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Friday, February 27,1998
Juggernaut Notice
Tony Prowder dropped us a quick note to tell us that the Juggernaut addon will NOT work with Quake2 v3.13 (just like most every other mod) until the new source is released.

Map Editing News
MGS has been updated... What's MGS you ask?
MGS (Map Generating System) is a command-line prog, that reads instructions in a text file, and generates quake2 map files. Newest features have made it very convenient to use. You can for example:
include and translate other map files (prefabs) create customizable corridors, (specifying length) and add the output to preexistent map files.
Straight from the developer, this tool sounds like it will be a valuable resource for Q2 map makers.

Pure3D Contest
For those people hungry for 3Dfx, there's a contest to win a Canopus Pure3D 3Dfx card over at . Pure3D Central.

Hosted Site Update
I think I mentioned this before, but it's definitely worth a re-mention... Skinner genius Roger '666' Bacon of 666 Skins has been interviewed over at Converted.

NetGuy - sorry for the late post...

Our CTF Server
We now have a CTF server running at ctf.quake2.com:27920. For some reason I am having problems getting the IP aliasing to work on the Linux port. Although the second IP is there, the server keeps binding to the main IP even though +set ip is being used. If anyone has used this and got it to work or has any words of wisdom on the topic, drop me a line please at theblitz@Quake2.com.

+set ip follow up
One of our readers,Jussi Kallio, emailed John Cash and indeed set ip does not work on this release. This feature is really cool and allows Linux server operators to take advantage of IP aliasing and be able to run multiple daemons on the same machine at the default port. Guess I will have to wait.

suid root
Another quick note to Quake2 Linux users. Do not run Quake2 suid root on a box that others have access to! There have been root exploits out for both the 3.10 version and this last release.


Thursday, February 26,1998
New XQF Released
Linux fans rejoice, v.5 of the QuakeWorld/Quake2 Server Browser for Linux has been released. Here's the direct download.

New QERadiant Release
QERadiant v.44 has been released over at the QERadiant Page

Sign Up for the Thresh Challenge TODAY ONLY!
PC Gamer Editor in Chief Gary Whitta dropped us a note saying that today is the ONLY day to sign up for the PC Gamer/Thresh Pro-Am challenge. 10 lucky contest winners will be chosen to play against Thresh on the PC Gamer server. Contest details can be found at PCGamer.com under the "What's New" heading.

Tournament Watch
Quake Blast is hosting a Quake2 tournament. Drop by their site for the details. Thanks |Gibber|.

Voo2Quake Contest
Voo2Quake, a site that is devoted to reviewing all things Quake2 is having a contest for the best skin/level/mdl. Q2 Editors go and show off your skills :)

OnTheWay Moves
OnTheWay, a Quake2 Server utility/front end has moved, and promises a v3.13 compatible version very soon.

Help Wanted
Hosted Sites Update

Quake2 FAQ updated
He who was formerly known as Satanic has added some revisions to the The Unofficial Quake II FAQ.

More Bandwith!!
w00p!!.The additional DS1 circuits are here! Net Megs is expanding its networks and Quake2.com will have more bandwith soon. This will allow us to continue hosting some of the most kick ass Quake2 sites on the 'Net.


Wednesday, February 25,1998
Wanted: Your Face To Star as a Quake Player
The EaselTeam wants you to send them a scanned pic of your face. Send them that pic and they'll put it on the body of the Quake player of your choice! Send any entries here and await your new body...

Quake2 Server List Updated
Deceide sent along this word about Quake Domain's Quake2 Server List:
Quake Domain's Quake 2 server list now includes servers from id Software's Quake 2 master. Just set "public 1" and your server will automatically show up in the server list at http://www.gameaholic.com/servers/quake2/, as well as in all search engines on the site. Of course server ops should still add their locations at http://www.gameaholic.com/q-adds.htm.
Contest Watch
Syndicates.net will be holding a contest to help them redesign their page. Prizes will be announced shortly, if you're interested contact the webmaster.

A couple of sites have released new skin packs, here's the list:
Maleficent has released a pack of 150 or so female skins for people to use.
The Body Shop has compiled 2 huge skinpacks. The male skinpack contains 300 skins (!!) and the female pack contains over 60.

Quake2 Version 3.13 Update Released
Xian mailed us to say that id has released an update for the point release, now bringing Quake2 to version 3.13. They have also released v3.13 for Linux server operators to upgrade to. Check out
John Cash's .plan for an extensive list of updates and changes from v3.10 - v3.13. Quake2 CTF v1.01 Released
Right on the heels of the new v3.13 release for Quake2, Zoid has released an update for CTF. Here is the
direct link to idsoftware's copy, once we get it mirrored here we'll update this to include that site as well.

Help Wanted
Hosted Sites Update

Zoid on IRC
Sorry for the delay, but Zoid was on irc.quake2.com #quake2 Sunday, and there's a log up here.

I'm going to be busy for some time, so please don't be offended if I don't reply to any of your mail for a while.


Tuesday, February 24,1998
New Lithium Version
Lithium Quake2 Mod has been released, and is now at version 0.87.

New QPed Release
A new version of QPed has been released. This new version includes bugfixes but also adds support for viewing animated textures and sprites.

Now With Super-Kung-Fu Action Grip!
Ridah made an update about the Eraser Bot progress. He has no included some swimming code and says they take to the water just like fish. Keep an eye out to see what other features he has planned for the Eraser's future.

South Park TC Updates
There are some more screenshots posted up over at the South Park TC Homepage. These shots feature new Starvin Marvin, Chef, and Mr. Hanky player models!

Help Wanted
Xenophobia needs texture artists to help spice up their levels a bit. Anyone interested should reply to Siby via email.
Shambler is in need of people for all fields of help, but especially .dll coders. Email him if you are interested.

Site Movements/Relocations
Hosted Site Updates

Monday, February 23,1998
New 64 Player Maps Released
Slipgate passed along word that he heard Disruptor mention some new 64 player maps he has posted over at id. Here's the
direct link. Now server administrators can bump up the number of people they will allow to let more fraggin' take place...

Status on Stroggos
A couple people have asked me why our Quake2 server here, Stroggos.quake2.com, is still running the older version and hasn't been updated to the new 3.12 release. We run our server on Linux (a flavor of Unix) and since the Linux point release hasn't come out yet, we can't upgrade. We apologize for any kind of inconvenience it may have caused, as we wait on the point release for the greatest thing since sliced bread: Linux. :)

Help Wanted
A new TC in the works, called Rush is in need of modelers, mappers, and help from various other aspects & people. If you're interested be sure to drop by.

Take Control of Your Quake2 Server
A new mod that's under development promises IRC style user levels and new administrative commands for server operators to take advantage of. Called Q2Ctrl, the new mod will work with Quake2 v3.12 and later versions. They expect a beta release in the next 2 weeks or so.

New Sites
There's a couple new sites hitting the Quake2 scene: Site Movements
The Daily Planet has moved to their new home over at Gamenet.com.
The Pharcide Quake2 Map Review has packed up and made the trek over to Quakeland.com.

Hosted Sites Update
A couple of our hosted sites have been busy, so here's the rundown: NetGuy - back from vacation =)

Sunday, February 22,1998
Interview with Zoid
Check out Capture^2 for an interview with Zoid.


How to Get Good QuakeWorld Pings
Alot of ppl have corrected me on this one. I thought the site was dead, but it's not. Click here to see it.

Battle of the Sexes News
Here's some news from The Battle of the Sexes, but please note, this ONLY works with 3.10.
Battle of the Sexes v2.7

New to this version is the Captain promotion key, decoy grendes, poison and much more:

*** WARNING: This still uses Quake2 v3.10... This will NOT work with Quake2 v3.12! This is a server side only release. ***

New Features
1) Captain promotion key
*) Captain can drop the key anywhere and pick it up again later
*) Captain can only promote when holding key
*) Only captain can pick up the promotion key for his team
*) When captain dies the key is dropped
*) If enemy gets promotion key it is destroyed along with the all the promotions for the team. The enemy also gets an automatic promotion if his/her team has a captain. The captain gets a new promotion key once an enemy destroys the old one.

2) Captain gets promoted once his team has reached a certain level. You must have at least one other person on your team. Level 1: Max ammo and best armor Level 2: Gets grapple

3) Captain can create ammo and items using "cmd create" command

4) Infiltrators get decoy grenades. They work the same as proximity grenades except they look like a normal rotating weapon. Fun to drop these around dead bodies. :)

5) Nurses can poison health. Nurses activate poison using "cmd poison" and turn off poison using "cmd poison" again. When poison is on, all health touched over maximum health of nurse is poisoned. If someone picks up poisoned health they are damaged by double the amount of poisoned health (don't pick up a posioned megahealth for grins :) ). If the player does not die from the poison he/she will be disoriented for 10 seconds after taking poison. The only way to remove poison is for a nurse to run over the poison without the poison activated. This applies the antidote.

6) Voting will reset after three minutes if a new map is not selected by a majority of the players

7) If autoid is on and you die, when you respawn it will still be on

8) New "cmd locatekey" command that will give you the distance you are from your key if its at its base or has been dropped. It will also tell you who is carrying it if an enemy has picked it up.

9) New "cmd locatepromo" command that will give you the distance you are from your captains promotion key if it has been dropped. It will also tell you who your captain is if he/she is carrying the promotion key. If you do not have a captain this command will display an error telling you your team does not have a captain.

10) If Kamikazee suicides with Apocalypse it causes a level-wide 5 second earthquake that affects all players

11) Kamikazee can toggle the rewiring of prox grenades on and off using "cmd autorewire". If turned off, the prox grenades blow up and hurt the kamikazee just like any other class. By default the kamikazee has autorewire turned off.

12) Grappling hook costs cells. For Men (because they are heavier) to fire the hook it costs 50 cells. For Women the cost is 25 cells.

13) Gamespy tab has been updated

Bugs Fixed
1) Flash grenades no longer go through walls

2) Bodyguard now correctly saves people from Kamikazee suicides

3) When a Kamikazee rewires a proximity grenade it removes the ownership of that grenade from the original player. Meaning the original player gets one of their proximity grenades back to throw again.

4) No more lost keys. The team keys and promotion keys will regenerate themselves if they are lost for some reason.
He also e-mailed us the bit of news:
Added compatibility with new Quake2 CTF maps released by Zoid!

How you ask? Without the point release?

Well to use the CTF maps you don't need the point release. You can keep 3.10 on your hard drive and install the CTF patch without installing the point release. Then use the icon installed on your desktop to start Quake2 CTF and connect to your favorite "Battle of the Sexes" server that is running verson 2.7.1. You will then be able to play BotS using the new CTF maps by Zoid! Woohoo!

If you're running a server, all you need to do is copy the pak0.pak file out of the "ctf" directory and into your "bots" directory. Thats it!)

This was implemented very soon after the 2.7 release. I did not anticipate it being as easy to implement as it was so I ended up releasing 2.7.1 only an hour after 2.7. My guess is that none even downloaded 2.7. If you did, you will want to get 2.7.1.
You heard the man! Go get it! (If you still have 3.10, that is.)

D£THR¬zÝR -=FF=- sent us the following mail:
Concerning the connection tweaks you mention on Thursday...

I surfed around and gathered up all the utils mentioned in Crime's instructions... and I thought that it'd be nice if no one else had to search as much as I did, so I put together a zip file... it includes Crime's original instructions, and all the files mentioned in it. All you have to do is download and install. I included a text file also, with a few things I discovered that Crime failed to mention...

The main zip file (4.33MB):
The text file I wrote:

Hope you find this helpful! :)
GameSpy Tabs
There's a GameSpy Tabs site up at http://user.icx.net/~wheelerjm/qst/.

GibStats 1.3
GibStats 1.3 is up on the GibStats Homepage.

Level Designers Needed
If you're a level designer and have too much time on your hands, check out The Slaughter Devolpment Team's Homepage. They need level designers and are accepting new memeber to the crew.

Play Thresh and Hope to Win
Play Thresh..and win...maybe. Prophet sent us the following news:
Play Thresh at Quake II Contest

Play Thresh at Quake II! Your chance to beat the world champ in the PC Gamer Pro-Am Invitational Classic.

PC Gamer columnist Dennis "Thresh" Fong has agreed to take on 10 lucky PC Gamer readers in an Internet game to be played on a secret PC Gamer Quake II server at 6pm PST on Tuesday, March 3rd. It's sure to be a frag-fest beyond.
Thanks Darkviper :)
Please check it out before Thursday, February 26th, 1998 here.
New DM Level Pack
A new DM level pack that features 6 levels can be found here.

Zero 2 Sixty has conducted an interview with the Crystal Q Dev. Team and there is alot of tweaking informationg on 3D Cards and stuff. I recommend you go check this out.

One of the many new TC's I have seen, this one called Alienation, can be found here.