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Thursday, December 25, 1997 - Christmas Day
MD2 Viewer Released!
The MD2 model viewer jawMD2 v0.9 has been released for WinNT and Win95 users. It has 3 rendering modes, and skin support will be included in the next version. Apparently, this won't work for Win95 users unless you download OpenGL from Microsoft (Not a problem for OSR2 users). You can download it here by going to the software section. Thanks Jawed.

Skins Contest - IMPORTANT!!
Argh, poor Jobe :( Here's a letter we got from him:
Oh ****. My computer got wiped out. I lost every ****ing skin. Someone please make a post for people to re-send skins to me. I'm reeeeally sorry. Tell them that a screenshot of the skin in action is no longer required. Tell them to flood my email, I don't care. I just need those skins. Thanks guys, I'm still in the process of restoring my HD now.

Man, hope yer computer recovers... Anyway, you heard the man. Resend all skin entries to

GameSpy with Q2 Support Released!
Last night, GameSpy released shareware version 1.5 with Quake2 support on
http://www.gamespy.com so now all you fraggers can play Quake2 Multiplayer on the net with the ease of the greatest server ping tool around! Go get it, now! :)

Hollenshead's Christmas Greetings
Todd Hollenshead updated his .plan with these Holiday greetings:

Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks to all of those
who have purchased Quake II as a Christmas present
(for yourself or someone else) and thanks to all
who have wished us merriment for the season. For
those of you who get a little extra cash for
Christmas or are looking to exchange a lame
present for somthing cool, remember that retailers
such as EB are carrying Quake II T-Shirts, hats,
and mousepads. Thanks again to everyone for making
1997 one of the best ever for us here at id.
Thanks for making such a kickass game, Todd :)


Wednesday, December 24, 1997 - Christmas Eve
Quake Workshop 2 hosted
With the news of Brutality's impending shutdown, we are proud to host the Quake 2 incarnation of one of the best hosted sites Brutality offered. We present to you the wonderful editing site, Quake Workshop 2. You are encouraged to check it out if you are an editor. And if you were a fan of the original Quake Workshop, well then you know what to expect (and more :) ).

No GLQ+ support for Quake 2
GLQ+, the GLQuake optimizer, will apparently not support Quake 2. There is an explanation as well as instructions on manually tweaking Quake 2 performance on the website, however. Thanks Rami Hanna.

MPlayer and Quake 2 revisited
MPlayer's support of Quake 2 is revisited in this blurb sent to us by Adam. Here's the blurb:

12/23/97: Mplayers Challenge The World With Internet Quake II!
The recent release of Quake II still has many fans reeling. It's a game of epic proportions and putting walls around it just wouldn't be right. That's why Mplayer is proud to announce the arrival of Internet Quake II. Now any member who can't find a game of Quake II to their liking in the Mplayer Plus Quake II Lobby, can easily and effectively search the Internet for game servers hosting Quake II games. A membership in Plus isn't required. You don't have to leave Mplayer and start up your browser--just pop into the Mplayer Internet Quake II Lobby and you'll have instant access to a list of games, player names, ping times and game settings. You can use Mplayer features like Voice Chat, Pager and Buddy List to call friends into a game and plan strategy, and then launch everyone in the Room into the game. When you're done playing you wind up back in the Game Lobby on Mplayer.

Armageddon 5 and Beyond Belief Map files released!
We received this letter from Matthias Worch:

i have just released two projects that will be probably be my last free contributions to the internet community before starting my job as level designer at ritual entertainment and would be glad if you could announce it on your page.

1. Armageddon 5 is a 4-24 player deathmatch level for Quake 2. With the lack of original levels from id and the few good DM levels out there so far (ppl should just wake up and see that converting old Quake levels to a new type of DM in Quake2 doesn't work well) this level should be a blast for all internet deathmatchers out there. Arma5 continues the tradition of the previous Armageddon series (of which 3 were included with popular mods as Allstar CTF, Rocket Arena and Headhunters), offering great playability and good architecure. Just try it out :)

2. Beyond Belief Map files: now that quake 2 is out i decided to release all original .map files for my successfull quake episode "Beyond Belief" for free use. a lot of ppl have asked me for this to learn from the maps or take out brush groups for their own use. now everybody can do it.

Both files are available on ftp.cdrom.com and will be at http://www.ocrana.de in the very near future, the paths are:



-- Matthias Worch
-- e-mail: langsuyar@ocrana.de | matthias.worch@uni-essen.de
-- homepage: http://www.geocities.com/hollywood/7766
-- clanpage: http://www.ocrana.de
Good luck, Matthias :)

WU-Tang Clan Additional Note
We posted about the card they had sent us, but we didn't mention that their homepage can be found at http://wu.clanhouse.com.

Merry Christmas!
I'd just like to say Merry Christmas to all you faithful fraggers out there :) I'd also like to wish an extra-special Christmas to Blitz, Jobe, Slipgate, BloodShot, and the rest of the Quake2.com staff- all of whom work so hard to make such a kickass site. I'm proud to work with these guys, and I'm looking forward to a great 1998 working with them to bring you the latest news and happenings in the Quake2 community. :)


Tuesday, December 23, 1997
QE4 Manual released
The manual to QE4, the in house id editor that was released with the tools package, has been written up and released by Gateway of Rogue Entertainment. Grab it
here. Be sure to read the readme for a note about a glitch in the document. The red X's are pictures, double click on them to see them.

DOOM source
The DOOM source code has been released, as outlined in John Carmack's
.plan. This version is for Linux only, but can be ported to other platforms, among other project ideas one could get. Read John Carmack's .plan for the full scoop, and here's a link to grab it off idsoftware.com, and a link to grab it here off Quake2.com. It's 355 KB. I wouldn't normally mirror something non-Quake 2 related... but this is the DOOM source, by God :).

Paul Steed Christmas present
Paul Steed sent a Christmas present out to us (which you may have already seen on Blue's and Redwood's, both of them and us were the recipients). Here is his Christmas present:

  • A 1024x1024 hi-resolution 30,000 poly version of the gunner usable as a wallpaper. Grab it here.
  • The same thing for you 800x600 resolution folks. Get that here.
  • Two Excel spreadsheets with information on the models. Grab that here.

    Phew! Thanks Paul, and Merry Christmas!

    Speaking of Christmas, the WU-Tang Clan passed along this "Christmas card" made by WU-Gaunt that's worth checking out.

    FAQ version 1.2
    Quake II FAQ version 1.2 has been released. Some awesome new additions in this one, check it out definitely.

    Revised GI_* documentation
    Our hosted site Quake II DLLs has posted a revised version of the documention on using the builtin EXE functions of Quake 2 through the DLL (the GI_* functions).

    More examples
    AKUMA, who gave an example on his website before of how to use the laser tripwires in addon Quake2 levels, now has 6 more examples by popular demand:

  • Using lasers to follow a func_train
  • Using rotating brushes
  • Breakable windows
  • Using exploding brushes and func_object
  • Using func_door_rotate
  • Using Turrets

    Get them all at his website.

  • Hall of Skins has put up a skin pack containing 50 skins. Here's a direct link (1.1 MB). Thanks )-Forge-(.
  • Quake 2 Domain has put up a weekly Quake 2 newsletter. Go there to join it if interested.
  • Check out LinQuake. What is it I hear you ask? In the words of the maintainer: LinQuake will strive to be the resource for every Linux Quake, Quakeworld, and Quake2 player out there. If there is anything to do with Quake for Linux it will be here. LinQuake has everything the Linux Quaker needs: files, news, links, help, and info.

    Server crashes (updated)
    The past 3 or 4 days have seen lots of server crashing/nuking going on. We've been hesitant to post until we've heard more from id. John Cash today updated his .plan about the server crash issue. It is of an important nature so I'll quote it here:

    OK, here's the scoop on the Q2 server crashes...

    Yes, some dork with nothing better to do has found a way to crash or tie-up a QuakeII server remotely.

    Yes, I did track it down a couple of nights ago. We already had one of the things fixed and I fixed second one then. The fixes have been tested on our servers.

    The upcoming point release will include these fixes. It also fixes the BFG crash and the unset entity number crash (the two most common crashes by far). The main reason I've not been posting a work log is so I don't end up giving these people a "how to" book for making the game crash.

    I know, I know... "WHEN?". I can't say exactly right now. What I will say is it will be "Real Soon Now". There are a couple of more fixes we consider critical and we want to make sure they are in and working first.

    What can you do for now?

    If you can get packets filtered, stop incoming IP packets from the loopback (127.x.x.x - why do routers even let these come in off the wire?) and incoming packets from your own IP address; this will stop the looping attack.

    BTW, if your ARE an ISP feel free to help track down the source of these spoofed IP's; I'll help out any ISP who is endeavoring to do so.

    The crashing attack is caused by a hand crafted connect packet that has "connect $" in it. There's no simple (non-patch) fix for this one. OK, some routers can be setup to filter this, but it is a very non-general thing.

    I'm looking at what the impact would be on getting a point release out if I were to stop and create another "just fix these two problems" release.
    Since we've been asked through e-mail, we didn't mention this problem before to avoid encouraging people to engage in it.

    Update: Blue corresponded with John Carmack about this update, and it is expected in "a week", will include this server fix and a couple of other bugfixes originally slated for the point release.

  • Brian Hook made a technically oriented .plan update thanking Richard Shields for some advice.
  • Paul Steed made a .plan update about the mod related .plan update he made before. He explains within that he is new to id so he has to get used to something Kevin Cloud and Adrian Carmack are used to: people changing his work. He discusses things in better detail within the update then I can do a summation of, so I recommend you read it.
  • John Cash updated his .plan, discussed in the update just above this one.
  • Apologies for the temporarily broken finger service here. It is fixed now hopefully for good.

    TC Teams news
  • Yet another TC under planning by Mushroom Blue Entertainment (they have a rather full plate now) is Survival. Here's the blurb we got:
    Survival, By Mushroom Blue Entertainment. Is in desperate need of some good skinners! We have a number of models done and are falling behind with skins. Send a sample of work to me, Jared Hosh at nuketc@hotmail.com and/or visit our web site at http://members.tripod.com/~qmap/.
  • And now the Plasma Flux team:
    Plasma Flux is a tc team who is currently working on a future military tc for q2, with squadmates chain of command and things like that. We currently have a lot of work done. We are mainly looking for skin/texture/2d artists, coders and mappers.

    Three website movements have occured:

  • Scarred (a Quake 2 skin site) has relocated to http://www.warzone.com/q2skins/.
  • The Art of Strogg is now at easel.quaked.com/strogg/.
  • Flasher 907's Quake][ Vault is now at easel.quaked.com/flashervault/.

    Mods stuff
  • As mentioned below, Powerball for Quake 2 has been released on the Powerball page.
  • Version 0.99 of Equalizer has been released, get it here (have we reported this already?)
  • ServObit 1.1 has been released on the ServObit page, which fixes the crashing bug mentioned recently and more.
  • Loki's Minions CTF 1.1b has now been released. Check er out at the Loki's Minions CTF website.
  • As always, check OpenQuake for verified mods.
  • Saw on PlanetQuake that Erich Hientz converted E1M1 of Quake to Quake 2. Get the file here.

    Q2Find is a server browser for Quake 2, already at version 1.3. You can find its website here and download it here.

    More on DLL security
    Skylord has written up another proposal, available here. Saw that on Blue's.

    Find Santa!
    Thought I'd announce this, got it from good friend Robert Waring:

    The Twisted Christmas Quake Challenge has started at VRGN!

    Download your copy today at http://www.vrgames.net
    and get busy fragging! Have a blast exploring the Twisted Mall, killing Evil Elves, Rabid Reindeer, Dememted Snowmen and of course Evil Santa in the Twisted Christmas Quake Level!

    The contest:
    Produce a QUAKE demo to VRGN of the fastest time to rescue good Santa and submit it to VRGN by January 15,1998.

    The Prizes!!!
    1st Place - A Diamond Multimedia MONSTER 3D 3dF/x VooDoo graphics accelerator. (Or a new VooDoo2 if you can wait!)

    2nd Place - A Yamaha Sub-woofer speaker set.

    3rd Place - A 3-button Logitech mouse (for use on that tricky QE4)

    4th thru 10th Places - wins a VRGN hat

    Trinity in Russian
    A new site (in Russian) has popped up here. This site will be a Trinity resource in the future, but for now (since there's a lacking of Trinity info.) it's a news page for Quake and Quake2.

    Quake2 Server List
    There's a brand new, well designed Quake2 server list over at Super Fast Quake2 Server. Go check it out if you're one of the people who have been having problems finding Quake2 servers. NOTE: don't forget, Gamespy Quake2 support for unregistered users will be out tomorrow!).

    Quake/Quake2 Clan List
    Recieved this mail from KillerQuake. Check it out:

    The Clan Complex - http://www.gagames.com/complex

    The NEWER Clan List is now accepting applications! No logos or links involved! Just add your clan and your in the list, no questions asked! Now handling Quake/Quake II Clans. Visit The Clan Complex (link from above address) today to sign up NOW! Or visit us on East.GamesNET.net #ClanComplex for Clan Discussions and Clan Help.
    So if you have a clan, and are wanting to get known, head on over to the complex, and give them your info!

    Small Contest Note
    I updated the contest page with links to two more tutorials. Remember to keep checking back for updates.

    Ghost TC hosted
    Here's something for all you CyberPunks and Shadowrunners (jobe waves to his Shadowrun team and FASA!):

    Ghost In The Shell is a new Quake2 TC based on the popular Manga series by Masamune Shirow. We are located at www.quake2.com/ghost.

    The TC takes place around the year 2029, where human consciousness can be transfered to a cybornetic "shell". As a cyborg, all that remains of the main character, is some key parts of her brain...and her Ghost.

    If Cyberpunk is your thing, Ghost In The Shell is your game. Will feature many new world effects, 20+ sinle player "missions" and 6+ DM levels. All new weapons, all new models, all new sounds, all new feel.
    So, if you're into Technomancy, check these guys out!

    Powerball for Quake2 Released
    A beta of
    Powerball for Quake2 has been released, containing most of the features of the original PBall. The team at Powerball is looking for comments/suggestions, as well as people who would be willing to make levels or host servers. Go check out their site, and help them out.

    Q2 Console Commands
    Fargo of PlanetQuake mailed us with word of a new site, called "Fahrenheit 176" (named after the temperature at which processors start to melt down ... pretty jive). This site boasts in-depth console commands for Quake2 (as it did for Hexen2), so go check out this new resource for the Quake community.

    Steed Q&A
    Fox over at Capture^2 sent along word of some information he got from Paul Steed. This was regarding the CTF patch for Quake2 which will be out with the point release. Here's the Q&A:

    fox: Who is actively involved with the creation beside you and Zoid?

    ps: Kevin and Adrian are doing the textures and skins

    fox: Are you working any with a release deadline?

    ps: Yep. Less than a month
    Cool beans :) This probably means the point release will also be out within a month (as you may or may not know, the point release will fix many bugs that slipped in the final release of Quake2).


    Monday, December 22, 1997
    MPlayer Supporting Quake2
    We received a rather lengthy letter from
    Tiffany Spencer, whom I'm assuming is from MPlayer reporting about the Quake2 support that MPlayer will feature. I chopped this sucker down due to it's length of 6+ paragraphs:

    MountainView, CA -- (December 22, 1997) -- Games fans who crave the thrill of fast-paced 3D shooters like id Software's Quaker will find themselves at the epicenter of one of the most intense and compelling online Quake gaming communities in the Action Channel on Mplayer(TM) (www.mplayer.com). Not only is Mplayer bringing id's much-anticipated Quake II(TM) to the service, but Mplayer is also launching the Mplayer Portal(TM), a gateway bringing free match-making services to the pool of thousands of game servers for QuakeWorld and Quake II on the Internet. The latest additions to the Quake community on Mplayer complement its incredible line-up of Quake-related offerings -- including events and tourneys, special Quake modifications, ratings and rankings, and more -- that make Mplayer's Quake Universe the most comprehensive Quake community to hit the `Net!
    Mplayer is turning up the excitement on Mplayer's Action Channel one more notch with the launch of id Software's much-anticipated sequel to Quake, Quake II, in Mplayer Plus, the service's premium area. Now, games fans on Mplayer can challenge hundreds of thousands of opponents to a whole new series of "deathmatches," or Quake matches, in the next generation of one of the `Net's most popular multiplayer games. Mplayer fans of Quake II can check out Mplayer's cutting-edge communications features like voice and text chat as well as the ability to create games based on player preferences and soon to be released Quake II ratings and rankings. In addition, Mplayer's advanced network helps ensure that players aren't mismatched with opponents with an unfair playing advantage due to faster connections. The newest version of Quake lets games fans wreak havoc with an arsenal of new weapons and offers 39 levels packed with complex missions within a complete and cohesive alien landscape. Mplayer members will also have the option to play Quake II for free on Internet Quake II servers.
    In an effort to give all Quake fans the best of what the `Net has to offer, Mplayer is also offering the Mplayer Portal to Internet QuakeWorld and Internet Quake II as part of its free service. The Mplayer Portal to Internet QuakeWorld and Quake II gives hundreds of thousands of games fans new match-making services to allow them to access the thousands of free QuakeWorld and Quake II games servers scattered across the Internet quickly and simply. Using Mplayer's client software, the Mplayer Gizmo Game LauncherÍ, Quake fans can now easily find the best server to play a game based on their location and Internet connection and round up players to challenge. The Mplayer Gizmo Game Launcher makes this process as easy as a few points and clicks of the mouse.
    Whew. :)

    LAN Sniffer
    Yup, saw this on Blue's. There's a program here that detects when a LAN game of Quake or Quake2 is launched and it will notify you. WinSock 2 is needed for this program to work.

    QE4.0b 2-button Mouse Patch
    Manx mailed us about a patch he made for QE4.0b that maps the functions of the middle mouse button to the action of pressing both the left and right mouse buttons simultaniously. He gave us the URL for just thesource to his patch, and this URL for the package with the pre-compiled .exe.


    Quake2 CD Track Changer
    There's a new script out that allows you to change Quake2 tracks in-game with only a few keystrokes. You can get it over at the
    GLQuake Fever. Thanks Bandit, for providing us with this.

    QuakeEd for Normal Machines
    The first public version of QuakeEd 4.0 - RADIANT (a version of QE4 for more "normal" machine) has been released
    here. For more information, visit the QE4-Radiant site .

    Lithium Quake2 Server Mod Released
    Quake2 server mod by the guys down at Lithium has been released. It has runes, faster respawn with more people, more info on hud like frags/hr, faster rockets, obituaries and small tweaks to make multiplayer gameplay more fun. Go see if it's for you.

    Scarred Relocation
    Scarred, a site for Quake2 skins, is now being hosted by WarZone. I'd like to congradulate chao on this achievement. Rock on, chao.

    French Fried Quake
    For all of you who speak French, Zone 51, a Quake2 news site is up. This, from what I can tell, is a very comprehensive site. If anything else, I would recommend just going and looking at the layout, which was very well done. Man, I wish I were bi-lingual...

    A New HeadHunter is Born
    This blurb was posted on the HeadHunters page:
    It's a boy!!!! Eric Allen Zimmerman was born at 10:10 this morning. All 7 lbs 6 ounces and 20 inches of him are doing just great. His mother, Susan, is doing great as well. Brothers Sean (5) and Jason (4) are very excited as is his slightly disoriented father.

    I am going to try to code up the altar stuff right now. I am just a little bit tired though:)

    By the way... Headhunters rocks on. It is and will always remain an original. Don't be taken in by cheap knock-offs.
    I'd like to congradulate Charlie Zimmerman on his new blessing. I know he'll bring you great cheer in the coming year ... and will grow up to be a kick-ass Quaker, as well :).

    A Little Holiday Fear, er, Cheer
    Emil Pagliarulo, Editor in Chief of the Adrenaline Vault, released a Quake2 rendition of "The Night Before Christmas". This is very well, written, so go read it, and get into the holiday fear ... just in time for Christmas.

    Quake2 DM Info.
    Here's the scoop on the current DM happenings for Quake2:

  • Talon's Strike has some remakes of Quake Deathmatch levels posted, with more to come soon.
  • The Quake 2 Deathmatch Map Depositroy currently has 23 DM maps for download, with new ones being posted every day.

    Get out there and frag a friend.

    OGR Does Quake2
    OGR has posted a HUGE in-depth, un-biased
    review of Quake2, complete with screenshots. Go check it out, and see why PC Gamer UK called Quake2 "The Best Game Ever". Worth a read, even if you already own the game.