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Saturday, February 21,1998
Now that CTF has been released, be sure to check out our hosted site Capture^2 for the complete scoop on the world of Quake2 CTF.


Friday, February 20, 1998
Error During Initialization?
Hey, if you're getting that error when you try to start up Quake2 after applying the point release, check my .plan for info on how I fixed it.


Thursday, February 19, 1998
New Quake2 Site
There's a new Quake2 domain up, called The Quake2 Headquarters. Go check it out.

Good QuakeWorld Pings
Yes, I know this is not Quake2 related, but there is a page up titled How to Get Good QuakeWorld Pings up. This should help all you old-time Quake1 deathmatchers out there.

There's some new stuff up at ConQuake. Go check it out and see if you like it.

Bot Making
Wow, a bot making page/tutorial is up at http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Haven/6020/index.html.

New Quake2 SoundPack
Rikard from Sweden has made a soundpack for Quake2. Grab it here.

Superheroes 2
Beta 6 of Superheroes 2 has been posted on it's homepage. Thanks Kurson.

ThunderWalker Rocket Arena
ThunderWalker Rocket Arena (used with permission) version 0.9 is up at thunderwalker.net. Thanks again Kurson.

Popup Window in Q2
Want to learn how to make a popup window in Quake2? Then check out this tutorial made by The Quake Devels.

Yet another Q2 Skins site...
A humorous Quake2 skin site has been put up at http://odin.cc.pdx.edu/~psu12121.

Quake2 Comics
The Quake2 Comics Site has had a makeup job. This is a must see!


Point Release and CTF
The Point Release is out! Here's whats included: 8 new DM maps, cooperative play option, and a ton of bug fixes. Here are the download locations:
Zoid also released CTF, however you will need v3.12 or above to use it. Here are the download locations:

Wednesday, February 18, 1998
Jailbreak has hit version 1.5, which includes 3 new levels. Go check out the Jailbreak homepage. Thanks Kurson.

South Park Quake II Banner/Button Contest!
Wow, this even recieved support from Matt Stone! Thanks to Kurson for this and Scott Smith for confirming it.
Scoots Quake 2 Zone, at http://quake2.scoots.com has announced a contest for the best banner and button for the South Park Quake II TC. The banner will be used at the top of the SPQTC page, at http://southpark.scoots.com, and the button will be used for general linking purposes. The winner will not receive any money, nor even a bag of chips, but the respect of all of his/her friends, and the gratitude of the entire SPQTC team.

This project has recently received support from Matt Stone, creator/executive producer of South Park, so we're hoping to avoid any legal issues. Matt told me that their first episode was nearly delayed four weeks because of Duke Nukem, but now Quake II is their passion.

AWOQ2 has reviewed 5 new levels, 2 single -player, and 3 multiplayer.

Epidemic Exclusive Bot News
The Bot Epidemic has some exclusive bot news, this time on the Sabin Project. They were given a private beta to test, so go check it out.

Rocket Arena 2
PlanetQuake has some screenshots of Steve Fukuda's Rocket Arena 2 map. Thanks Prophet.

Prophet told us that a new version of the ServerConfigMod has been released.

Keys 2 Servers
There's a few Key2 servers up, check out http://www.planetquake.com/keys2/ for more info.


Tuesday, February 17, 1998
Quake2 Skins Central
Quin sent word that he is no longer at members.xoom.com/quake_2/, but instead, he can be found at http://www.gamesnet.com/q2skins/.

Official Quake II Demo
Prophet passed on word from Phoebus:
Here is the word on the official Quake II demo...

Activision QA is currently testing the official Q2 demo (not the bugged version from before). It will be available packaged in the Wolfenstein 3D reissue BUT we'll have it live on our site within the next few days. I currently don't know when it's coming out of QA...
Probably tomorrow.
I'll keep you posted.

Site Movement
Ward Six Entertainment's TC, Nightfall, has moved to http://nightfall.vortexq.com.

More help needed
Scarred is looking for someone who can help post skins and models. If you would like to help please mail chao.

Gibben, a site specializing in keeping players up to date with all the ways to frag, how to frag, and where to frag, has moved to http://gibben.telefragged.com.

Revenge of the Strogg
This e-mail from Phophet:
Just finished a successful server test on a T1. The Strogg classes are working great. The Field Doctor is now fixed and no longer crashes the server, he also infects the enemy team, heals his own, AND gets a frag for every complete heal. I have also reduced the amount of damage Quad Mortars and High Explosives inflict so the entire level doesn't get wasted /* fun to do, but not very practical in a multiplayer game */. I also made some subtle weapon changes and implemented the armor classes for all player types.

I now have a Professional 3D and OpenGL modeler working with me. He is currently working on new weapon and player models and skins. When you see the finished product, I know you will love it #8^)

We have devised a new plan for the player editor. The final product will include full management of skins, models, sounds, weapons, and player attributes. We will be posting information on it as soon as the details are ironed out.

Sorry I haven't posted the Strogg classes yet, but I've been busy coding. Here is a list of the classes I have implemented so far /* Remember, there will be 19 wonderful Strogg types to choose from! #8^D */:

<1 Shotgun Guard
<2 Light Guard
<3 Gunner
<4 Medic
<5 Enforcer
<6 Tank
<7 Tank Commander
<8 Gladiator
<9 Technician
<0 Makron

Battle Of The Sexes News
A new map for the mod called The Dams Battle of the Sexes and the strategy guide has been updated. http://www.quake2.com/spinoza. Thanks Prophet.

Hail to Quake2
Quake2 has recieved yet another award, this one at Gamespot. Check it out!

Yet another skins site
Another skins site has plopped up at http://www.netrover.com/~meyer69/apocalypse/.

Tapestry of Injustice
This mail from the editor in chief of PC Gamer, Gary Whitta:
Attention Coconut Monkey-lovers, we have great news! The Tapestry of Injustice for Quake II 5-level deathmatch pack that PC Gamer launched last week has been so mega-successful that we've decided to give it its own dedicated server! You can now play Tapestry of Injustice over TCP/IP! This is now the ONLY game the PC Gamer editors play, so this is your chance to go online and test your skills against the PC Gamer magazine editorial team, including Gary, Todd, Dan, Colin, Jason, Mike, Billy and Joel!

The Tapestry of Injustice server is running at

Mailbag, for the second time
Listen up:
People have been sending questions and such to the mailbag... The mailbag is for OPINIONS, and RANTS, and FEEDBACK, and that sort of thing. Do NOT send me your problems and questions. If you have a problem with Quake2, read the FAQ or contact your hardware manufacturer. If you have a question, ask whoever it pertains do. DO NOT SEND IT TO ME!!!!!
Please don't mail problems and questions, just mail opinions, questions and rants. Send any mailbag submissions to mailbag@quake2.com.

South Park TC
Here's the scoop on the South Park QuakeII TC:
There's a pile of new screenshots of the South Park Quake II TC at quake2.scoots.com. All four main characters have been modeled, and work on other characters, levels, weapons, sound f/x and other items are moving along well. I'm still optimistic for a late March release (pending a timely point release).
I wanna kill Kenny!

Well, Sat (formerly known as Satanic) resigned from the mailbag, so Paublo is taking over. Word from him:
Starting very soon, the mailbag will be back with, um, me in charge. (Sat resigned after the last issue). So, tell everyone to send in their opinions, rants, comments, feedback, etc. (You'll notice I did not say "questions" or "problems") to mailbag@quake2.com and I'll get to work on it.
Fun Name Petition
I'm not into the "silly" or "fun" names, but a petition (directed towards John Carmack) is up here.

Shot Just Once
This e-mail from the LizardKing:
The Shot Just Once design team has moved to a new location. Their site can now be found here. They have also released a FAQ for their DeathMatch MOD Last Man Standing. The Last Man Standing FAQ can be found here.
Help Wanted
Wanna help with a TC? Read on:
The Quake Race Tc for Quake2, requires some modelers and skinners. They would be modling a Stock Car, and skinners would skin it. Please E-mail Lingo. Also, you must be experienced.
Skins, skins, skins!
Go grab some snork skins for QuakeII from http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Ginza/9399/xisnorks.zip.

Site Overhaul
Void notified us that his site has had a major overhaul.

Beta Bites
"Beta Bites" is an indepth section which focuses on beta game releases and beta (and alpha) game news. This section is updated daily with all the info on companies seeking beta testers for games, and information on newly released betas (and alpha versions) of games. Thanks Hanif.

There's a new poll for gamers up here.

Unreal vs. Quake2
Unreal.org has posted a funny (but short) editorial on why people should not argue about Unreal being worth buying, with reasons on why Quake2 is also worth buying ... check out http://www.unreal.org/features/scandalon_930.phtml. Thanks again Hanif.

This is totally server side, so for you ppl running a server out there, go to http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Stadium/2783/Home.html. All you others should check it out, anyways.

Just a quick note..
Please, if you have news, do not e-mail it to us more than once. The amount of mails we get are relatively high, and when people e-mail the same mail to us more than 1 time, it tends to get frustrating. Please only mail us once. Thanks.