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Tuesday, March 31, 1998
What's with that Funky Menu?
Asking yourself that question? So are we! Sorry if it looks wacky and bothers some of you in any way (psychotic outbursts, epileptic seizures, etc.) :) We're fixing it.


Rather Major TeamFortress 2 News
Our friend and mailbag director, Paubo, recently exchanged an email or two with the team behind TeamFortress 2. The recent license agreement that was bundled with the Quake2 v3.14 source code has raised several questions about the status of TF2 since it will be a commercial product, considering the license agreement does not allow the source to be modified and sold as a commercial product. Paubo contacted the TF2 team regarding their situation and was told that if the TF2 team is unable to obtain a license from id software, they may not use the Quake2 engine for TeamFortress 2!

New CRBot Released
I saw over on
Blue's that Version 1.08 of the CRBot has been released. This new release fixes some bugs.

Lithium Crash Update
There is a fix for a bug in v0.94 of the Lithium Mod that was released yesterday has been posted. This fixes a bug where clients could crash the server running Lithium.

New Clustermod Released
A new version of the ClusterMod has been released. It has a whole ton of new fixes that are too numerous to paste here, but it is a rather lengthy update. Win32 and Linux game libraries are available.

Orange Update
A Quake2 server configmod for Orange CTF has been released (v3.16) here.

Quake2.com Wins the Gamer's Choice Award!
We're proud to announce that Quake2.com has won the March '98
Gamer's Choice Award for best Quake2 site! With stiff competition like PlanetQuake and Frag dot Com, we're very proud to have won, and we wish the best to the other contestants as well. Thanks to everyone who helped us become truly the Ultimate Quake2 Site!

Help Wanted
The Retritubion TC is in need of a modeler, mapper, and skinner/texture artist.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Hosted Sites Update