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Sunday, December 21, 1997
Game Info Weapons updated
The "weapons" section of our Game Info (available from the left hand menu) has been updated with all the weapons from registered Quake 2 by Paubo.

Expect the enemies section to be up to date in a few days.

Loki's Minions CTF version update
Loki's Minions CTF has had a new release, but the version number has not changed from 1.1a. The new 1.1a fixes a number of bugs and issues apparently. Get it from the
Loki's Minions CTF website, and you'll also find there a complete list of changes or fixes since the last version and a list of servers running the newest version.

Brian Hook .plan update
Brian Hook made a .plan update with some coding information and a rant about people who assume that their gripes with a product are the same as everyone else's gripes and so forth. Too long to post, but check it out.

The Oak, take II
Anyone ever played the Oak bot for Quake? If you liked the Oak, you'll be sure to love Quake 2's Oak II, under development now by the authors of the Oak... check out its webpage, hosted by PlanetQuake.

BSP is now at version 0.89b... saw that at the BSP HeadQuarters.

Paul Steed explains
Paul Steed updated his .plan with an explanation for his post before regarding mod authors and clarifying that he has no ill will towards mod authors.

Voodoo 2 stuff
Thanks to Meryj7 for the word that a good article about the Voodoo 2 is in the print version of Next Generation magazine (January 1998 issue, but supposed to be already out)... she got that by way of Voodoo Extreme.

Famkebot correction
It turns out that OpenQuake in fact verified the latest version, 1.6, but that they *thought* it was 1.5. Saw that on the FamkeBot page.

Skins (updated (again))
  • The Hall of Skins is a new skins website.
  • Quake 2 Kill is yet another skins ite.
  • New skin tutorial over here... thanks V-Die-Nice of clan GIB.
  • Here is a new ninja skin set.
  • SkinForge has posted its first skin... thanks Rotwang.
  • A new conversion of the Quake guy skin to Quake 2 can be gotten here, by Zak.
  • Yet another skin page to check out.

    New QTracker
    Again from Blue's, a new QTracker version has been released on The QTracker page. New features in this release are Hexen2 IPX support, Quake 2 support (of course), and more.

    More DLL discussion
    Dalias, author of the Quake editor Quake Studio (I believe that was the name) has got a blurb up on his page about DLL security among other things, which ties back to Armin Rigo's proposal on making portable mods that we reported a few days ago. Thanks Blue.

    Saw on Blue's that H3D has got their stereo glasses for Quake and Quake 2 ready. Like Blue, I saw these in action at QuakeCon and they were pretty impressive. Go to the H3D website for more information.

    OpenQuake news
    OpenQuake has now verified the death messages, WHaCK, and Famkebot (which is hosted by us) patches. They've all been deemed safe. Thanks Quinn.

    An additional note about the Famkebot: The version reviewed by OpenQuake was version 1.5, but version 1.6 just recently came out. The author has submitted the new version to OpenQuake to be verified, but rest assured it is safe. Get version 1.6 here (in fact, that link will always lead to the latest released version). Check out the FamkeBot page for more information on the bot.

    About death messages
    Joakim Eriksson sent us e-mail indicating that in Quake 2 death message mods, doing checks to see which weapon is in use by an opponent when killed (to print the proper death message) does not accurately work because the weapon in use is checked at the time of the death of the opponent. In short, if you fire a BFG10K and then switch to a shotgun before someone is killed by the BFG, when that person does get killed by the BFG the weapon check would indicate you are using the shotgun and the death message that would print would indicate that you killed an opponent with the shotgun. There is apparently a work around for this, but Joakim says it is 10-20 lines of code. I won't pretend to be extremely knowledgeable on this, so I recommend death message mod writers get in touch with him.

    Quake 2 Domain news
    Quake 2 Domain has redesigned their site and is looking for feedback on the new layout now. Thanks Surber.

    The Next Dimension has put up a favorable Quake 2 review... upon looking at the site one finds many many other reviews of other games.

    We made a slight update to our servers page. If you didn't know, we run a server at stroggos.quake2.com you are welcome to play on.

    QE4 installer
    The folks over at LevelEd have made a QE4 (id's Quake2 editor) installer, gettable here. Thanks Rotwang.

    Updated the staff/credits, thanks to Stonage for the most recent updated finger service and thanks to Konrad Kennington for presenting this site with an award.

    New tutorial
    Our hosted site Quake II DLLs has the next tutorial in the series on bot programming up.

    Brian Hook at work
    Brian Hook made two .plan updates about some stuff he's been doing with Quake 2 now.

    New TC
    Mushroom Blue Entertainment has another Quake 2 TC up their sleeve, as indicated by this e-mail from them:

    Mushroom Blue Entertainment is proud to annouce there newest Quake 2 TC, Area 51. This project is looking for help in all aspects of quake 2 editing, contact Sean at insane_soul@hotmail.com for information.
    New PingTool
    PingTool 1.7 is available at the PingTool page.

    ServObit bug
    Thanks Rohn for sending us this e-mail from the author of ServObit:

    SteQve, creator of the ServObit mod which generates Quake 1 style death messages for Quake 2, has found a Big Freakin' Bug (BFB) that may apply to other Death Message mods as well, since all Death Message mods must effectively manipulate the same internal data structures. This bug crashes the Quake 2 server.

    The bug is triggered when two players kill each other at the same time; a death message is printed for one person, then the server crashes. This is the symptom of ServObit, and is likely the symptom of other affected Death Message mods. It is likely that not all death message mods are affected by this bug.

    Details can be found at http://www.shore.net/~steqve/bfb.html. SteQve would like to hear from other Death Message modders as well as server operators who have experienced this type of problem.

    - SteQve
    Weapon FAQ
    Saw on Blue's that Randy Pitchford of Rebel Boat Rocker wrote up a Quake 2 weapon FAQ, based on the source code. The main highlight is its description in detail of the BFG10K behavior (shucks, and I was hoping Tony Fabris would write that FAQ :) ). Get it here.

    Vanilla CTF
    There's a new flavor of Quake 2 CTF out, Vanilla CTF. Whether these CTF versions for Quake 2 plan on disbanding after the point release/mission pack including CTF or continuing to go forward using the id CTF codebase remains to be seen.

  • There's a ton of new Quake 2 related stuff at Inside 3D, including 7 Q2 tutorials, a new bot project, and more. Thanks Timmi.
  • Check out Quake2CTF.com.
  • The Database is a website promising to offer a great deal for many different games, Q2 included.
  • A name that rolls off the tongue of Quake2yness, check out Planet Stroggos.

  • Here is a new DM level to try out.
  • And this one.
  • If you can't figure out how to properly use the Quake 2 laser beams (the ones that block passageways and hurt you if you touch them), AKUMA has made an example level on how to use them, over at his homepage.

    Zanshin knows best
    Zanshin's GLQuake Dojo has a news blurb about PowerVR PCX2 performance with colored lighting.

    Quake, anyone?
    Interested in a converted set of the Quake textures for Quake 2 (to .WAL format)? If so, James Canady has made what you are looking for, grab it here.

    Quake 2 runes
    If you want CTF-like runes for Quake 2, grab this mod here.

    Quake 2 review competition
    Saw on Blue's that there is a Quake 2 review competition over at Next Generation. Lots of cool prizes, check it out.


    Undernet TCs Channel
    There is now a channel on IRC Undernet for all who create TCs and play 'em: #Quake2tc. Thanks Michael Pacheco.

    Scarecrow's Quake2 Buttons Updated
    Scarecrow just told us (well, not JUST told us, but earlier today at some point :) that his website Scarecrow's Quake2 Buttons has been updated, and it now has 55 buttons. Go there and find some lovely buttons to decorate your website with. <G>

    Quakevoice Project
    Thanks to Hanif for letting us know about a new project that has been started by DLLhappy called Quakevoice. It allows you to speak in realtime with someone during a deathmatch without needing any new hardware. For more information, go here.

    Quake2 Items Update
    Here's word from Paubo:

    Hi guys, it's Paubo, maintainer of some of the quake2.com game info sections. Please post a news update and tell everyone that the items page is done, with all of the stuff from the full version of Quake 2 included.

    I am working very hard right now to finish up the monsters and weapons pages, I have all the numbers, and I just need to get some more pictures and make everything into html files, and I should be able to finish it before x-mas. I'll let you know when I'm done. For now, I've updated the individual monsters and weapons pages with the "correct" numbers from the source code (some of the old ones were a bit off).

    See ya
    In case you don't know, you can get to the Quake2 Game Info sections via the links provided on the lefthand side of your screen.

    AWOQ2 Site Update
    Mosquito informed us that AWOQ2 has updated with their first review of a DM map.

    PlanetQuake Unveils the 'QuakeII Marine Survival Guide'
    PlanetQuake has just put up a new section to their ever-growing website: The QuakeII Marine Survival Guide, a section devoted to walkthroughs of the units in Quake2. There are detailed walkthroughs to the first four units, including screenshots of those spots you might be stuck in. The project is being led by Jamie 'Thrrrpptt!!' Madigan, author of The Chaos Sphere which are the acclaimed Hexen2 walkthroughs over at HexenWorld. Thanks Fargo.

    Quake2 Review
    Apparently, GameSpot has put up a Quake2 review. Thanks quitedown.

    Quake2 DM PC
    Thanks to John Hubinette for letting us know about a new PC for Q2 deathmatches (I think?) called Chaos City. This URL contains more info on it.

    The Return of Nigel
    Sorry for my lack of updates lately, I've been really busy with other stuff. But, lucky for all of us, jobe has been working his little self harder to make up for it. :) Also, when sending attachments to us via e-mail, please mail us first and ASK to do so. It's really aggravating to sit through a 1 meg download that you didn't expect in addition to getting the normal heap of mail we here at Quake2.com get in a day. Thanks. :)


    Saturday, December 20, 1997
    Skin Contest Extended
    Just a short note. The skin contest has been extended until January 2, 1998. Go make those skins!!!

    Quake2.com Skin Contest FAQ
    There's a new FAQ for the skin contest up here. It will be constantly updated until the deadline for the contest with news, Questions/Answers, a list of tutorials, and other things to help you in your skin making quest. Go check it out. (the page will load in this frame) Go make those skins!


    New finger service
    Muchas gracias to Stonage of UnrealNation for providing us with a new finger service to see the latest updates. For now, it's data will be a little suspect since it was just born, but as id guys update their .plans it will start detecting it and start printing legitimate data.

    Mod/level announcements
  • A new 2-8 player deathmatch level has been released, get it here. Thanks Acid-Jazz.
  • Another TC announcement:

    Black Eye Entertaiment is proud to announce Chronos Quake2 Total Conversion. Itīs temporary page is at:
    We are in need of 2 level designers, 2 modellers/skinners and a C++ programming expert. You must have some work to show us. If you want to join us, please mail dan_naoumov@hotmail.com. It is recommended not to send us ANY file attachments. Just tell me the URL, where I can pick your work.
    Dan "Jago" Naoumov
    Quake 2 review
    Plug and Play, an online magazine, has posted a review of Quake 2. Thanks David Israels.

    Quake skin for Quake 2
    Gateway (not to be confused with the Rogue Entertainment guy) has made a version of the original Quake character's skin for the Quake 2 male. It is gettable here.

    Paul Steed .plan updates
    Yesterday, Paul Steed made a .plan update about his take on women in gaming, and two .plan updates about how people are changing aspects of Quake 2 back to how they were in Quake 1 (i.e. rocket speed, etc.). They can all be read in his .plan.

    Gamespy news
    Gamespy beta 3 (for registered only) is available, and they are promising a shareware version of 1.5 on December 24th. Check it all at
    gamespy.com. Thanks Fargo.

    TC under development
    Here's another announcement your way:

    Mushroom Blue Entertainment's Quake 2 TC, Survival, is in deperate need of some good programmers and a dedicated web-master!
    Other positions availible...
    Contact Jared Hosh @ nuketc@hotmail.com
    or visit our web site at...
    Another book
    The Walrus sent us a letter about another book for Quake 2 (not sure if this is the same as the one Thresh was involved in but it is *apparently* not the same one).

    Here's what he wrote:

    I got word through e-mail that the official Quake 2 strategy guide should be coming out in January. It seems that it's a joint project between ID software and GT Interactive. There could be more companies in on the book but that's all I know of. Along with the book there will be a disk with some new Quake 2 levels on it. It seems that the levels will come from your friends on the net and not from ID level designers. I myself was asked to do a level for the book so I am currently working on one. All levels have to be approved by ID first so nothing is set in stone yet. Keep your eye out for the book, it's gonna be good.

    -The Walrus
    Quake 2 websites
    Now's a good time to mention Quake2Review, which posts impressions of various mods and has done several already. Thanks sCrag.

    Quake 2 levels/mods
  • Loki's Minions CTF has been updated and moved to PlanetQuake, now available here.
  • TeleBallz 1.2 is out, get it here. Thanks Blue.
  • A DM3 remake has been made of Quake 2. Get your screenshots here and your file here.
  • A grappling hook mod has been released, get it here.
  • A DM1 conversion for Quake 2 is out now. Saw that on Blue's.

    More drivers
    To round out our driver list of the day, there's new Soundblaster drivers, grab em here. Saw that on a couple of sites.

    New Pure3D drivers
    There's new pure 3d drivers out now, get them here. Props to Redwood.

    Newer 3Dfx driver
    The last driver Jack Mathews released had a problem, get this newer version (q2 only).

    QE4 crashes?
    QE4's crashing with 3DLabs cards is apparently fixed now via a new driver provided by Gateway to Redwood. Get it here.


    Friday, December 19, 1997
    Quake2.com Skin Contest Note
    I made a small note on the skin contest here. I also updated the rules to include it.


    NSD for Quake 2
    It turns out that a Quake 2 NSD (Nightmare Speed Demo) has been released on The NSD page, along with a blurb on how to reach the nightmare difficulty mode, which is not available on the game menu.

    Gibstats II
    Unsure if we've mentioned this before, but Gibstats II, a Quake 2 version of the popular Quake frag logger, is available on The Gibstats page. Version 1.1 is latest as of this writing.

    Since ftp.cdrom.com is the primary archive, usually mods will be up there before any mention of them hits here... so be sure to check out ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/idgames2/quake2/ frequently, but be wary of the DLL mods.

    Worldcraft tutorial
    A tutorial on using Worldcraft with Quake 2 has come out for the meanwhile until version 1.6 comes out at the end of the year. Saw that on PlanetQuake.

    Multi mods?
    Saw on PlanetQuake that the Quark author Armin Rigo has written up a proposal on mod design that suggests ways in which mods can be written to be able to gracefully combine different mods. It's gettable here.

    More Gateway .plan updates
    Gateway has been making several more .plan updates about QE4's manual, check out his .plan to see it all.

    Secrets List
    I keep forgetting to mention Stomped list of Quake 2 secrets, compiled by BraFish. You can get it here.

    Also, CO2 over at PlanetQuake has written one up as well it seems, available here.


    Attention Quake1/2 Skin Makers!
    The time has come. Do you think you have what it takes? We hope so...

    That's right, Quake2.com is holding a contest! We need your help in making an official skin for the members of the Quake2.com staff. What's in it for you? Well, how about a wicked Official Quake2.com T-Shirt shipped right to your door, with our logo on the front and a customized message on the back to make sure EVERYONE knows you're the best damned skin maker around! Sound good? Well, here's the deal. We're looking for Quake AND Quake2 skins. Wanna try your hand at it? Read the contest rules/requirements
    here. We will give out a shirt for the winner of the choosen Quake skin, and a shirt for the winner of the choosen Quake2 skin! There is one catch...you only have until December 26 to send in your skin. So what are you waiting for?! We're sparing no expense on the prize for you guys, so get out there and show us what you've got! Any questions / comments can be sent to me. Please don't hesitate to mail :)

    Added Note: Please include one screenshot of the skin in action when submitting Quake2 skins.

    Steed Interview
    QnewZ has an interview up with the ego of id, Paul Steed. Very interesting, as a "Steed interview" always is. Go check it out.

    Aenima Now Hiring
    Filth of Aenima Interactive sent along this little message, stating that Aenima is now looking for people to participate in thier new venture:

    Aenima Interactive (aenima.telefragged.com) has gone under some changes recently, the biggest being that we are no longer going to be doing a Quake 2 TC. We are not dead however! Aenima is going to be commited to creating DM paks for Quake 2! what i am looking for is people who have done quake single player, DM maps. You MUST have at least one Quake map out. If you dont, you wont even be considered. The DM pak will have a total of 10 maps, and will NOT include any new weapons, powerups...just pure hardcore DM mayhem. If your interested in working on this, and, hopefully more projects, please send any Quake bsp's, in ZIP format (no raw bsp's please..) to filth@telefragged.com
    Hmmm...maybe I should apply :)


    Thursday, December 18, 1997
    A better way to aim?
    BH-SiteZ has been released for Quake 2.... the best way to do this is to quote the e-mail we received:

    I've just finished our first installment of BH-SiteZ2 for quake2. The site pack includes:

    48 total crosshairs
    4 types - dot, inverted V, closed cross, open cross
    6 colors - purple, bright green, pale yellow, red, bright yellow, orange
    2 sizes - small and large

    everything needed to insert the new crosshairs is included in the zip..
    which is located at:

    you can also download the original BH-SiteZ for normal QuakeWorld at:
    which features 9 different crosshairs in 3 colors (27 total)..
    Thanks Burt Lahn.

    New 3dfx gl driver and Verite driver
    The memory leak described recently in Quake 2's 3dfx gl driver by Jack Mathews has been fixed.... get the new driver

    Also, a new Verite driver has been released, that I originally thought was only for Q2Test.... Owen Evans tells me though that the driver is only for the full game and does not work with the demo. If you want to get it, head over to BJorn's 3D World.

    Disruptor .plan update
    Christian "Disruptor" Antkow updated his .plan about an update on our website earlier today. Here's what he said about our posting:

    Just saw this on www.quake2.com. People Magazine has a poll up for the most intriguing people of 1997, and saw that Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead and Army of Darkness fame) is up in the running for the top 10 (He wrote for forward to Waring's Deathmatch Manifesto).

    A lot of the elements from Army of Darkness were the inspiration for DOOM. If you're a fan of DOOM or enjoyed Army of Darkness, it'd be really cool if you voted for Bruce =)

    So what are you all waiting for? Go vote for the man already! :)

    MPlayer offers Quake 2 service
    MPlayer has premiered Quake 2 multiplayer on their service. Thanks Adam and nightly1 (who I lost the e-mail address of, sorry).

    Thresh on QuakeCast
    Thresh was on QuakeCast, talking about the now twice mentioned strategy book he was involved in producing... go to the QuakeCast web site to listen to the show.

    Websites (updated)
  • phreaky has started the kaoz zone.
  • QuakeLab 2 has begun. Thanks Hanif.
  • Divide Overflow, the YPOD modeller, is starting a project called The Quake 2 Player Model Pak, with a temp website here.
  • Flasher 907's Quake 2 Art Vault has moved.
  • Fargo wrote up a FAQ to the Quake 2 mailing lists on PQ.
  • Check out Epicenter, a Quake 2 site at WarZone.

    Loki's Minions CTF
    Loki's Minions CTF for Quake 2 has been updated to version 1.1.

    New features:
  • simple Grappling hook (being improved)
  • More obvious flag carrier

    They are running servers also, here is a list:
  • quake2.knightowl.com
  • ctf.iqc.net

    Flag carriers will notice the obelisks seem to have problems keeping up with their movement, apparently because of player prediction, and is a problem they don't yet have a solution for. E-mail them (with the links provided later in this update) if you can assist.

    Things under development include:
  • Improving the grappling hook
  • Letting people stay on walls when they switch weapons
  • A Message of the Day proclaiming the server name and a place to download skins

    They are looking for level designers and texture artists as well, but they note to not send attachments without first asking them. They have a request out that anyone running any other servers with LM CTF, or about the level designer/texture artist jobs, or to aid with the prediction problem, e-mail mike@ictv.com or Wanker. Thanks Wanker.

    Gateway updated his .plan about the progress of the manual for QE4.

    From the makers of FVF...
    FreeForm Interactive, makers of FVF, have invented a Quake 2 mod called Equalizer, available here.

    Here is the q2.act file for you Photoshop Quake 2 texture artists... thanks to multiple people for sending it in. Update: "Save to disk" the link, don't just click it.

    Levels (updated)
  • The author of the DM4 modification made some mistakes with it, so here is the fixed version.
  • Marinus van Aswegan in South Africa has released a one on one level.
  • Here is an original level we were told about for 10-30 players.
  • Saw on Blue's and Redwood's that a conversion of the deathmatch level by Levelord in Mission Pack 1 to Quake 2 has been released. Get it here.
  • "Mindbomb" updated the Q2 version of DM6 mentioned yesterday with the author's permission to include colored lighting... here's the new version.

    Forgot to mention that Operation 3.D.F.X. has posted an interview with Disruptor of id Software, available here, also callaham.com has the first interview with artist and web designer Walter |2| Costinak.

    Using modems in Quake 2
    Although modem use is explained in the Quake 2 FAQ here, here is another page that explains how to use modems in Quake 2.

    Gamespy 1.5 beta 2
    Gamespy 1.5 beta 2 has been released, again for registered users only. Thanks Fargo.


    Quake2.com's New Christmas Logo
    I just got done the official Quake2.com Christmas logo. I put it up, and I hope ya like it :)


    New hosted sites
    We've got two new sites hosted, the Webring Index (which has multiple varieties of Quake 2 webrings for different types of sites) as a replacement for the old web and clan rings, and also we are now hosting the website of the only deathmatch bot for Quake 2 out yet, the FamkeBot.

    Mailbag's (been) up
    Satanic has completed this week's mailbag.

    Two Quake 2 LAN parties in planning to check out are here and here.

    Wingman Warrior support
    Mark Perry sent us a config for using a Wingman Warrior with Quake 2.

    People magazine thing
    A little off topic, but Robert Waring's a good friend of mine, so here is an e-mail he sent me to post:

    Robert E. Waring is on a crusade to put Bruce Campbell into People magazines Top 10! Bruce Campbell wrote the forward to Waring's Deathmatch Manifesto, which CNET called "The Ultimate Deathmatch Book" and Mr. Waring believes the power of the Internet Quake community can perform the online poll and get Bruce into the top 10. It's our way of thanking Bruce for his great performances in movies like Evil Dead and Army of Darkness, which, according to Waring, were the inspiration for DOOM and we all know how DOOM started this whole 3D action craze! Let's show America the power of the Internet! Let's see how high up the ladder we can get him.

    If he makes it into the top 10, they will do an article with pictures in the magazine. It would be a nice boost for his career and also truly let him know that his fans are 100% behind him.

    You can only vote once, but if you have multiple screen names, you can vote for him once under each name.

    Here's the URL to cast your vote(s).


    Make it happen, Don't delay. CAST YOUR VOTE NOW!!!

    Robert E. Waring - http://www.a1.com/djanitors
  • Condemned is a TC under work by AlienPhobia.
  • Orange version 0.4 for Quake 2 has been released. Props to Tungsten[CNN] for being the informer on that one.
  • OpenQuake has moved to new server space, put up a "using LCC-Win32 with Quake 2" tutorial, and begun reviewing mods for safety. Mods already reviewed include QTeamPlay and Q2MidiMod. Also the front page has information from John Cash about custom sounds and commands and using MP3 files with Quake 2. Thanks Quinn.
  • The aforementioned Q2MidiMod, which OpenQuake deems safe, is worth a mention (it lets you play MIDI files along with Quake 2 levels).
  • The aforementioned QTeamPlay of course.
  • Hawk 197 released a taunts patch for Quake 2, available here.
  • TeleBallz is a fun (and safe, myself and Redwood have tried it) mod that helps prevent camping. What it does, in the words of the author:
    What it does, is it's a defensive weapon, you dont have to switch to it to use, just bind a key to "wave 5" and when you hit it, it throws a ball out, when it explodes it teleports anything within it's damage radius off to another part of the level. Everyone loved the version I wrote for Quake so I wrote the Q2 version. It's a great Anti-camper weapon, also great for when you get lost, or you just picked up PENT and want to appear somewhere and catch someone off guard. You get 10 perlife, with no way to get more when they are gone, except by being killed.
  • Another teamplay/death message patch by Mark Fowler is worth checking out, though I haven't yet. Also that site proclaims now to list all released patches.
  • ServObit 1.0 has gone public, which adds gender specific death messages to deathmatch in Quake 2. Thanks Ronin.
  • Yet another Q2 mod page to check out.
  • Another teamplay mod, including CTF, has hit beta 4, see it here.
  • The QCA have reviewed some mods, including the Quake 2 flamethrower. Thanks Hanif.
  • A new Gibstats version has been released with Quake 2 logging support. Thanks Hanif.
  • Ikka Keranen of ION Storm has written a utility to change PCX files into the .WAL format used by Quake 2, available here.
  • Pete Callaway, author of QPed, let us know that a new Quake 2 supporting version is out on the website.
  • Saw on Blue's that Valve will be releasing Worldcraft version 1.6 (free upgrade for registered users) before December 31st! This means that all of you (registered) budding level designers will be able to use Quake II's new map features like transparency, and radiosity settings. The patch will be released on the Worldcraft page. So, if you have it, be sure to get the patch, and if you don't have it, register it today!
  • A new mod is out called Q2 Plus that adds a couple niceties to the game.
  • A Quake2 code example is up here to assist beginning coders.
  • There's a new PAK file utility available here.

    Skinning news
  • Sorry about people who tried to get q2.act before for Photoshop, the link did not work. Whoever sent that file please resend it, I don't happen to have it.
  • BloodSpill has started a new Quake 2 skin site called The Skin Market.
  • There is now a skin for the Jesus from South Park and the Spirit of Christmas available here, and a skin of the ghostface killer from Scream and Scream 2 here. Both skins are by Phantom Lord.
  • Fritz Schober has released a topless female Quake 2 skin on his Quake 2 website. People following that link are hopefully 18 or older :).

    Several websites have posted reviews, such as:

  • Gamehut's,
  • Frag.com (which also has premiered their Quake 2 section), thanks Hanif,
  • Redox Portal (reported also yesterday),
  • Next Generation, who called it boring (thanks Q11),
  • and PCME's, thanks Alan Bailward.
  • Some time ago we reported a Quake 2 strategy guide sanctioned by id and assisted by Thresh that was to be released within days of Quake 2's release. We've been informed of this Quake 2 review and this page about the book.

    Cooperative hits Quake 2
    I've been getting a lot of mail about a cooperative patch for Quake 2, released here. I've been e-mailed by the author as well as other people, so I can only assume its safe but I haven't tried it myself yet. Also, someone going by the nickname of mariner e-mailed us saying he's written one also but that it is not on a web page yet. It'll be nice to play some cooperative in this game :).

    Quake2.com hits 1998
    In preparation for the new year in which Quake 2 will have its biggest influence, we've redesigned Quake2.com. Be sure to check out some of the latest happenings on hosted sites such as Quake II DLLs.


    Fun Poll
    The Quake2 Press has a new poll up, "How would you rate Quake2 on a scale of 1-10?"

    Another Q2 Review
    Yes, another Quake2 review, but this one is written by yours truely. Gamer's Alliance has a review of Quake2 up. In other GA news it might interest some of you that we have started up a new weekly gaming newsletter with news on Quake2 and other gaming topics. Quake2 sections will be written up by the Quake2 Press, Quake2 Realm, and myself in some cases.