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Wednesday, April 8, 1998
New Quick Start "Eraser Bot Wizard"
Version 1.22 of Quick Start the Eraser Bot Launcher has been released. This version has numerous bug fixes and new additions.

New WeaponsFactory CTF
Version 1.07 of the Weapons Factory CTF mod has been released. It includes player classes, cyborg model support, and a cool new turret grenade.

Quake2 Tournament Info
Here's a bit of info on a tourny with some pretty cool prizes planned:
There is a q2 tourny in Tulsa, Ok on the 25th of this month with 1000 bucks to give away and 4 voodoo2 cards from creative. It will be held at worldcom who is donating the thousand and will also be setting up a T1 for the tournament, so that if people want to play online between matches they can. Anyone is welcome to come.
Quasar v0.5 Released
Twisted Criminals has released v0.5 of their Quasar Mod.

Help Wanted
New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Hosted Sites Update

Tuesday, April 7, 1998
DM2 is gone, yes, but for personal reasons of the creator and not lack of interest. The site's manager, Top Gun, is spending some quiet time at home now, however has informed us of some future plans, so keep an eye out...

BotJonny 1.0
Version 1.0 (beta) of BotJonny, the British Eraser Bot Launcher, has been released. Allowing you to change EVERY command-line option and script file, plus tons of other features, this one looks like a winner!! How could it not be? It's from England!!

Quasar 0.5
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Recent major headlines
  • New Eraser with Source Code
  • Solaris Q2 Server Released
  • LMCTF 3.0 Released
  • New Eraser Released
  • Quake2 Demo Released
  • Quake3 Announced
  • American McGee leaves id Software
  • Recent Site Updates
  • Stealth Ent.: AaB Released!
  • ServerConfigMod: New Version
  • FamkeBot: New Version
  • Crash's SPQ2: New Maps Reviewed
  • Quake2-Ware: 3D Blaster Reviewed
  • EarthQuaked: LMCTF 3.0 Reviewed
  • Mailbag: Updated
  • Most recent .plan updates
    Click for full list

  • Brian Hook: 4-07-98 10:15 PM
  • Dave Kirsh: 4-05-98 4:00 AM
  • Todd Hollenshead: 4-05-98 4:00 AM
  • Donna Jackson: 4-05-98 4:00 AM
  • Barrett Alexander: 4-05-98 4:00 AM

  • Quasar.

    Lithium II v0.98
    The folks over at Lithium II MOD are busy, because they've released another version of their MOD. Two in one day. Anyway, they fixed two server crashing bugs and added some things to the admin menu. Check it out.


    Linux Eraser Bot
    A linux version of Ridah's Eraser Bot has been released. Questions about this Linux release should be posted to the Eraser Source WWW Board and not directed to Ridah himself.

    New Lithium 2 Release
    Version 0.97 of the Lithium II Mod has been released. This version now supports the Gibstats Log Standard, as well as individual weapon inhibiting.

    New HotLaunch
    HotLaunch v1.6b has been released. This version has several fixes in it as well as a couple new features and tweaks.

    BH-SiteZ Update
    BH-SiteZ has been updated with a new pack of crosshairs, 72 in all, for you to download. Some are customized for 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions!

    Help Wanted
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers/Tournaments
    Hosted Sites Update

    Monday, April 6, 1998
    New Eraser with Source Released
    Ridah over at
    Team Impact has released v0.91 of the Eraser Bot. This new version has a few bugfixes and play enhancements for CTF. Ridah has also released the Eraser source code, although because this is still a BETA release he emphasizes that only experienced programmers should try the source out.

    Solaris Quake2 Released/Bad News for BSDi
    Zoid updated his
    .plan with news that the Sparc Solaris dedicated server has been released with the Makefile for building the source on Solaris as well. Unfortunately he's run into some problems with his work on the BSDi port, and has stalled that part of the project for now. Check out his .plan for the whole story.

    New Battle of the Sexes Released
    Battle of the Sexes v2.9.2 has been released with a couple new features and some bugfixes.

    New EFE Released
    Version 1.9a of EFE the Eraser Front End has been released. This release fixes a bug with map listing.

    Quake EasterEgg Hunt!
    Quake Innovations sent along word of an Easter tournament they're holding:
    Quake Innovations is proud to announce The Quake Easter Egg Hunt, a Quake II game & tournament designed for Easter day! Individuals must find eggs of varying worth and return them to the egg collection points (CTFish but no teams). Egg stealing is allowed of course! Players can identify approximately how many egg points another player is carrying by their skin color and shoot them so as to make them drop some of their eggs (or all on a kill), but in order to steal eggs players must be close when shooting other players for the eggs will only stay for a few seconds before going back to their hiding spots. The prizes are $100 for the winning player and $50 for the runnerup. Full details are provided at Quake Innovations' Egg Hunt website (http://qteam.stomped.com/eeh.html).
    Kombat CTF
    Kombat CTF, which is a TeamFortress style mod with classes, new models, skins, sounds, etc. has been released. It's currently at version 1.10beta.

    Action Quake Bugfix
    A code update/bugfix for the ActionQuake mod has been released. This fixes a ton of bugs that were in the first release.

    Help Wanted
    The SDT team, who is currently working on the Alien Annihilation TC, is in need of another modeler or two. If you're interested please contact NiCo.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    Hosted Sites Update

    Sunday, April 5, 1998
    The Gathering Competition
    You'd be cheating yourself, folks, if you didn't check out this contest brought to you by The Gathering. There are $7,500 worth of prizes, including a brand-spanking-new IBM Intellistation 6888-220 (which is valued around $5,500). Other prizes inlcude stuff from 3Dfx and Viking Computers!! Go check it out.

    False Dot Com has set-up a new, informative, newsletter for the gaming community sign-up for it today!!

    ClanSurvey Results
    The ClanSurvey results have been formatted to HTML. Go check 'em, so you too can see what happened!!

    Quake2 Press Contest
    Yet another contest, the Quake2 Press is having a Button Design Contest. Sounds like fun, so go take a look. They've also reviewed another map, this one titled "Incarnation".

    Action Quake2 v0.85
    Action Quake2 v0.85, a cool MOD, has been released. It's a code update that fixes the virtual "plethora" of bugs in the first release.

    Help Wanted
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

    Saturday, April 4, 1998
    New CRBot
    A new version of the CRBot has been released. This new version now supports CTF.

    New Quake2 Scene Builder Release
    Version 1.50 of Quake2 Scene Builder has been released. QSB is a program that allows you to view Quake2 models, and more. The new version has several new features and a new webpage to boot!

    Tangential v1.60
    Tangential version 1.60 has been released. This new version includes a homing rocket, HUD display, and more new features.

    New StarTroopers Release
    Version 0.25 of Star Troopers has been released.

    New Skin Packs
    The BodyShop has released 3 new official skin packs. They are a CrackWhore skin pack (19 skins), Snork skinpack (63 skins), and a Lego Man skin pack (33 skins).

    New Q2Admin Utility
    A new utility which allows for remote administration of Quake2 servers has been released. With it you can remote admin servers, including changing dm values, use rcon commands, etc.

    PureDM 4.0 Released
    A new version of PureDM has been released with a TON of new features, including IP banning/banlists, VWep support, and a GameSpy tab of its very own.

    Help Wanted
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    Hosted Sites Update
    For those who downloaded the linux version of ServerConfigMod, an update has been re-released. Check out the SConfig page for more details.


    Friday, April 3, 1998
    LMCTF 3.0 Released
    Loki's Minions CTF Team has released LMCTF 3.0. It has a whole load of new features, including (but not limited to): 4 different skinsets, support for all of the id Q2 single player maps, the id dm maps, the id ctf maps, as well as their own (whew!), and more. This is definitely a CTF release to check out!

    LMCTF 3.1 Patch
    Right on the heels of the LMCTF 3.0 release comes a quick patch to fix a bug or two that were overlooked before the release.

    Tectonic 1.0
    Tectonic 1.0 has been released, with improved Eraser support, PAK file exploring, and a few other new features.

    New QuickStart Released
    Version 1.10Alpha of Quick Start, the "Eraser Bot Wizard" has been released.

    EFE Update
    Industry News has posted a new version of the Eraser Front End with some bugfixes and other new features.

    New Lithium Release
    A new version of the Lithium Mod has been release. This new version has some bugfixes and also has IP banning added into it for server admins.

    New Class-Based CTF Released
    The War Zone CTF has been released, featuring 10 classes, each with their own features and commands. They're also looking for a couple people to help 'em out.

    New PingTool Released
    Pingtool v2.0 has been released, now completely supporting HexenWorld.

    Quake2 Cartoon
    A Beta 1 release of the Quake2 Cartoon has been posted. Be sure to go on over and check it out.

    Help Wanted
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    Hosted Sites Update - UPDATED
    Confessions of a Quake2 News Guy
    Alright I admit it, I didn't update yesterday because I couldn't tear myself away from the new Loki's Minions CTF release. It's an excellent product and the LMCTF team deserves every bit of credit they receive, if nothing else then for the maps alone ;)


    Wednesday, April 1, 1998
    Quake2.com Announces Preview!
    Yes, that's right! We have put up a little preview of our redesign. For the unchurched, we hope this will help you discover your true inner feelings.


    Battle of the Sexes v2.9.1
    Yes, that's right, Battle of the Sexes v2.9.1 has been released. Lotsa cool stuff in this update, including a menu system that guides you through all the commands for the MOD. Also numerous bug fixes and some more additions. Check it out today!!

    What? ANOTHER Eraser Bot launcher?! Yes, indeed. The BotJohnny has made it's debut, straight from England!! It's really a very good program, so give 'er a spin.

    Chaos Deathmatch
    Chaos Deathmatch v0.1a, which also moved recently, has been released today. This MOD provides full Q2 DM and CTF support. This MOD has a lot of cool new weapons. A LOT of new weapons. They also have cool names, so it's probably to your advantage to go this one a go.

    Bot Interview
    Well, not an interview with an actual bot, but rather an interview with Pandora 2 C/S creator RoarK. The interview isn't limited to Pandora2, either!!

    The deadline for the VRGN Q2 Level Contest has come upon faster than you thought!! Get your level in by midnight tonight or you'll miss out!!

    Yaya, me!!
    Well, tis good to be back. For those of you who care and or noticed my absence, I was suffering from what I believe to be the worst case of line noise ever. In the whole of recorded history. Anyway, it's fixed and I can stay on-line for more than 5 minutes now, so everything seeems cool. And, no, I'm probably not gonna do some lame April Fools joke today ...

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • The Q2PMP has finished it's redesign.
    • Break 'da' Bank has moved, and is releasing a beta of it's Teamplay MOD, with the full version on the way in a few weeks...


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