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Thursday, February 12, 1998
New Eraser Bot Released
Ridah has released v0.6 of his popular
Eraser Bot. It's got alot of new features and fixes so be sure to grab your copy of this newest version.

Orange Smoothie Productions
Orange Smoothie Productions has announced the release of their first Quake2 mod, King of the Hill. Also, to celebrate the release of their first mod, OSP is having a KOTH map contest, the winner gets an Orange Smoothie Productions T-Shirt.

Deathmatch Tips ala. PC Gamer
PC Gamer has posted a site featuring Quake2 deathmatch tips. Go forth and frag like Coconut Monkey...

DeathMatch Maker 2 Patch Released
There's a patch out for Virtus' DeathMatch Maker 2. This version 2.1 patch fixes a few bugs and compiler problems. Click here for the direct download.

Holy Wars Update
An updgrade for the popular Holy Wars mod has been released. Version 2.0beta6 works for any previous version. If you run a Holy Wars server it is extremely important that you upgrade to this version. Client's don't have to download this version but it wouldn't hurt to upgrade anyway. For more info and the files visit the Holy Wars homepage.

New XQF Server Browser
XQF v0.4 has been released. This is a QuakeWorld/Quake2 Server Browser for Linux and X11. For more details (and downloads), click here.

Quake2 Player Model Pack
The Quake2 Player Model Pack is a site that has been around for quite a while, but has just recently undergone a new facelift. They have also added new sections such as tutorials on modeling and skinning, and a FAQ on Plugin Player Models. Drop by and check it out.

Hosted Sites Update
Some of our hosted sites have been releasing new versions and posting news, here's the lowdown: NetGuy

Wednesday, February 11, 1998
Deathmatch Manager
Deathmatch Manager is a new program that allows you to configure custom map sequences, play MIDI's, change sound effects, and alter your death messages. Download it here.

Programming Talk
For all you Quake2 programmers out there, check out #quake2dll, on the EFNet. Join other programmers and ask your questions.

New sites
  • Q2Utils is a new site dedicated to reviewing Quake2 Utilities, level editors, and much more. They have already reviewed 5 programs.
  • This site is dedicated to reviewing Quake2 levels, interviewing authors and providing help, advice and information on Level editing
  • Linux Quake, a Linux Quake site that has some good downloads.
  • Skeeve's Q2 DM Reviews is a new site that reviews DM levels based on playability along with the levels architecture.

    .plan Updates
  • Paul Jaquays updated .plan today about his trip to Vegas for the release party.

    Skin Contest
    There is a skin contest going taking place on this site. The first prize winner get's $10. Contest ends May 1, 1998.


    Tuesday, February 10, 1998
    Quake2 Bible Updated
    Thresh and Kenn's Quake2 Bible has been updated with the last installment. For those of you that don't know, their Quake2 Bible is a great source for Quake2 multiplayer tips.

    Story of High Pings
    Low Ping Bastard sent in an amusing story about why Quakers have either a low, or high ping. If you wish to read it, click here.

    New TF2 Site
    There's a new TF2 site up called, MindBombs TF2 News Stand. This site is optimized for 1024x768 desktop resolution.


    New Eraser Bot Soon!
    Ridah updated the Impact Homepage with details on a new release of his awesome EraserBot. He says we can expect version 0.6 to be released within 24 hours (given the point release doesn't beat it :) with alot of new features, fixes, and AI tweaks.

    BSP Updates
    Rust, which is an editing site, has moved to its new home over at PlanetQuake. Also, there have been a couple issues popping up with the new BSP release (v.92a). If you're experiencing difficulties with BSP be sure to go and check out the buglist they have there.

    New CTF ServerConfig Mod
    Version 1.6b2 of the CTF ServerConfig Mod has been released. Here's the link to the Quake2 Bible has been posted over at Gamers.com.

    QuArK Developer IRC Meeting
    Armin Rigo, the developer of QuArK, will be attending an IRC meeting this Friday at 10pm PST, AND this Saturday at 9am PST. (PST= Pacific Standard Time ie: UTC/GMT-8 hrs) It will be held on irc.3DNet.net in the channel #QuArk. Everyone is invited and the topics will be Feedback, How-To's, FAQ's, etc.

    New QSpawn Quake2 Front End
    QSpawn version 1.59 has been released. Featuring the usual bug fixes as well as the ability to generate a custom config and batch files from within QSpawn so you can launch games of Quake2 without the actual utility, while preserving your favorite settings.

    News from Sonic Mayhem
    Buzzfunk from Sonic Mayhem (the guys that did the great Quake2 soundtrack) to tell us that they have a brand new mpg3 up on their page. They've also posted an article called "Creating a Track for Quake2".

    FamkeBot Source Released
    The source to the
    Famke Bot (one of our hosted sites) has been released over on it's homepage. Go and grab a copy!


    Monday, February 9, 1998
    Quake2 Antics
    Quake2 Antics is a new site dedicated to posting stories of LAN and internet battles. They will also post articles on new techniques, and gameplay.

    Mailbag Updated
    For everyone that didn't know, the Mailbag was updated, February the 6th.


    South Park TC Update
    Some new screenshots of the South Park TC have been posted up at the homepage. The shots of the maps are quite impressive, as are their player models. I still can't wait to kill Kenny though...

    BSPBuild Developer Ends Project
    BSPBuild developer Tony Browneller has decided to discontinue work on his project. As stated
    here, Real Life(tm) among other things is calling him away from the project. We certainly wish him well.

    TagYerIt hits v1.01
    The new TagYerIt mod has hit v1.01, and fixes a couple bugs from previous versions, with versions for both Windows and Linux out.

    New Plugin Player Models
    Two new player models have been brought to our attention: Tutorial on Improving Your Game Speed Up
    The Packetboyz Clan has posted the beginnings of a new tutorial and informational setup describing internet connections and optimizing your gameplay from top to bottom. The group definitely has the qualifications for such an undertaking (many of them work for networking companies, etc) and sound like they play on having alot of info up there, so be sure to drop by and check it out.

    New Future vs. Fantasy2 Screenshots!
    Hap sent along a couple of screenshots from his development on Future vs. Fantasy2. Check 'em out!

    .plan Updates...
    A couple of .plans have been updated in the past 24 hours...
    John Carmack, commenting on a generous donation he plans to make:
    I won $20,000 at the tables, which I am donating to the Free Software Foundation. I have been meaning to do something for the FSF for a long time. Quake was deployed on a dos port of FSF software, and both DOOM and Quake were developed on NEXTSTEP, which uses many FSF based tools. I don't subscribe to all the FSF dogma, but I have clearly benefited from their efforts.
    Christian Antkow, updated his .plan commenting on his trip to the Vegas bash Activision threw for id.
    American McGee updated his .plan about helicopter fun.

    Site Movements and Grand Openings
    Hosted Sites Update
    The Chronos TC Page has an interview up with Inoxx, who is a level designer for Epic Megagames.
    Also, the Quake2 Bot Epidemic has an *EXCLUSIVE* preview of the Oak2 bot up.

    Campaign with Integrated Cluster Support
    A new version of Campaign has been released. It is now at v0.061 and features integrated support for the Cluster mod, which allows servers to link for one huge game!

    Help Wanted
    Our daily classifieds section brings us a call for help from [CK]Shmoo. He is making a multiplayer TC based on Skateboarding and is in need of a modeler, animator, skinner, and coder. People with a background in skateboarding are preferred. Drop by their website for details.


    To celebrate the re-opening of the site Voo2Quake, there will be a contest that will have severall catagories such as levels, skins, and Models. Thanks, Krammer


    Quake2.com Welcomes Lag
    On behalf of the whole Quake2.com staff, I'd like to welcome our new Head News Editor, Lag, into our little family. Lag is the webmaster of the Quake 2 Press over on GAGames. Lag will be replacing Jobe as Head News Editor, due to Jobe's resignation from Quake2.com last week. Jobe had some stuff in his personal life that took priority to the website (like his kickass band :), but he's going to be staying on the staff as a field reporter. We wish Jobe well in all his future endeavors. Things SHOULD get back to normal soon, so, hang in there. Oh yeah, I've started to work on the redesign.. I'll be starting a .plan file sometime so that I can provide some sneak previews of the redesign. Stay tuned for more on that. I'm out. :)


    Sunday, February 8, 1998
    Hosted Site Update
    I've been meaning to get to this one for a while, but the FEAR Team has been working hard. They currently have reviewed EVERY SINGLE DeathMatch MAP on ftp.cdrom.com!! They've got alot of other stuff going on so be sure and drop by to see what's up.

    New Quake Army Knife Textures
    A pack of new textures for use with the Quake Army Knife has been released. Here's the direct link.

    New OrangeCTF Released
    A new version of the OrangeCTF mod has been released over on it's homepage. New features include dropping flags, runes listing, and more. CTF fans be sure to check it out.

    New Online Quake Name Maker
    Version 3-beta of the Online Quake Name Maker has been released over at its homepage.

    New Deathmatch Site Opens
    A new site devoted to the latest info on deathmatch mods and news has opened over at 3Dx.org. Dubbed "Gibben", the site plans to keep every deathmatcher up to speed on the latest ways to frag. You can catch a glimpse of it here.

    New CRBot Released
    A new version of the CRBot has been released. It is now at version 0.99a.

    Help Wanted
    Contest Watch...
    There's a couple of contests being held at various sites, so here's the lowdown: Bag Tag Beta
    A new mod has been released... called "Bag Tag" it's a bit of a modification on the classic tag game, here's the clip:
    A new mod I just made has a fully playabe beta ready and available. It allows you to run around in Quake2 tagging fellow players in balls. To become 'it' you must first hit another player in the sack, then once it you can start scoring since you can only score when your it. Anyone who is it can only be killed by someone hitting them in the bag, and so the game goes. Right now it's in it's early stages but soon I'll have it more refined. It's available over in the files section at http://www.q2design.gawd.org
    PowerMod Team Seeks Help
    The PowerMod Team has posted their new multiplayer mod, "Laser Frag". They are in need of a second modeler so if you're looking for a modeling position this one definitely looks promising.

    New Quake2 FrontEnd Released
    OnTheWay is a new Quake2 server utility. It gives you total control of the maps you want to use, how they're arranged, as well as setting deathmatch variables and remote administration access. It also offers a couple custom enhancements such as variable beginner handicapping and weapon impact force adjustments. Definitely worth a look!

    Slaughter Development Team Releases
    The Slaughter Development Team has been pretty busy lately. They've posted screenshots, .avi's of their new models, and a couple small mods. Drop by & see what they've been up to.


    Saturday, February 7, 1998
    "Quake2, the game engine of all time?"
    Tony Browneller dropped us a note to inform us that he has written an Editorial called "Quake2, the game engine of all time?" which discusses the past, present, and future of id Software's works. You can read it here.

    New Quake2 Player Class DLL
    Rohan[GDI] emailed to inform us of a new Player Class DLL he has developed:
    I have finished the first version of the DLL, Rev. 1.0. I will be putting up a web page this week to support it on my web site at http://www.randomlogic.com/games/quake2/revenge. The dll supports 10 marine classes in both single player and death match at present. After the point release, I will include team play. It also supports normal Quake II (i.e.. - non modified) single player play.
    Holy Wars Update
    Holy Wars 2.0beta2 has been released. It solves a couple small bugs dealing with internet servers. If you aren't running a server, it isn't necessary to download this new version.

    Logo Contest
    Mushroom Blue Entertaiment is having a logo contest for their page. Winners of the contest get free copies of Surival and Area 51! Be sure to check it out.

    Skin Contest...
    BrycE sent word of a Quake2 skin contest he is holding. He plans to open a site of the "top 50 best skins" which will be based on originality and overall design. People interested in entering their skins should email their skins to him. The contest ends on March 8th.

    New Lithium Released
    Version .83 of the Quake2 mod developed by Lithium Software has been released. Swing by their page to check it out.

    Quake2 Clan Tournament in the Works
    The Ruthless Bastards clan is hosting a Quake2 clan tourney "for lack of anything else to do in the Q2 clan scene." Those interested in registering for the tournament should drop by their page by clicking here.

    Classifieds/Help Wanted
    A couple TC's are in need of some talented people to join their teams, here's the lowdown: Hosted Sites Update
    Some of our hosted sites have kept themselves busy... The Fox & The Hound
    From the creator of the Wake CTF mod comes "Fox & Hound". Here's a quick description:
    There is one fox, and the rest of the clients are hounds. Fox tries to survive the (customizable) time limit. Hounds try to assassinate the fox ... and the hound that kills the fox becomes the next fox.
    This mod is EXTREMELY customizable, the timelimit, the weapons allowed, the point system, etc... all from the server config file. Also, this is a server-side ONLY mod so clients don't need to download it. Be sure to check the WakeCTF/Fox & Hound webpage for details.


    Friday, February 6, 1998
    Idea Games Relocates and Looks for New Help
    Idea Games has moved to their new home over at www.frag.com/ideagames. They're working on a new TC and are in need of a programmer, level designer, modeler, or animator.

    Public Beta of Holy Wars Mod Released
    The first public beta of the Holy Wars mod has been released over at the Holy Wars Site. This release is very playable and also includes all the maps. Check out the page for a list of servers as well.

    Gamer's Alliance Quake2 Mod Tutorial
    One of our affiliates, The Gamer's Alliance, has opened a new tutorial section for designing mods for Quake2. Be sure to drop by and check it out.

    New Competition Patch from the CyberAtheletes
    The CyberAthelete Organization has released the "CyberAthelete Competition Patch for Quake2". This beta release "provides organized match-style team play for Quake 2 with support for 1-on-1 games as well as multi-team 'army' battles" (quoted from the mod's creator, Mike "mikeJ" Joya). Future plans for the patch include QuakeTV and Quake2TV cameras and a remote MOTD that will announce new CyberAthelete events and tournaments. For more information you can follow this link to the CyberAthelete homepage or this link to a direct download.