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Wednesday, December 17, 1997 - Mid-Terms Week (day 3)
It's Mod! Yea, Baby, Yea!
Check out this little piece o' mail we recieved:

I've whipped up a Q2 mod page for my simple mods and would like to know if you'd put a link on your page to it, or at least mention it?

the url is

I've got a grapple hook, personal teleporter and of course, deathmatch messages...i see that Orange guy beat me to the punch with his configurable messages. That was my next enhancement for that mod, to add INI support...i am still going to do that, but i am also going to write a little windows program that will allow you to easily set up your custom messages with a pretty interface, instead of having users hack at an ini file (which they could potentially screw up).

Thanks for anything you can do for me.
Rob ( FLAvour )
How's that Rob?

Yes! Still More MODS!
Xarn sent us word that the Bounty Hunters mod is now fixed of all glitches (including a HUGE bug). Go get it and, uh, kill stuff.

More Reviews! (ugh)
...and they keep comin'. Redox Portal has posted THEIR Quake2 Review. Is it just me, or is everyone's head spinning from all of these? Anyways, this is supposedly a pretty groovy one, so go check it out. Thanks Acid Clown.

.plan land
The Hookster updated his .plan, addressing a GL issue:

Okay everbody, stop freaking out over the gl_swapinterval bug, it is not a big issue as far as I know. There is a misconception that this bug will cause people to lose framerate, and that is NOT true under most circumstances. As far as I know, the FX_GLIDE_SWAPINTERVAL environment variable that 3Dfx users are setting OVERRIDES their implementation of the OpenGL wglSwapIntervalEXT extension. This means that if you are setting FX_GLIDE_SWAPINTERVAL at all that this bug should not affect you. The default for this value is "1", which is also the default for the cvar in Quake2. The only way you could "lose" performance is if you inadvertently set the Quake2 cvar to something high, like "5", and forgot about it while playing. Even then I believe that the cvar is not archived, but I don't remember exactly (I'll check when I get back into the office).

So there's no reason to panic. The bug is very simple: if you set the cvar within Quake2, then change video modes (or switch refs, i.e. anything that causes a reload of the OpenGL DLLs), whatever value you set for gl_swapinterval will be ignored.

And, as I said earlier, if you set FX_GLIDE_SWAPINTERVAL, that should override the Quake2 cvar altogether.
Yea...um...stop freakin out! ...damn peons...heh. j/k. I wub j00 all !

Quake, Revisted
Good to see that all our favorite DM levels wont be lost with the coming of Quake2. Quake2 versions of DM4 and DM6 have already been released, with more to come. Woo, deja vu`. Thanks Loiosh and PsychoDad, respectively.

Quake2 In Newsweek (cont.)
As reported
earlier, Quake2 made a spot into Newsweek. Well, here's the transcript I promised you guys:
Quake II Rocks On

"Sequels aren't supposed to be different-just better. This week, id software's follow-up to its wildly successful Quake hits the shelves, and it does not disappoint. While battling your way through 39 levels of Quake II (1-800-idgames), pay attention to sounds of running water, footsteps, grunts and distant firefights. Even without a 3D accelerator card, the murky underwater views are realistic and the effect of shooting throught translucent glass is beautiful. But don't worry, there's still plenty of violence (the game has been banned in Germany). Your arsenal of weapons includes a chain-gun with spinning Gatling barrels, and a railgun, which fires a projectile that tears through alien Stroggs until it hits a wall. Slay bells ring..."
Thanks to the countless people who sent in mail. Good to see the people at Newsweek know how to sp00ge!

Jive Christmas Logo
Thanks Q11 for sending us a l33t Christmas logo for our humble little page here(He noticed we were being lazy). Notice anything? It features the Santa skin we reported on before! Cool beans :)


Tuesday, December 16, 1997 - Mid-Terms Week (day 2)
More New Guys
The Quake2.com DLL site has some new boys on staff to help with the work. JohnC and I would like to welcome Magnus Landqvist and Simon Bynand, both of whom have done some very good QuakeC work, to our happy little family. Congradulations on joining the best damned Quake2 site on the net. There are also two new tutorials up at thier site, covering lccwin32 and a proper makefile. Go see what they have now.

Sp00ge on Nightline
There's a
transcript of last nights Nightline up on the net now. It features an interview with id's Todd Hollenshead, and Ion's John Romero. Very interesting stuff. They discuss everything from violence, to women in gaming. Worth a read. Thanks Q11.

Quake2 First Impressions
A little late to the party, Sniper of games.net has posted his first impressions of Quake2. Go see what he has to say.

Quake2 .DLL Tutorials
There are now 5, count `em, 5 Quake2 .dll tutorials up on Inside 3D, providing clear, consise information. They will also be supplying a "getting started" section in the next few days for you newbies.

Quake2 in Newsweek
Quake2 is featured in the Cyber Scope section of the December 22 issue of Newsweek. Go read up. (If anyone can provide me with a transcript, I'd be grateful...)

Quake2 ASCII Chart
There's a new page up that features a list of Quake2 ASCII commands up
here. This will allow you to put those nifty little symbols in your online name, similar to what programs like QNM do automatically...

Attention All Skinners
BloodSpill is currently undertaking a Quake2 skin site project and needs your help. If you have any skins, please send them to him. Be sure to include all copyright infomation with them. All skins will be posted on the upcoming page, which will be finished shortly.

Bang Bang, You're Dead
There's a patch
here that allows you to operate the gun turret in the JAIL1 map. Lots of people had problems with that judging from the mail we recieved. Anyways, go download that puppy and "mount" that turret!

The Zombies JUST WONT DIE!!!
Disruptor made a .plan update with a fix for the problem of clients not clearing off the server if they dont disconnect properly:
Bug workaround: Zombies not clearing after a client disconnects (Network play) Add "+set zombietime -1000" to the command line of a dedicated server. This will clear out zombies after a client disconnects. This will be fixed properly in the point release. Thanks to John Cash for letting me know about this workaround.
So all you server maintainers, this one's for you. Kill those zombies. Thanks Q11.


Public Quake 2 BYOC LAN Party
LAN party in Vancouver BC, for more information about the event, check out Sniper.NET. BYOC = Bring your own computer.

Configurable Death Messages
There's a new mod out that let's you configure your own personal death messages for multi-player, check out Orange 2. That was probably one of the best things about Quake was the death messages, ride that rocket! Thanks Scrag
CTF Patch Released
Can't wait until you can get into the CTF action? Check out
Loki's Minions a brand new CTF version for Quake2.


Monday, December 15, 1997
New Voodoo Two News
Virtigo at Quake2-Ware has informed us that in the next couple of days he will be posting pieces of info from Boot about the Voodoo2. This, he claims, is all you will ever want to know about it. Hmm, sounds like a lot of info to me!

GameSpy News
GameSpy sent over some mail concerning their contest. Fargo informed us that there is still a few days left to submit entries, so get creative, and make some sounds! Fargo put together a highlights page to spotlight the beautiful entries so far. The rules for the contest are still here.

Also, a 1.01 to 1.5 installer patch is now available at the GameSpy page. This upgrades GameSpy (for registered users ONLY) to the latest version with Quake II support, and you don't have to configure the program to run Quake II by hand anymore.

And, last, but certainly not least, if a registered user has lost his/her key, they can mail orders@gamespy.com and get their order verified, and the key sent back to them. Make sure you include the email address GameSpy was registered under so that there are no mix-ups.


HowTo Guide for QuakeEd4
All you little budding Quake2 level designers, go check out this quick run through of the basics to QE4 (with screen shots). I've personally read over this, and it's pretty straight forward. It'll make you want to jump out there and try your hand at level compiling yourself.

Open For Business
The Quake2 File Fanatic, your one-stop-Quake2-file-shop, is now open for business. Go see what they have to offer.

Oak II Gurus Teach Quake2 DLLs
John C. of the Oak bot II project has put up a new Quake2 DLL tutorial here , which also includes some code from his current Oak bot project. Worth a read.

Comprehensive File Index
Just got word on a new page. This baby has a little taste of everything to help you make levels, skins, or mods. It also has plenty of files availabe for download. Go check it out.

New FAQ Release
v1.0 of the Unofficial Quake2 FAQ by Satanic has been released. This offers more comprehensive analysis of the game (since it's been released), and updates on almost every section. Go check it out, and get your questions answered.

"Pure3D-Brother" Info.
As reported
before, Miro HiScore 3d, a clone of sorts for Pure3D, is available in Europe (though as I hear supplies are getting limited), for those of you who were unfortunate enough to miss the Pure3D shipping deadline for Christmas. Here are the site addresses of the stores that carry this card in the UK:
  • Simply Computers
  • Watford Electronics
  • You can find contact info. on these pages. Thanks for the outpour of help on this issue. You guys rock :)

    Quake2 Buttons
    As you can see above, we now have two "Quake2 Now" style buttons you can use. These were submitted by q13. Dig it.


    Sunday, December 14, 1997
    Quake2-Ware Reviews FireGL 1000 Pro
    Virtigo from Quake2-Ware informed me that a new review is up - The FireGL 1000 Pro. Go scope it.

    Quake2 Skins in Photoshop
    Here's a *slightly* lengthy letter that I received, but it's cool, and explains how to make Quake2 skins in Photoshop:
    How to make skins using Photoshop 4.0:

    You will need q2.act

    If you open up a Quake2 skin in Photoshop you will notice that it loads up as a grayscale mess. To make it look like the skin should, follow these steps.

    1. Load up the .pcx file
    you will notice that the image loads up in grayscale mode.

    2. Change the mode to Indexed Color(Image|Mode|Indexed Color)

    3. Now to load the proper palette go to Color Table(Image|Mode|Color Table)
    Now a large set of boxes will pop up. Click on the Load button and select the q2.act file then click OK.

    4. Now the skin should look as intended. To get the full editing capabilities of Photoshop, Change the image to RGB Color Mode(Image|Mode|RGB Color)
    Now you can edit the skin freely


    To convert the skin back to a usable Quake2 Skin: (Assuming your image is in RGB Mode)

    1. First you must switch your image to the q2.act palette by changing to Indexed Color Mode(Image|Mode|Indexed Color). A small dialog will come up. In the Palette combobox chose Custom, and set Dither to None, then click OK. An other dialog will come up, click Load, select the q2.act file, and click OK. (Now the image is in the 256 color limited pallet that quake uses. You may notice that your image's colors have change some what. This is because the Quake2 skins can only use a certain set of colors.)

    2. Now you have to get the skin back to the grayscale jumble. Go to Color Table(Image|Mode|Color Table) a palette will pop up. In the Table combobox chose Grayscale and click OK.

    3. Now that you have your proper jumble, put the image into Grayscale Mode(Image|Mode|Grayscale) It will ask you if you want to discard color information, chose yes.

    4. Save your file in the .pcx format in c:\quake2\baseq2\players\male\ or c:\quake2\baseq2\players\female\(depending on the gender of your Skin and where you installed Quake2).

    If you play Multiplayer everyone you are playing with must have your skin.

    Adam Padron(DataHead on EFnet)

    Teamplay / Death Message Patch
    Mark Fowler has released a patch that allows male vs. female teamplay, and adds some demented kill messages (which were lacking from Quake2). Go get it here, and spice up your deathmatches.

    The Mirror has posted an article with Nite, of 3dx.org and Trinity.cc . Go have a look-see at the guy behind the scenes.

    Hope For Christmas
    As I reported
    earlier, the Pure3D accellerator card has been delayed. Those who order/ordered after December 10 wont recieve it until the New Year. Well, there might be hope (if you don't mind the shipping charges). We have just recieved word that Miro HiScore 3D, a card supposedly identical to the Pure3D, is in plentiful stock in Europe. So, if you REALLY need a 3Dfx board by Christmas, (and who doesn't?) pick up a Europe directory and give 'Simply Computers' or 'Watford Electronics' a call.

    P.S. - If anyone can give us the number of these stores, we'll post it.

    Final Sound Fix
    Traxx sent along a .cfg fix for the Ensoniq, Crystal Audio, and other non-soundblaster soundcards. Hopefully, this WILL be the final fix. These cards should now work great in low quality sound, and fine in high. Download it
    here. Here is a brief explanation on how to use it:
    Delete config.cfg in your X:/quake2/baseq2 (X=the drive where Quake2 is at). Copy the config.cfg here to that directory, and start up Quake2 in your new audio.
    If you own one of these cards, download the fix ASAP.

    Quake2 DM Map
    Lacerate, a new Quake2 DM Level has been released by jerkoff. From the screenshots I've seen, it looks to be a really well made DM map, with great use of colored lighting if you have a 3Dfx card.

    Yes, Veronica, There IS a Santa Clause...
    Um, well, magician sent along this little skin for a Santa Quaker, done with the female skin. It looks EVIL. I'm afraid to even open it again...it's going to compile itself in my sleep and kill me.....mommy!

    WHaCK, Upside Yo' Head
    Quake2 Weapons Hack v0.1 has been released, check out the press release:
    The most interesting features are the railgrenade - when grenades explode they shoot multiple railslugs in random directions, and the new quad rocket launcher - when quad, instead of doing 4X damage, the rocket launcher shoots a cluster of five rockets.

    That pretty much speaks for itself, go check out that wicked piece of work.

    Girlz, Girlz, Girlz
    GameGirlz' Aurora has posted an editor's note on females online, and why many of them prefer to be "assumed male". Well, you know what happens when you assume...you make a... wait a second, that makes no sense. Just go read it! Ugh, guess I'm still messed up from that legalized speed...

    Legalized Speed
    Just a small tip from your friend and mine, Dave. If you type "-speed" in the console (without the quotes), you can walk wicked fast. Supposedly it makes the game a lot better (I wouldn't know...I don't have Quake2 yet... but I'm not jeylouse...no...ARGH!)

    TerraFORMA's Recruiting New Peons
    "r" from Stomped send along this message:
    The project is a very ambitious partial conversion, about which no details can yet be revealed, but suffice it to say that it will be on the scale of "Zerstoerer: Testament of the Destroyer" by nihilism Unlimited or Steve Fukuda's "Apocalypse" project.

    Full details about this project, which will be terraFORMA's crowning achievement to date, are available on the website at:

    -Ryan "BabelFish" Freebern, coordinator
    Think you have what it takes? This could be a ride to game fame. Go check it out.

    All Hell Broke Loose
    As you have noticed, we havn't updated all day today. Let me explain. First off, Slipgate and Bloodshot are pretty much unavailable for the weekend, and I think Nigel is as well (but I'm not sure of his situation). I, on the other hand, was nuked on IRC last night, which forced me to get nuke protection software, which in tern corrupted my computer. I've spent all day today restoring it. So, please bare with us. This, coupled with Mid-Terms, are killing us. Please bare with us as we battle through these next five days. Thanks. I'll get to updating shortly.


    Saturday, December 13, 1997
    Couple of Firsts
    It looks like the "firsts" are starting to come out. Quake Lab has a map out and Sin City has a rocket mod up.


    .plan update
    Brian Hook made an EXTREMELY lengthy .plan update, too big to even think about posting directly here, about Voodoo cards and next generation Voodoo2 cards (including benchmarks). This is really worth a read, so go to the bathroom, grab a Pepsi, and sit down for a bit to read this baby.

    Quake II Frag Logging v0.1
    Quake2 Frag Logging, a program that adds a console variable to allow fraglogging in the same format as the quakeworld fraglogs, has been released. It works with existing QuakeWorld frag log parsers, so you shouldn't have much trouble switching over. You can go here to download it. The source code is also included in the program zip file.

    Don't Forget...
    Just a reminder to everyone to check our archives for old news. We occasionally archive to save bandwidth. So, if you're wondering why an article was here, but now is missing, head on down to the bottom of this page and click on the "Archives" link. That will take you to a menu of our 'vintage news'.

    Quake II Models
    Disruptor updated his .plan with information on making Quake2 models, along with uploading this file to help you get started. Read on:
    I uploaded some files to help you all get started with creating player models. You can view them in TexPaint (which John released the source for yesterday), and if you have a 24bit GL card, you can even use TexPaint to paint on the models.

    They are located at;


    I've included the base.tri from each the male and player model along with one LBM to get you started with, as well as one of their crouching and standing frames.

    I was also going to upload the conversion utility I hacked together that we used to convert maps from Quake I to Quake II format, but after giving it futher thought, it was really a moot point. QE4 can read in Quake I maps, and you are going to need to retexutre all your maps anyway (My program didn't handle that as all our QI format maps already contained Q2 texture names). The program didn't handle converting entities from one type to another because we didn't need that functionality (again, everything in the QI format maps were already using the new Q2 entities.)

    Please excuse our reporting on this late. This weekend we are short-handed, and most of us are trying to study for midterms next week *sigh*. Thanks Blue.

    A Blast From The Past
    With the release of Quake, many people complained about the lack of MIDI music, a former trademark of id software's products. Now, Brandon Reinhart of v0id Tecnomancy has released a program for Quake2 that allows you to listen to MIDI files while you frag, just like in the good old DOOM days. Go check it out and download it here, along with some sample MIDI files.

    Tell Your Story
    Just recieved this press release from Ragin of the Quake2 Mirror:
    December 13, 1997

    To All you who have played Quake 2. Visit the Mirror, and submit your editorial. We will post everything related to Quake 2. Good or Bad, Negative or Positive. Don't Just read the News, Reflect the News.
    So head on over to the Mirror and submit your editorial!


    IRC party update
    Good news! All of the trivia winners contact information has been recovered with the exception of just 2 people, Matthias "Langsuyar" Worch and "corpse." If they could get in touch with me... Once we get these 2 squared away we will publish the edited log of the otherwise fun and very successful event.


    Another Quake2 Review
    There's a new Quake2 review up over at Dreamland. Go see what you're missing (or if you already have Q2, well, go and see what your nieghbor's missing...or something...yea...).

    New QNM
    Remember being in the midst of a deathmatch, and seeing some guy's name scroll with wierd symbols all over the screen, right before you were fragged from being destracted? Did you ever worry that with the advent of Quake2, you would never be graced by those little names again? Well, fear not, cause a new version has just been released! You can grab it here! It has all sorts of new features, so go sp00ge over those nifty animated names!.

    Oak II
    Work on a new Oak bot for Quake2 has now begun, though it's in it's very early stages still (they've only gotten so far as to spawn it). Go check out it's progress.

    Sweet God NO!!!
    Just saw over at Redw00ds page that Pure3D, the best 3Dfx card to date, will not be shipped in time for Christmas to the people that ordered after December 10, due to the numerous order requests (what would you expect?). In other words, if you havn't ordered your Pure3D card by now...don't bother. All orders placed now will be shipped by January 12, 1998.


    IRC party
    The IRC party last night was quite a full encounter. It went relatively well, people were going crazy :) and Zoid helped field a lot of questions (thanks Zoid!). I wanted to say my appreciation to all the id guys who tried to come who couldn't make it (Paul Steed, Disruptor, etc.) and of course a thank you to the id guy that did make it (Thanks again Zoid!).

    The only really bad thing that happened at the party was that as I was maintaining a list of who won what prizes in the trivia contest and their personal information in order to deliver the prizes, I was tear dropped and my computer hung :(. Fortunately we have my log, and right now its being sifted through to get the contact information for the trivia winners. All the prizes except 2 copies of Worldcraft, 2 copies of QOOLE, and 1 Quake 2 copy were given away, the organizers decided after I was tear dropped to end the trivia contest and return those remaining prizes. The prizes that were awarded were:

  • 8 copies of Worldcraft registered
  • 8 copies of registered QOOLE (now with Quake 2 support!)
  • 3 author autographed copies of the Deathmatch Manifesto by Robert Waring.
  • 2 Sidekick controllers by Moritz Designs.
  • One Gamespy registration.

    The winners of the Sidekick controllers need not concern themselves, Moritz Designs got the contact information for both winners before I got tear dropped and will be shipping the prizes themselves.

    For everyone else: We should soon have the log sifted through and rediscover 99% of the people who won prizes and their contact information. There are a very few people who informed me of their contact information via DCC chat, so their contact information is not in the log. These people are identified though, and we'll get in touch with them about regetting the necessary information (perhaps by putting a call out to them here on the news page once we know who's who).

    We're holding off on publishing the (edited) log of the party until this trivia situation is corrected. Despite what happened it was a great party and I hope everyone enjoyed it who came.

    One note before I close: I need to install DUN (Dial Up Networking) 1.2, but I have OSR2 and the installation EXE complains and will not do the upgrade. If *anyone* can let me know how to install DUN 1.2 on this machine of mine, I can be on the way to protecting myself against future tear drops.