesting tidbit!
Bloodshot tells me that in the nightmare mode of the demo, you get 17 monsters, as opposed to the 16 monsters you get in the other modes. Looks like skill level makes a slight difference after all in this demo.

Avault Poll
Adrenaline Vault has a poll of "What do you think of the Quake 2 demo?" Thanks Prophet.

More Quake 2 demo reviews
  • De Venator
  • Verinet

    All have Quake 2 demo reviews up.

    You think you can go to school for 2 classes without a world of news breaking loose.... guess not. Anyways, updates taken care of, as you see above.


    QuakeII test console commands
    A list of console commands for the new demo has been put up at this site by Turmoil.


    Sunday, October 19, 1997
    Demo secrets
    Saw on PlanetQuake that the MOD Squad has posted all the Quake 2 demo's secrets.

    The Void closes!
    My good friend Patrick Cupka of The Void has closed the site to work full time on PlanetQuake. It will be missed :(.

    John Carmack .plan update
    John Carmack updated his .plan about the Quake 2 test. Thanks to Lag of Quake 2 Press for informing me. Here's what he had to say:

    I hope everyone is enjoying the quake 2 test.

    Its always hard to release a version of a product that you know isn't in its final form. There are plenty of things that are getting better every single day, but we need to chop it off at some point to let everyone test it out.

    We will do another demo after we finish the full retail product, so if you don't like looking at preproduction stuff, wait for that one.

    Still, I am pretty happy with the test. I think Quake 2 is definately the most cohesive game we have ever done.

    Don't worry -- just because the test doesn't have multiplayer in it, it doesn't mean that we haven't been thinking about it. Many features in the quake 2 architecture are going to enable a whole new level of net play. It will take a few months after the full release for all the potential to start showing through, but just you wait!

    The biggest changes to Quake 2 are internal. Anyone doing modification work on Quake is going to be ecstatic when they get to work with quake2. The game dll source code and all the utilities (including the OpenGl map editor) will be released shortly after the game hits store shelves.

    Newer news
    Due to an error in the first demo notification mailing, a second one is going out with correct URLs (using the latest list we have). Also, the list of download locations has been added to all day.

    Also, my friend Crash of Crash's Single Player Quake wrote up his impressions on the demo. If you trust his level reviews to be good (and I do), check out his impression of the demo.

    There was a slight accident over here, if you saw news before that was dated October 6, don't take it seriously. Go back to playing (or downloading) the demo!

    More Quake 2 Demo Stuff
    Thanks to Prophet for all the following tidbits:

  • There's a poll on 3dx asking what you think of the demo.
  • PC Gamer has published a story about the demo.
  • I don't like cheat codes, but QuakeMarines has some for the demo.
  • As always, more download links to the download list.

    Quake2 Demo Stuff
    The demo was released after I thought it would be, and I had fallen asleep :/. Anyways, I have a list of download links that I'd had ready since last night here. As we are made aware of other sites I will add those to the list. E-mail me with additional URLs.

    I also have a link to id Software's bug reporting page above as well.

    OH, and Snoopy of our Techie Page has a first impression article up.


    Quake2 Demo Is out!
    Yes the demo is out! Our machines are getting pounded so hard I am telneting in and using VI from a unix prompt to udpate since even I am having difficulties getting in via ftp... have to look into that. Here are the servers I have set up:

    Our mail hub is busy churning out email to all those who subscribed to our notification list with other sites as well.


    Quake2 Demo Rumors
    There were some rumors of the Quake2 Demo release that had several hundred people or more waiting on 3dnet #quake for quite a few hours last night. Many people were expecting a midnight release, and waited until that time. Shortly after, Tokay told everyone that there was going to be no demo within the next two hours, and probably not tonight. (as in early AM). Well if anything, it was actually quite interesting and thrilling waiting out with all those people, but many would probably tell you that it sucked, and the end result was a disaster.

    On the other hand, many will tell you that they could never receive such an experience from a game made by any other company... And they will wait for as long as they need to, as long as they get to play in the end. In that they reveal the spirit of a true fan.


    Saturday, October 18, 1997
    Brian Hook on video performance
    Yesterday I failed to mention that Brian Hook updated his .plan on the topic of video performance with certain cards and how they were able to track a nasty bug down due to the very fact they were porting to DEC Alpha. Here's what he had to say (a tad long):

    Recompiled Quake2 on the Enorex DEC Alpha system, and it worked pretty much on the first shot. The main problem we had was a divide-by-zero error that was masked on WinNT/Intel but which manifested itself as an exception on WinNT/AXP.
    The cool thing is that this may, in fact, be a real bug that would have been very difficult to find if we hadn't ported to the Alpha.

    The DEC Alpha version of Quake2 will be compiled specifically for the 21164, and should run fine on the 21264. It supports both software rendering and OpenGL rendering.

    For OpenGL rendering the only hardware accelerator we have to test with is the Permedia 2, and I'm pretty damn pleased that 3DLabs is supporting the DEC Alpha far more than just about any other OpenGL vendor out there. This is a niche market, but it's a high-performance niche market that clearly stakes out the high end.

    Right now the 3DLabs driver is missing some pretty important features that are necessary to truly enjoy the full Quake2 experience. There are some annoying bugs which we can live with (not being able to toggle between fullscreen and windowed modes), but the two major killers are lack of colored lighting (that whole src*dst blending thing again) and no glTexSubImage2D support.

    The colored lighting can be lived without -- people running in software won't get colored lighting, so not having it in the GL version isn't crucial if you're using a Permedia2. However, glTexSubImage2D support is pretty vital if you want dynamic lights. Currently we disable dynamic lights if we know we're running on a Permedia2, but this can be overridden by setting the appropriate cvar ("/gl_dynamic 1F").

    Software refresh support on the Permedia2 is pretty impressive. Ref_soft runs great in all kinds of video modes, including 320x240, 400x300, and 512x384. Fullscreen mode is pretty much required if you want to get the most out of things, however -- the DIBSection performance we saw was pretty abysmal, most likely the result of 8->16-bit translation during the BitBlt.

    With fullscreen rendering, the Enorex w/ Permedia2 was pretty amazing, especially using ref_soft -- and especially considering that NO AXP specific asm code was being used. If we or DEC were to slightly tweak the AXP rendering paths, performance would likely go up a HUGE amount.

    We plan on doing a full round of testing with Quake2 timedemos in the next day or so.

    PC Gamer screenshots
    PC Gamer added four more screenshots of Quake 2 to their website yesterday. Apologies for being late on this news, thanks to ALL the folks who informed us (a lot).

    These screenshots will soon be up in our screenshots area (which is getting old and bloated since it has all the shots since the first pictures released).

    Update: The pictures are now uploaded to the screenshots area... I had accidentally brought back the Valve interview banner (the interview was over yesterday) it's gone again now.

    New Quake 2 sites
    100% Quake 2 is a brand spanking new Quake 2 site up.

    Todd Hollenshead chat has a chat up with Todd Hollenshead, id CEO. Thanks AKUMA.

    Mailbag is up!
    The first week's mailbag is up. Thanks to all the people who sent in feedback, there was so much that we only got a few letters up, but we made sure to pick letters that expressed the "majority" of the opinions we got.



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