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Tuesday, December 30, 1997
Happy New Year
This'll be my last update for 1997 since I'm away till January 1st. The other news guys may be updating tomorrow... but anyways, since it is my last update of the year I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year on behalf of all of us at Quake2.com.

Gamespy 1.52 released
Gamespy 1.52 has been released to fix the problems in 1.51. Go to
the website to see a list of download site mirrors. Thanks Prophet.

Skin pack released
jon barnes has released a 1.6 mb Quake 2 skin pack (of male only skins). Click here to get it, and of course visit his site, Hall Of Skins.

Hosted Site news
  • Roach's TC Roost, the old popular Quake 1 and 2 TC site from Brutality, has refocused to Quake 2 entirely and is now hosted by us here.
  • WHaCK, the Quake 2 Weapons Hack mod, is now hosted by us. It also has a new version out worth checking out with version 3.09 Quake 2 compliance.
  • Quake 2 DLLs has been updated with a new tutorial, allowing weapons to be sabotaged, and the LCCWin32 compiling tutorial was updated to help get mods working under Windows NT as well.
  • Famkebot now works with version 3.09 of Quake 2, go grab the new version... and expect future updates soon according to the author. I don't think anything else has changed yet from version 2.1, in fact the version number hasn't changed, he just uploaded a "fixed for 3.09" copy for now.

    Poll stuff
  • If you recall, John Carmack thought about polling on the topic of frequent updates versus less frequent updates to Quake 2. Mr. Bean has started a poll for John: Do you prefer frequent patch releases for Q2 or would you rather them release them less often yet be more bug free?

    He says he'll e-mail the tabulated results to John Carmack when he's finished.

  • PQ Poll has been updated with the last poll's results and the new poll's questions. Last week's results and this week's questions are at least somewhat Q2 related (i.e. Q2 related questions).

    The Mod Craze continues
  • A Quake 2 mod voting booth? Vote for your favorites! Saw this on Blue's.
  • New versions of the co-op mods are available. There's 2 out, here and here. Kudos again to Blue :).
  • HeadHunters2 0.2 is out (linked from ftp.cdrom.com). Thanks Hanif.
  • Powerball beta 4 is out! Couple of fixes and now Quake 2 3.09 compatible! Get it at the Powerball page.
  • ServerConfigMOD version 1.2 has been released, supporting versions of Quake 2 between 3.05 and 3.08 as well as 3.09. Thanks Patrick Stepp.
  • The below mentioned CTF releases too!
  • And finally new versions of our hosted mods covered in the update just above this one.

    Other cool stuff
  • Quake DeveLS has some cool new stuff up worth checking out.

  • Disruptor is back from vacation! It'll take him time to catch up on mail among other things.
  • John Carmack updated his .plan on making mods work with 3.09 (at least until the new source is released):

    Until we release the new gamex86 source code, if you want to make mods work with 3.09, change GAME_API_VERSION to:
    #define GAME_API_VERSION 2
    and recompile the mod.

    This will let it run with the 3.09 servers. The API didn't actually change, I just had to bump that version number so that we could detect the old q2test dlls still hanging around.
  • Brian Hook updated his .plan first with a note to people that the Verite DLL not working with the new release of Quake 2 is not id's fault, and he also put up a massive, MASSIVE set of benchmark tests. Click here.

    Gamesdomain/Gamezilla stuff
    GamesDomain has 3 Quake 2 related items up:

  • A review of Quake 2
  • A second opinion
  • An editorial on Quake 2

    Also, Gamezilla has posted their 1997 game awards, in which Quake 2 wins Action Game of the Year.

    Thanks Prophet.

    Brand spanking new CTF releases
  • Version 0.02 beta of Vanilla CTF has been released. Thanks go out to the ever awesome Prophet.
  • Loki's Minions CTF has hit beta version 1.2 (compatible with version 3.09 of Quake 2, btw). 1.1b was of course not compatible with 3.09, but new compatibility isn't all this new release boasts. What else?

  • Improved grappling hook with a new look.
  • Better more realistic hook behavior.
  • Proper effects of gravity (for the grappling hook).
  • Picture of yourself added to the HUD, showing your team color in the lower left corner. (currently running at 320x240, or 400x300 resolution will cause the picture to cover the hundredths place of your health display. This will be fixed in the next upcoming version.)

    Additional tidbits include a Gamespy tab for LM CTF now out, a call out for level designers and for Quake 2 modelling programs (since they can't convert models from quake1 programs yet, the mod is currently using existing game models instead of new models). Thanks Wanker.

    Mousewheel bug
    There's a new CFG workaround for the mousewheel use once bug. In the words of Boots here you go (quoting his letter):

    Donno if someone has already sent you something on this, but I do have a way to get around the current mousewheel use once bug. The key is to toggle the console twice then rebind the wheel to the action. If you want to rebind both the wheelup and wheeldown you need to toggle the console for each one. Kinda weird. Like this:

    // zoom in on dah mutha (wheel down for zoom in, up for out)
    alias tc "toggleconsole; toggleconsole;"
    alias sizeud "sizedown; sizeup;"
    alias zoom_0 "fov 90; sizeud; sensitivity 7 ; tc; tc; bind mwheeldown zoom_1;"
    alias zoom_1 "fov 70; sizeud; sensitivity 5.5; tc; tc; bind mwheeldown zoom_2; tc; tc; bind mwheelup zoom_0;"
    alias zoom_2 "fov 50; sizeud; sensitivity 4 ; tc; tc; bind mwheeldown zoom_3; tc; tc; bind mwheelup zoom_1;"
    alias zoom_3 "fov 30; sizeud; sensitivity 2.5; tc; tc; bind mwheeldown zoom_4; tc; tc; bind mwheelup zoom_2;"
    alias zoom_4 "fov 10; sizeud; sensitivity 1; tc; tc; bind mwheelup zoom_3;"
    New Gamespy release
    Gamespy 1.51 WAS released but has been pulled apparently due to some bug (uh oh, I already had upgraded). 1.52's expected soon. Keep on the lookout at Gamespy.com. Thanks go out to Randy Weaver for his eagle eyes in originally reporting the release to us.


    WinNT Pure3D Drivers Released!
    For all of you WindowsNT users, the Pure3D drivers made for NT have been released here.


    Figin Leaves the Quake Literary Guild
    I saw on PlanetQuake and heard from Prophet that Figin has retired from the Quake2 Literary Guild. We wish him and the Literary Guild well for the future.

    New Powerball Released for v3.09
    Prophet informed us that Power Ball for Quake II Beta 4 has been released. This version will only work with 3.09 and has a fix for the problem of skins not working with the mod.. head on over to the Powerball Homepage for details.

    New Episode of The Sniper
    Games.net's Snipe has posted this weeks episode of his column The Sniper, entitled: "The Ping of Death", which discusses his obsession with Quake II Multiplayer. Thanks Prophet.


    German Q2 Archive Opens Tomorrow
    Martin Gerner sent us a letter announcing the opening of the "Deutsches Quake2-Archiv" which will be happening sometime tomorrow. Here's the full letter (since I don't speak German, and I don't want to mess up any of it's context):
    we at mpgText Germany are very proud to announce the opening of our German Quake 2-Archive tomorrow night. Our completely non-commercial, non-profit site is hosted by the generous xoom people in San Francisco. You can reach the "Deutsches Quake 2-Archiv" via this link: http://members.xoom.com/mapaul/. O ur page is dedicated to all german speaking people who want informations and tips about Q 2 in their native language. We are the first to bring up a TGC (Total German Conversion :-) ) of the original game manual. Next will be the installation of a german Q 2 News section and later (...maybe in february) we plan to publish a German Console Command List and FAQ. We truly appreciate any voluntary contributions to the "Deutsches Quake 2-Archiv", as we are only a little pool of writers and journalists that really love to play this fine game. We - mainly Steffen Boplinger and me - do the whole sitework for free in our spare time. Our motivation is the wish to give back a little knowledge to the net-community. So please - join in and help us make this site a great place in gaming w3!
    Thanks for reading and best wishes for 1998!
    Martin Gerner
    Best of luck to ya, Martin. Keep us updated. :)

    #QuakeII IRCNet Article
    Whoops :) Last night, while typing up my update, I made a teeny tiny little mistake while linking to an e-mail, and that sucked the whole #QuakeII article into the link. It's fixed now, and sorry about that Jaruzel.


    More Carmack
    Following the mentioned .plan update below, Carmack made this note about the release of a redone 3.09 patch:

    We have rebuilt the 3.09 patch with a new version of the install program. Some people were not able to run the installer because a temp directory wasn't setup correctly. There are NO OTHER CHANGES in this, so if you were able to install the last 3.09, don't bother getting this one.


    Monday, December 29, 1997
    John Carmack .plan update
    Earlier today John Carmack updated his .plan with the following:

    Please cool it a bit with the email to me unless it is really important. I'll never get trinity done with the email pouring in the way it is right now...
    The QuakeVoice project has moved to frag.com, click here to reach its new home. It lets people talk together during Quake 2 DM without special hardware apparently :). Thanks Hanif.


    Help Requests
    Here's some help-ads that people have sent us:

  • Contact
    Ok, I'm looking for modellers / mappers or anyone who can edit anything in quake... (artists, coders etc.) for a new TC called contact, which is not related to the film, so we cant be foxed :). Oh, and its definately a FREEBIE job... no money involved... none, zilch. Just so you know :)

    For more info go to :

    WWW : http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/steb/
    ICQ : 2619469
    E-Mail : steb@compuserve.com

    Frag ya all later ;)

  • Mushroom Blue Entertainment: Area51
    Mushroom Blue Entertainment is in need of some model/skin editors. We aren't worried about the levels for Area51 yet. But we would like to get some models done. But all level editors/creators are welcome to apply. Also in need of someone to edit the gfx.wad file and wall texture, etc...Please contact Sean at insane_soul@hotmail.com. Also keep an eye out for the Area51 homepage approaching soon.
    Thanks in advance.
    -Sean M.
    -Co-Owner of Mushroom Blue Entertainment.
    Quake2 Base1 Map Strategy
    Fuzz sent us a message informing us of a strategy guide he wrote for Base1 in Quake2. It can be found here.

    Chronos Map Released
    Sebastian Sylvan from the Chronos team released the first map from their mod. It can be downloaded in the Team section of their website, under Sebastian's .plan.

    Quake2 Server Front-End
    Here's some mail we received from the RastaMan:
    Q2SVRFE.ZIP (Quake II Server Front-End)

    Introducing the FIRST Quake II Server Front-End application! No need to remember thoses pages and pages of console and command codes to run your Q2 Server! Use this user-friendly application to do the work for you! All registered users get updates all FUTURE updates FREE!!!! Includes Advanced command line configuration, simple check box options, and much more!! Online secure registration avail.!!!

    Quake2 DM Map
    Yup, yet another letter we received :)

    Due to the lack of (quality) DM maps, I decided to spend some time and make one. This is NOT a remake of Quake level. I tried to follow the theme of Q2 in this map, and what i came out with is pretty cool (IMHO:).

    It is designed with internet play in mind (r_speeds @ or below 500), and has been tested on my lan, but only with 2 people, so there might still be a bug or 3.

    I used worldcraft for most of the level, but had to use Qoole and BSP to get some of the bit values for detail brushes, ladders etc, and used a text editor to manually get them in there.

    I hope someone gets to enjoy this map, at least tide some of us over till the big boys release some DM maps. This level was reviewed at Talons Srike (http://www.planetquake.com/talon/) and planet quake featured a screenshot!

    Also, i spent a lot of time going over the map specs, and diving into the base1.map that was released with the source code. I was able to figure out some stuff that might be helpful, if anyone has questions (mainly things like area_portals) feel free to email me.

    Please post this so people can grab it!:


    Note, there is one invulnerablility (takes a rocket jump) BFG (hid it).
    First one to find both gets a cookie!!

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!!,

    Ralph "tesh" G.
    New IRCNet #QuakeII
    Jaruzel told us that he has put a bot in IRCNet #QuakeII to provide a place for people to discuss the various areas of the Quake2 community.

    Quake2 Grappling Hook
    Bort mailed us about his Quake2 Grappling Hook which features swinging, the ability to slide up and down the chain, and the stuff that the origi nal Quake Grappling Hook had. I couldn't get it to work, but I think that's because I used the patch to 3.09, and this mod might have been made on a different version.

    PowerBall Needs Full-Time Server
    ^Dante^ mailed us and asked us to post a request for someone to run a full-time PowerBall server for them. If you're interested, mail him at pball@planetquake.com.

    Quake2 Wins Awards!
    Quake2 has won the Game of the Year award and the 3D Game of the Year award at Avault. Thanks TraderX.

    ION Storm Quake2 Levels
    Here's a slightly old piece of news we got from Talon48 about four Quake2 DM maps he posted on his site, Talon's Strike, that were made by ION Storm employees. Go get em! :)


    Hosted sites news
  • Our hosted site Quake2 Modeling Studio has an md2 creation tutorial.
  • We are now hosting a skins site called 666 Skins, check it out.

    Quake 2 Domain stuff
    Quake 2 Domain has a Quake 2 chat among other features up now.

    Famkebot 2.1 released
    The Famkebot has hit version 2.1, you can get it over at the website.

    dm2 specs
    Uwe Girlich has released unofficial specs on the Quake 2 demo format...
    check them out.


    Carmack's .Plan Update
    John Carmack had this in response to the release of Quake2 v3.09:
    Dec 29: 2:30 PM CST:

    The only widely reported problem with 3.09 is that the
    video playback is choppy. The fix for the modem connections
    reduced video playback to 10 fps. Its a one line fix, but
    I'll hold off on another version until a few more things

    I am curious what the breakdown of opinion is on the rapid
    patch releases. If one of the polling websites would pose
    the question, I would apreciate it.

    A more liesurely patch release would allow us more testing time, and
    some problems (like this cinematic bug) would certainly be killed
    before the public saw it, but I definately found a couple things from
    the public that no amount of testing on our machines would have found.
    Some things only showed up with 48 people playing on our servers for
    several hours.

    Once again, we really didn't have a choice this time because of the
    server crashers, but we are planning another release in two to three

    I am happy to produce new versions fairly rapidly, rather than at monthly
    intervals, but I know that many people are getting a little irate at
    having to download new patches. There is a simple solution -- if you
    don't want to be on the bleeding edge, wait a week after a patch is
    announced and see how it is working for other people.

    What finally helped me get to the bottom of some things was
    just getting people with problems we couldn't reproduce to call
    me and let me send them executables by email until I figured out
    what was going on. From now on, if you send a detailed problem to me,
    include a phone number and times when you can be reached. I'm not tech
    support, so you certainly can't count on a response, but if you have
    a nice repeatable case of a problem that is high priority for us that
    we can't reproduce otherwise, your personal help may be usefull.

    BTW, does anyone know why Quake 2 became a hacker target? I can keep
    fighting attacks, but spending my time there doesn't help anyones game,
    and there are a bunch of things that fundamentally can't be stopped if
    people really set their mind to messing up the servers.
    I think the answer to that question is the fact that some people just aren't happy unless they're making others suffer. Little pseudo-hackers find a nuking program, and then they have a field day on unsuspecting people. It's sad. Also, I think I'd wet myself if John Carmack called my house :)

    OGR Reviews Quake2
    Prophet let us know about a Quake2 Review over on OGR.

    Marc Saltzman Interview on the Adrenaline Vault
    Prophet also told us about an interview with "Marc Saltzman, the man behind the book "Gamer's Web Directory: Sites, Cheats & Secrets" and the Quake 2 manual." According to the mail, he shares his insights on the computer game industry and the power of the Internet for gaming.

    The Quake DevelS' Newest Quake2 Tutorial
    There is a new Quake2 Tutorial over at The Quake DevelS website. It explains File I/O and Quake2. Thanks Prophet.

    BSP Version .90b
    Prophet informed us about the release of BSP version .90b and forwarded this update from BSP-HQ:
    BSP Version .90bDecember 29, 1997
    BSP version .90b is out! Get it here or from this mirror site, download it and unzip it into your BSP directory. Note, like the last version, this is a fix. You should have version .88b installed, then apply this patch. Hope that's not too confusing. Anyway, here's what's new from the *.txt file: This is yet another maintenance release.

    1. Applying contents flag bits with values > 32768 should now work. I.e., the surface window should show the correct values.

    2. Search/replace texture now includes the relative texture path, etc. for Q2 editing.

    3. Load texture from .pak now allows picking a different .pak than the default. Just hit "Open" at the dialog box to use the default.

    4. Setup program for Q2 just warns if .pak is invalid and prompts whether to "Save Anyway?".

    5. In Q2 mode, leak file handling is in. This loads the .lin file that qbsp3 creates. Choose the Load .pts from the File | LeakFile menu. Pick a .lin file. Similar to old point file stuff, except now you get actual lines, which is cool.

    Also, Yahn wanted me to mention that the problem with the texture directory only showing 9 entries isn't really a problem. Other than the fact that there's not a scroll bar there, all the directories are listed. Just click in the directory box and then use the arrow keys to move down the list past the bottom of the window. He'll try to fix that in the next version.

    Poll at The Mirror
    There's a new poll over at The Mirror. It's question is: "With all the hype and publicity do you feel the current (first full release) of Quake 2 met most expectations that you wished it would achieve?" Thanks, Ragin.

    WHaCK 2.0 Released
    WHaCK 2.0 has been released on http://delirious.home.mindspring.com
    . Here's a description of the new version:
    With this release, people will no longer be able to complain that the rockets move too slow or the BFG is too powerful. Weapon damage settings are now _fully configurable_. Also available are speed settings for projectiles, and starting health and max health settings. Each weapon modification can now be turned on and off. These modifications include the three from the initial release(star shots from the blaster, a five-rocket cluster, and the railgrenade) along with two mods by FLAvour: his grappling hook and personal teleporter. And all settings are configurable from an easy to use Windows launcher.
    Thanks, delirious.


    Leave of absence
    I'm going "somewhere" so I will be away for a few days. Until then hosting matters will still be able to be handled, though not as quickly, and I won't be doing news for a few days. I'll be back in early early January, I promise. Slipgate (temporarily) out.

    Quake 2 music hits the big one
    The Quake 2 music has been put in the top 5 at cddb.com. Thanks Q11.


    Quake2 v3.09 Patch Released
    John Carmack updated his .plan last night after the gang at id was done burning the midnight oil to get this patch out. This updates Quake2 to version 3.09 and it comes with an installer to make sure all the files go to the right spot. One note- This version of Quake2 will NOT allow clients using any other version of Quake2 to connect to a multiplayer server running 3.09 due to a version check that was put in to avoid bad connections from clients using the wrong version. Also, we've gotten some mail about the actual version number of these patches.. I saw that Carmack originally called it 1.07 and 1.08.. He's changed it now, and everyone else is calling it 3.whatever, so I guess we'll follow suit. :)

    Download Sites:

  • ftp.idsoftware.com
  • Quake2.com

    Brian Hook .Plan Update
    Brian Hook updated with this on the VERITEGL.DLL driver:
    December 29, 1997 (early AM)

    As for people having problems with the VERITEGL.DLL driver -- everything still
    works on 3Dfx and Intergraph with the new patch, so Rendition looks like
    they're suffering from normal minidriver growing pains. Hopefully they'll
    have a new version out pretty soon, but near as I can tell the latest
    problems with that are not our fault (at least, the evidence suggests that
    the problems people are having with the V2x00 are not our problems).
    Quake2Fortress.com Announcement
    We got a letter from Phreakin about the opening of Quake2Fortess.com:
    On January 12th, 1998 Quake2Fortress.Com will be preparing for business. The site will be devoted to TeamFortress for Quake2 as well as Team Fortress for Quake. We are in need of 4 or 5 more people to help make it a stand out site. Currently we are looking for people familiar in the following areas: CGI, Graphics Design, Web Design, News Hounds and Site Maintainers. Any work contributed to the site will be on strictly a volunteer basis with no monetary payments involved. Anyone interested in helping out in any area needed should contact Phreakin@Quaked.Com. In conjunction with the opening of Quake2Fortress.Com, we will be having a very unique contest to give away the domain of Quaked.Com. Check http://www.quaked.com on January 12th for the details.


    Sunday, December 28, 1997
    New Powerball Beta
    Beta 3 of the Powerball mod for Quake2 has been released
    here. The fixes enclude crashes associated with the player select screen, and a Map was renamed to base1.bsp so you can now select it from multiplayer setup. Thanks Hanif.

    Jobe is Back...Kinda
    Just wanted to let you know that my computer is stable (woohoo!) and we here at Quake2.com are slowly but surely getting back on the ball from the holidays. Thanks to everyone who sent letters of encouragement to me, it's really appreciated :). I Hope everyone had a happy holiday! (Note: just a reminder, don't forget to resend your skins to my e-mail if you havn't done so already. The contest ends January 9th, and we're really lacking Quake1 skins!)


    QGraph 1.0 Released
    QGraph 1.0 has been released. Here's a description of it:
    QGraph is a program who connects to a Quake Server and shows you realtime data about the deathmatch running on that server. QGraph offers real-time data and graphics, log recording, off-line data browsing and printing. You will get full information about the Quake Server, full information about the players connected to that server and more! I attached to this mail a screenshot of QGraph, so you may understand what the program does more that reading 1000 of my words.
    Although this current version is for Quake only, the next version WILL support Quake2 in addition to other Quake-based games. Thanks Michele.

    Quake2 Tactics Page
    The Quake2 Press has posted some Quake2 Tactics. Thanks lag.

    Quake2 Trading Cards
    C02 is working on some digital Quake2 trading cards featuring all of the loveable characters from everyone's favorite game. :) Thanks Hanif. Anyone want to trade my Grunt for a Gunner? :)

    Quake2 DLL Site Updated
    There's some really cool updates on QuakeII DLLs including Part 2 of "The Art of Quake2 DLL Coding." Thanks John.

    Respawn Reminder from Process
    Just a reminder to everyone who hasn't signed up for Respawn '98, registration is open and saves you money. You must also pre-register to be eligible to enter the Quake 2 Tournament.

    Clans who are attending should email Brian Sutton. Clan groups of four or larger can apply to reserve tables so they will be seated together, and if enough clans signup, we will be holding a special tournament specifically for registered clans.

    Quake2CTF.Com Clan Listing
    Quake2CTF.com is now in the process of forming a listing of all active CTF Clans. If you want to be on the list, go sign up. Thanks sHoShiN.

    Skins2 is a site being made by Raven that is going to be a huge collection of all the Quake2 skins available. E-mail Raven if you want your skin added. Thanks Hanif.

    Quake II Console Programming Language mod
    I'm not quite sure what exactly that is, but all the info is on this website. Thanks Bill.

    German Quake2 Manual
    Good news for all you German Quake2 fraggers! Martin Gerner mailed us with a letter about a German translation of the Quake2 Manual being worked on by mpgText. Here's a sample of the manual which will be posted on a website within the next few days:

    Deine Kampfstiefel werfen lange Schatten in der unbarmherzigen, brütend heißen texanischen Nachmittagssonne. Blinzelnd schaust Du zum tausendsten Mal gegen das gleißende Licht auf die Soldatenreihe vor Dir. Schier endlos sc heint die Silhouette der Menschenkette über dem Geröll, bis sie zuletzt mit den kalten Schatten eines Truppentransporters verschmilzt. Bald wirst auch Du die Rampe Deines Schiffs hochklettern, in deinen stählernen Ein-Mann-Kokon steigen und damit durch de n interplanetarischen Gateway brettern. Lichtjahre entfernt von den Sandstürmen der Wüste und den zerstörten Ruinen um den Dallas-Metro-Krater wirst Du aufschlagen. "Warum zum Teufel dauert das so lange", knurrst Du. Ungeduldig läßt du den zerbeulten Lauf Deines Blasters immer wieder in Deine zernarbte Handfläche fallen. "Ich hab´ lange genug gewartet, jetzt wird´s Zeit, den Stroggs mal richtig in die Ärsche zu trete n". Du wippst in der drückenden Schwüle der Augustsonne langsam auf den Zehen vor und zurück, spuckst aus und reibst Dir Deine Augen. Du denkst an den Tag, an dem die scheußlichen Kreaturen zum ersten Mal angriffen. Wie glühende Meteore waren ihre Schiffe auf der Erde eingeschlagen. Unglaublich: Während die Raumtransporter von der Hitze des Wiedereintritts in die Atmosphäre noch fast brutzelten, schwärmten die biomechanischen Aliens...diese widerlichen Cyborgs....aus und nahmen alles gefangen, was sich auf zw ei Beinen bewegte. Meistens machten die Stroggs aber gleich kurzen Prozeß....

    Copyright for the translation: 1997 by mpgText Germany.
    Enemies Section Updated!
    Paubo has completed the Quake2 Enemies Section (accessible via the left frame menu) and now all of you can learn cool facts about the Baddies of Quake2.

    The Carmack Update
    Here's the full .plan update that John Carmack made today in reference to the Quake2 1.08 patch:
    Dec 28, 5:00 PM CST:

    No crashes on any of the servers!

    A few comments on some reported problems:

    You have to press the "attack" button to respawn in deathmatch
    now. This allows you to chat and go into the menu. I have
    got several mails from people that are typing "kill" or
    reconnecting to servers after they die...

    Old savegames will NOT work with the patch. Just cheat yourself
    to aproximately the same place you were before. The game included
    config files for starting off at each unit. You can exec one of
    those to get you close, then do "give" commands if you want to be
    more precise. (bigguun.cfg, boss.cfg city.cfg, command.cfg,
    factory.cfg, hangar.cfg, jail.cfg, mine.cfg, power.cfg, space.cfg,

    I think several people are failing to get the gamex86.dll into the
    baseq2 directory. if "fov 120" doesn't change your field of view,
    the server doesn't have the right gamex86.dll.

    Dec 28, 5:00 AM CST:

    Ok, two hours without a crash on four servers.

    Here is a new patch:


    3.07 and 3.08 can interoperate fine. All servers should upgrade
    to 3.08, but if you gravved the 3.07 earlier today and only play
    as a client and don't need timedemo, you don't nned to upgrade.

    Dec 28, 2:55 AM CST:

    There were a few problems with the 1.07 patch:

    Bodies stuck under doors caused a repeated explosion effect.
    Timedemo was broken.
    The servers crash about once an hour under full load.

    I have the first two fixed, and I hope the third. The four
    servers at Id are running a new executable.

    If the servers don't crash in the next hour or two,
    I'll put another release out.


    Dec 27:

    The 1.07 patch is out:


    Please mirror and distribute this.

    When submitting bugs, make sure you say that you already have the
    3.07 patch.

    Christian will go through and update the bug page when he gets back
    from vacation next week.

    This release does not fix all known problems. We intend to have
    another release in a few weeks.

    Whew. :)

    Quake2 Review
    The Quake II Matrix has posted a review of Quake2. Thanks Kamarov.

    Nigel (very tired of typing)

    Quake2 fixes
    John Carmack updated his finger in regards to the newly released Quake2 executable. Among other things, this should fix the server crashes that have plaqued us all. I have the new executable running on Stroggos.Quake2.com if you want to hop in. One thing though, you must upgrade your client as well or you will not be able to connect. You can grab it here: