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Monday, February 16, 1998
Hosted Sites News
  • EarthQuaked has reviewed PowerBall 2 v1.2.
  • FEAR has added reviews for CTF Mods. They have almost completed FEAR Deathmatch Pack, an authorized compilation of the 10 best deathmatch levels. They are in need of a server who run their pack upon release, if you are a server op and are interested in running their pack, please contact The FEAR Team.

    Help Wanted
    The Enemy Unknow TC is in need of Mappers, Moddellers, Skinners, and Programmers. Also, a person who can cut the scenes. For more info, contact ian@coolgib.force9.co.uk. You can also send him samples of yor work.

    Quake2 Movie Editor Impressions
    The Quake Movie Library has seen the beta of DEMentED2, a Quake2 movie editor, and has posted their first impressions of it, along with a screenshot. Thanks Tex-Murph.

    Hardware Awards
    GameCener has posted their hardware awards for 1997. Thanks Hanif.

    .DLL Programmer Needed
    We recently recieved the following mail about a new software group called ShockWave Interactive. They are currently looking for a .DLL Programmer. Read on:
    A new software group - ShockWave Interactive is looking for a .DLL programmer. This programmer Has to have knowledge of creating weapons, entities. Knowledge of bots is plus. There is a possibility of selling the projects in the future. See http://www.swave.dynip.com or email Thebes@main.rr.com"> or tony@algonet.se for more info.

    Phil Clark Minos

    Quake2 Press Stuff
    The Quake2 Press has posted a new poll which asks, "Which do you enjoy more, Quake2 Single Player, Quake2 Multiplayer, Multiplayer Mods, or Single Player Mods?" To vote, click here. The Quake2 Press is also having a button contest, for more info read the Main Page.


    Sunday, February 15, 1998
    Quake2 Ladder
    A New Quake2 ladder for Mutli/Single-Player has popped up at q2ladder.home.ml.org. Now would be a good time to get my Multi/Single Player Script ;).

    New Quake2 Sites
    2 New Quake2 sites have popped up, one a news page for TC's, found here, and just a plain Quake2 site, which is found here.

    New Daily Planet?
    Venom mailed us asking to link his site, The Daily Planet (Haven't I heard of this somewhere before??), which is very new to the Quake community.

    Hot Potato CTF
    Wow, yet another CTF game for Quake2 has reared it's head. Word from Cyberdog:
    Pass the Flag or DIE!!! Quake Innovations has just released its first version of Hot Potato CTF for Quake II. Hot Potato CTF is a fast paced single flag CTF game that requires more coordination among teammates because a player can only carry the flag for a limited time before having to pass it. Hold it too long and well... you gib!

    Quake Innovations is the team that brought you the first versions of Capture the Flag, Paintball, King of the Hill, Capture the Shambler, and other original games and ideas. Well, we've done it again! We're proud to introduce to you, as part of the Hot Potato for Quake II release, team sounds! Great for clan games, players can send prerecorded sounds to all members of their team!

    To celebrate this release and introduce new players to the game of Hot Potato, many of the Quake Innovations members and long time fans will be on the Hot Potato CTF server ( from 8pm to 2am Eastern on Sat. 2/14 and Sun. 2/15 from 8pm to 12am Eastern. You may also come join us on IRC in the #qteam channel on the Efnet network.

    Download the complete package today with documentation, sounds, maps, and team skins from www.captured.com /hotpotato.

    Trinity Site Stuff
    The Trinity Towers and PUP from Trinity: The Empire have joined with the newly-named TriCentric to form a new, improved Trinity engine page.

    Stop Saddam!
    There's a new Quake2 TC brewing at http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Lair/8771/ titled Stop Saddam. I guess you can send in your own stuff for the TC to make it cooler.

    Battle of the Sexes v2.6
    This mail from Spinoza:
    New to this version are Captain promotions and Infiltrator class:

    New Features:
    1) Promotions! The captain can promote teammates one time for each capture. Here are the rules for promotions:
    *) The command to promote is "cmd promote"
    *) If a team does not have a captain, promotion points are not accumulated
    *) If a team does have a captain, promotion points are cumulative. Each capture is worth one promotion.
    *) A captain cannot promote themselves
    *) If the captain dies, all promotions are lost
    *) Currently, a player can only be promoted twice (Level 2). Once a player has been fully promoted, he/she will not appear on the Captain's list of players to promote.
    *) Promotions do not carry over if the player switches classes. (eg. If you are a Level 2 Sniper and switch to a Berzerker. You become a Level 0 Berzerker)

    The following is a listing of all the promotions

    [Level 1]
    This is the same for all classes. When you are promoted to Level 1 you get your best armor and max ammo (for your primary weapon) immediately after being promoted and when you respawn.

    [Level 2]
    Bodyguard - Starts with 50 cells, gets a second laser
    Sniper - Starts with 50 cells, maximum slug capacity is doubled, rapid fire railgun
    Soldier - Maximum rocket capacity is doubled, rapid fire rockets
    Berzerker - Starts with 5 times best armor for gender, loses grappling hook and speed decreases
    Infiltrator - Can use enemy doors, platforms and buttons
    Kamikazee - Gets long range grenade launcher that fires twice the distance of the normal grenade launcher.
    Nurse -Starts with grenades, gets Super Flash Grenades that triple the radius of normal flash grenades and do not require the enemy to be looking at the grenade to blind them.

    1) When a Kamikazee acquires more than 30 grenades a self-destruct sequence is triggered. The Kamikazee then has 20 seconds to get to the desired location for the suicide. Make sure you have 30+ grenades when the timer stops otherwise you will not suicide with an Apocalypse.

    2) Soldiers have been made to move slower.

    3) There can be only one captain per team

    4) Enforcer class has been renamed to Infiltrator. This new class has the following capabilities: Does NOT set off sniper alarms, does NOT make a sound when getting key (no alarm is sounded or message displayed), can steal ammo beyond their limit (eg An infiltrator makes it into enemy supply room and picks up all their ammo. Now the enemy has to wait for ammo respawn before they can pickup ammo. Ammo respawn also takes 90 seconds after an Infiltrator has stolen the ammo. After first delayed respawn, the ammo respawn returns to normal time of 30 seconds. Note: You'll make your teammates very angry if you do this in your own supply room! :) ).

    5) Snipers and Infiltrators get invisible grapple. Only the hook can be seen.

    6) Captain now has the BFG and the Infiltrators get the Hyperblaster. Because of this, the attributes have changed accordingly as well. Captains now move slower and can't jump as high, whereas Infiltrators can jump and run at normal gender characteristics.

    7) In order to use detpipes, the Kamikazee toggles detpipes on and off by cycling the weapon. For example, the [6] key is usually bound to "use Grenade Launcher". By repeatedly pressing the [6] key, the grenade launcher switches between normal grendaes and detpipes. A message telling you which mode is active will be displayed.

    8) Only Captains, Bodyguards, Soldiers and Berzerkers can use Combat and Body Armor.

    9) Snipers do twice the damage when firing with the sight activated.

    10) The range of the Tracker has been doubled

    11) The Berzerker scout command is now displayed to all of his/her teammates

    12) All jumping restrictions have been removed from all female classes

    13) Rapid fire rockets for soldiers have been moved to a Level 2 promotion. The rockets still travel faster than normal Quake 2 rockets. But the Soldier has to be Level 2 before he/she can rapid fire rockets.

    Bugs Fixed:
    1) Server map loading bug fixed when limits set in console are reached and a custom map is loaded

    2) Grapple related server crashing bug fixed

    3) Fixed problem of "fov" command switching back to blaster weapon

    Check out the full details on the website.

    Website: www.quake2.com/spinoza

    Please send your comments and suggestions and servers to:

    Phew! :)

    The Quake2 Scene has hit version 1.0 with their script! Be sure to go and check it out!

    Hi! I'm Blaze, and I just posted that lengthy update you just read. Some of you may know me from my site, The Quake2 Scene, which is mentioned above. I'll be helping NetGuy, Nigel and Lag with news from now on, so expect to hear more from me. :)


    Saturday, February 14, 1998
    Eraser Installer Fix Posted
    I saw over at Blue's News that a new version of Ridah's Eraser Bot installer was posted. This fixes an installer problem from the first release of v0.6 (people who downloaded the .zip version don't need to grab this update).

    Today's Interviews
    A couple people have been interviewed in the past 24 hours or so, here's the list: New CRBot Released
    A new version of the popular
    CRBot has been released over on its homepage. Definitely worth a download!

    World Clan Listing Opens
    Syndicates.net has reopened, and now is focusing on being the "World Clan Listing"... They encourage all clans to register with their page. They are also including daily gaming news and webhosting.

    New Sites/Relocations...

    Friday, February 13, 1998
    New Position Available
    The Q2 Vault of Knowlege is closing down due to lack of interest from the maintainer, however, he is looking for someone to take is spot, if your interested, check out his site. Thanks Prophet.

    New version of the Cyberathlete Mod Released
    A new version of the Cyberathlete Mod has been released and can be downloaded direclty here. Thanks Prophet

    Two more levels reviewed!
    The boys over at A World of Quake2 have reviewed two more spanking levels! Among them, a deatmatch level entitled, "The Abandoned Conduit," and one single player level called, "Water Works."

    Fix for King of the Hill
    There was a typo in the last version of King of the Hill, details on the newest download can be found here.

    Another Contest
    Big Al's Kick Ass Quake II Page is having a level design contest, in which the winner will recieve a whopping $15. Along with that, a T1 Server will run your map!

    CNN on Quake2
    CNN has an Article on Quake2 and online gaming. Thanks quitedown.


    Can You DeathMatch as Well as Coconut Monkey?
    Here's a "press release" that the PC Gamer staff sent us, it's long, but this is pretty funny :)
    Coconut Monkey's "Tapestry of Injustice" symbolizes agony, ecstacy of id's seminal shooter.

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- PC Gamer magazine and Coconut Monkey Studios today announced the imminent release of Coconut Monkey's Tapestry of Injustice, an unofficial add-on pack for Quake II. Featuring five unique and innovative Deathmatch levels personally created by the greatest game designer of our time exclusively for Quake II, Coconut Monkey's Tapestry of Injustice promises to focus on the most extreme elements of id Software's blockbusting 3D shooter.
    "I have long been fascinated by Quake and its sequel," said Coconut Monkey at a press conference in Austin, Texas today. "But I have always felt that the gaming experience could be taken to the 'next level', so to speak. I feel that this goal has been achieved with my Tapestry of Injustice. "We often hear Quake and games of that ilk described as 3D shooters, but I believe that the Tapestry of Injustice elevates this kind of gaming to the status of '4D shooter', if you will, the fourth dimension being the psychological dimension. Each of the threads carefully interwoven into this tapestry is a high-tension, pressure-cooker environment, and one from which only the most intense gamers will emerge unscathed."

    The five games to tbe included are as follows:
    The sequel to the phenomenally popular Coconut Monkey's The Killing Box, Hot Grits A-Flyin' is the centerpiece of Coconut Monkey's Tapestry of Injustice, and the game of which he is most proud. "As Mark Twain might have said, simplicity is the essence of beauty, and I think my Killing Box II comes close to realizing what he meant by that." The Killing Box is a cunningly-designed cuboid construction that packs every weapon into a deceptively large space, with the emphasis falling squarely on the all-consuming power of the BFG10K. This sequel adds even more BFGs along with new textures, Quad Damage and a special camping spot.

    Designed to showcase the combined precision and power of Quake II's lethal Railgun, Coconut Monkey's Railgun Alley is a true "corridor of power". An elongated avenue of pure death, Railgun Alley allows gamers with a steady aim to clock up as many as 60 kills in a single minute, and pull off amazing multiple kill shots. "I am fascinated by Railgun Alley's protagonists," says Coconut Monkey. "As you can see while playing, Railgun Alley has no doors, windows or teleport points. So the question arises, how did these characters get here? And perhaps more importantly, what motivates them to act?"

    "Glug! was designed to highlight the fragility of human life and the idea that all men, truly, are created equal," says Coconut Monkey of his underwater masterpiece. "Here, no matter how good your Quake II skills may be, no-one can survive more than a minute because there is no air to breathe. However, there is a rebreather hidden at a secret point in the level, giving some players the chance to become slightly more "equal" than others! I think this level will strike a special chord with gamers."

    Below, an inescapable pit where the doomed reside. High above, a perfect camping point suspended atop an unscalable pole. Up there, a single player lobs grenades down into the "barrel" as the "fish" below struggle to survive. But maybe... just maybe... if one of the "fish" can grab that single rocket launcher and knock the "fisherman" from his perch, they will earn their chance to respawn in his place. Perhaps the most innovative of all Coconut Monkey's levels, Fish In A Barrel is sure to revolutionize the way people view the Quake II experience forever.

    Jutting from a deadly sea of lava, columns barely wide enough to stand on support the precarious players in this particularly unfair and injust level. Here, a single shot can send you tumbling to your molten demise. "Tapestry of Injustice is a statement, a statement about how life is not always fair, and how bad things happen to good people. And I think Column Wars comes closest to illustrating the point I'm trying to make. Play it and I think you'll understand."

    Coconut Monkey's Tapestry of Injustice will be available to download free from the Coconut Monkey Studios Store at www.pcgamer.com.
    PlanetQuake Gets a Facelift
    PlanetQuake, a staple in the Quake/2 Community, has gotten a new redesign and wow is it ever impressive. Good job to the HTML wizards over at PQ! Thanks, NosY.

    Prefab Contest
    Tsunami is sponsoring a Prefab contest with entries required to conform to their PFDK guidelines. Originally planning on awarding the winner with a first-generation 3Dfx board, they have upped the ante and the winner of this contest will receive a Diamond Monster3D 2 card!! Be sure to get your entries in ASAP.

    King of the Hill BugFix Update
    A King of the Hill update/bugfix has been posted. This fixes a problem where servers would finish the last map, but then not rotate back to the first one again.

    New Quake2 Site Opens
    A new Quake/Quake2 related site has opened over at QuakeLand.com. They are also currently looking for staff members.

    BSP Upgrade Released
    An update to BSP has been released. This upgrades BSP to version 0.93.

    Hosted Sites Update
  • Aftermath and Xeno. TC pages have been updated with bugfixes and new screenshots.
  • A World of Quake2 has two more maps reviewed.

    Quake2.com just broke over 2,000,000 hits yesterday! Blitz commented that when he last checked our counter (which is hidden, don't bother looking for it) our counter was at 2,025,708 hits and rising! We'd like to thank everyone for their support and we hope to continue to provide some of the greatest resources in Quake2 Community. :)