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Monday, December 8, 1997 - Quake II is coming...
Quake II Released (in some places)
Redwood (that boy is just full of useful info!) got word that Quake II is out at some stores today, and of course will be out tomorrow officially! It might be a wise choice to give your local sotware retailer a call and see if they have a copy in just for you!

Info From Redwood
Saw on Redwood's that they are going to announce the winner of their Quake II contest tomorrow. There are over 800 entries, so don't worry, you probably won't win. ;)

Advent of Quake II
A new article up at the terraFORMA page have put up an article called The Advent of Quake II. This is a great article, reminding us of the good ol' Quake days. Saw that on Blue's.


IRC Quake 2 release party!
Undernet #quake2 is having a release party on December 12, 1997, at 7 PM EST. Definitely check out the party's
website, hosted by us, for more info on what will be available and what will be happening!

Everyone is invited!

Just some notes: Although not yet mentioned on the website, there will likely be server(s) to play Quake 2 on available, and the attendees list is very short right now because we're still getting confirmation from some of the guests of honor :). We'll have a trivia contest, and we've got some awesome sponsors lined up with awesome prizes for the contest... but I digress, find out the rest by going to the website now!

If any sponsors are interested in contributing prizes to the event, e-mail the organizers about it!

Also, if any other websites are interested in supporting this event, they can do so by linking to the website with this banner or a normal link.

The Quake 2 release party on Undernet #quake2: The place to spooge.


Server Info and FAQ
There is a new server info page and FAQ up at http://www.aphrodisiac.net/quake2/. It has a bit of good info for anyone wanting server and multiplayer info.

Quake 2 censored in Germany? (Updated)
We have recieved numerous emails from people regarding the censorship of Quake II in Germany. From what we can tell, it looks like Quake II is going to be censored, and that is backed up by the Adrenaline Vault's post. They say that according to Activision the game is too violent and didn't pass approval by the USK (German Software Control Organization).


The Mirror Gets Shattered
The guys over at The Mirror have re-designed thier site. Go check it out for tons of articles, interviews, and more you can sp00ge over until Quake2 hits the shelves tomorrow!

Quake2 for the Low-Low Price of $39.99!
Looks like Electronics Boutique will be selling Quake II at $39.99 for a limited time. All you guys who've pre-ordered for $49.99, don't dispare, you'll be getting the lower price also. Save that extra ten dollars up and go buy Malice The All-Mighty 'G'. Check out the whole sha-bang here. Thanks Jerrett


Microsoft and OpenGL
Microsoft and SGI announced today that OpenGL is going to be supported by Microsoft. You can find the full press release here. Brian Hook also updated his .plan with his insight to the whole deal, and here is the part that sums most of it up:
[Microsoft will...]

"* Distribute a new, high-performance OpenGL Installable Client Driver (ICD) developed in cooperation with Silicon Graphics for the Windows 9X and Windows NT environments."

No timeframe was established, and Microsoft has the option to drag their feet indefinitely. What can you do if Microsoft decides not to provide the OGL ICD kit to someone that asks? Or if they just don't return e-mail?

"* Implement a new certification testing and logo branding program for OpenGL drivers as well as Direct3D drivers created with the DDK through the Windows Hardware Quality Labs. Upon final certification from Microsoft, developers will receive one of the following three branded logos for use with their drivers: [rest deleted]"

This is the killer. They could make the WHQL standards so demanding that NO OpenGL driver can pass certification, or only a very few. That would not be cool. Ideally the agreement would tie OGL/D3D together -- in order for a developer to get D3D certification, they have to be certified for OGL, and vice versa. This makes it in Microsoft's best interests to see OGL drivers up and running and conformant quickly. Unfortunately, I don't think this is how this was negotiated, probably because of some other backroom politicking we're not aware of.

Not only that, but there is the chance that they'll claim they're "resource limited" and thus drag their feet on OGL certification while at the same time pushing D3D drivers out the door at superfast pace.

A more formal and complete statement from game developers will likely be forthcoming in the next couple weeks. But the fact remains the same: it's now okay to write OpenGL drivers for Windows, and thus it's now okay to write games using OpenGL.

And we hope that Quake2 is a testament to OpenGL's applicability for games.
I encourage you to read the whole press release, because it has a lot of good information in it.

Job Offer
Onethumb mailed Slipgate about a job offer for someone in the gaming community. Here is the email in detail:
HELP WANTED. I'm looking for a dedicated gamer who's involved in the scene, knows what they are talking about, and understands how the whole gaming community works (Quake *AND* other games). Good writing skills (such as product reviews) are a MUST. Good HTML skills are a big bonus.

This is a FULL TIME, PAYING job. You'd get paid to do what you love best: Hang out in the game community, make friends with lots of webmasters, write product reviews, etc. Relocation to warm, sunny California is probably a must, but if you really rule, it's possible we could work around it.

Interested? I hope so! Email me at onethumb@quakecentral.com. Please talk about yourself (brag all you want, it'll help), send an example of your writing skills (or a URL or something), and let me know how you fit into the community.
Well, what are you waiting for?!? Give Onethumb an email, and may the best man win!

Plague TC
We are hosting a new TC called Plague. Go check it out! This is another one I am looking forward to...


Quake II Germany Controversy
Well, there's now a blazing controversy over whether or not Quake2 will be released in Germany. Nothing has been substantiated yet, but feel free to send in any info to news@quake2.com. We'll try to get this sorted out as soon as possible.

E-mail Lists Reopens
For those interested, the Quake II mailing list for PlanetQuake reopened. You can get more info about it here. Some of the new features include web development, servers, coding, map editing, and modeling.The cool part is these lists allow web based browsing and searching of all the conversations for visitors as well as members of the lists. Go check it out.

Quake II Invades Wall Street
Jive! The Wall Street Journal has an special report on fellow 'Quaker' Phlender in section R4, entitled "The Gamer". Jeez, what I wouldn't give to frag a a tax broker.

P.S. - If anyone can send me a copy of this article, I'll put up a link to it.

Quake II Overdose
Quake2.com is now hosting a new page, The Q2 File Fanatic. This page has everything to turn your desktop into a Strogg killing field. Really cool, I suggest checking it out.

Texture Artists Wanted
Quantum Access guy Embrionic Pete sent us this mail concerning thier need for artists:

Source: Embrionic Files
Url: http://www.qa.com/emb

Quantum Axcess is looking for some talented texture artists to
possibly work on a future commericial add-on/total conversion.
Contact Embrionic for full details.....



Ps. Tons of level designer applications and even coders, but artists
are the hardest to find... especially ones that just blow ur mind =)

Quake 2 strategy guide (updated)
GameAddict reports that a Quake 2 strategy guide should be available soon. Here is a blurb:

Quake II Official Strategies & Secrets is expected in stores within a few days. Published by Sybex and endorsed by Id Software it includes strategies from Thresh and a complete walk-through of the game's 39 single-player levels. Quake II itself is officially available tomorrow morning.
Sheri Dean sent us this press release about the book, in Word 6.0 format.

.plan updates
Brian Hook and American McGee have both updated their .plan files with interesting news. Brian's update talks about benchmarks:

in the coming days I plan on getting some new benchmark numbers for Quake2 using TIMEDEMO. For those of you interested, TIMEDEMO's semantics have changed, you need to do the following:


In other words, TIMEDEMO is a variable now, not a function. Make sure when doing a TIMEDEMO that sound is disabled.
American McGee updated about deathmatch maps:

Just finished work on a DM4 type map for Quake2. I built a map called DM4_V2 a while back and was hoping to release it at some point. It contains most of the same elements and features that made DM4 such an enjoyable 2~4 map, but it didn't come off as well. So I started work on something pretty much from scratch and I am happy with the way it turned out. Since one on one play in a small map is my favorite type of DM I had to make sure that there was at least one really good 2 player DM map done. Starting work on a map that is inspired by DM2. I love lava and I really love watching people die in lava, so I felt that doing another map similar to DM2 would be a good idea. Mostly I am going to carry over the central lava pit idea and then work from scratch. Hopefully these two maps will be as well recieved as the original DM2 and DM4.
More party coverage
Thanks Nightwalker for sending in the news of this ZDNet coverage of Quake 2's launch party.

Quake 2 censored in Germany?
Censorship is a hot topic in the Quake community of late. Although I haven't yet seen report of this on other news sites, Yogan informs us that Quake 2 will not be available in Germany software stores. He apparently called up several stores and the stores do not plan on making the game available.

Quake 2 tournament
Recently we posted that the eXtreme Development website was taking signups for a Quake 2 tournament. I saw on Blue's News that the website has moved and renamed to Black Panther Mod Development. If you did sign up for the tournament already, you don't need to sign up again, they still have all the old records.

The Night Before Quake 2
Anyone remember the poem "The Night Before DOOM" by Hank Leukart, the OFFICIAL DOOM FAQ author? If not, click
here to read it. Now with Quake 2's US release (officially at least) a day away, gibbster sent in a revamped for Quake 2 version into Blue's News' mailbag. The wonderful Blue fella permitted me to quote it, so here it is.

Missed this Gamespot story yesterday on the release party, was posted on some other sites.


Killme .plan update
Brandon "KillMe" James updated his .plan with a lot of neat info about a map he is working on, and then some! Check it out:

Ahoy Mates!
Arrrgh make ye walk the plank into the shark infested waters below.. arrrrr. Bring out the mead! Smack you over the head with me mug o' ale. May the wenches on board fill yer privates with disease and may they then fall off in a fetid mess of gangrenous jello.

Ok. Enough of the pirate talk.

I just broke our Origin2000. Well, I didn't really break it, it sort of collapsed under the weight of a 10,000 brush map. Ok, well it didn't really do that either. It chugged right along until it hit it's 512 meg o' ram limit.. so John upped it even higher. The map then nursed on all 700+ megs of ram and finally bsp'd.

What is this map? Hmmm.. well it started as a 2 team CTF map, but John came at me with the idea of breaking stuff (How could I resist!?) so, I doubled the map and made it a 4 team battleground. Remember the game 'Warlords' on the Atari 2600? There you go, not quite as blocky and you don't need a stinking paddle to play it. Oh and you don't move a little board around directing a ball at the opposing teams blah blah blah blah blah.

Things I'll be doing now that Q2 is out:

-Running around to every electronics store, skinning the hide off of each and every animatronic Barney
-Playing a bunch of dumb games for about 30-45 minutes each, getting tired of them then returning to Quake2
-Enjoying myself getting PK'd on Ultima Online, so I can die an innocent death only to be ressurected with lowered skill values.
-Staring at Tim while he stares back at me. Repeat.
-Flipping off and spanking my behind at everyone who joins our Quake2 server.
-Making deathmatch maps for 10,000 people!
-Making CTF maps for 5,000 teams!
-Browsing the newsgroups.. (cough)
-Stealing valuable electronics from our office until Tim gets back from Australia.
-Deciding which id/quake2 hat looks best with my day wear.
-Rereading the PCGamer UK Quake2 article.
-Cultivating new life forms in empty miniature coke bottles.
-Sneaking out in the middle of the night to take Cash's car for a spin.
-Sneaking in earlier in the morning hoping that Cash won't see his new dents and dings.
-Hooking up the c-64 and 2600 in the office, attaching them both to Tim's big ass stereo.. M.U.L.E. in surround sound!
-Getting my car tagged.
-Getting my drivers license. Because damnit! I want to be a Texan!

That's about it.

Quake2 is law.

Brandon "KillMe" James
Wow. It must be *ulra* fun to work at id. Looks like we might be seeing some nice DM maps later on...


Sunday, December 7, 1997
Bring On The GIBS!!!
Gamer's Alliance has a poll out (along with an very well written article) on violence in games, called Blood & Guts Forever. It points out, among other things, that an astounding 97% of people polled are pro-violence. Go check it out, but try not to slip on the gibblets. Thanks Dyno

There's Always A Party Pooper...
Disruptor updated his .plan again, with this little tidbit:


Hmm. I checked out the Q2 server that was running, and found it packed at 64 clients, and most of them were not from Denmark =(

The server will resume operation on Tuesday, December 9th.
Come on, guys. Let's give id a break. You've waited over a year, can't you wait 2 days more?


Deathmatch Server listing already? (pulled)
Sorry folks, pulled this update for the reasons that Disruptor took down his server.... I'll repost about this thing on December 9th when I am more sure that it is being legitimately used. The page itself was created with only the most legitimate purposes in mind, but really can't be used as such for another 2 days.


Party recaps (updated)
  • TeamFortress news has a recap of the Australian party.
  • Fargo's recap of the LA party is on PlanetQuake.
  • Chris Ahem's page has a recap of the Aussie party, thanks Redwood.
  • GameFan has LA party coverage. Thanks WooopMan.
  • Activision has their own recap of the LA party, with photos, here. Thanks Prophet.
  • Redwood has a report on the Quake2 release party in LA over at his page. Check it out, very cool article, and has a few pictures you can sp00ge over if you couldn't sell enough blood to get the cash to go yourself (I still feel woozy from trying).

    Disruptor made a plan update regarding the Quake II server at id:

    With Quake II due out in stores in the next couple days, I've set
    up a Quake II server here at id.
    it's on;

    satan.idsoftware.com (

    It's cycling through all the maps with a 30 fraglimit or 10 minute
    timelimit. It's set for 64 players right now, but we'll see how things go.

    - "Disrupted" =)
    I don't know about you guys, but the thought of fragging 64 of my fellow Quakers on a Quake2 map gives me a rush. Let's see if it lives up to its "Bleeding-Nose-Huge-Capacity-Server" promises :-)

    "The New Guy"
    Well, as you probably know from Nigel's blurb below, I'm the new staff member of this happy family we call quake2.com. Due to the fact that the game is coming out (woohoo!) soon, the guys here are getting TONS of news, more so than they can handle. Hence, I was hired (double-woohoo!). I'm glad to be aboard, and I'm looking forward to contributing to the best Quake2 news page on the net. If you guys have any questions, need some help on a web page or graphics, or just wanna chat about Quake2, mail me. Thanks again for this opportunity!


    New Staff Member!
    I'd like to welcome our newest member, Jobe. I've known Jobe for a while now, and I'm glad to welcome him as a new news member.

    Respawn '98
    Process had asked us to print this, so here it is:

    Respawn '98

    In February 1998, Toronto, Ontario will host one of the largest multiplayer
    gaming events ever in Canada -- Respawn '98. Only one week after its initial
    announcement, we received well over 200 emails from fellow Canadians, all of
    which carried the same message:


    The four day event will take place at the Regency Hotel in Richmond Hill, Ontario.
    Dates for the event are Thursday, February 5th to Sunday, the 8th.
    The newly renovated conference center holds 500+ people, and will be the main
    center for the event, and a sponsored bar is available for visitors aged 19 and over.
    Shuttle service and 24 hour security is provided for your protection.

    Respawn is not just geared towards 3D gaming fans. The event will give visitors
    the chance to play Real Time Strategy titles such as Ensemble Studio's "Age of Empires"
    and Auran Software's "Dark Reign". We plan on holding mini-tournaments during
    the event for these games, which will occur randomly, on a first come,
    first serve basis.

    "Events like QuakeCON and The FRAG are hugely successful and let players around
    the world meet face to face in healthy competition. Respawn gives players all over Canada
    the chance to have the same experience, without having to fly 1000 miles or more to Texas.
    With the large multiplayer gaming fanbase in Toronto, Respawn will definitely be one of the
    largest events of its kind to happen in Canada." --Brian Sutton, Co-organizer,
    Stomped.com Webmaster.

    The headlining title of Respawn '98 is Quake 2, we will be holding a 256 player deathmatch
    tournament during the event, culminating with a final one on one battle for an as yet,
    unannounced grand prize. Prizes for the event are expected to total over $20,000 Canadian,
    as new sponsors continue to join the event on an almost daily basis. Some current sponsors
    include such companies as Activision, Epic Megagames, Canopus Corporation, Altec Lansing,
    Shaw Cable, and Gamestats.com.

    If you would like more information regarding Respawn, or would like to sponsor the event,
    visit the Respawn '98 website:


    Respawn Organizers

    Head Organizer:

    Brian Kallion - bkallion@communicopia.com

    Public Relations:
    Brian Sutton - process@stomped.com

    Quake 2 released early
    Apparently Quake 2 has been released early, as Denmark and Sweden now have it (we've been getting mails up the wazoo about this). Also some unconfirmed reports of German and US releases in certain areas are trickling in. This page proves the Denmark release at least, showing screenshots from deathmatch Quake 2 (including the BFG in action). Also, The Quake 2 Matrix webmaster received a picture of the final boss on IRC, and has posted it here.

    I admit, I haven't looked at the picture.

    Clan Name Poll
    The Clan Name Poll run by Quake2.com with help from its hosted site The Mirror is complete, thanks for everyone who participated. The results are:

    1. Squad 75
    2. Clan 64
    3. Platoon 44

    Those were the top 3 voted names and how many votes each got. Of course there were many others. Most names had 1 to 6 votes, while some names, like "Cult" had around 10.

    For anyone who doesn't remember what this poll was all about, the idea is that Quake 2 is a very different game from Quake 1, and the term Clan probably isn't appropriate for Quake 2 as it was with Quake 1. Hexen 2 used the term Guild. We were curious what term people would use in Quake 2. Of course, these results don't indicate that Quake 2 clans will be called Squads, but it seems likely.

    Cheers to everyone who voted.

    Demo #2 notification list
    We do still plan on sending out the notification e-mail to those people who signed up for the mailing list, when demo #2 comes out, even though it is after the full release of the game. However, several people have signed up now and so we've closed signups now. Any other websites that are using our script to assist our signup process should discontinue also. Once the mail is sent out, the list will be destroyed for privacy purposes.

    The Adrenaline Vault has posted it's Quake 2 give away winners here. Thanks Blue.

    French Quake 2 site
  • It's nice when resources such as this pop up for those who don't speak English.

    Hosted site news
    Our hosted site EarthQuaked has gone through a redesign and some feature additions.

    Also, Quake II DLLs, another site hosted by us, has lost one webmaster, but the site trucks on, as the site's next tutorial, File input/output, is up.

    Kevin Cloud interview
    Videogamedesign.com has an interview with Kevin Cloud of id Software. Saw that on Redwood's.

    BOOT interview
    The final part and the whole interview from BOOT with John Carmack and Brian Hook has been posted. Some fascinating info in there. Check it out.

    OpenQuake FAQ
    Got the following e-mail from the OpenQuake organization:

    OpenQuake, an organization formed roughly a month ago, on the eve of the Quake 2 test release, has completed its FAQ, just in time for Quake 2 to go gold. We'd welcome volunteers, for the decoding/documenting effort, and for the verification effort. Contact the staff of OpenQuake to volunteer or for more information. From the FAQ:

    OpenQuake is an organization with two main goals at present. The first is the documentation of the Quake 2 game logic DLL. The second is the formation of a process by which authors may have their Quake 2 addon DLL's verified as free of malicious programming.

    Thanks for your time.

    OpenQuake General Manager
    Stomped does Quake 2
    Stomped is now offering Quake 2 site hosting, like Planetquake.

    Also, there's a Stomped trivia contest up for 2 people to win 2 free Quake 2 copies, check that out on Redwood's, its deadline is tonight.

    PQ Quake 2 mailing lists
    PQ's Quake 2 mailing lists are online. Check them out here. Thanks Fargo.

    Recruiting for a TC
  • Q-Tip is recruiting for a Quake 2 TC, and sent along the following link for a web page.
  • Sebastian Slyvan sent in this TC idea that he thinks someone would be interested in making, check it outhere.
  • The MOD Squad, makers of Quake Superheroes, are soliciting ideas for the Quake 2 incarnation of the mod. Saw that on Blue's.


    Saturday, December 6, 1997 - 3 days til Quake2
    Due to some act of God, my ICQ list has been destroyed. Do me a favor. If I am on your Contact List, please msg me via ICQ. I need to find out who all was on there, and this is pretty much the only way. :) Thanks.


    Friday, December 5, 1997 - 4 days til Quake2
    Graphics Contest
    The Quake2 Haven is having a graphics contest with a prize of the final registered version of Quake2. Whoever designs the best graphics for their site wins. Good luck, guys! Thanks, Smog.

    id Guys in Australia
    Hrmm, MULTIPLAY has some cool info on the whole Steed/Willits sojourn ($0.25 word for ya) to Australia in their News Section. Damn.. is it fair that Steed can look that cool AND kick ass at artwork? Here's some pictures that I'm going to blatantly steal from their site <G> :

    Go check MULTIPLAY to find out who's who ;) Thanks Serpico

    Quake2 Art Submissions
    The Quake2 Press is accepting Quake2 Art submissions. Go there for more info. Thanks Hanif.

    Flash3D Review
    There's a Flash3D review over on Garebear and Katarn's Cyber Cafe. Just one question... Garebear? <G>

    Sonic Mayhem Interview
    QnewZ did an interview with those kickass guys Sonic Mayhem. Hey, if anyone from S.M. checks this website, drop me a line sometime about how I can get my guitar to sound like that, okee? :)

    French Quake2 Site
    There's a French Quake2 Site up that reports Quake2 news in French. C'est bon, oui? <G>

    Another Quake2 Site
  • Grin Reaper's Q2 Realm

    Update: Link was broke, fixed it.

    Okee, I just got back from Alien Ressurection, and I'm updating now. Come back in like 10 minutes, and there should be some news on here for ya <G>


    Thursday, December 4, 1997 - 5 days til Quake2
    Egg on our faces, I guess
    Well, the news that Quake 2 was put on shelves by Electronics Boutique was reportedly a rumor started by esses and believed by his roommate, it was said on tonight's QuakeCast. They even mentioned that we still had the incorrect info posted here <gulp>. Sorry if we sent anyone running to the store, that darn esses and his rumors! :) Well, thanks Hexadecimal for telling us. Although we are normally pretty careful about confirming news before posting it, we'll be doubling those efforts at accuracy now for you folks.

    Happy birthday Ibrahim!
    Happy birthday to my brother Ibrahim, who turns 24 today. I love you and stuff :).


    Pure3D Review
    Voodoo Extreme has a review of the Pure3D 3DFX card by Canopus posted on their site. Thanks NinjaMoby.

    Next Generation Quake2 Article
    Next Generation has an article on Quake2 that was just posted about the manufacturing of the retail version of Quake2. Thanks again, NinjaMoby.

    PlanetQuake Quake2 Revolution
    The guys at PlanetQuake have put up a rocking good section on Quake2. Some of the things that are included are interviews with celebs such as Zoid, loonyboi, and more. To go check it out, go here. Thanks Hanif.

    Quake2 on EB Shelves?
    Apparently, some Electronics Boutique stores have received copies of Quake2 and have put them on the shelves. If you live near one, run out and pick one up. :)

    Hollenshead Updates
    Todd made a small .plan update:

    We are now taking pre-orders via 1-800-IDGAMES.
    We'll have a banner/page up on the id website
    soon, but I wanted to go ahead and make the
    announcement here. The cost is $49 plus shipping
    ($5 for domestic packages for normal delivery).
    So if you want your own little copy of Quake II
    delivered to your doorstep (i.e., no fighting
    Christmas crowds, waiting in line at EB, or whatever
    else bugs you about retail) give our operators a
    call. We'll ship the game as soon as we get our
    copies, which will probably be Monday or Tuesday of
    next week.


    Quake, Quake 2, and the stylized Q are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.