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Tuesday, March 24, 1998
EraserBot/HotLaunch Extravaganza
Amidst the flurry of Bot Launch Front Ends, comes this deal: from now on Ridah's Eraser Bots and Gary Drew's HotLaunch Utility will be packaged together. Patches for each will still be available separately from their sites, but the two will be bundled together for each full release. Speaking of Hot Launch, the utility has just went beta, with full functionality.

New Eraser Front End
A new version of EFE an EraserBot front end has been released.

New Quake2 Name Maker
A Quake2 Name Maker utility that works in conjunction with the Viking CTF Mod has been released. The utility does NOT animate names, just makes different ones.

New MD2 Tutorial
There's a new tutorial up that describes the process of making a Quake2 model (md2). There's also a new skin for the Hive Tyrant PPM up there too.

Quake2/CTF Event Update
We got an update on the Quake2/CTF Event planned for Vancouver, Canada:
The Big Quake keeps getting bigger! On April 11th, the Sniper Network Gaming Group will be hosting the Big Quake - a 40 player Quake 2 CTF event in Vancouver, BC. We've got great prizes from ACT Labs - makers of some of the finest gaming gear around and other companies. Bliink Interactive and NetPlayers will be supplying rockin' PCs for spectators to try out as well! Don't miss out on this great event. For more information, visit our website at www.Sniper.Net or e-mail Grimoire@Sniper.Net.
New PingTool Beta
There's an open beta of the PingTool Utility available for download. PingTool is a server browser that supports QuakeWorld, Quake2, and HexenWorld.

Quake2.com Turns 1 Year Old!
A year ago yesterday, Slipgate started his Quake2 site, The Fault Line. The FL was one of the very first Quake2 sites to hit the net, and soon evolved into what is now Quake2.com! I'd like to wish a happy birthday to the site and congrats to all the people, past and present, who have helped make it the success it is today! :)

New Sites/Makeovers/Movements/Updates
Hosted Sites Update

Monday, March 23, 1998
QCA Closes
The QuakeC Archives, which revies QuakeC patches and MODs, closed yesterday. However, the site will remain on-line for you to go and check out.

Q2 Level Contest
There's a pretty cool contest going on for Quake2 and Hexen2 levels at RealmX. The winners receive an expense-paid trip to CGDC, so my advice to you would be to check it out.

Hostile Screenshots
New screenshots from the Quake2 MOD Hostile are available.

Clan Match-Up Service
Big Al's Kick Ass Quake II Page has put-up a free Clan Match-Up Service. Sounds cool for clan people!!


New CRBot
I saw on Blue's that a new version of the CRBot has been released. Version 1.06 includes map cycling, AI fixes, and more.

Be a Rocket Arena Beta Tester
PlanetQuake has started an official RocketArena Mailing List. You can subscribe by sending a blank email to the link there. All members are invited to take part in the private RocketArena 2 beta test!

id Software Hires QERadiant Guy
A bit of old news, but good news none the less, Robert Duffy, the person who maintains QE4, has been officially hired as a contractor for id. He'll be working on a modified version of Radiant, which id will use for their Quake3 level editor. Congrats to Robert!

New FrogBot
A new version of the FrogBot has been released. This is version 0.03.

VWep Update
VWep has been updated to 3.14v4. It fixes a bug or two and should be the last bug-free release.

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Sunday, March 22, 1998
Recruitment Board
Looking for a good game? Some players? Well then, the Syndicates Recruitment Board is the place for you.

The ultimate demo editor/maker for Quake2 is being sneak previewed.

Disposable Heroes Screenshots
Some cool new screenshots from The Coven's upcoming Death match pack are available. The shots include some scenes of a few levels, and some pics of the player models.

Viking 0.75 Released
Viking 0.75 DM/CTF MOD has been released. It's got lots of nifty new features to make your Quake2 multi-player experience all the more enjoyable.

Q2FE 2.6 Released
Quake2 Server Front-End v2.6 has been released. If you have version 3.14 of Q2, you'll need 2.6 of Q2FE to use it.

Botster v1.7
The newest version of Botster is out, and cleans-up a lot of bugs. The Botster page should finish moving by today, so check out the new site.

New Version of 3Fingers
A new version of 3Fingers, the Quake2 tweaking guide, is now available. It's not in HTML format, for "fat free viewing".

PureDM 3.0
That's right, PureDM v3.0 is out. Changes from version 2.6 to 3.0 are too numerous to list here, but suffice to say that it's worth checking out.

Eraser Frontend 1.3
Version 1.3 of EFE is now available. New features include the ability to save all settings whenever you open or close the program, a new and easy to use interface and a Bot Chat command for use with EraserBot 0.85, which should be very good news to all.

Deathmatch Tourney
Point your browser to PX & 69's Quake2 Place for details on a Quake2 1 on 1 tournament.

TagYerIt v1.14
Two-Pole Software has released TagYerIt version 1.14. Among other things, it includes updated configuration files. One can get it from the cleverly named SteQve's No Frills Quake Mods Page, as well as a fun filled Top 12 list, "The Top 12 Signs You've Been Playing too much TagYerIT", which is guarenteed to keep you laughing for as long as it does.

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Saturday, March 21, 1998
Twisted Christmas Winners
The VRGN has posted the winners to it's Twisted Christmas contest. That's right, there were 5 winners in all, thanks to the mindshattering response to the contest. Go see who won!!

New C Tutorial
The Quake DevelS, posters of fine, funny and informative C/QuakeC programming tutorials, have posted a new tutorial. This one, dubbed "The Scanner Jammer", can be used in conjunction with the Scanner MOD to block it's effects. Check it out!!

WoD 5.0
Weapons of Destruction 5.0 has been released with some cool enhancements. Play it at

ArmourBack MOD
The Coven has released details of it's ArmousBack MOD, which will be included in it's upcoming Quake/Quake2 deathmatch pack, Disposable Heroes.

This seems like it's going to be a cool MOD. They've got some interesting ideas, though details are scarce. And you, too, can look and see.

Weapons Factory 1.5 Released
News Item: Weapons Factory 1.5 has been, well, released. It's a server-side only release, but it fixes lots stuff and adds some new features. Read about it.

AutoBot 1.9
AutoBot 1.9, not to be confused with Transformer Autobots, is out and provides a quality method for launching and controlling bots. Read all about it and download it from the AutoBot page.

Tangetial 1.5
The newest version of Tangential, 1.5, has hit the 'Net in a big way. Look to their web site for info.

While I thank my colleague, NetGuy, for his praise in welcoming me to the site, I ask that you please do NOT E-Mail me asking me to sing you a song. (-:


Friday, March 20, 1998
New Eraser Bot
Version 0.85 of Ridah's
Eraser Bots has been released. This version fixes a couple crashes as well as adding a few other features.

Botster 1.6 Released
Version 1.6 of the Botster Utility is out with several new features.

New pcx2wal Utility
A new version of pcx2wal has been released.

Gibstats Update
A new version of GibStats, v1.6, has been released. This one has an improved User Interface and major speed enhancements.

New QMe Preview
Preview2 v3.1 of QMe has been released.

Here's the clip from the mail that we got about the HIGHSCORE patch:
Source Code for the HIGHSCORE patch is available at: www.kunani.com/highscore.html - There is a text file explaining how/where to insert the HIGHSCORE source into any MOD. The patch also reports to Gamespy/Qstat type of software so you can pull and display the Highscore / Highscore Holder from ANY server running this patch and display it on a webpage, etc.
New Player Plugin Model
Fritz the Cat has released a new Player Plugin Model called the Hive Tyrant.

Top 10 Best Player Plugin Models
Speaking of PPM's, the BodyShop posted a survey not long ago for their visitors to fill out, where they could vote on their favorite player plugin model. There were 60 models voted on, with a total of about 2000 votes collected. The results of the survey can be found at their homepage, as well as pictures and descriptions of each winning model.

Help Wanted
New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Hosted Sites Update
Just a quick note to welcome my new Partner in Crime, PianoMan_, to the crew. I've known him for close to 3 years now, and his skills will be a great addition to the Quake2.com team. Be sure to email him and ask him to sing you a song...


Thursday, March 19, 1998
TeamFortress 2
The good people at TeamFortress 2 would like to know how much you would be willing to pay for TF2, via their weekly poll.

Clan Match-Up Page
Big Al's Kick Ass Quake II Page just added a Clan Match-Up Section. Just fill out the simple form, and your clan info will be posted there. You will be E-Mailed when another clan fitting your chosen requirements registers. This service is free. Check it out.

VRGN Contest Deadline Extended
The VRGN has been kind enough to extend the dealine of their $1,000 MOD contest to 4/1/98.

EraserLaunch Update/Source
The creator of the front end for EraserBot has released the Visual Basic source code to his program so that people can modify it, etc. Also, v1.2 of the program is out. You can grab it from his site.

PureDM 2.6
PureDM 2.6 is out. Many things have been updated, so go D/L the patch!!

Keys v1.66
Keys v1.66 has been released and fixes a lot of bugs.

Quark 5.0a2
Quark 5.0a2 has been released. Details at the Quark site.

Squawk TC
Updated rules and equipment have been released for the Squawk TC, a Quake-style RPG.

Bodyshop Votes are in!!
The results of the poll over at The Bodyshop, a wonderful models/skins site, have come in. Voters selected their favorite original plugin player models. Here are the winners, with the number of votes each received: The winners can be seen by clicking on this link.

New Sites/Makeovers/Movements
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Wednesday, March 18, 1998
SuperHero Skin Pack
A super hero skin pack has been released for use with Super Heroes 2.

Custom Patch Wizard
The Quake DevelS have a nifty Quake 2 Custom pacth wizard for MS 4.0 Developer Studio at, surprisingly enough, their web site.

Botster 1.5
Botster v1.5 has just been released, and it has many new features. Read about it and download it at http://www.garbagedump.com/wegdev/botster or http://www.farmbert.com/botster

Team Apache
PCME reviews Teacm Apache, and it looks pretty cool!!

Gib Fest
March 14th 1998 was the first ever Gib Fest hosted by the Quake 2 Ladder. Fifty contestants participated in the 12 hour FFA tournament. After the grueling half day of Quake2, twenty-five players progressed to the finals. The free for all dwindled down to the top 8 players. Each match was an elimination FFA with the bottom two scores being dropped. We would like to congratulate StoneFire[UWO] for winning Gib Fest '98.
Final Results:

Tagyerit Info
Tagyerit now has a Gamespy tab.

Q2 Sound MOD
There is a review of the Quake 2 sound MOD, by Gurkoz, over at Pure 3D Central.


New PureDM (originally HUD+Vote)
HUD+Vote has been renamed to PureDM. Along with the name change comes several new features including (but not limited to): Vwep and ServObit patches enhanced, Hud now shows total players and your current ranking, etc.

New Lithium II Mod
Whitefang has released a new version of his Lithium II Mod. Version 0.93 now has VWep support, player ID command, and more new features.

Help Wanted
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Tuesday, March 17, 1998
Hiya. I'm the new Quake2.com news guy. Some of you may recognize my keen and whit-filled writing style from IRC, where I am known as PianoMan_. I won't take-up too much of your time, just know that I'll do my best to present news concerning the Quake community to you, the reader, in as clear and concise of way as possible. Questions, comments, "Hi, how ya doin'?"s can go here (pman@quake2.com) to reach me.

Q2: Reckoning/Q3 News
OGR.com has some cool news about Quake II: The Reckoning and Quake 3. You find it here.

FvF2 Info
There is some "exclusive" FvF2 news over at The Total Conversion Net.

You can check out a new MOD, Sooper Pak II v1.0, right here.


New CRBot
I saw over on Blue's News that v1.05 of the CRBot has been released, now with support for the VWep patch.

Eraser Bot v0.84 Released
I also noticed over on Blue's that v0.84 of the Eraser Bots has been released. This version fixes elevator crashes and adds support for some of those new Eraser Bot launcher/front ends that are being developed.

New QERadiant
Build 48 of QERadiant has been released.

New Orange
A new version of Orange for Quake2 has been released over on Captured.com.

Free Hosting to the First 4 Customers
Game-Vault.com will be hosting 4 sites for free. They plan on hosting 1 clan, a skinner site, TC/Bot Creators, and Mappers. Each site will get 50mb of space. Visit the site for more details.

Hot Launch Patch
A patch for Hot Launch (an Eraser Bot front end) has been released. This brings the utility to version 1.3a.

Help Wanted
New Sites/Movements
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Monday, March 16, 1998
Best Map Server
Big Al's Kick Ass Quake2 News has has a server up running the winning map from its level contest. The server is at and you can get the winning map here.

New pcx2wal
A new version of pcx2wal has been released with several new features.

Eraser Front End Released
A new launcher for Ridah's Eraser Bots has been released at the EFE homepage.

Hot Launch 1.1a
Speaking of Eraser Launchers, Hot Launch version 1.1a has been released.

Bot Launcher³
Bot Launcher has moved to version 0.006a with Eraser and CRBot support.

Mission Yard Contest
The Mission Yard is having a contest and the winner gets to be hosted by them for free. Visit their website for the details.

HighScore CTF Released
Cool news:
The Highscore patch has been added to Zoids CTF 1.02 source and is now available for download. Anyone running CTF servers simply download this highscorectf.zip file from www.kunani.com/highscore.html and you will have Highscore Tracking throughout all the CTF levels.
Voodoo2 Contest
There's a contest here with a pretty cool prize. They're giving out a Voodoo2 card from their own pockets. All you have to do is fill in your name, etc and you're registered for the drawing!

Help Wanted
New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Hosted Sites Update
I smell... changes.
You're probably thinking one of 2 things: "Whoah cool color scheme!" or "*puke*". Either way, we'd like your input. Quake2.com is in the process of being redesigned, and we'd like some public opinion on what they'd like to see. Changes are afoot here at Q2.com HQ, and we'd appreciate your thoughts, so if you have a spare minute, drop us a line and tell us what you think!


Saturday, March 14, 1998
Quake2 Demo Uploaded
Id Software has released the public Quake2 demo, with coop and dm support out. Here's the
direct download.

New Bot Launch Released
Bot Launch v0.005a has been released with support for Eraser's v0.82.

New Tectonic
Tectonic v0.9 has been released with support for Erasers and CRBots.

Diamond Underground
Diamond Multimedia has started a site dedicated to gaming, and providing demos and patches related to games and Diamond cards. Check out Diamond Underground for more info.

Special Forces Beta
A beta of Special Forces: STRIKE TEAM has been released. This brings it to v2.0.

Syndicates.net World Clan Tournament
Syndicates.net has launched their world clan tournament. More information can be found at their page.

New Keys2 w/ Solaris Port
Version 1.65 of Keys2 is out, with word of a Solairs port as well.

New QERadiant
A new build of QERadiant, build 046, has been released.

New StudioMDx
Version 0.94b of StudioMDx, the model editor/viewer, has been released.

Flag Wars 1.0
A public alpha of Flag Wars CTF has been released.

Auto-IP Publisher Helps with Q2Plugin
Server admins who run Q2 servers on dynamic IP's are going to love this tool more than life itsself: Auto-IP Publisher automatically inserts your IP into your HTML source code, and uploads the fixed QPlug tags to your webpages. People who run dynamic IP'd servers can always have their webpages up to date on the status of their Quake2 server!

CrackWhore Model Fix
If you're having problems using Paul Steed's new CrackWhore model in your Quake2 games, here's a fix to try:
Goto the ....\crakhor dir and rename it "1" (without quotes). Start Q2 and select the model "1", which should now be there. Exit Q2 and rename the dir back to "crakhor", restart Q2 and select the model "crakhor".
Thanks, Anaxagoras..

Hud+Vote 2.0
A new version of Hud+Vote has been released here. This new version has loads of cool stuff, including VWep support, ServObit, and even transparent icons!

Help Wanted
New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Hosted Sites Update
Quake 3 Announced
You heard right. John Carmack made yet another shocker of a plan update (after the note informing everyone that idsoftware has let American McGee go), announcing that their next project will be none other than Quake 3. Here is (the Quake3 part of) his .plan update:

The Old Plan:

The rest of the team works on an aggressive Quake 2 expansion pack while Brian and I develop tools and code for the entirely new Trinity generation project to begin after the mission pack ships.

The New Plan:

Expand the mission pack into a complete game, and merge together a completely new graphics engine with the quake 2 game / client / server framework, giving us Quake 3.
Carmack also noted that Quake3 will absolutely REQUIRE 3D hardware acceleration. He goes into it more in the
plan of course, but comments that it probably will NOT support alot (the majority?) of today's hardware. Non-stop surprises from idsoftware lately eh?