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Friday, November 14, 1997
3D Gamers Unite!
In order to help promote a unity of online gamers, irc.quake2.com has linked up with irc.unreal.org . We hope to create a friendly atmosphere of people who enjoy 3D games and have tolerance for each others opinions. Feel free to stop by and check us out. Be forewarned, we have zero tolerance for warez or pr0n. We are excepting channel registrations as well as links for other servers. Those wishing to register a channel should go to #cservice. Those wishing to link to our network should contact netguy@quake2.com.


MailBag Updated
Satanic has updated the Quake2.com Mailbag. Go check to see if your questions got answered, and submit new ones that you might have.

Malice Released!
We just got word that Malice is on the shelves at Babbages, Electronics Boutique and Software Etc. Embrionic Pete promises that some MaliceWorld servers should be up in the next few days, so go out and and get yourself a copy :)

Quake2 Manual Notes
PC GAMER has posted a news article on the Quake2 manual. You can check it out here. Thanks Skitz.

Nigel Gone for the Weekend
Yep, as soon as I get here, I leave right away! I'm spending the weekend with my bud Dakodeh who happens to turn 15 today. Happy Birthday Dak :)

If you haven't already, stop by irc.Quake2.com and enjoy the brand new services offered on the network. If you'd like to register a channel, join #Cservice or "/msg Grunt REGISTER" to get more information.


Thursday, November 13, 1997
Moving Notice
Artema's News has moved to http://quake.nkn.net/artema/. This site has direct downloads for drivers, demos, etc.

Mod Virus Check Team
The OpenQuake Project has decided to form a team to check for viruses in Quake mods and the stamp them with a seal of approval. QlowN (the one who mailed us) had this to say:
We (The OpenQuake Project) have decided to form a mod verification team to check for viruses complete with a stamp of approval. We are trying to become _the_ authority on mods and (more specifically) *safe* mods

For more information, go to openquake.geek.net.

Monster3D Drivers URL Correction
Whoops, we put the wrong URL for the new Monster3d drivers up. Here's the correct one: http://www.diamondmm.com/products/drivers/monster-3d.html
There's also a form to enter a drawing for a free Voodoo2 Monster3D on that page. Thanks Darren.

irc.Quake2.com Banner
Here's an irc.Quake2.com banner for all you news guys out there to display :)


Conversion Idea
Julian Maxwell AKA Juju emailed me with a neat idea for a conversion of Quake II, similar to CTF, but different in a refreshing, un-cola way. Here is his proposed beta-plan of action:
This game is called WarQuake.
Similer to CTF, but with no flags. What happens is your entire team respawns in your own "zone",and basically,you have to get your entire team to the other teams "zone",and have the whole team be in that zone for about 10 seconds. If you get this accomplished,you either finish the level or get extra frags(yet to be decided). You will start with the equivelent of a few rocket hits worth of armor,and you will _always_ start in your zone. Please send feedback for this idea to: maxwells@ihug.co.nz.
Well... Sounds like a good idea to me. Email this man, folks! Lets get the show on the road!

Quake II Clans
I got an interesting email about the Quake Mountain. Here is the full email from ShaGGy:
> Quake Mountain -- Resource for latest clan and tournament news now has
> its clan database up, all clans that play deathmatch , capture the flag,
> or team fortress head over and sign your clans up for the list.
> Including if you are a quake2 clan or a woman clan, exspecially that
> last one!
> signups are being held at Quake Mountain (http://www.brutality.com/qm/)
> Have a good day!
> -------------------------------
> ShaGGy
> qm@brutality.com
More Drivers...
There are updated OpenGL drivers (beta) for the Diamond Stealth II now. You can get theme here. Here is the full email from Chris Skena:
> There are now unsupported beta OpenGL drivers for the Diamond Stealth
> II. There run pretty fast. I have got about 2fps slower in GLQ2 than
> in VQ2, using random timerefreshes. Anyhow goto
> http://www.users.wineasy.se/bjornt/bt3d.html
> for more info.
> --
> _______________
> Chris Skena
> izod@pobox.com
Quake II Page
doom's Quake2 pit is now out of its beta stage. Go to it!


.Plan updates
Steed, Disruptor, and Hollenshead updated their .plans earlier today. Disruptor had this to say about the Quake2 final release:
Heh, all this talk of Quake II release dates on the various web pages brings to mind an outing Brian and I had last week.

We went to Electronics Boutique to look around for new stuff and I asked the sales clerk for a release date for G-Police. He rambled off a date after consulting his "Book of Dates".

Feeling cocky, I asked him for a release date for Quake II. After consulting his sacred "Book of Dates", he proudly proclaimed "November 24th!". Brian and I looked at each other and chuckled.

After identifying ourselves, we shot the shit for a while and explained to him that any dates that have been provided are pure speculation. We're shooting for Christmas, and will go to a gold master "soon", in "two weeks", and "when it's done" =)

Q2 Cursor Link
Virtigo had sent us information about a Quake2 cursor on Wednesday. To get this cursor, click on "Save As.." to download it, otherwise the server gives you an error.

New Monster3D Drivers
There are new Monster3D drivers available on Diamond's website. You can get them there or go here: http://www.diamondmm.com/products/drivers/ monster-3d.html


John Carmack correspondence
Saw on Redwood's that Saint Stephens had a correspondence with id programmer John Carmack about high quality sounds versus low quality sounds and Quake 2's final performance compared to demo 1's performance:

>Many Thanks for your answer,
>Now I have one more question,- last one !!
>Can I expext that the final release of Q2 is gonna get a overall faster
>framerate (including high qual. sounds, CD Audio, poly Xplosions ect.)
>than the Q2demo1?

Yes, several things have been improved. Probably 10% to 15% faster overall.

High quality sound will cut performance by 5% to 10%, and require about three megs more ram.

John Carmack
License agreements
As it turns out, Hexen 2 maps compiled with the Raven utilities become the property of Activision. This has probably spurted concern among people of the same thing happening for Quake 2.

Although I may be putting my foot in my mouth on this one, Activision owns Raven, as opposed to just distributing for id (a point Loonyboi made), but also don't forget that Activision "distributed" the mission packs for Quake, and haven't held any such license agreements over maps designed for the mission packs. There's no need for concern in regards to Quake 2. As for Hexen 2, its unfortunate but I'll respect it since its within legal bounds.

Release dates
I have dealt with many queries of people seeing store dates and believing them in regards to the release of Quake 2. Regardless of what you hear in a store, stores don't know right now. Blue has commented on this, and id CEO Todd Hollenshead updated his .plan about it.

I've also answered many e-mail queries about this, and so I thought I'd state here just like Todd did that in fact no release dates are set except that id promises to have the game out by Christmas. Perhaps sooner, but definitely not later.

On this subject, Hyer@active has had to post a story titled "Quake 2 Delayed!" which is not really accurate but is a "fix" for their having originally posted a date for Quake 2 to "go gold" that was unfounded. Find it here.

Quake 2 on HEAT
PC Gamer has a blurb on how Heat.Net has gained rights to include Quake 2 in its lineup of offered multiplayer games. This DOES NOT affect real servers, don't worry! :) Thanks to the Blue meister on that one.

Voodoo 2 FAQ
Voodoo Extreme now has a Voodoo 2 FAQ up to answer questions about the eagerly awaited chipset that will I'm sure make Quake 2 "spoogerific" (ok, so I lack a better word right now). Get it here.

GLQuake for Verite users?
Bjorn's 3D World has mini GL drivers for Verite series 1000 cards. Basically VQuake/VQuake2/VHexen2 players can try GLQuake/GLQuake2/GLHexen2, but the performance is not garaunteed to be as good as a GLQuake-type card like a 3dfx card. I am not really aware as to how this performs so anyone who tries it out on their V1000 cards, please let me know, I'm merely curious.

Somebody mailed us about this, apologies to them as I have lost their mail.

Q2 Full version raffle
Spawn is holding a Quake 2 Full version raffle at Spawn's Quake 2 Lair. He notes that its not his fault if the UPS goes on strike again in delivery problems :).


New TC Site
I would just like to be the first to publically welcome the new Galactic Battlegrounds TC to Quake2.com's wonderful line-up of hosted sites. Please pay these outstanding citizens a visit, and drop them a bit of mail at galactic@quake2.com.

Messageboard Woes
Blitz has redone the messageboard so that you need a password to use it. With all of the recent events surrounding the messageboard, I am glad that Blitz has done this. Also, WU-GFK (the real one, from the WU-TANG Clan) has become the new messageboard moderator! Congrats GFK!

Wednesday, November 12, 1997
Steed's .plan
Alright. Paul Steed updated his .plan again, and he ranted about some stuff, but had a pretty good point to back it up... Here is what he had to say about "the game":
Work-wise I did some renders for manual art yesterday in between fixing a couple of the brain's animations. I also did a little easter egg paying homage to my birthday festivities. American put sound to the mission brief animations I did and it adds a helluva lot to their utility.

Now I'm tweaking the mutant nobody's seen yet and plan on making a big push to get the final boss done. The female player character still awaits my deft ministrations (mmm, mm). I did some tests with her ponytail to get a convincing swing going and it definitely adds a lot to her character (kinda like the whole finger-tapping thing).

Kevin did some polygon explosions that look very KEWL and many if not all the major things you all wrote in about have been fixed/changed by now thanks the man in black. Gibs still seem a bit small to me but we'll have to just wait and see.
Quake II Cursor
Virtigo told me that he made a Quake II cursor! If you would like to get it, go ahead and get it here. (This essentially is the Quake II icon, just remade into a cursor.) NOTE:right click and use "save as".

Carmack's Worklog
WU-GFK let me know that John Carmack updated his worlklog! Wow... This thing is huge! I won't post it here, considering its size, but I encourage you to check it out with our nifty finger service above!

Cash's Worklog
Mr. Cash also updated his worklog in his .plan file:
Work Log
*sounds & general cleanup on: gunner, brain, floater, hover, and mutant
*added NO_PROTECTION option to trigger_hurt
*fixed sound channel 18 crash
*put in floaters melee attacks (need polishing)
*removed old power screen code and bits
*finished rework of alias shell code
EF bits reworked to reflect new method
RF bits interpreted according to new method
set up new ref_soft color choices
fixed power power shield to it
fixed medic's healing procedure to use it
fixed DM powerups to use it
now available in seven colors
*added a true/false return to fire_hit so we know which sound to play (hit or miss)
*fixed source and dest on medic's cable so they look better
Deathmatch Maker II
pRy mailed me about Virtus and Quake II. He said that Virtus will be publishing Deathmatch Maker II, the first "official" level editor for Quake II. Does this mean qe4 isn't coming? We'll just have to wait...

More Quake II Sites
A new Quake II site, doom's Quake2 pit is up, but only in beta. Looks pretty nice to me... And the Gunner Society page is now up.


Tuesday, November 11, 1997
Sandy Petersen interview (not Quake 2)
VidoGameDesign.com has an interview with Sandy Petersen (formerly of id Software) that is quite humurous...

New Quake 2 FAQ version
The Unofficial Quake 2 FAQ has been updated to version 0.45. Satanic and Tin are doing a great job at keeping the FAQ as up to date as possible, something I couldn't have done when coupled with other things I had to do on this site and the dreaded real life. Updates include some fixes on erroneous information and of course typo fixes! The credits section appropriately thanks everyone who helped point out the necessary fixes from 0.4.


Yes, it is a bit late, but QPed II was released yesterday. There are a few new, and worthwhile features added:
Quake 2 model support
View models with multiple textures
View model textures seperately
View text files (.rc and .cfg) without having to extract them first
View graphics files - Quake .lmp's and Quake 2 .pcx's
User interface fixes and enhancments
Paul Jaquays With The .plan
Mr. Jaquays from id updated his .plan today with a nice story about a recent encounter with a "Giga-Pet" ("Tamagotchi") of his daughter's. He also put in a bit about Quake II, which is as follows:
Life in the Quake 2 Lane:
Playtest. Tweak, adjust, modify, polish. Wait for the next feature to be implemented. Playtest. Tweak, adjust, modify, polish. Repeat until Kevin Cloud says "Stick a fork in that sucker."
Hardware Review
Virtigo let me know that he has posted a new review of the ASC55 Power Gaming System speaker set up. Go check it out!

John Cash Update
John Cash has update his .plan with his latest worklog. Here is the worklog and an extra tidbit of info that you may want to take to heart:
Work Log
*stopped trigger spawned monster from telefragging themselves
*fixed crash when firing railgun
*fixed trigger_gravity (still non-functional pending a change in player movement
*added Strogg ship model
*changed power armor code to allow monsters to have it also
*fixed a crash in ref_gl caused by bad frame numbers; made it a warning
*gave the brain a power screen
*made the clock function portable; also fixed a possible buffer allocation problem
*reworked the fly code and made it cleaner
*put in the new power screen model and effects
*reworked the RF side of the shell effect
*fixed good_guys going to a bad frame upon death

Brian Hook .plan update
Brian Hook made a lengthy .plan update discussing a number of things and listing by priority what he plans to try and accomplish Wednesday. Here's the quoted job (long read):

Man, keeping a work log is such a pain. I just realized after I checked in all my code that I'd fixed a whole stack of bugs, but I never remember to write them down when I fix them. I generally consider "work accomplished" to consist only of "things I intended to do", as opposed to "things that I've actually done". I'll be better about that in the future. Tomorrow I take the day off to hang out with my bestest bud, Rora, so I won't be doing any plan updates and stuff tomorrow.

Didn't get much done today, although I don't really remember screwing off too much. I implemented the scrolling credits in the menu, and I also implemented 8-bit skies in the GL implementation. I messed around quite a bit with Visual Quantify from Rational. Looks pretty good so far, although I got an "Out of Virtual Memory" dialog on a system with 128MB of RAM, *ahem*.

I got to spend an hour or so on the GameGirlz IRC channel and hopefully answered a lot of questions for everyone. I had a great time, and I hope that the site takes off really well (http://www.gamegirlz.com). I'm really hyped that Quake2 will have a female character that might actually appeal to females instead of just hormonally-agitated teenage boys.

Wednesday my agenda is going to be (in order of priority):

- finish up menu stuff as problems/comments arise
- fix the player setup menu so that the FOV isn't all messed up
- see why weapon models are being rendered slightly different in ref_gl and ref_soft
- see how easy it is to sort transparent entities, and if it's trivial go ahead and implement it so that obvious sorting errors are resolved
- mess around with HiProf and Visual Quantify a little bit more and see if I can get any real data from them
- experiment with stereo support under OpenGL
Brian Hook Q&A log posted
GameGirlz has posted the edited log of the Brian Hook Q&A from last night, as well as the winners of the trivia questions from the trivia game last night.

The Q&A went extremely well. Kudos to Aurora and everyone else who was involved.

Thanks to Brian and Hanif for both informing us.

Voodoo 2 article
Next-Gen Online has an article on the Voodoo 2 chipset and how Creative Labs is working on a Voodoo 2 card. Find it here. Thanks Hanif (who in turn, thanks Redwood).


Monday, November 10, 1997
Brian Hook Q&A
The Brian Hook Q&A session following the GameGirlz launch party went incredibly well. When the official edited log is posted by GameGirlz we will post a note here to let you all know. Fantastically done site and fantastically done event.

With the beta Verite rendering DLL for Quake 2's demo released, some people have wondered how it looks or how it performs.

WIX sent along the following e-mail and seven screenshots in JPG format to show and describe how it looks and runs.

Quake2 using the Verite renderer plays *very well* on a Screemin 3D, with no noticeable errors. At 640x480 it clocks a very respectable 20fps on average, and for those without a Voodoo card, is a very attractive alternative. I also noticed that the Verite chip itself heats up to about 150 degrees F when playing Quake2! WipeoutXL takes it up to only about 140... wow.
The screenshots he sent:

  • Shot 1
  • Shot 2
  • Shot 3
  • Shot 4
  • Shot 5
  • Shot 6
  • Shot 7

    davidjr.com (???) forwarded us an e-mail exchange of when he and American McGee discussed the "realism" of having quad damage and pentagram of protection. American basically states in return that games must make a balance on some things being "unrealistic" to be "gameisms" and quad and pent are gameisms.

    The Steedmeister's many models (inanimate that is)
    Paul Steed made a .plan update about his progress and some kind words to the ION Storm modellers, here you go:

    Well I finished up the end of unit anims which include a mission brief for the next unit. Since I got pretty bacchanalian and decadently convivial a couple days too many last week I had to jam on them pretty hard over the weekend. Basically I started them on Saturday around noon and cranked out about 2500 frames of animations between then and now. I'm not whining, mind you. Just re-affirming my personal 'play hard - work hard' philosophy. I'm paying for it now though. American's putting cool sound to the anims now and they're going to be pretty neat eye candy for yooze guyz and girlgamerz out there.

    Next I'm on to finishing up the end boss and fpc. Tweak city doth follow.

    Saw the new anims up on Ion Storm's site and I must say those characters look pretty damn interesting. I especially dug the motion blur on the guy getting knocked back and the dynamic lighting, muzzle flash and detail on the other guy shooting. Should look great in the game.

    Now back to saving those damn .tri's...

    Carmack On Video Cards and Editor
    Robert "w00dy" Swinford mailed me about his email that he sent to John Carmack about video cards, and qe4. Here is John's reply:
    An 8mb AGP permedia2 (DON'T get a 4mb board!) will run the editor well, but you don't get colored lighting or mipmapping in the game with it.

    John Carmack
    And Another New Site
    Wow! There are so many Quake II sites now... A site about 3D Games, but mostly Quake II, is now up, called Rampage2000. This looks like a nice site, with a bit of info... Another new one is Quake2 Stuff.

    Update: ANOTHER! :)
    Slats Quake2 Place is a new sight that SlatsMan1 informed me of.


    More console stuff
    More console stuff was sent to us by John. A lot of it is joystick/spaceorb stuff you might not understand (if not don't worry about it) but the last command he mentions may be of interest to you.

    Here's his e-mail quoted:

    joy_advaxisx 3
    joy_advaxisy 0
    joy_advaxisz 1
    joy_advaxisr 2
    joy_advaxisu 4
    joy_advaxisv 0

    //0 is quake null
    //1 is quake translate along longitidunal axis (forward)
    //2 is quake rotate about lateral axis (pitch)
    //3 is quake translate along lateral axis (side)
    //4 is quake rotate about vertical axis (yaw)

    //assumming horizontal mode for sporb
    //x is sporbs lateral translate (side)
    //y is sporbs vertical translate (up/down)
    //z is sporbs longitudonal translate (forward)
    //r is sporbs rotate about lateral (pitch)
    //u is sporbs rotate about vertical (yaw)
    //v is sporbs rotate about long (roll)

    joy thresholds: how much you have to move it before it finally response.

    joy thresholds: how quickly it goes to max acceleration as you move in a particular direction

    joy name: any name will do

    joyadvancedupdate:seems to 'make so' the joy_advaxis commands

    msg: message filter,highter the number the more types it filters, like talk commands and obituraries
    Another new site
    Yet another new Quake 2 site, the AQuakening. Uses a midi on the page and otherwise does seem like a good site. He is also running a notification mailing list for demo #2 of Quake 2's release much like ourselves.


    .plan News
    Mr. Hook (who, by the way, is going to be at the GameGirlz launch tonight, see below for more info on that) updated his .plan file with a bit of what he did today... Almost looks like a worklog to me, but hey, it isn't, just a nice description of what he fixed:
    Things I did today included:

    - found a pointer bug in ref_soft.dll relating to image loading. Have I mentioned that BoundsChecker rules?
    - cleaned up the "player setup" menu somewhat. Put a border around the model viewport, moved the model back a bit so it doesn't "fisheye" too much, and removed the "team" field (since choice of team will be implicity by choice of skin or model).
    - rewrote some really gruesome menu code that I had done pretty sloppily a while ago. Good thing too.
    - made character lines 9 pixels tall instead of 10 pixels in the "customize keys" menu so that all the keys would fit on the screen without overwriting the status bar
    - I'm caching cursor images now before loading the main menu so that there isn't a noticeable stuttering effect when the main menu is first brought up
    - renamed "Communications Center" to "Comm Satellite" in the "Start Map" selection screen, since "Communications Center" was too wide to fit at 320x240.
    - during the last merge I inadvertently broke cinematics on the Intergraphs since I was calling glColorTableEXT even if it didn't exist. Whoops.
    - added banners to the "save game" and "address book" menus
    - reformatted more menu stuff
    - narrowed down a bug where player setup wasn't showing up on 3Dfx. Looks like it is probably a 3Dfx minidriver bug, so we'll wait to see if that fixes it.
    - fixed bug in the video apply stuff where brightness was not being set correctly on 3Dfx
    - made the "deathmatch options" menu properly read the "dmflags" cvar and set things accordingly
    - removed "double negatives" from the "start server" deathmatch options, e.g. we used to have an option called "no powerups", which could be "yes" or "no", and now it's just called "allow powerups".
    - made the key labels in "customize keys" green instead of white
    - went to dinner at Chili's. Man, how I long for a good restaurant in Mesquite.

    I had hoped to get around to messing with HiProf and Visual Quantify today, but it's already 2AM and I need to get home to watch today's NFL highlights on ESPN SportsCenter. :-)

    Tomorrow I'm going to mess with profilers after I get 8-bit skies working a little better. Get this -- right now skies are loaded as 16-bit TGA files, up converted to 32-bit ARGB textures, then quantized back to 16-bit RGB values, which are then indexed into a 16-to-8 inverse palette.

    How's THAT for ugly? I'm fixing this on general principle. If an 8-bit PCX version of a file is available I will load that and use its palette directly instead of dealing with the up/down/quantize/palette headache we're going through right now.

    I'm also trying desperately to finish up the menu tweaks -- need to add a credits screen with scrolling text.
    GameGirlz.com Opens
    Aurora from Clan PMS has launched a new website called GameGirlz.com, and the launch party is tonight! I visited the site last night, and I have to say that it is very nice! Here is the full email from Aurora:
    November 10, 1997 - GameGirlz.com Website launches!

    Move over boys… here come the girlz!
    Remember a time when women fought to be in control of the TV remote? When they demanded the instructions for the VCR? This year they went out and bought RAM and computer games without your approval first! Well, welcome to the 90's folks! Women are coming online in masses. Invading your IRC channels, your mailing lists, and now your favorite game servers! We are proud to announce the website launch of GameGirlz.com! Looking at the Computer gaming industry through a girlz' eyes has never been quite like this! Packed with news, reviews and articles sure to please any games fan!

    To kick off the Gamegirlz.com site launch we will be holding an Internet IRC chat party!

    When: Monday November 10th at 7pm PST / 9pm CST /10pm EST / 8pm MST Your host for this event will be GameGirlz' Aurora and Planet Quake staff!

    Our Special guest will be Brian Hook of id software! You can pre-submit questions for Brian to: aurora@gamegirlz.com. (Make sure you send in the questions, as Brian may not have the time to hold an open Q&A session.)

    We also have some great prizes to give away from ACD Systems (distributors for Worldcraft) and Quantum Axcess (Malice for Quake).

    IRC SERVERS: irc.planetquake.com, best.3dnet.net, and id.3dnet.net
    IRC CHANNEL: #GameGirlz
    Vangie Beal - Director, GameGirlz

    GameGirlz IRC launch party! November 10, 1997 @7pm PST.
    Hosted by GameGirlz' Aurora with special guest Brian Hook from id software!
    More information on this event can be found on our website at:

    Sunday, November 9, 1997
    Illuminati Update
    I got word from SkaBoOm of the Illuminati Quake II total conversion, that their page was updated with two new models, and a new design! These models look pretty cool, and from what I have seen, this looks to be a great conversion! Check it out.


    Medic/Infantry question (warning: Full game surprise spoiler)
    The question was apparently posed on IRC earlier today as to whether the medic, who is supposed to be capable of reviving/recharging monsters (I guess sort of like Doom 2's Arch Vile) will be able to revive an infantry who has lost his head and if the head remains or regrows once the infantry recovers or if the infantry remains headless. Now that that mouthful of words is aside (if you understood it at all), here's the answer straight from id artist Paul Steed (thanks BTW Paul):

    The medic brings all the monsters back whole. We're considering leaving their pain skins on or something similar to indicate their resurrection.
    That sounds pretty cool... :).

    From the vaults of forgotten lore
    Two tidbits I forgot to mention (well, actually, I wasn't here to mention them and in my recollection they haven't yet been posted about by someone else):

  • If you want one of the Quake II mousepads that was seen at the FRAG, e-mail Dale Graves for information on pre-ordering them.
  • If you have an MS Intellimouse and you want to use the wheel on it in Quake 2, don't fret. Buzzkill's Quake page has a little patch that lets you switch weapons by using the wheel. Also, in this .plan update by id programmer Brian Hook (linked from QuakeFinger since it is older and they have it archived), he explains that he has added support for the wheel in Quake 2. The way it will function in both the second demo and the full game is by being able to bind commands or aliases to the motion of the wheel upwards, and downwards (much like the present Quakeworld). For more info read Brian's .plan.

    2 Articles of interest
    Thanks to Mike Collins for letting me know that the Quake Place has added two interesting articles, one being a fix for the sound problem plaguing many Quake 2 demo players, the other described as a battle between a Gunner and a Grunt (sounds interesting). In addition, Quake Place seems like a really cool place with lots to offer from my initial look, check it out.

    Animated distant backdrops a no-no
    Gerry Swanson passed along a correspondence with Paul Steed of id Software. The material preceded with > signs is the text of his letter to Paul and what follows is Paul's reply. Thanks very much to Gerry for passing it along, here you go:

    > In regards to the new Q2 environment graphics; would it be possible to have
    > an animated backgroud? Imagine a volcano in the distance with animated
    > flowing lava... Or a far off communications tower with a blinking red light
    > at the top... Even a 2 frame animation would look pretty cool...

    I've spoken to John about this and the memory hit would be tremendous. Trinity hopefully will feature this.

    More site mentions
    A Quake 2 site for Australians (I'll avoid the word Aussie in case it is offensive) is newly started here. Also, they have a Quake 2 giveaway starting November 14th and the best resolution to use for the site is apparently at least 1024x768. Thanks Alan Hunter.


    Work, Work, Work
    John Cash updated his .plan file with some more of his worklog. Looks like he is still working hard...

    Work Log
    *stopped items that players drop from respawning in DM
    *fixed attenuation on insane soldier sounds
    *implemented secret doors again

    Hi, I'm... back.
    Slipgate here with a brief late night update. It probably looks rather odd to see me back so soon. I've restructured how I'll work here and how Real Life will take control as necessary to come back. I was saddened at Rotwang's departure but excited at Bloodshot's coming on board. Although Real Life will be something to reckon with for me, I thought you'd all like to know that I'm basically back and in my old capacity. I won't be handling the FAQ, Satanic and Tin are doing a great job with that and I hope they continue to do so. So you guys should be seeing some of my obsessive compulsive multiple updates a day again :). Also, I had some unfinished business here anyways, more on that later.

    I weighed the decisions I made in leaving, and I've weighed the decisions I make in coming back. Mainly I return for the people (those of you out there, I love you guys) that really come to this site, like it, other wierd things like making it their start page, etc. I can't go without knowing that its still the site you guys liked, and so here I am :). I have changed some prior decisions and preconceptions for the better, and you'll hopefully see evidence of that soon.

    Since it's REALLY late at night, I don't know what else to say right now... Expect to hear more from me in my old capacity soon.

    Slipgate (Alive again!)

    Well, another example of why we are human beings... The mailbag was updated yesterday, and we forgot to mention it.

    More Quake II Comin' At Ya!
    Seems that even though there is already a veritable plethora (kids, whip out your dictionaries) of Quake II sites to look at, more just keep on coming! Here are a couple of new ones:

  • Quake2 Domain
  • Stroggos.com
  • Paul Is Back With News
    The Steed of id is once again updating with some nice Quake II news! I found this of some interest:

    Gamewise I finished up the icons for all the sundry menu stuff. I was trying to get a pounded out dog-tag look while tying in the pounding id logo animation you'll get when you load the game. Think you'll dig the look of the menus. We tried to give the interface a little more interesting look.

    I'm currently working on animations that will play at the end of each unit completed. Not really cutscenes they're supposed to appear like a satellite recon kind of overhead thing which might be player on some intel officer's monitor on the command ship above your head. I'm putting in little wire frame animations and the format of the eight animations (I gotta get done tonight) will track your progress throughout the game.
    Update: An interview...
    Paul Steed was interviewed by Jo Nat Han recently, and is called "Paul Steed: An intimate portrait." I got a kick out of this one, especially Paul's choice of a wardrobe. Take a peek for a great personal Paul portrait!


    Saturday, November 8, 1997
    Intergraph on AGP
    Hanif just sent word of an article about Intergraph's position on AGP. Here is a quote that Hanif sent along:
    "....AGP offers a theoretical peak throughput of 528 MB/s in X2 mode and over 1 GB/s in X4 mode. The "bottleneck" occurs because the maximum throughput from the CPU to the system memory is also 528 MB/s..."
    You can check the article out for yourself at http://www.intergraph.com/ics/gettech/agp.htm.

    More Worklogs From Mr. Cash
    Looks like John Cash is holding to his worklog promise! Here is the latest one:
    Work Log
    *fixed yet another problem with swimmers making it out of the water
    *made flipper even faster; fish should be faster than a player is in the water
    *fixed problem after having a grenade go off in your hand
    *fixed railgun effect not showing if shot in to opaque liquids
    *cleaned up code for handling armor damage
    *fixed how power armor works. screen now only protects from the front and will stop up to 33% of damage, shield gives 360 degeree protection and save up to 66%.
    *made it so actors will not begin until targted
    *fixed it so triggers can be used to make monsters mad at actors
    *let actors have messages for the player

    Thank You!
    I would just like to thank Blitz at Quake2.com for being so supportive, and helpful in getting me settled at Quake2.com. I would also like to thank Rotwang for his high recommendation of me. And if you have any news to report, just mail me at bloodshot@quake2.com


    Changing of the Guard
    In light of Rotwangs decision to step down, he has suggested BloodShot as his successor. Expect to see him soon.

    Exit Rotwang
    I would like to wish a sincere farewell to Rotwang. He has contributed much to Quake2.com as a news informant and has also done a bang up job as Head News Editor since Slipgate left. Farewell dude and good luck with all your Real LifeTM endeavors.


    Fare Thee Well
    This is my final update at Quake2.com. I know this comes as a shock to many, and I wish it could have been avoided, but with every day I spend working on this site, Real LifeTM work piles up, and I can't ignore it any longer.

    I'd like to thank Slipgate and Blitz for giving me the opportunity to work at such an excellent site. It's been great.

    I'm not one for long goodbye's. If you need to contact me, for whatever reason, email me here. I'll probably answer. ;)

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled news.

    Alternate Tank Skin
    Alex K. sent this in. I've seen this before, but I'd like to mention it again. Amoung all the "Easter Eggs" in the Quake 2 Demo was this alternate skin for the Tank. I hope id decides to use it in the final game. I like it more than the regular version.

    Brian Hook .plan Update
    Missed this yesterday, check it out:

    Oh, I guess I'm going to implement support for the Microsoft Intellimouse's wheel/third mouse button. We're probably going to make a "spin up" generate an AUX message, and a "spin down" generate another AUX message, that way you can bind them to whatever.

    Today I tweaked menus. Joy. Tomorrow I'll hopefully integrate a bunch of menu changes that the artists requested and get the menu stuff out of my life forever.


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