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Friday, March 13, 1998
Oak II Bot Released
The first public version of the Oak 2 Bot has been released over at their page.

Eraser Bugfix Out
A bugfix for the new Eraser bot has been released over at Team Impact. Here's a clip from the page:
Damn, in fixing the bot_name command in v0.81, I managed to screw up the addteam and cmd join commands. Hence, v0.82 is available, which also fixes the teamplay scores, and some CTF AI tweaks (no more long stand-offs with both teams holding the opponent's flag at their base).
Eraser Launch Launches Out of Beta
The first non-beta version of Eraser Launch, a front-end for launching Ridah's Eraser Bots has been released.

Modelers Beware
SteQve has written an article about the "Some Technical Concerns Regarding Use of New Player Models.". This article talks about the impact that some model designs may have on their mods.

Viking CTF Released
Viking CTF has been released. There is also a new DM version out as well.

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American "Tokay" McGee Released from id Software
John Carmack updated his
.plan last night to let the public know that American "Tokay" McGee has been "let go" from his position at id Software. Tokay was a level designer, sound effects creator, and was the music manager for most all of the projects that id hit the big-time with, from DOOM2 to Quake2. Here's Carmack's .plan update:
American McGee has been let go from Id.

His past contributions include work in three of the all time great games (DOOM 2, Quake, Quake 2), but we were not seeing what we wanted.
American attended several interviews on Undernet #Quake2 and was the first person to be interviewed on GamesLink.net. We wish him well & hope he finds another position soon.


Thursday, March 12, 1998
Team Player Server and Client
Take the CTF source, rip out the CTF and what do you have? Team Player Server and Client. What this does, is allow for teams to play vs. each other. It still has some of the CTF aspects in it, such as the grappling hook, runes, etc, but this mod is ideal for people looking to have clan matches, etc.

Play Quake2 on OS/2
A converter for Quake2 to OS/2 has been released. OS/2 users can now use
this utility to play Quake2 (and possibly run other Win32 applications) under OS/2.

GameMenu95 for Quake2 has been released. GameMenu95 is a utility that will launch Quake2 with any map and/or pak file. It can also launch .zip'd maps.

Eraser Bots v0.8 Released
Version 0.8 of the
Eraser Bots has been released. This new version now has support for Quake2 CTF!

New EraserBot Front End
Speaking of Erasers, Hot Launch v1.0a has been released. This is a front-end launcher that makes starting games with the Eraser Bots a bit easier.

New ServeQ2
ServeQ2 v1.0 has been released. Here's the email clip:
ServeQ2 enables anyone to easily set up and configure a Quake 2 server for Deathmatch, Threewave CTF, and Co-op games. I know there are a lot of other good front-ends out there, so I don't expect everyone to like mine, all I ask that that you give it a try. Future versions will hopefully include configuration for other popular mods like TagYerIt, and the Eraser and CRbots, as well as others.
Gettin' Fancy
If you were a bit dissappointed by the sounds that Quake2 came with, or if you thought the weapons seemed a bit bulky & weird sounding, you might wanna check out this patch. This pak file takes the place of the current Quake2 sounds for a few of the weapons, and replaces them with some new, beefier sounds. Note: this does not erase your installed Quake2 sounds, just takes their place during the game.

VWep Model Support
A few of the new player plugin models have gained support in a new version of VWep, the mod that lets you see what weapons opponents are holding in a "true" multiplayer game.

Bigtime LAN Action
There's a new LAN party brewing, and it'll all happen in Atlanta during the weekend of E3. The party is planned for May 28-30th, and has Activision and Acclaim as their two main sponsors. On the guestlist thus far includes Tom of Tom's Hardware. For info check here.

New Ionic TP Mod
A new version of the Ionic TP Mod has been released.

New HIGHSCORE Released
Version .27 of the new HIGHSCORE Mod has been released. Some of the new features include Player ID on the HUD, a countdown timer on the HUD, and more.

ServerConfig Mod 2.0 Released
A new bugfix update of ServerConfig Mod has been released. It's now at version 2.0.

New Vanilla CTF
A new v3.14 compatible version of Vanilla CTF has been released.

The Tab Depot is having a contest for button designers. Check the site for details.

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Hosted Sites Update
Sorry about missing yesterday's updates, Spring Break has a way of messing up one's schedules. I hope I caught all that I missed with this update. ;)


Tuesday, March 10, 1998
Lithium v0.92 Released
Lithium version 0.92 has been released. New to this version is a vampire rune, chasecam, and some bugfixes.

New CRBot Released
Version 1.02 of the popular CRBot has been released.

New Orange Released
Also, Orange version 2.4f has been released over at Captured.com.

HUD + Voting = Way Cool Mod
I've been wondering how long it would be before a mod like this was released. A new patch has come out that offers a couple of interesting features. Not only does it allow a different HUD, which now shows all the weapons and ammo that your player has available, but it also offers a way to vote on what map is played next. All of the idsoftware maps as well as 30 admin-assigned maps can be voted on! Be sure to check it out.

New Bot Released
A new bot called the "Assassin Bot", has been released. Drop by & check it out.

Loki Minions CTF Beta
Loki Minions CTF is now in v3.14 beta. The LMCTF team is running a test server as well... more info can be found over at their homepage.

King Of The Hill Update
An update to Orange Smoothie Productions' Q2 mod, King of the Hill, has been posted. This brings the mod up to version 1.1 and is v3.14 compatible. This also includes both Win95/NT and Linux versions of the mod.

New Pingtool Available
Pingtool, a server browser for both QuakeWorld and Quake2, has been released. This new version adds the unique ability to be able to compare ping times with friends, to see which server would be the most fair to play on. A couple other new features have been added as well.

New Quad Mod
A new version of "Quad: The Descent Conversion for Quake2" has been released. This new version lets you fly around in both single and multiplayer modes.

Quick Link Correction
Quake Taunts 2, a mod that adds verbal taunts to Q2 much like Duke3D and Rise of the Triad, has relocated. Here is the direct download link.

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Monday, March 9, 1998
Viking Mod Released
The Viking Mod has been released, here's the news email:
The first public release of Viking has been posted at the Viking page. This release will most likely contain a few bugs, since it's the very first public release. If you download this version, you are considered part of a beta testing team and should report any bugs to Thedd. It works with dedicated and non-dedicated servers, in deathmatch or coop mode. CTF version will be released when this version has been tested and bugfixed.
Telefragged News
Alot of new things have been happening over at Telefragged.com, including a master server (and instructions on adding your server to it), as well as both male and female skinpacks.

TeamFortress2 Map Specs Released
Map makers planning on designing their own Team Fortress2 worlds will be pleased to know that the TF team has released the map specs for the mod update.

New QuArK Released
QuArK version 5.0.a1 has been released. QuArK is a popular Quake/Quake2/Hexen2 map editor and resource browser.

Weapons Factory CTF Update
An update to the Weapons Factory CTF mod is up. This patch fixes problems with decoy skins and friendly fire. They've also started a WFCTF server at and

Give Your Opponent a Verbal Thrashing!
Duke Nukem 3D fans will enjoy this one, a new patch called Quake Taunts 2 has been released. This patch adds verbal taunts, ala Duke3D and Rise of the Triad. This patch is now at version 1.03 and is Quake2 v3.14 compatible.

New HighScore Mod
A new version of the HighScore Mod has been released. This version has a chasecam and flythrough observer mode added into it.

Quake2.com Mailbag
The mailbag has been updated, and is now featuring a new feature, a Question of the Week. This week's question: What is your opinion of the License Agreement (included with the 3.14 source)?.

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Sunday, March 8, 1998
VWep Updated, Updated
Wow. First of all let me say, in reference to my earlier VWep post, I wasn't (purposely) accusing Hentai of linking to the warezed Quake2. The reason I did post that was essentially to cover our backs here at Quake2.com incase we were to get contacted about linking to the full version of Quake2 online, by any kind of lawyer or what have you. Come to find out, the link to the VWep patch was on Hentai's own computer online, hence the full version of Quake2 being there as well. As a rule, I try not to accuse people without having all the facts, and while I definitely wasn't (again, purposely) trying to accuse Hentai of distributing warez (pirated software), I can definitely see how people might've taken it that way. I got alot of email from people backing Hentai up, as well as a couple notes from Hentai himself explaining what had happened to his web server (the Microsoft Personal Web Server... did I mention Quake2.com is powered by Linux? ;) Anyway, I personally want to apologize profusely to Hentai and to anyone else that I may have offended, it definitely wasn't meant to be taken that way.

If you're looking for the VWep patch, it is my pleasure to post these links: NetGuy

Keep Your Score at the Top
HighScore is a server-side only mod that keeps track of players' scores from level to level. It also keeps track of the highest score ever obtained on that specific server. Try and beat the highest score ever on that server, and have your name up in lights! A server running this mod is up at quake.kunani.com:27920.

Quake2 MultiModule API
From the developers of the Quake2 Cluster Project, comes a new Quake2 MultiModule API. A sample of the output, and detail as to how it can be used is posted up over at the linked page.

SuperHeros Beta7
Beta7 of the popular SuperHeros Mod is out. This version is 3.14 compatible and adds some new features, including Weird Bombs and a Funkagroovitalizer (say that 5 times fast ;).

New DeathMatch Manager
A v3.14 compatible update for the DeathMatch Manager has been released. Here's what DMM does:
It allows you to define custom map sequences, play sequences of MIDI files, add extra sounds for item pickups and deaths, and customise all 33 death messages including all the suicide / environment / pkill messages.
New CTF Ladders
If you're looking for Quake1 and Quake2 CTF ladders, look no further. The Online Gaming League has opened up some sign-up forms for their new CTF ladders, with the Quake2 signup sheet opening last night. Be sure to check it out if you're looking for some good ladder competition.

qED2 Suite Updated
The qED2 Editing Suite has been updated and is now available.

New Fraglogger and Parser
A v3.14 compatible copy of Quake2 Fraglogging has been released in both Win32 and Linux flavors. Also, QRC v1.50, which is a fraglog parser for QuakeWorld and Quake2 servers has also been released. Both items can be found here.

New OnTheWay
OnTheWay, a Quake2 server util/frontend, is now available for Quake2 v3.14. Here's the direct download.

BagTag 1.0 Released
The Slaughter Development Team has released a v3.14 compatible update for their mod, BagTag.

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VWep Clarification
I've had several people email me about the link that I posted yesterday to VWep, the patch that lets you see what weapons people are holding in a multiplayer game. The link takes you to a directory listing of files. The .dll files are there, stated from the email that we received. However because (and I didn't realize this) the link also points to a few rather, well, illegal files, I've removed the news item altogether. NetGuy tip: if you plan on releasing a mod, it's probably best that you DON'T link your news item to an illegal ftp.


Saturday, March 7, 1998
WorldCraft 1.6 Released
WorldCraft version 1.6 has been released. This version adds native Quake2 and Hexen2 support, as well as a LONG list of new features. This is a must have for Q2 map designers!

Confused by the License Agreement?
PlanetQuake has an article up that sort of dissects the new license agreement that came with the v3.14 source code. This has become a bit of a controversial issue, and this article helps to explain what it all means for mod makers.

Weapons Factory CTF
One of the first new mods released using Zoid's CTF code is out. Called Weapons Factory CTF, this has a few new features added into it, including decoys, homing rockets, and a jet pack.

QSB (Quake2 Scene Builder) version 1.12 has been released over at www.planetquake.com/qsb.

Slipgate, the founder of Quake2.com, has resurfaced after his hiatus from the Quakemunity, and has joined the folks over on the Navy Seals team. We wish him luck with his new project.

QSpawn 1.06 Shareware Released
QSpawn version 1.06 Shareware has been released. After this version work will be started on QSpawn 2.

News Right to Your Desktop
This thing sounds cool. Here's the email notice:
Checking through each of the 3D news pages each day to see if they've been updated can be a real bore, imagine if you could be told exactly the date and time when they were updated..

Well imagine no longer because QBS is here at http://qbs.stomped.com

Using the power of Stomped, QBS lists the latest updates of all the major news sites and all the .plan files listed under Stomped's finger service. Your page is included in this list and you don't have to do anything to keep it that way.

Download QBS v1.00 today and never miss the latest Quake updates again!
I'm downloading this thing as I'm doing this update, and can't wait to see how it works ;).

New Vote-Hub
sTOKE has ported his vote-hud mod version to Quake2. It's now at version 1.02.

Quake2 Oop Conversion
Version 3.14 of the Quake2 Oop Conversion has been released.

Help Wanted
New Sites/Relocations
UK Quake2 League
E-mail Brodie Bird or visit http://www.pandemonium-inc.demon.co.uk/ukq2a/ if you are looking to join a UK Quake2 league.


Thursday, March 5, 1998
Lots of BodyShop Downloads
The BodyShop has a TON of new stuff, including 47 Plug-in Player models for download, 1000's of skins, over 20 skinpacks, over 20 soundpacks for models, etc.

New Tag-Yer-It
Two Pole Software has released TagYerIt 1.1 beta for Quake2 v3.14. This mod puts you in a game of tag, just like when you were a kid. Visit SteQve's No Frills Quake Mods page to get the new copy.

New QStats Released
QStats version 1.50 has been released over on the QStats webpage. Support for Standard Logging v1.2 has been added (for Quake2 mods).

Map Converter Released
m2m is a program written that converts Quake1 maps to Quake2 map format. Version 0.8 beta has just been released and has many new features added in.

New Lithium Released
Version 0.91 of the Lithium mod has been released. This version now works with v3.14 and has an added option to kick chat flooders.

New Sites/Movements
Hosted Sites Update
CTF v1.02 Source Released
The source code to Zoid's Capture the Flag mod has been released. Here are the direct download links: