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Saturday, January 9, 1999 - Submit News!
Q2CTF v1.50 Released
Dave "Zoid" Kirsch updated his .plan file to announce the release of a new version of Quake2 CTF. New features include full timed competition mode, full VWep support, 3 new maps (woohoo!), and more. Check his plan for the full update, here's the new files:

Q2CTF 1.50 Windows 95/NT Full Client Installer
Q2CTF 1.50 Full Client ZIP manual install
Q2CTF 1.50 Windows 95/NT 1.50 Upgrade Installer
Q2CTF 1.50 Upgrade ZIP manual install

Q2CTF 1.50 Game shared library for Linux Alpha
Q2CTF 1.50 Game shared library for Linux i386 (glibc systems)
Q2CTF 1.50 Game shared library for Linux i386 (libc5 systems)
Q2CTF 1.50 Game shared library for Sun Sparc Solaris 2.5.1

Top Rung Quake2 Test Version Released
Spine Design has released their first mod of the new year, called "Top Rung Quake2." Top Rung is a full featured test version of their one on one tournament deathmatch modification. It includes six custom made one on one deathmatch arenas, each capable of supporting eight simultaneous one on one matches. It also features timed matches, configurable server, and an improved HUD. Check the Spine Design site for the full list of features and for the files.

Bass Pak For Quake2
A new sound addon pack for Q2 has been released called the Bass Pak. The new addon modifies the normal Quake 2 weapon sounds to include incredible rumbling, pounding bass. The press release says "You no longer just see the guns kick, you FEEL them."

New BooM Released
Version 0.4 of BooM has been released. BooM is a Linux-only Q2 mod. The new version features numerous bugfixes, a built-in help system, and more.

New Quake2 Movie
"Father Frags Best," a Quake 2 movie feature, has been released from Zarathustra Studios.

LanWar Tournament Info
The LanWar Tournament is drawing near, and registration has passed the 200 person mark. LanWar 3 will be held on January 16-17 at the University of Louisville student activity center, in Louisville, Kentucky. The cost is $20 (extra 10 for participation in their Magic: The Gathering tourney) and it starts 12 noon on Jan 16 and goes non-stop until 6pm Sunday. Check the LanWar site for more info.

Quake Women's Forum Year in Review
Voting for Quake Women's Forum Year in Review ends Friday (1/15), with results being posted on Monday (1/18). If you haven't done so already, head over to QWF and vote, be one of the thousand voting for this year's review.

Jailbreak Quake2 Forum
The Jailbreak team will be holding an open forum about Jailbreak tomorrow (Sunday), at 6pm CST. The forum will be held in 3DNet #jailbreak, and will be available for anyone to ask Jailbreak questions or suggest new Jailbreak features.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
d-Top Wallpapers has launched as a new resource for high quality desktop wallpaper designs, many of which include gaming themes.

Well I have several other news emails on my computer at work, however I forgot to forward them to my machine at home before I left Friday, sorry about that. I'll try and get them up sometime monday. Also, forgive the lack of updates, we're working on putting the finishing touches on our new Quake3Arena site, which we'll announce a bit later this week :)


Tuesday, January 5, 1999 - Submit News!
Mod Central's Favorite Mods of 1998
Mod Central has finished their polling and has posted their 1998 Year in Review. The results of the reader poll have been posted, with Action Quake and Weapons Factory taking many of the awards. A feature called "My Favorite Mods" is up, featuring over 40 webmasters and mod developers from around the Quake community talking about their favorite mods of 1998 (including this web master ;)

Quaker's Domain Contest
Quaker's Domain is celebrating their one year online birthday on January 11th. In order to ring in their second year, they're holding a contest where you can win a CD full of Quake and Quake2 stuff, as well as other game demos. Drop by their site for information on how to enter!

Help Wanted
After recently closing down, the Over the Top TC is back on track, but desperately in need of a few experienced weapons modelers to help finish the current weapons.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Pels Interactive has redesigned their site.

Slow news week eh? Must be all the weird weather changes (yah I had to get in my weather comments too ;). Some of you may be interested to know (if you haven't heard already) that John Carmack announced that Q3Atest will be available in March for both PC and Mac!


Sunday, January 3, 1999 - Submit News!
Skirmish CTF Released
Massacre has just released their new mod called "Skirmish CTF." Skirmish CTF is a new CTF variant with a class-based idea to it. Info about the new release as well as the downloads are at the Massacre site.

New Deadlode II Server Files
The Deadlode II team has released a set of new server files for their public beta. New features include full support for any Q2CTF map, night vision goggles, spotlights and infrared sensors for turrets, and more! Check the DL2 site for the files and the entire changelog.

New "The Exodus" Screenshots
New screenshots from the Quake2: The Exodus team have surfaced. They're currently at version 0.3 which is a closed beta version. Version 0.4 is due out soon and will be a public release, but if you're interested in seeing v0.3 you can sign up to be a beta tester.

UK LAN Party Info
There's a Lan Party being held in Scarborough which takes place on the 16th & 17th of January 1999. This party will start Saturday morning at 8am and continue all through the night 'till Sunday afternoon at 5pm. There are spaces for 30 people, and they'll have dedicated Quake & Quake 2 servers running all weekend including TF & CTF. This is being run by GameOn Networking Ltd.

New Year/Last Year [P]Reviews
New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

Thursday, December 31, 1998 - Submit News!
Happy New Year!
The entire staff here would like to wish everyone a happy New Year and hope that everyone has a safe evening (drink and drive and I'll kill you myself).

LMCTF 4.22 for Alphas
An untested version of LMCTF for Alpha machines has been released. While this version is untested, it should be stable nonetheless, and they ask for feedback from those who are trying it out.

Webdog v0.52
Just in time for the new year, Webdog version 0.52 has been released. Auto-updates work again (broken in v0.51) and there's a whole load of other bug-fixes too. It also comes in at only 152k so you can update it quickly.

Quake2 Map Runner Release
Quake II Map Runner is a program that associates Quake II's .bsp files to Quake II itself, meaning you can doubleclick a map in Windows (or even a .zip file) and it will open up the map in Quake II for you, in much the same way Demoplay does for .dm2's. It also has limited support for mods, and you can specify any additional settings to give Quake II upon launching. The current version (0.92) has automated the installation process and includes a setup program as well as an icon for .bsp files.

Q3Arena Style HUD Icons
Jaruzel has released some new HUD Icons for Quake2 that are in the style of Q3Arena. Those of you who are anxious for a little Q3A action can tide themselves over with these for the time being :)

New QuakeStarter Released
Version 0.66b of QuakeStarter has been released. New features include support for the ICE bot and QPong, use of a config file, improved compression manager support, and more.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

Monday, December 29, 1998 - Submit News!
eVolution CTF 1.01
Version 1.01 of eVolution CTF has been released. The changes are minor, however needed to SolarWave's LAN and Tournament Quake II mod. Check the eVolution CTF site for more info.

Digital Paint Release Info
The latest release of Digital Paint, Beta 5, will be released on January 9th, at DPcon, Digital Paint's own LAN party. Among the new features include new maps, a new hud, new sounds, menus, code, and more.

PowerCubes Maps and Source Released
The FX Outpost has released the source code and maps for their turret mod. Mod authors are welcome to use these resources to aide them in their own mod.

Wave '99 RA2 Tourney
After finding the net devoid of Rocket Arena 2 tournaments, clan iCEWAVE and frob[iW] has put together one of their own. Wave '99 features clans from all over the globe, and will take place from the beginning of January, until the end of September. Included will be an all-star game, as well as a World Match (Canada vs USA etc..). The official registration deadline is January 1st, so check their site and register yourself soon!

Quake Done 100% Quick Lite
The Quake Done Quick team has released yet another new version of QDQ:
Picture the scene. Granny has come visiting for Christmas. And just as happened last year, she's proved she ownz you at CTF and Quake2 DM, and has now started boasting about her aptitude for Quake on Skill 0. "Little kids? They suck, dear..." Get revenge. Ask her how quickly she thinks she could complete the whole game, killing every monster and uncovering every secret along the way. Then show her Quake done 100% Quick lite, in which the QdQ team complete the task in under forty-three minutes. It'll make you feel better, honest...
Who's Who Invitational WarGames
The Who's Who Invitational War Games has been retooled for its upcoming expansion. Invites have been mailed out to over 16 teams, and there are openings still available to cover refusals and drop alternates. The Ship is still recruiting about four more teams for the wargames, so go by the registration page and fill out your application.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

Thursday, December 24, 1998 - Submit News!
Happy Holidays!
The staff here at Quake2.com would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy holiday season. Enjoy your celebrations and remember to play it safe!

Over the Top TC Models Released
From the Over the Top Mod:
Due to lack of public support the OvEr ThE tOp TC has been debunked. ALL models and code made for the project is now available on their website! (http://www.conversions.net/ott/).I would seriously advise all TC teams to check it out - the models alone will surely save you LOADS of development time ;).
Midevil Mod Beta
A very early beta of the MidEvil Mod has been released. After checking their page I noticed they've changed names from MidEvil to Dark Age, so you can get the new Dark Age beta at their site ;)

OSP Tourney Mod Released
Orange Smoothie Productions has released a brand spanking new mod into the Quake2 community. "OSP Tourney DM" is a server-side only mod designed to facilitate match play for tournaments, whether LAN-based or online. It also has an enhanced regular DM mode for relaxed warmups and informal play. OSP Tourney DM supports 4 "modes" of operation: Regular DeathMatch, Qualifier DeathMatch, Team DM Play, and 1v1 DM Play.

CTF Strategies
CTF Central, newly opened on Captured.com (http://www.captured.com/ctfcentral) now has in-depth strategy (including screenshots) or the 3 maps from the recent L-Fire map pak. These maps are a must get for any CTF fan, so check out CTF Central for the files.

Mod Central's Year in Review
With the holidays approaching, Mod Central is attempting to put a nice bow on what has been a banner year for Quake II and all its mods. Over the next few days, they'll be posting a "1998:The Year in Mods" feature, which will contain a recap of the year, a list of their top ten mods, and a few other surprises.

Q&A With John Romero
GameGirlz has posted a short question and answer session with the founder of DeathMatch, John Romero. Among other things, they talk a bit about Daikatana. It's a quick 8 questions with Romero, and definitely worth the read.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

Monday, December 21, 1998 - Submit News!
New Ultimate Chaos
Version 5.1 of Ultimate Chaos has been released. Check the UC site for the files and more info on the new release.

The Quake2 Key Binding utility BINDER by Otser can be downloaded from Classy Glasses at http://www.classyglasses.com. Otser's site is down for the moment and everyone interested can grab the utility from them in the meanwhile.

Capture the Bots Released
Capture the Bots is a new bot launcher written for Spanish speaking Quake2 players. CTB is simple, small, efficient, and manages all of the Eraser's features perfectly.

Stroggos Conspiracy Demo
Black Omega has released a demo of their commercial quality mission pack, "The Stroggos Conspiracy." The demo features some of the incredible new levels, enemies, music, cutscenes and the intro that you will see in the final release of The Stroggos Conspiracy.

BQ2C LAN Party
The 16th and 17th of January '99 the BQ2C LAN will take place, featuring the finals of the Benelux Quake2 Contest with over 50,000 (roughly $ 25,000) of prizes. More information can be found at http://bq2c.gamepoint.net/lan.

New ClanOrg Released
Version 1.0c of ClanOrg (clan meet software). It's now written in C++ using a faster and smaller executable, as well as a smaller installation file. Included is the ability to launch mIRC and have it automatically join the server and channel that are listed in the selected match.

3 New CTF Maps
3 New CTF maps have been released over at The Mad Asylum in the storage room/mapping corner section. Drop on by and add a few new maps to your server's rotation!

Help Wanted
QND Software is developing a new instant news service program. They are looking for team members to help run the service, including news gatherers, and managers. If you're interested you can drop them a note at webworkz@angelfire.com.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

Saturday, December 19, 1998 - Submit News!
Twisted Christmas TC Re-Released
Some of you may remember the Twisted XMas TC that Twisted Matrix made for the Virtual Reality Games Network last holiday season. They've decided to re-release the classic Quake1 mod, which features new textures, sounds, monsters, and more!

Gibstats 2.7 Released
Version 2.7 of Gibstats has been released. New features include Action Quake 2 client log support, updated templates, HTML export bugs fixed, and more. Also, this will probably be the final version of Gibstats.

CTF War-Pack Released
A collection of 5 of some of the best Threewave/id CTF maps have been released in a War Pack for CTF enthusiasts to enjoy. Check that site for the downloads as well as for the map previews and credits.

Digital Paint LAN Party
Digital Paint, the makers of Paintball 2 for Quake 2 have announced a Lan Party to be held on January 9th and 10th 1999. This party will be held in Greenbelt Maryland, and will be hosted by the makers of Dpcon and others. The weekened which will cost $30 will be held at the Courtyard by Marriot, and sponsored by ICE, Headgames, Creative Carnage and Outlaw Paintball and Supply. Check the DP site for more info.

Crash's SPQ2 Closes
Crash's SPQ2 map review site has closed. After a long 2 and a half year history, he's decided to pursue his efforts and career, and we'd like to wish him the best of luck with whatever he moves on to do!

Managing Your LAN Party
The Boomstick has a feature up on setting up and managing your own LAN party. They offer tips and suggestions for those of you looking to host a LAN party, but don't really know where to start :)

Quake2 Screensaver
Rastaworld has released a fully animated Quake2 screensaver over on their site. This screensaver is by the same people who run our very own Q2FE hosted site.


Thursday, December 17, 1998 - Submit News!
Quick Start v2.30 Released
Version 2.30 of QuickStart, the Eraser Bot Wizard, has been released. The new features list as it was emailed to us was a mile long (literally!) so we're not going to post them all here, but you can find the changelog and the files on the QuickStart site.

New AirQuake2 Released
A new version of AirQuake2 has been released. Version 0.6 includes several new features, including 8 specially designed maps, 8 all new vehicles, a new cooler look, and more!

12 Games from Stomped
Stomped has kicked off their 12 Games Until Christmas give-away. A game a day will be given away through Christmas. The games include Quake II, SiN, Heretic II, Half-Life, and Shogo. The contest is to kick off a the announcement of an on-line multi-game ladder contest in January. Full details for that contest will be posted Christmas day, so be sure to keep an eye on Stomped.

New ICE Bot
A new version of the ICE Bot (v 0.3) has been released. New features include powerful new CTF commands, three different chasecam modes, and more. Also available is the new ICER v0.2, which is a bot launcher program for the ICE bot.

Stone Orb PPM Contest
Stone Orb is having a Quake2 PPM contest. All models that are submitted must meet their certain requirements, including a medieval era to them, segmented body parts, and others. Check their site for the full list of technicalities and submission info.

Quake2 Battleground v1.36
Version 1.36 of Quake2 Battleground has been released. This version corrects errors in the Linux and Solaris versions and tweaks a few other things.

A Democratic Camping Deterrant
SteQve and the rest of Two Pole Software has released "DeCamper 1.0: A Democratic Camping Deterrant." The controversial mod, originally released in January 1998, allows the players on a server to vote on whether or not to punish an accused Camper. Server operators can configure harsh or mild penalties, as well as how easy or difficult it is to vote someone a Camper. Several mechanisms limit potential abuse of the voting system. They have also included the source code in this release.

New 3rd Person Quake2
Spine Design has released a new version (1.1) of their 3rd Person Quake2 mod. The new version has improved stairwalking, a look-around feature, and better dying/prediction problems as well.

New BotJohnny Released
BotJohnny version 2.1 final has been released. New features include ICE 0.3 support, a reorganized options menu, and more. Check out the BotJohnny site for the complete list and the files.

Binder v1.00 Released
Version 1.0 of Binder for Quake2 has been released. Binder is a program that lets you edit your Quake2 keyboard bindings bindings easily. The big feature of binder is that it lets you assign four actions to every key: thus allowing an 89-key keyboard to enjoy 356 different binds.

Dawn of Darkness Screenshot
Ward Six has posted a new screenshot teaser of their upcoming Dawn of Darkness mod. It's looking pretty good!

Took me a little longer with the move than I expected, but everything's back to normal now, sorry about the news downtime. Thanks for being patient (only got one threatening letter woohoo!) :)


Friday, December 11, 1998 - Submit News!
Linux-Only Quake2 Mod
The first Linux-only Quake2 mod has been released. BooM version 0.1 combines several new weapons, grappling-hook, rocket booster, and a nice chasecam. It's built from the n ewly released v3.20 source, and supports all the new features.

New Quake2 Battleground Released
Version 1.35 of Quake2 Battleground has been released at http://www.planetquake.com/battle. The new version adds full multi-team support, makes rejoining a team after a disconnect considerably easier, displays the top 2-4 teams in the HUD, fixes a number of bugs, and (of course) more. Quake2 Battleground is the official Deathmatch mod of the Online Gaming League.

PredatorDM Released... Sorta
After several problems within the PredatorDM team, they have decided to just release what they've got done to the public as their final Q2 Editing product. Their site mentions that they ma y hold off and wait until Q3Arena comes out since that engine is better suited to their mod.

New Q2ND Released
A new version of Q2ND, The Quake2 Name Maker/Script Utility, has been released. Q2ND not only makes Quake2 Names Using The FUNNAME standard, but also allows Quake2 players to use animated funnames. Also check out their new Instant News Program being developed at QND Software.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Happy Birthday
We'd like to wish Nigel a very happy (belated) birthday, his was yesterday :) Be sure to email him several times over the week to wish him a happy birthday.

Site Stuff
I'm going to be "gone" for a couple days as I move from school back home for Christmas break, so the site probably won't be updated at all over the weekend unless Nigel or Blitz fill in. Things should be back to normal on Tuesday or Wednesday, thanks :)


Wednesday, December 9, 1998 - Submit News!
QuakeCon Info
Anna Kang sent along info about QuakeCon '99, check it out:
Just wanted to send word that id Software will be sponsoring one of the greatest pastimes of the gaming community, a fragfest known as QuakeCon '99. QuakeCon '99 will feature the first official tournament for Quake III Arena in addition to the free-for-all which will include id classics. The event will also host a variety of gaming workshops with topics ranging from level design and programming to creation of mods. Making its debut, QuakeCon '99 will feature a special seminar for the female gaming community.

Some of the preliminary details for QuakeCon '99 are as follows:

Where: Dallas, TX at The Mesquite Convention Center and Exhibition Hall located within the Hampton Inn & Suites. The hotel has reserved 115 rooms at a rate of $69-$79/night available on a first come, first serve basis.

Date: QuakeCon '99 will open its doors on August 6-8, 1999. On-site equipment registration will begin on August 5th.

Attendance is free and limited to 1000 enthusiasts - first come, first serve. Registration is scheduled to begin on Friday, April 9th. For more information, check out the QuakeCon '99 site located at http://www.quakecon.org.
Gladiator Bot Released
MrElusive, the guy behind the Omicron bot for Quake1, has released his Quake2 bot called The Gladiator. Some of its features include the ability to order bots on your team around, observer mode, advanced goal evaluation AI, and more. Check out their new website for more info and for the files.

New ServerConfigMOD Released
ServerConfigMOD v3.2 is out for both Linux and Windows, offering some new features from the latest Q2 source release, IP filtering and chat flood protection have been added to the already exhaustive feature list (high scores, cloaking, in game chase cam and much more). Get the whole scoop and the latest download from www.quake2.com/sconfig.

New 3rd-Person Perspective Q2
Version 1.0 of 3rd-Person Perspective has been released. This is mainly a bugfix release for things like the intermission bug, and the way the mod handles stairs.

New Release from Quake done Quick
Quake done Quick has announced the re-release of their Quake movie "Scourge done Slick" along with a new set of add-ons. These include "SdSlite", a Skill 0 companion to the original run, in which the team completes the Hipnotic mission-pack in 500 seconds using over sixty rocket/grenade-jumps along the way. Check out what's new on the "SdS" download page.

Quake2 Turns 1
Todd Hollenshead updated his plan to remind everyone that Quake2 hit shelves everywhere in the States a year ago today. Congrats to the id team and happy birthday Quake2 ;)

Help Wanted
Capture the King is looking for some dedicated modelers to join their team.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

Monday, December 7, 1998 - Submit News!
LMCTF Upgrade
An upgrade to version 4.22 for LMCTF has been released, which fixes a "random awarding of points." Versions for both Windows and Linux are available.

Console+ 2.00 Available
Version 2.00 of Console+ has been released. Console+ is a FreeWare program program that runs in tandem with Quake2 that gives you access to several commands and variables without leaving the game, including an infinite counter variable for tracking frags or other events, the ability to delete unwanted demos and screenshots directly from the console, and more.

CAVE Quake2
A while back we posted some info on a port being done of Quake2 for the CAVE VR Environment. The CAVE is a $1 million dollar room-sized virtual reality system. Since then, there have been major improvements and features, including the ability to hold deathmatches between CAVE systems. The CAVE Quake2 site has been updated with some video clips and a VRML world showing off the CAVE environment. Pretty neat eh?

3Dfx MiniGL vs. Reference Drivers
The 3DScene has posted a comparision between 3Dfx's MiniGL and Reference drivers, running Quake II on a Voodoo 2 based-board. Interesting info for those of you in the market for a 3Dfx card.

Holy Wars Update
Check out this festive press release:
The Holiest of times is coming, and the Holiest of mods couldn't ignore it! On the Holy Wars page (www.planetquake.com/holywars) you'll find the first package under our tree, with Solaris and Sparc ports of the mod, cool Holy Wars Windows wallpapers and a new button for your linking pleasure!
Help Wanted
Blackmoon Development is looking for some help with their newly started Quake2 single-player TC, which they say will be "the sequel to Quake2."

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
S.A.S.'s Guide to CTF has been updated and now includes a new LMCTF section and more CTF tactical docs.


Friday, December 4, 1998 - Submit News!
The Real Stats Machine
A new version of TRSM has been released. TRSM is a Quake 2 log parsing and stats generating program. This new version includes a whole ton of features, so be sure to check their site for the list!

Dawn of Darkness "Soundscene"
Ward Six has posted a "Soundscene" of Dawn of Darkness in their gallery. This is not actual gameplay, but it does use sounds that are in the game, and is a taste of what they have in store!

Quake2 in the Third Person
Spine Design has released yet another mod for Quake2... Third Person Perspective. Third Person Perspective (TPP) is a modification for both single player and Deathmatch games, giving the player a third person view, a la Tomb Raider and Heretic 2.

New NIQ Released
Version 1.94 of No Item Quake has been released. Changes include a more responsive hook, minimal damage from the hook, and the hook won't grapple on to the sky by default. Check the NIQ page for downloads and info.

Def-Con Tournament Info
Def-Con will be once again hosting another Q2 tourney on Friday, December 4th. The check in will be at 6:30 and the tourney itself will start at 7 (cdt). To enter this tourney all you need to do is email METALLICA at bek_816@hotmail.com or DBone at Gdashwood@yahoo.com. If you wish to participate in this tourney you NEED to pre-register. This tourney is open to founding members ONLY. There will be prizes awarded to the winners. For more info, settings, and a complete prize list check back in a couple days.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

Wednesday, December 2, 1998 - Submit News!
Quake2 v3.20 Final Released
Christian "Disruptor" Antkow updated his .plan file today to announce the release of v3.20 for Quake2. He notes that nothing has changed from the beta, as it was deemed stable and used in their Extremeties Internet Addon Pack. Also, this is the final official release of Quake2. Here's the files from id's ftp site: He also links to the Rogue and Xatrix mission-pack binaries as well, you can grab those from his .plan.

Zaranthustra Studios Tutorial
Zarathustra Studios has released the second in a series of Quake 2 Demo Editing tutorials. Tutorial #2 covers getting familiar with the features of Keygrip2, and focuses in a general sense on practical application of information found in Uwe's Demospecs. Anyone wanting to learn the art of demo editing from the ground up will find a great place to teach themselves in these layman-oriented tutorials.

Online Gaming League Info
Check the press release thingy:
Today begins the countdown at The Online Gaming League (http://www.ogl.org) for the awarding of the first set of prizes ever given by our organization. The top clan in 14 of the 20 ladders that we host will be receiving the following prize, worth $1000 : A fully paid website, 100MB, free domain name, domain e-mail, FTP, FrontPage(r) Support, and RealVideo G2 support -- all for one full year. For those that currently do not participate in our ladders, though it's too late to expect to win a prize, there is still the opportunity for your team to sign up for a ladder now in preparation of the OGL's next prize. The OGL hosts ladders for Quake 2 DM, CTF, LMCTF, RA, and WF, including team, 1 on 1, and 2 on 2 ladders. Also, to be announced on a different date, the OGL will be begin showing off their new revolutionary league system, designed to bring online gaming to the next level.
Riding the Rocket - A Quake2 Challenge
'Riding the Rocket' is a relatively new site offering various challenges to viewers who can record a demo of them completing the demo and enter it in the competition - the winning entrant (based mostly on style) will get their name up on the site. Check out their site here for more info on the challenges!

Linux ServerConfigMOD Released
The ServerConfigMOD team has released a Linux version of their new 3.0 release. After downloading, gunzip the file, and place in your quake2 directory before then untaring the file. (Newbies to tar can use 'tar tvf sconfig30DM_Linux.tar' to view the contents, and tar xvf sconfig30DM_Linux.tar' to extract. Once extracted, Linux users can read the quickstart.txt file to get up and running ASAP. Any questions can be directed to sconfig@quake2.com.

Help Wanted
Black Omega is looking for 2 deathmatch level designers to help them complete their free mission pack The Stroggos Conspiracy, more information can be found at their jobs page: http://www.blackomega.com/jobs.htm.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers