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Wednesday, October 29, 1997
New Quake 2 site
This is a Quake 2 site I didn't get wind of till just now, but its been around a while and looks like a decent site at first glance.... check out http://utopia.simplenet.com/quake2/. Thanks to The Sentinel.

Weapons tidbit
Remember that recently posted article with the picture of the marine of Quake 2? (If not, click here). Well, I saw this but forgot to mention it (but Redwood remembered :) )... it says in the article that Quake 2 will have what weapon is being used visible after all.

Namely, there will be 3 gun sizes.... little, medium, and big. You won't be able to tell precisely what gun a person's using till they fire it, but you will be able to narrow it down to a few possibilities.

I think I remember a long time ago Paul Steed mentioning maybe trying to do this in e-mail to me..... looks like you succeeded Paul, congrats! (God, if I had to form that many wireframes...)


Story Contest
The Quake Literary Guild is holding a Quake 2 Demo story contest. Here it is, straight from their site:

Ok, kiddies, you've all had the time to grab the Quake2 demo right? Good. Here's your chance to enjoy an equally FREE copy of Quake2 "when it's done."

Simply write a story based on the first three levels of the Quake2 demo. How you write it is up to you. All entries will be judged by the Guild staff and the winner gets a free copy of the most highly anticipated game of all time....Quake 2.

But the clock's ticking. All entries must be postmarked by 12:00am midnight Friday November 28th. So if you're half literate and enjoyed the demo, give it a shot. All non-winning entries will be posted when the contest is over for your enjoyment! Tell a friend and fire up those word processors.......good luck -=Fig=-
Thanks Hanif.

Hardware Review
Vertigo posted another review, this time moving on to speaker systems, namely S2's HMP-4100. Head on over to Quake2-Ware and have yourself a look-see.


Zoid .plan update
Zoid updated his .plan to talk about QW 2.1, GLQuake 0.96, and, of interest to us, the Q2demo being ported to Linux. I'll quote part of his .plan here:

GLQuake and Q2Test for Linux are pretty much done. I'm waiting for a couple bug fixes in MesaGL that corrects some texture alignment errors and fixes the colored lighting in Q2Test. As soon as that is completed, I'll be releasing GLQuake, GLQWCL, and Q2Test for Linux. Q2Test will support three rendering shared libs, ref_soft.so (SVGALib console), ref_softx.so (X11 windowed) and ref_gl.so (Console MesaGL w/GLIDE). You can't switch between renders on the fly unless you are running as root due to permission problems. :( Need some way to make a .so setuid. :)
He also talks about the issue of cheaters, good read.

Gameslice Info
Here is a Quake 2 preview/Q2Test review that I posted before but the update got lost, doh. Thanks Prophet.

Lone^Wolf (not Quake 2)
Lone^Wolf's Shree-D Buckshot is a hilarious site.... Oh, and don't take the news he posted about the first "Quake 2 modification" seriously....

Got a plan?
OK I've had one all along but never had a use for it, but now I have decided what to do with my .plan..... I'm following Blue's cue on this, he's right in that its a good way to be able to rant about off topic stuff or actually express opinions in. Unlike Blue's, it's a real .plan file, so you can finger slipgate@quake2.com anytime to see it.


DM Technical Info
Antony Suter sent the following info he received from John Carmack about Quake 2's packet size and the like. Antony's quotes are in grey, John's in green:
>While you are still massaging the protocol putting in the prediction I
>want to ask for a maxpacketsize parameter as a client variable. This
>would go alongside the RATE command as in QuakeWorld.

Actually, a maxpacket size is going to replace the rate command. Q2 sends out a fixed number of packets, so they are similar in functionality, but I am going to prioritize updates in the packets instead of dropping entire packets.

The connect problem should allready be fixed, as I now limit packets to 1.4k at all times instead of 8k. That was only possible because of some nice new changes in the signon process.

>What about if you have 269 players in the one room....
>Likely? No. But it _could_ happen.

It will start losing updates to them, resulting in a lot of statues until the area quiets down.
Hardware Review
Quake2-Ware posted another hardware review, this time of the Diamond Monster Sound 3D.


Tuesday, October 28, 1997
Quake 2 Marine?
Computer Gaming World posted an article about their trip to Dallas, where they visited id Software, ION Storm, 3D Realms, and Ritual Entertainment. In their article, they posted an image that may be the male player Marine from Quake 2. This in unconfirmed at this time.

Update: Redwood sent confimation that this screenshot is of the Quake 2 Marine, but it is warped. I think his head looks odd because we are seeing him from above, which exposes more of the top of his head and makes it look longer. Call me crazy -- I've taken an art class or two. ;)

Internet Brownout
Saw this on Redwood's -- bootNet posted an article about the Internet browing out from the massive amounts of Q2 Demo downloads the week of release.


New hosted site
There's a new hosted site, VQ2, or "Visual Quake2++" which is a fully-featured integrated development enviroment for programming Quake2 DLL modifications.


PlanetQuake Poll Results
PlanetQuake's Poll has been updated with the results from last week's questions. Here they are:

So... What did you think of the Quake2 Demo?ROCKS MY WORLD, BABY! 364 37.2%
Pretty Cool! 332 33.9%
It was ok 183 18.7%
I was very disappointed 70 7.2%
IT SUCKED! 11 1.1%
I haven't tried it / gotten it to work. Doh. 18 1.8%
The Best thing about the Q2 demo was the... Graphics 387 43.2%
Levels 142 15.8%
Models 147 16.4%
Interactivity/Gameplay 94 10.5%
Weapons 80 8.9%
Other 46 5.1%
The Worst thing about the Q2 demo was the... No multiplayer 398 44.5%
Levels 29 3.2%
Models 20 2.2%
Graphics 14 1.6%
System Probs/Bugs 111 12.4%
Interactivity/Gameplay 63 7.0%
Weapons 44 4.9%
Sound 146 16.7%
Others 69 7.7%

Fine Art
Nigel requested that I post this, and it's so cool, I couldn't say no. He's produced a Quake 2 advertisement much like the print ads in PC Gamer and the like. Check it out!

Hardware Review Posted
Vertigo posted another review on Quake2-Ware, this time about the Diamond Monster 3D.

Goin' To The Movies
Paul Steed updated his .plan file with more information about the opening cinematics for Quake 2:

Well I am on cloud 9, Bear! The fact that everyone digs the intro and endgame is a big weight off my shoulders. Making sure these were dead on worthy of being in an id game was my main concern. As picky as Adrian, Kevin and John are, getting their stamp of approval is a really good feeling. Everyone else here at id is never bashful with comments and suggestions either, so winning their approval is most gratifying.

The tools I used for the intro were 3DS4 for animation with IPAS routines like Lenzfx2 and glow during post editing. I used Photoshop to hand tweak motion blurs and small lens flare effects. Animator pro is the best DOS tool out there for 254 color animation manipulation and I also used Adobe's Premiere for some animation tweaks. I've worked on this anim mainly at home over the past ten months so while I feel it could have been better given more attention, I put my main efforts into the more important game art (i.e. modeling and animation).

Overall the Intro is just at 3.5 minutes and is unfortunately going to have to be a series of 254 color palettes running 320 by 240 at 15 frames per sec. The reason for the low rez is because John wanted to keep rez switching out of the cinematics AND because the cd space required to support a hi rez version of the cinematics would push us onto another disk (intro weighs in at around 85 megs). As it is we're stretching to fit on one disk now. The 254 color palette limitation (its not 256 because I can't use color#0, or #255) is just the way it is but instead of limiting me to one palette for the whole thing, I can dedicate a palette to every segment that can be separated by black. So to preserve the colors I had to find creative ways to do fade-to-black cut-scenes and fade-ins from black.

Sound Deluxe who did the sound for movies like 'Heat', 'Braveheart' and the opening to 'Mechwarrior2' did the sound effects for the intro as well as the sound effects for the majority of Quake2 (American supplements, implements and/or tweaks them to fit.) These guys took the script I wrote for the radio chatter and story set-up, applied their magic and viola. They are simply amazing at what they do. They also integrated the Rob Zombie piece seamlessly with a big time movie score worthy of any motion picture soundtrack.

As far as the endgame flic goes, it's short and a smooth transition from the final mission. I faxed storyboards and a description to Blur Studios and with some over-the-phone art direction cranked out a kick-ass piece of work EXACTLY as we wanted it in less than two weeks. Sound effects are the same on the end flic sans any Zombie but still very BIG and very movie-like.

I really look forward to your reaction when you fire up the game and see the intro. I feel confident this first 3d cinematic in an id game'll hold up to anything else out there. Rest assured as well all you TC fanatics that the code is in place to drop in any cinematic at the points we've placed ours. So I expect we'll be seeing quite the epics coming from those of you aching to try your hand at conversions.

Be cool.

TC Help Wanted
I received this email and I absolutely love the concept. Read on:
We are looking for a few modelers and artists for a new Quake 2 TC. This is not just any Quake 2 TC. This is a 3D fighter TC. We want to create a 3D fighting TC ala Mortal Kombat 4 and Tekken 3 using Quake 2. Our modelers will need to be able to create very realistic models that will be viewed consistantly at close range. Our artists will need to provide us out-of-this world textures and skins. Send us your resume and sample work. Please send a seperate confirmation email to be sure your attachments arrived safely. Send all inquiries to croper@vt.edu with the subject "Help Wanted".

Monday, October 27, 1997
Brian Hook Sounds Off
Brian Hook steps up on the soap box and rebuts Andrew Smith's recent editorial. Go read it here.

Brian Hook's Techie Adventures
Brian Hook updated his .plan file with the following technical information about Quake 2:

October 27, 1997 (part 2)

Okay, some Quake stuff. Today I:

- implemented input fields using Kevin's newer, prettier box characters
- finished up multitexture support today
- got new drivers from NEC/PowerVR/Videologic that I still need to test, after I test them I'll point interested parties to a URL where it can be downloaded
- started sifting through the bug database...joy
- worked with James Barnes solving some DirectInput issues. We now support the other 23 AUX buttons that DirectInput specs, cleaned out some cruft, and added support for a vertical (up/down) axis that can be controlled by an input device.

Over the weekend Michael Gold from SGI was here helping us bring Quake2 up on our shiny new R10K O2. We managed to get it up and running TIMEDEMOs pretty reliably, but there is still a lot of tweaking that needs to be done. All in all not bad for about 14 hours of work (Michael worked only worked on it on Saturday).

And through all this I've been fighting back problems and the plague. I know, wah wah wah, quit yer whining....


Interesting tidbits and stuff
A guy made a new model type thing here.

Here's an e-mail from Bullethead of interest:

I've noticed you can only push barrels in the pure X and Y directions, not diagonally. Also, you can't push them up or down ramps. Any chance id will add the ability to do any of these things?
Also, Quake 2 Infosite has a couple of interesting tidbits today.

More stuff that can be found
Boy, this small Quake 2 demo is still full of surprises isn't it?

First a tactic that can be used against the parasite, got this letter from Mike Melzer:

I came across this in the Q2test, and I'm not sure if it's a bug with the parasite AI, or just a great tactic. When you get to the room with the two parasite "nests", as soon as you open the door, run straight into the first den and right up to the parasite. As long as you press forward against the parasite, it can't attack with the thing on it's back. It will shoot out, but never connect. Although this same tactic works in the open, it is much harder to keep pressed up against it without sliding off to the side. However if you can corner it, it then becomes a breeze to do away with it with just your blaster. As others have mentioned, using "notarget" and "noclip" are great for getting a chance to get a good look at all the monsters in their standby poses.
Another letter about the parasite came from Baird (e-mail address withheld by request):

Regarding Q2Test and monster idle animations... I think the idle animation for the parasite is cool. It sits twitching the outer toes of its two-toe rear feet, like it is anxious to attack. Then it stretches its neck to the left and vigorously scratches its ear with its left hind leg, like a dog. The look on its face is gruesome.
New hosted site
Quake2.com would like to announce its new hosted site, Quake2-Ware. This site does hardware reviews, and is run by Douglas Boneparth. It has 3 hardware reviews up already. The hardware reviews done by this site will be in terms of how good the equipment is to a Quake 2 player/consumer.

Quake 2 prefabs
Quake Prefab Pak has posted 3 Quake 2 prefabs. Thanks Prophet and Hanif.

Editorial responses
The Valeyard run by Matt Dillahunty has posted a rant in reaction to the editorial posted on PlanetQuake and unreal.org.

Also of note, Paul Jaquays updated his .plan with a response to the editorial.

Paul Steed .plan updates
More .plan updates from id Software including word from Paul Steed to George Broussard of 3D Realms to not get him involved in the "argument" of sorts going on between Brian Hook & George Broussard/Scott Miller. He also updated later on with a thank you to Blur Studios and Activision, as well as various folks at those companies, for the help they gave in turning the cinematics he modelled intro truly mindblowing things to watch.

Quake 2 impressions
Redwood and his friend from The Tech Zone got another chance to play the current build of full Quake 2. Red's friend from the Zone played the jail section, but Redwood played another section. Redwood promises his "impressions" to be written up soon, but meanwhile drool over his friend's.

OK I admit it, I don't know his friend's name.

In addition, the QUAKE HUB's webmaster has posted his likes and dislikes of the Quake 2 demo.

.plan updates
Several id Software employees made .plan updates. American McGee updated to say he was very impressed with the intro Paul Steed had done and we would all love it. Disruptor updated saying that he's given up tracking Quake 2 demo downloads now that its hit over a half million in the first week (cool).

John Cash updated with the following:

Thanks for the feeback on the demo. For the most part is has been quite useful. We've already fixed a number of bugs that were found by you. I'm not even all that bothered by the people who forgot to RTFRM (Read The Read.Me) and submitted known problems. Sorry about the brief updates, but I figure you'd rather get the game done sooner than listen to me ramble on. I'll have time enough to do that later ;-)
Not to be forgotten, Paul Steed made a large .plan update talking about the intro and end game cinematics he has done, and a sort of response to the article I mentioned yesterday.

About that article, after I was originally impressed with it yesterday, I read over it again a few times and I may be treading back on what I said yesterday, but a lot of the stuff improved in Quake 2 was directly due to consumer complaints, so consumers are having an impact on game companies. Also, as I said yesterday, the weapons thing was never promised, so rather than the stunned silence he describes, it was merely a silence, not a "stunned silence" because people weren't all that surprised since they knew it had just been a maybe. Finally, I evaluated myself and a lot of people I know, and I honestly don't know anyone who are the mindless consumers he describes, either in the Unreal "community" or in this "community." Although I liked this article yesterday, on further examination I don't really agree.
NOTE: This is just my opinion, not "news." Please don't react badly to it.

Anyways, rant over, Paul Steed's update follows:

Just wanted to express how well the sound mix went in LA. Sound Deluxe Media Labs is the SHIT when it comes to sound engineering and music. Tom, Bill, Greg, Brian, Jeff and Scott are a very talented and very dedicated and hard working bunch of guys. They've gone the extra mile for us here at id and I applaud their work. My intro animation has been transformed via their magic into the best game intro I've ever seen. Kevin's idea to tell the story through a series of news broadcast during the title intro was brilliant and Adrian's insistence that we base our theme music on Conan rather than Star Trek is dead-on what id's about: kickin' some ass. The intro and end game flic will not only be the best cinematics seen in an id game, they will with the addition of Sound Deluxe's stuff establish a new standard for games to emulate.

No words can express how cool the intro and end game animation turned out. Each and everyone of you all will dig it. Short, to the point and in your face, these animations tell a story while jogging along with you during the game experience and in no way block your view or stop the flow.

As far as the rest of the game goes...I can only say as I shake my head in disbelief looking over at Adrian's monitor: Wow. To say that the multi-player experience will be taken to the next step just based on the textures done by a single artist may sound bizarre, but trust me. The work Adrian's doing will have more impact than any of you can imagine.

This thing called Quake2 is just plain and simple an awesomely tight and massively strong product that will bring much diversionary happiness this Christmas. I'm too tired to talk shit. I'm just trying to do you all a favor and give you time to buy plenty of 'Depends' and stock up on the Kleenex.

You're all in for a treat and despite the insane ramblings of people who claim that the 'rights' of the consumer are toothless and are being stomped upon by the evil companies making all those self-serving software titles, we take your wants and desires very seriously. One, those things are curiously enough pretty close to our particular bends and two, ever wonder who the 'Andy' was I mentioned in an extensive update awhile back?

So sit back and chill dudes and dudettes. There are some things we're doing for the game that will be a surprise. Even without the secret weapons, this game's gonna put a smile on yer face.

Be cool.


Sunday, October 26, 1997
The Damned of all the World
There's a very interesting article by Andrew Smith on PlanetQuake and unreal.org called "The Damned of all the World."

Not to sound like the mindless supporters he describes, but after reading the article I had to make one small comment. I have to agree with him that no CTF at the outset in Quake 2 was a surprise since that was the major thing Zoid was hired to do from what I understood (besides of course the cleanup and maintainence of QuakeWorld and Quake 2), but the visible weapons thing was never actually officially slated. It wasn't even ever unofficially slated. Both at QuakeCon and in his .plan file id artist Paul Steed said he would TRY and get it in, he did not make a statement that he would definitely get it in ever. I am not saying it would not be a desirable feature, I'm saying that in terms of using his analogy with the car with the price sign on it, that sign was never there when it comes to the weapons thing.

However, that said, this article is very well thought out and brings up a good point. I don't disagree with this article, I found it to be a refreshing insight and in fact the only negative comments I could make above are really just nitpicking about factual info, the spirit of the article is not lost despite it. Recommended reading :).

Rhapsody port
Another piece of correspondence from John Carmack today was about the port for Rhapsody. Jim McQuillan passed along to Blue the following quote from John:

I'm going to work on it after we master the win version. A rhapsody executable may be available around the same time the win version hits stores.
Blue e-mailed John for further info and got the following reply:

I actually did some work day before yesterday on getting stuff compiling for rhapsody.

Right after we hand off the master, we will all be working on a free deathmatch expansion for Quake 2 that should take about a month. I'm not sure if the rhapsody work will be done during that or after.

Our current port priority is probably: linux, SGI, rhapsody, everything else.
Glide/3dfx stuff
On 3dfx.com, a new version of Glide for Voodoo and Voodoo Rush cards, version 2.43, has been released (slightly older news I know). On another interesting note I heard about this recently but decided not to post it till I saw it for myself, if you take the 3dfxgl.dll of the Quake 2 demo and copy it into your Quake or Hexen 2 directory, and then rename it opengl32.dll so that GLQuake and GLHexen II use it instead of the DLL you already had for them (which of course you want to make a backup of if you do this) that performance in GL greatly increases. I also have experienced this performance increase. If you do this, keep in mind to save the old DLL file in case you run into problems.

Soundblaster woes?
Word on the grapevine is that although some people have the same problem that Eqsoniq cards have with sound on their Soundblasters, that the newest drivers for SoundBlaster fix this problem (although sadly this of course doesn't work for folks with the Eqsoniq). Get the newest drivers from this page.

MORE things that can be found
I almost didn't see this, but Brent Phillips found some other interesting stuff in the demo, which ne notified Blue of:

...if you use the cheat code "give all" and then cycle through your inventory with the "[" and "]" keys, you can see many of the items that have not yet been implemented in the demo. But, some of them are just "?'s". No problem. Just press the "'" (quotes) key and you throw them down. Then walk over and pick it up and you will be told what it is! Some of the graphics on these items are not finished. There are some interesting items such as the Air Strike Marker, Commander's Heart, etc."
I have verified this very interesting news, as has Blue.

TechWeb article
Yet another kudos to Blue for finding out about this TechWeb article which discusses the impact of Quake 2's downloads on the web. Quake2.com itself has over 300,000 downloads of the demo from this site currently (297,000 when Disruptor asked for folks to send numbers).

Quake 2 frontend
A Quake 2 demo frontend util called Quake 2 Profiler is available on StormTroopers of Death. This is Build 7 of version 1.01. It plans to continue to be a frontend when the full version comes out. Thanks Blue for the info.

Demo list note
The signup form didn't work quite right briefly, it is OK now. If you signed up today any time prior to about a minute or two before this update, re-sign up because we didn't get your subscription. If you get signed up more than once you will receive multiple copies, which we apologize for and hope doesn't happen to any of you.

No Quake2World necessary! and more!
Saw on Redwood's that John Carmack e-mailed him with the tidbit that client prediction has made it into Quake 2's net code. What this means is that Quake 2 will be really playable over the Net, like QuakeWorld is and unlike standard Quake. Basically, Quake 2's net code IS like Quakeworld now. So there won't be any worry about the distinction between a Quake and a Quakeworld server with Quake 2.

Also, a FREE expansion pack for Quake 2 will be available within a month of it getting released. This e-mail was a reply to a letter chris sent him, according to Redwood. Here's the e-mail quoted (portions of it that is):
Well, after all of that, I have some good news for you: I was working on the frame accurate movement for Q2 yesterday, and I found that after all of the architectural changes that were made for Q2, client side prediction is going to slide right in.
Its going to be in the shipping product. It was only a question of when, and it turns out that it fits nicer than I thought it would.
The net game in the retail box is still going to be fairly raw, but we should have the free expansion pak available on the net within a month of shipping.
John Carmack
(Note to readers: The series of periods represents a division between two portions of the e-mail, since this isn't a complete quote of his whole e-mail).

That's just fantastic. The client prediction issue was my only major bone with Quake 2.... and well... :).

Sign up for demo #2's notification list!
If you weren't on our mailing list to receive notification of the release of the first demo before, we've opened up subscriptions again. Enter your e-mail address on the small form at the top of this page to sign up.

Note: If you already signed up before to our first mailing list, don't sign up again. All subscriptions from before are still around, we've just reopened to accept new subscriptions.

Daylight Savings Time has ended
Daylight savings time has ended, so now our timestamps will be in respect to EST instead of EDT. Hope everyone enjoyed the extra hour of sleep.


Saturday, October 25, 1997
More demo notification?
Although we already have a mailing list going to notify folks when the second demo comes out, QuestGate is running a list you can subscribe to in order to be notified specifically of when the demo is available on their FTP server. Send an e-mail to listserv@questgate.net with a blank subject and "subscribe ftp-l" in the message body (without the quotes, and that's a lowercase L).

Subsite news
The Illuminati TC are shortening the end of their logo contest, which now ends on October 31 (Halloween) which isn't that far off. The prize is a free copy of full Quake 2 when it comes out, so if you didn't know about it before or you haven't submitted your entry yet, do it soon! :)

More easter egging
I'm not sure if the original "Hellrot" easter egg is for real or not (haven't personally investigated but I've been told by more than one person they found it) but here's another easter egg from the Quake 2 demo. Thermo sent Blue a screenshot (linked from Blue's) of the grenade launcher with FOV (Field of View) set to 110 instead of the default of 90. In this view its shown that the initials of Paul Steed, id Software artist who MADE the grenade launcher model (and possibly the skin as well but that's not confirmed) is on what Blue referred to as the "non-business end" of the launcher. Interesting :). Satanic of Quake2.com also tells me that the PAK file has a lot of other stuff in it including Quake 1's old intermission screen (???).

Mailbags and polls and downloads, oh my!
The Quake 2 Press's weekly mailbag and poll were posted.

On the subject of mailbags, ours for the week is posted, with some Quake 2 demo feedback.

Also, a Latin American site has been added to the list of places where to get the Quake 2 demo.

Yet another new site...
called the Quake 2 Challenge.

Brian Hook has made several recent .plan updates that all beg attention about well, rendering! :) Paul Steed made a .plan update two days ago but I believe we reported that one already.

Oh, and Zanshin of the GLQuake Dojo and Brian Hook have been using their page and their .plan (respectively) to discuss the new cards from Zanshin's company. Something to check out for GLQuake freaks like myself.

Received the following brief announcement:

Mushroom Blue Entertainment is proud to introduce
Using the quake 2 engine..this game will add a new level of reality (hopefully), with brand new immersion techniques, and excelent quality audio and video. Visit us at...
and email us at
Jared Hosh
This announcement was quoted without modifications. On a slightly cosmetic note, do people prefer this method of quoting over the older method since the new design (several expressed disapproval with it so I'm experimenting with a different idea).

Editing info
The popular Quake editor Meddle has been upped to Quake 2 MD2 support as well, grab the new version (linked to Blue's News for now, the files area is getting a catchup job right now). Thanks Michael Erikson.

More sound bugs info
Thanks to Vidar Hoel for letting us know that the fix for Eqsoniq soundcards trying to play the demo (setting s_wavonly to 1 at the console and write protecting your config.cfg) works for his SB 32 PnP that was also having problems with the sound.

Several people have e-mailed us lists of codes for the game. However, I have a distate of publically printing these codes on the news (where people who may not want to see them are forced to see them) just like the PC Gamer screenshots of the day thing was with me. The codes should be e-mailed to the maintainer of our console commands site, because he lists codes as well as actual commands. Thank you. On the topic of codes, a site that has codes and more is here and a cheat codes page is also here. Not exactly related but close, here's another console commands page.

Things that can be found
Examination of the PAK file of the demo apparently reveals icons for the other weapons not in the demo, a few of the sounds not used are in there. Thanks to the many people who pointed this out. On a different note, the silencer weapon in the game does in fact work despite not being included (type GIVE SILENCER at the console, thanks Gwar for that news).

Also, I got an e-mail from Joel K Meyer with an interesting other tidbit:

I didn't mention this a first because I thought everyone would see it, but I have not yet seen mention of it: at the console, type "notarget". Then go view a chaingun/grenade arm elite cyborg soldier. Use "noclip" to gain a better angle. Watch one that is in a "standing around" animation. Every once in a while, he opens up his chaingun arm and sucks in a bubblegum ball! Really. Crazy!
More reviews!
HotGames has a Quake 2 review up as well now. Thanks Prophet. Also from Prophet, VooDoo Extreme has a review. And, reported yesterday but rehashed for completeness, PsychoGamer has a review as well. Also Paul Taylor of our maps site AWOQ 2 has posted a review as well. And there's a Quake 2 review at q2review 3dx temporarily (thanks Prophet). Satanic was right, there's going to be as many reviews as there were previews. Not a problem with me, though.

Easter redux
A lot of people didn't seem to understand that the term "easter egg" is a term used to describe a hard to find surprise in a game or piece of software. The surprise itself doesn't necessarily need to be an actual egg. In any case, as some people asked, yes we were referring to the gun skin with the word Hellrot written on it in the demo (if you examine the PAK file). Also, a new Tank model similar but "cooler looking" to the original was found, that and a lot of other cool updates are at the Quake 2 Infosite (thanks Pinhead).


Friday, October 24, 1997
Slipgate told me that there is an "easter egg" graphic somewhere within the Quake 2 Demo. Now go find it!

Massive review
There's another Demo review this time on PsychoNews. Just imagine the ammount of previews were made (and will be) about Quake 2 then the number of demo reviews. After the second demo we'll get another share of reviews and then after the actual game is released... Oh well, on the very least everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Ryan Orrico mailed us saying Quake 2 is mentioned on PCGamer and BootNet. Thanks to Hanif for telling us about the letters section of PCGamer about the Quake 2 Demo complaints.

QE4 Requirements
Chris Spencer recently asked John Carmack if ANY 3D accelerator with a full GL driver could run QE4 and kindly forwarded the reply to us:

Yes, but it was designed for a high res desktop, so you really need an 8mb video card to have big enough windows and still have any texture memory.


Thursday, October 23, 1997
MD2 Viewer
Trey Harrison of Crack.com wrote a model viewer supporting Quake 2's MD2 format. Download it here. It requires a 3Dfx Voodoo graphics card to operate. Thanks Hanif.

CGN Gamer Q2Test Reviews
Cali Girl's News is doing a Quake Player's Pros and Cons on the Quake 2 Test. Go read the reviews here. Thanks Prophet.

Paul Steed .plan Update
Amid Paul Steed's recent .plan update is some great news for those wishing improvements in Quake 2 before the commercial release:

All I can say is that we have addressed nearly EVERY SINGLE issue raised by the test and kicked its sorry ass into the realm of the easily forgotten, andthat the taste you've gotten is nothing compared to the feast that you'llgorge yourselves on this X-mas.



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