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Friday, January 2, 1998 - The Day After :)
New QERadiant Released
Robert A. Duffy, maker of QERadiant, released a new beta of the program earlier today. Here's the press release:
I just released a beta of QERadiant. As long as I didn't break anything major, it should be available to the public late tonight. The new version features quite a bit of new functionality.

* Numerous UI updates
* 2 button vs 3 button mouse switching
* Swtich between QERadiant and QE4 style windows (split vs floating)
* 2 and 3 point clipping plane
* Better Win95 stability
* BrushScripting (EXPERIMENTAL and DANGEROUS in this release :-)
* Texture Lock (still a bit buggy)
* Many others

The update will be posted at

On time and FREE :-)

Go get it, and create levels with this wonderful, and most importantly FREE program.

Brian Hook made a .plan update pertaining to a mistake he made while running benchmarks on the V2100 card. It seems he was using a .dll file ment for the V2200 card, which cause him to accidentally overclock the V2100. He goes into more, on future plans to overclock 3Dfx cards in his benchmarks, updated benchmarks, as well as other issues. Worth a read.

Quake2 DLL Site Update
The Quake2 DLL site has updated thier site with bot tutorial 4 in thier series, along with posting a ton of documentation on the Quake2 source code. Drop by and start creating.

Help Wanted
We got this piece of mail from Sandman77 of Alienphobia asking for help on their upcoming TC, "Condemned":
Hi there Quake2.com crew :)

Love your site. Thanks for mention our TC some weeks ago.

It would help us alot if you could post that we are seeking skilled Coders that have some knowledge of Quake/Quake2 *.dlls coding.

Also we need graphicians that are willing to aid with textures and 3D modelling of Weapons, Items, Monsters etc.

If they wish to read more about "Condemned" then they may drop by http://www.alienphobia.com/condemned/. If they want to apply then email mowx@hotmail.com or me sandman77@c2i.net.

Thanks for your valuable time. And of course BIG thanks for such a finesite.
Thanks for the compliments, Sandman.


Eraser Bot Alpha Released
Yeah! Ridah released the first public alpha of the Eraser bot on Impact Development's
website. It only supports base1.bsp and base2.bsp so far, but it's still worth getting. This bot kicks ass :)

Daily Slew of Maps
  • ftp://gaby.ne.mediaone.net/Escape.zip: Submitted by DigitalPhury; single player

    New version of ServerConfigMOD v1.3 Released
    There's a new version of ServerConfigMOD for Quake2 out. This new version contains bug fixes and now allows new features like the added ability to cycle up to 15 maps, set independant frag counts, timelimits, gravity, and repeat one or more levels as many times as you like. Go get it here. Thanks Patrick.


    Thursday, January 1, 1998 - New Year's Day!
    More mod and util stuff
  • Saw on Capture^2 that Entity of Xenocide Flag Academy is remaking the CTF4 level "Forgotten Mines" for Quake 2 CTF.
  • Loki's Minions CTF hits version 1.21.
  • Plucky from Quake Editing News made a q2ents.qc file for the editor BSP. Thanks Prophet.
  • ANJIN reports that QuakeLab 2 will release a new version of QE4-Radiant tomorrow.
  • I was notified of this "Battle of the Sexes" mod.
  • And finally Blue scooped us on the release of a new version of QTracker, supporting Quake 2, Jedi Knight, and more.
  • Avatar has released a 10 level DM pak (894 KB) on his website (which I've seen posted on multiple pages).

    More website stuff
  • A new Quake 2 messageboard has graced us with its existence.
  • Gamehut.com has re-opened, and impressively so.

  • Brian Hook updated his .plan about Verite stuff, Logitech stuff, and the possibility of an Alpha AXP port being ready by the next Q2 version release (we hold our breath for Linux). Read the whole .plan here.
  • John Carmack made his New Year's .plan update with what he's fixed so far and his resolutions:

    Some of the things I have changed recently:

    * fixed the cinematics
    * don't clear config after dedicated server
    * don't reallocate sockets unless needed
    * don't process channel packets while connecting
    * rate variable for modem bandwidth choking
    * delta compress client usercmds
    * fixed sound quality changing after intermissions
    * fixed PVS problem when head was directly under solid in GL
    * added r_drawflat and cl_testlights to cheats

    There are a few problems that I am still trying to track down:

    Map versions differ error
    Sometimes connecting and seeing messages but not getting in
    Decompression read overrun.

    Of course, we don't actually get any of those errors on any
    of our systems here, so I am having to work remotely with
    other users to try and fix them, which is a bit tougher.

    My new years resolution is to improve my coding style by
    bracing all single line statements and consistantly using
    following caps on multi word varaible names.

    Actually, I am currently trying on the full sun coding style,
    but I'm not so sure about some of the commant conventions: don't
    use multiple lines of // comments, and don't use rows of
    seperating characters in comments. I'm not convinced those
    are good guidelines.
    Sorry for slowness
    As you can imagine, we've had a full plate today with re-securing the server which is why we've been slow on updates. Apologies for that.

    Hosted Site news
  • Quake 2 Modeling Studio has a few new tutorials up.
  • Quake 2 DLLs has their third bot tutorial up.
  • Check out the demo site .dm2 which is now starting its operation so to speak.

    Mods and utils
  • Artifact Quake 2 is under production now, which will include runes. Thanks Prophet.
  • Quake 2 Server Frontend has released version 1.1. You are encouraged to download and register your copy (10 dollar registration fee, not sure if its required to use the utility though).
  • QOOLE 2.30 beta 12 is out on qoole.com. Saw that on Monkey's Fort.
  • The Lithium mod is at version 0.58 now (it includes a HUD and rankings among other things). Saw that on Blue's as well.
  • The Quake 2 Console Programming mod has hit version 1.0... thanks again to Blue.

    Website stuff
  • Quake 2 Deathmatch Depo has moved to http://www.tidalwave.net/%7Eslvrbombr/ and has 40 DM level reviews already with more to come. Saw that on Blue's News.
  • Gamestats.com is doing a poll on rapid vs. not so rapid patches as mentioned in John Carmack's .plan (thanks again go to Blue.)
  • Games Galore is worth checking out.

  • WarCouncil has a Quake 2 review. Thanks Prophet.

    My announcement of the IRC channel DALNet #qservers wasn't very kind to #quake2 channels out there, especially DALNet #quake2. I didn't mean to be rude to them.... here's a blurb from them about DALNet #quake2:

    This is slander on my channel since the facts are we do allow game setup talk.. we just dont enjoy people like Xtreme advertising Slow listen servers in our channel, we also have a rule aginst advertising other channels..

    The_Xtreme wouldnt comply to these rules and continued advertising with an timmer set to like 30 seconds or so.. and was kicked/Banned.. Im sure this is why he came to you to post his channel.

    So we would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone that wants to chat about game setup.. or just wants to chat with a bunch on Quake2 freaks.. to come to our channel, they must however follow a few simple rules.. most of which are covered under Dalnet Policy.. but here is a web page with our full set of rules.. also a list of aop and sop's and such: http://www.nortexinfo.net/infovein/quake2/
    The way I should have written my update yesterday was to just mention the channel and say no more... my apologies to anyone I've offended.


    Last Nights News
    Well, we went through our logs and got to the bottom of last nights "hack". It seems someone had Nigel's pass and that is how they altered the news. Here is a complete log of last nights incidents. The moral of this story:

    A) Nigel must learn to pick a more secure password.
    B) The hacker must learn to cover his trail better.


    Nice way of starting the new year :(
    Great... a hack in attempt to start the new year. The news and index pages have been restored, sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks pRy for your help.


    Wednesday, December 31, 1997 - New Year's Eve!
    One hour till 1998 (for me at least)
    Alright... this should be my last update (god willing) for 1997. Its been a remarkable year and I wish you all the best, and all the Quake2.com staff too! Can't wait to use that 'January 1' dateline.

    Hosted Site news
  • Famkebot has been updated to version 2.2. What's new? Up till now Famkebot hasn't worked on Windows NT, that should be fixed now (however the author wants you to mail if you run NT and can't get it working still), and a "bot talk" command has been added (see the text file included with the bot for details).

    Server stuff
  • David Stone wanted to let us know about the ftp.cdrom.com mirror ftp.ais.net. Check it out.
  • #QServers on DALNet IRC has been created by The_Xtreme, as a place to set up deathmatch games (since the #quake2 channels on most networks don't appreciate game setup talk occuring in the channels).
  • IGN has put up an "unofficial" Quake 2 server at (that is not a link just so you know). Thanks Prophet, who got it by way of PC Gamer.

    John Carmack .plan update
    John Carmack made two .plan updates today, one to note that Quake 2 requires all the bandwith it can get on a modem connection so it is best for performance to quit IRC, ICQ, web browsers, etc. Another update is about a strange router problem he is devising a workaround for, but any workaround he devises will apparently break protocols again (i.e. the next version of Quake 2 won't be compatible with 3.09 or below, just like 3.09 is not compatible with anything below currently). His .plan is definitely an interesting read, so click here to read it.

    Mod and util stuff
  • On Team Impact's website, Ridah has made a demo available giving an idea of the complex "better than Reaper" AI concepts he's been discussing, and he says to expect an alpha version of the bot later this week. Thanks go to Prophet.
  • Jaw3D (an OpenGL Quake 2 model viewer for Windows 95 and NT) has been updated to version 1.0 to include full skin support. Thanks Jawed Karim.
  • There's info on OpenQuake has been updated on today's news by Drywall (also of Inside3D fame) on how users can make mods work with version 3.09 of Quake 2 without the author updating the modification. It involves a hex editor, but it apparently works. Of course, there's also lots of other cool stuff going on over at OpenQuake and Inside3D, so check them out.
  • A new server/client frontend (with no single player support, but the author may add it if the demand is there) has been released. I haven't tried it, but if interested download it. Thanks Dave Raftery.
  • My apologies to Mushroom Blue Entertainment... apparently their TC Area 51 is not for Quake 2 but for Quake 1, it may be converted later. If interested in working on it e-mail Sean. Side note here: Please only mail us news if it relates to Quake 2, we don't print any Quake 1 news... this has been printed as a correction to a former update.
  • Saw on Redwood's (Retro) 3D News that QView has released version 5.0 beta 2 to support Quake 2 version 3.09.
  • Famkebot has a new version released, detailed above in the "hosted site news" update.

    Quake DevelS
    Quake DevelS has a few quotes from John Carmack concerning the "cmd" command, more info on File I/O in Quake 2, and apparently are taking a stab at porting the Quake 2 DLL to C++. Thanks Prophet for all of that. Congrats also to the DevelS for being in the PQ Spotlight today.

    Disruptor was interviewed on the Quake Editor's Reference Guide about Quake 2 level stuff.... definitely worth checking out. Thanks Prophet. On a side note, the Reference Guide reports that it will not "update with the times" to Quake 2, and will no longer be updated but remain as a resource on Quake 1 editing.

    Reviews, editorials, and accolades
    Unless otherwise indicated, the awesome Prophet informed us of these tidbits of good stuff.

  • GamesDomain has an editorial looking back on 1997 in terms of action games, click here to get to it.
  • GAGames (our sister site!) has an article online which looks back at their favorite games of 1997 (including Quake 2). Read it here.
  • Gaming Nexus has their GN Reader's Choice Awards for 1997 online. Go vote!
  • Prodigy informs us that Adrenaline Vault has nominated Quake 2 as "Game of the Year" and "Best 3D Game."
  • The new internet game magazine oneZone has printed a special article on Quake 2, with "shots and more." Thanks to the oneZone staff for that one.
  • PsychoNews has posted up a Quake 2 review. Thanks Lewis "Lorien" Newman of PsychoNews.
  • Saw on Redwood's that The Houston Chronicle gave Quake 2 an award.

    NEW websites
  • The German Quake 2 Archiv, mentioned yesterday briefly, has opened. It right now has a German version of the manual online, and will provide further German language resources, including Quake 2 tips and so forth in German. Thanks Martin Gerner.
  • New Swedish Quake 2 site here.

  • Quaked.com ceased to exist (that's two good domains down now... not pleasant). Anyways, as a result the QuakeEasel has moved to http://easel.questgate.net, as a result, the Art of Strogg and Flasher 907's Quake2 Art Vault have moved as well (the links will take you to the new locations).
  • Demented 2, a "Quake 2 movie studio" if you will, which has an upcoming Q2 demo editor of the same name (anyone ever heard of the Quake demo editor Demented?) has become Stomped's first Quake 2 related hosted site, and is available at http://quake2.stomped.com/demented2/. Thanks to Prophet on that one.
  • I keep forgetting to mention Prophet's new gig, Remote Review. For an idea of what to expect, Prophet was the one that ran the now defunct Game-Wire (was pulled along with Brutality apparently).

    Unexpected return
    OK, so maybe yesterday WASN'T my last update of Quake2.com for 1997... Anyways, on to the news, shall we? :) Sorry about the late update.


    Happy New Year! I, as Nigel, will be around most of the day today (excluding lunch, I owe a fellow Quaker a meal at Taco Bell for loosing a frag to him), so the news should still be pumpin'. I hope all you guys have a great New Year, and actually stick to those resolutions you make! Have a happy and SAFE New Year tonight...remember the designated driver, folks...

    Customized Carnage
    ServObit 1.2, a new mod that allows you to customize death messages according to gibbage, player gender, weapon used, etc. has been
    here. Go get the new mod, and frag in style.

    Worldcraft Delayed
    Bakshra of Hexenworld just sent along this bit of information he found on Worldcraft's homepage:

    Well it is the 30th today, and I do not have a copy of 1.6 yet. Once Ben completes work on 1.6 I would like to give it to our beta testers for them to test for a day and hopefully catch all obvious problems. Hopefully there will be no serious bugs and we can make the 1.6 release within a day of Ben finishing the new code. As for when the code will be done that is best left up to the Fates to decide :)
    This is a major bummer, as a lot of people (including me) were looking forward to this new release. Oh well, I'm glad I ordered Qoole...

    Help Wanted
    The folks over at the newly formed Black Omega are looking for some help. Here's the mail we recieved:

    Our newly formed Quake 2 development group Black Omega is looking for a texture artist and a skin base designer to join our skilled team of 6. This would be an unpaid position in our group working on our new project The Stroggos Conspiracy. TSC continues the Quake 2 story line, using in game cut scenes to expand apon the action. We ask that all applicants for these 2 positions who wish to know more information send us a message and a link with to a good example of their work. Email: Wildcard at bomega@geocities.com
    If you're looking for some exposure, check these guys out.


    Brian Hook's .Plan
    Brian Hook updated tonight with his 3rd .plan entry in which he tells us about a KICKASS feature he added:
    December 30, 1997 (part 3)

    All right, I've caved again to consumer pressure and added a "dir" command
    that lists files in the game directories (c:\quake2\baseq2 and CDDIR\baseq2
    by default). The syntax works as you'd expect, e.g. "dir" is the same as
    "dir *", and you can pass an optional wildcard, e.g. "dir *.bsp".

    No, it doesn't support "/p" or anything like that, but you can scroll back
    if you want. It has some other issues, for example it may go through the
    same directory multiple times if your CDDIR is the same as your BASEDIR,
    but I may have a workaround for that. The output is sort of like this:



    The address book has been expanded to 9 entries instead of 8.
    Thanks Brian :) Now we don't have to write down all those long DM map names ;)

    VGA Vs. 3DFX Quake2 Screenshots
    Thanks to Ant for sending us this URL that has a comparison of Quake2 in 3DFX mode and in normal VGA. For those of you who are always wondering just how much a 3DFX will make your eyes go into visual ecstacy while playing this sp00ge-fest called Quake2, this is where you should go.

    New Years's Wishes from Nigel
    Well, since I'm a loser and I have no life (heh), I'll be around to update at all times except for New Year's Eve itself, at which point you shouldn't even be AT a computer :) Anyway, I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday... especially all you guys at id Software. ;)