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Tuesday, April 21, 1998 - Submit News!
Revenge of the Nerds
Earlier tonight we had a little problem here at Quake2.com. It seems some eleet h4x0r decided to obtain a little unauthorized access, and post a faked news update. This update mentioned a "Windows95 Quake2 Graphics Fix" with a file available to download. The file was called q2-fix3.exe and if you downloaded it you MUST delete it right now. It's not a graphics fix, but a trojan file that messes up Windows95. I'd like to apologize PROFUSELY to anyone who may have downloaded this file and ran it, we most certainly would never want this to happen, but when people decide to try out what they picked up in detention hall today, innocent people suffer. Again we'd like to apologize for any trouble this may have caused anyone.
(Thanks to VorpalK and `Nemesis from Undernet #Quake2 for the heads up!)


Q2CTF Administator Settings for Competition Mode Menu
I got this picture from
Zoid of the CTF admin settings for a competition-mode game. Looks really cool to me... notice the count-down timer in the lower left.


South Park TC Foxed?
We got this note from Scoots of the South Park TC team:
The South Park Quake project team has halted production. While we cannot release any official statement, I can say that this was not by our choice, and I ask people to stop flaming everyone on the team. We will have an official announcement when we have received the official word ourselves.

At least two of the members of R.O.T.T. Development, the team behind South Park Quake will be soon making an announcement regarding a new project that will not involve copyrighted property. Thanks fer the support, guys.
New QuArK
A new version of the popular level editor,
QuArK has been released.

Voodoo2 Giveaway
To celebrate their new makeover and new features, Gamer's Alliance will be randomly giving away a Monster 3D II Voodoo2 card. The winner will be selected on May 31.

ClanCTF Released
The first public version of ClanCTF has been released. This is a version of Threewave CTF used for Competitions and Official Matches. The source code to this has been released as well.

Bot Commander Released
The first version of Bot Commander has been released. This bot launcher is meant to be for the CRBot, and is extremely configurable, and looks nice too ;)

The Best of QuakeEasel
The QuakeEasel has posted 15 pieces of Quake art that are all in 24-bit color, exclusive to the Easel. It's a "best of" collection as well as 2 new pieces.

Help Wanted
This from our help wanted department:
I've just started on a mission pܥe#  { ,zl,zlzz z a(zzzTzo!-a MS Sans Serif Symbol0Courier NewTimes New RomanTimes New Roman Quake2.com News
Last updated 4/23/98 1:15 PM EST

Quake2.com logo by Walter |2| Costinak
Recent major headlines
  • New CTF Exclusive Screenshot!
  • South Park TC Foxed?
  • New Eraser with Source Code
  • Solaris Q2 Server Released
  • LMCTF 3.0 Released
  • New Eraser Released
  • Quake2 Demo Released
  • Recent Site Updates
  • Stealth Ent.: AaB Released!
  • ServerConfigMod: New Version
  • FamkeBot: New Version
  • Crash's SPQ2: New Maps Reviewed
  • Quake2-Ware: 3D Blaster Reviewed
  • EarthQuaked: LMCTF 3.0 Reviewed
  • Mailbag: Updated
  • Most recent .plan updates
    Click for full list

  • Brian Hook: 4-20-98 10:15 AM
  • Dave Kirsh: 4-19-98 9:00 PM
  • John Carmack: 4-17-98 11:15 PM
  • Todd Hollenshead: 4-17-98 3:30 PM
  • Kevin Cloud: 4-16-98 6:00 PM

  • jago@telefragged.com for more info on the project. DO NOT SEND ME ANY FILES ! Just tell me where I can pick some examples of your work up. Note that the MP's page will only appear when it's about 70% done! New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • The News Hive has moved.
    • A registry of Quake players has been started here, where players can register their ICQ #, email and place comments.
    • The Quake3 Scene has been redesigned.

    Monday, April 20, 1998 - Happy Bullet Day!
    New Releases
    Ok so there were several new releases over the weekend and today so I'm going to dub today "Bullet Day" here at Quake2.com and put them all in a list:
    • Battle of the Sexes v9.2.4 was released. This is a server-side only patch.
    • Qoole v2.41 has been released with some speed improvements and bugfixes.
    • A new minor bugfix release of Lithium II has been released (v0.99).
    • Version 1.50 of Quick Start has been released with a new logo and some bugfixes.
    Help Wanted
    • Space Quake, a news page for Quake1/2/3 is in need of a news updater.
    • The LaserFrag team is in need of a 2nd coder to help them out.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    Hosted Sites Update

    Sunday, April 19, 1998
    Zoid .plan Update
    Zoid updated his .plan containing information about a new version of Quake2 (v3.15) as well as a new CTF release (among other things):
    I'm also working on the next Quake2 version (currently 3.15). There are a lot of new features in it, some of the most notable being QW player movement (air control), autodownloading (with resume!), protocol optimizations for projectiles (the hyperblaster won't lag you as bad anymore), flood protection, Server IP banning and minor other fixes.

    I also have a new version of Q2CTF in the works. Minor bug fixes, plus a full new competition mode with voted admins, map changing, timed match startups, etc. The match mode will certainly help with clan CTF matches. :)
    Also note the release date isn't confirmed yet:
    As usual, there's no date set for the release of all this. It's the old adage, "When It's Done." But I'm getting close to release on all of them.

    TeleFragged.com Redesign
    I saw on Blue's that TeleFragged has just redone their website as of last night. VERY slick, guys! Looks great :)

    Future Vs. Fantasy II Not to use Quake2 Engine?
    Nick from the LlamaNet Conversions Area (erm, okay) posted a news article stating that FvF2 will NOT be using the Quake2 engine:
    FvF II Will not be using the Quake or Quake II Engines! Instead, they will be using an engine called 3DGE. This engine is apparently, very advanced and has easy licensing conditions. What does this mean for other Developers looking for an easy way to license a 3D engine? Will they still pay-up huge sums of money to id? Or will they pay a relatively small amount for an engine which is supposed to be just as good? Check out the 3DGE site now for screenshots which look amazing and licensing info. As for FvF II, it seems that a publisher was unwilling to pay id. Will FvF 2 be available in software retailers, or will it be published by FFI themselves, as was the case with FvF number 1? I hope to find out soon.
    Stroggs Gone Mad
    We posted something about the Stroggs Gone Mad mod the other day, but we didn't post a link. To solve some of the confusion, here's the link to download the mod.

    • Action Quake is up to v.89. There is a server upgrade available, but clients should read action.txt for notices on new features.
    • AutoBot for Acebot 0.07 has been released. You can get the file here.
    • Version 2.1 of EFF has been released to fix the "is not a valid integer" error.
    • Weapons Factory 2.0 is out, and has changes such as: map voting, the ability to play any sound so that others may hear it (I can see that getting annoying :), new skins, new SlabCTF5 map, limits on the usage of special grenades, a lag-reducing hyperblaster, and a team color turret grenade.
    • QBS version 1.25 came out today, and here's a description of the utility straight from the author:
      QBS monitors a list of 3D Gaming sites (61 at the last count with more added all the time) as well as the .plan files of more than one hundred and fifty programmers, designers and artists at some of the worlds top development houses. Within minutes of any of these pages being up updated it notifies it's users by flashing an icon in the system tray. Users can then visit these pages by simply double clicking on the list icon.
      While I've never been able to get this program to run on my system, others will swear by it, so.. give it a try.
    • The Quake II Scene Builder has updated their site with a new public beta of their help file.
    Help Wanted
    • There's a group making a MystQ2 mod. They need mappers, coders, and modellers. Mail Tim or check their website for info.
    • Infinity Ltd. is seeking help for their Dodge Ball MOD. If you're a coder, go to their site to get more information about taking part in this project.
    • The Quake2 File House has just gone through a redesign and is looking for a new logo, a level reviewer, a mod/bot/tc/pc reviewer, and a news updater.
    • Mail Matthias Elter if you're interested in being a coder for Chaos Deathmatch (no URL was given).
    • The SAS TC needs people to work on their project.

    Saturday, April 18, 1998
    Quake Easter Egg Hunt
    Remember Easter? Remember how excited you were at the prospect of an easter egg hunt for people of all ages? Remember how you spooged all over when you found out it was going to be Quake-based? Now.. remember how disappointed you were when it was cancelled? Well, wipe those tears from your eyes and break out the egg basket, because the rescheduled hunt is going to be tomorrow at 8pm. Have fun, and play fair. You could snag yourself $100.

    • E-Launch has reached version 0.3A (alpha).
    • QOOLE, that wonderful Quake Object Oriented Level Editor, is now at version 2.41. Fixed are few bugs dealing with texture extracting and full-screen Voodoo2 support. Speed is now optimized, also
    • Battle of the Sexes v2.9.4 is out. Apparently, this only a server-side upgrade.
    • Lithium II v0.99 has been released. It fixes a few minor bugs.
    • ServerConfigMOD v.2.2 is out. Existing 2.1 users can download just the new DLL for easy upgrading.
    • Deathmatch Manager version 2 has been released. Described as "the comprehensive DM / CTF server mod and GUI server config / launcher", this new version features many neato upgrades and features.
    • QuakeStarter v0.57a is out. Some bug fixes, better bot support, better player and deathmatch options.
    • Q2Comp v1. Q2Comp is a team/clan mod for Quake 2 in the same vein as the classic ClanRing and QWRing mods for Quake 1.
    • Quick Start v1.50. Adds a new logo and fixes some bugs.
    • QuakeFinder v1.5.1 is out. QuakeFinder takes the pain out of finding responsive and populated servers... that is, if you're a Mac user.
    Site Openings/Announcements
    • QuakeHQ.com - News, Files, Reviews.. all the good stuff. Gotta dig that logo :)
    • Skins Central has hit the big mark of 2,000 in their skin count. C'mon, guys! Keep sending in those skins! By the way, note the change of URL.
    • 3D Benchmark, a site dedicated to listing the benchmarks of- yep, you guessed it. 3D accelerators.
    • QuestGate is now an IGN affiliate.
    Previews and Reviews .Plans
    • Brian Hook updated his .plan with word that he's now exploring the vast world of audio cabling. Be careful not to electricute yourself, Brian. :)

    Friday, April 17, 1998
    New Eraser Front End
    Version 2.01 of EFE (Eraser Front End) has been released. This version should fix the '" is not a valid integer' bug that some people are getting.

    New Quick Start
    Version 1.48 of Quick Start the Eraser Front End has been released with several fixes and additions.

    New Bot Epidemic Poll
    Along with the results of their last poll, the Bot Epidemic has a new one posted, asking "Do you prefer frequent updates of bots which will contain (probably) more bugs to infrequent updates of bots which will contain (probably) less bugs?"

    Help Wanted
    • The Q2 Ladder is looking for a news updater, files updater and link gatherer.
    • GameLinks is looking for writers & artists that can contribute to their features & such.
    • Quake2 Mod World needs HTML and Graphics help, if you're interested more info can be found on the website.
    • A new mod being developed is in need of a coder and a map designer, if interested contact them here.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • Stomped has gotten a fresh new makeover and is lookin' good!
    • Quake N Stuff is a new Quake/2 webpage.
    • If you're craving for more Voodoo2 news, check out Voodoo2 World which has just recently opened its doors to the public.
    • Quake2World has packed up and moved to a new home.
    Hosted Sites Update
    • Team BDP has released version 1.0 (not beta!) of Wally the WAL editor. It's got a whole load of new features so be sure to check it out!
    • Virtigo from Quake2-Ware has some information on the newly announced Pure3D 2 Voodoo2 accelerator specs and news.

    Thursday, April 16, 1998
    I Reckon...
    ...that there's a new AVI of Quake2 Mission Pack: The Reckoning up.

    HoloGram 1.5
    HoloGram v1.5 is out and includes the ability to have multiply holograms, and has added customization for server admins.

    Logo Contest v1.1
    A URL error may have prevented you from visiting the Kings of Terror's Logo/Skin contest yesterday, but here's the correct one!!

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • Alienphobia has gotten a makeover!!
    • GWAR has gotten an overhaul, as well as adding some new models. Take a peak.
    Hosted Sites
    • Good news!! ServerConfigMOD v2.1 Deathmatch FINAL has been released!! Features include the latest GibStat support, QW style fraglog support, extended and customizable server obituary messages, weapon banning, and SOOO much more, you probably wouldn't believe it if you read it yourself. Go give it a look!!
    Yaya Us!!

    Quake2.com is proud to have been selected as Quake Zone's site of the month for April 1998.


    Wednesday, April 15, 1998
    Activision has announced that it has acquired distribution rights from id for Quake3.

    DM & CTF Tournaments
    20 openings are left in some DM & CTF Tournaments at Big Al's Kick Ass Quake2 News.

    Epidon Recruiting List
    Epidon now has a recruiting list, in addition to clan listing and news.

    Logo Contest
    The Kings of Terror are having a logo contest, as well as are in need of a clan skin!!

    EFE 2.01a
    This new EFE release should fix the '" is not a valid integer bug'.

    Bot Epidemic Interview
    The Bot Epidemic has an interview with Tangent, the creator of the similarly named Tangential MOD.

    Stroggos Gone Mad
    This MOD is pretty cool. The Strogs should be a lot more "lifelike" after you install it, as well as have some added perks!! Check it out.

    Nightfall TC
    The Nightfall TC has a cool new screenshot up, along with more coming soon!!

    Holy Wars for Linux
    Yes!! Holy Wars 2.00 for Linux is out!! Follow that link, too, for a patch that will make your Holy Wars experience all the more enjoyable, for what ever OS you're playing it on.

    Bot Contest
    The quaintly named "Bot Contest" is is being held by the Deathmatch Machine. Looks pretty cool. Also, they need someone with bot knowledge, and someone to help with bot news.

    EFE 2.01
    EFE 2.01 has been released. New features include the support for the new ctf_auto_teams command and various user requests and bug fixes.

    Help Wanted
    • The Q2 Ladder is looking some good people to fill the positions of news updater, file updater and link gatherer. As well as many other positions, so check their help wanted page for more.
    • Quake2 MOD World needs HTML and graphics help!!
    • A good coder is needed for a new MOD. Send E-Mail.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • Stomped has a new layout.
    • There is a new page up dedicated to CTF.
    • Quake'n'Stuff is up.
    Hosted Sites
    • Wally is out of beta and is up in the form of version 1.0!! Lots of improvements, check it out.

    Tuesday, April 14, 1998
    Who's that Cat That Get's All the Chicks? PMAN!
    Yah, look what we (Shan) dug up! Why yes, I DO believe that is a pic of our own little PianoMan! Isn't he just growing so fast? Almost makes me get all teary eyed...
    Who's that Cat That Get's All the Chicks? PMAN!


    Rocket Arena 2 Released
    I meant to mention this earlier (say like 2 days ago :P) but the Quake2 version of the popular mod, Rocket Arena was released. It's got alot of new stuff to it so be sure to check it out when you get the opportunity to do so!

    New Win/GLQoole Released
    Version 2.40 of both the Windows and GL versions of Qoole have been released. This release fixes several bugs and adds support for external textures as well as CTF2, BotS, Jailbreak, and KotH entity sets.

    HolyWars for Quake2 Released
    The Quake2 version of the successful Quake1 mod, "Holy Wars" was released on Easter Sunday... coincidence? I think not... :)

    ServObit 1.4 for Linux
    Version 1.4 of SteQve's ServObit mod has been released for linux, as well as the source code.

    Battle of the Sexes Custom Map Help
    A tutorial of sorts for making Battle of the Sexes maps has been posted. You can get it here for the direct download.

    French Quake2 Mailing List
    There's a french Quake2 mailing list up and running for those who speak the language of love. If you're interested visit the list's homepage for details.

    Metropolis Closes Its Doors
    On a sad note, Metropolis closed it's doors yesterday. Details are up on the webpage, and be sure to go over and wish the Metro webmaster a happy 16th birthday!

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • Apocalypse 2006 has moved and is still in need of several staff members.
    • What was the Stroggos Daily News has gotten a makeover and has changed it's name to Quake2 Mod World.
    • Pels Interactive has moved to a new home.
    • The Quake2 Press has gotten its own domain and setup shop there!
    • TF Heaven will be back online tonight, so be sure to look for it.
    Hosted Sites Update
    • The guys over at GLQuake2 Primary LZ has posted an interview with Bruce Lewis, the programmer who is porting the DOOM source to support OpenGL.
    • EarthQuaked has been updated with a review of the new Rocket Arena 2 release.

    idsoftware themselves will now be hosting Quake3.com. We had bid on it and were contacted by the owner notifying us that he decided to give it to idsoftware. I think this is pretty cool when you think back on what the site was.


    Monday, April 13, 1998
    3D Sound Support for Quake2
    We got this project notice a short while ago, check it out:
    I would like to notify the Quake 2 community of a new project under way to develop 3D Sound support to Quake 2. The goal of the project is to provide 3D Sound support to Quake 2 in single player as well as in multi player environments without modifying the game code and remaining compatible with non-3D Sound Quake 2 players. The project page has been set up at the following URL; http://www.scooby.to/quake/qsound/project.html. Background and the concept of the project can be found at the following URL; http://www.scooby.to/quake/qsound.htm. Additional information and parties interested in participating in the project can email Scott Franzyshen at saf@bigsurf.net.
    New Eraser Released
    Version 0.95 beta of Ridah's Eraser Bot has been released with some CTF bugfixes and a new feature.

    Route Tables Galore
    Don't have time to generate your own Eraser route tables? You're in luck. SkullPlate's Quake2 Bot Page currently has an archive of 168 Eraser route tables including ones for CTF, LMCTF, user, and id levels.

    Mana Quake Released
    Version 1.0 of Mana Quake has been released. Basically the goal is to carry the mana from the beginning of the map to the end without getting killed. Currently it is a server-side only mod so clients can jump right into the action!

    New Zealand Tournament Information
    If you live in the land down unda' and you're looking for a tournament to join, check out this one. Basically you take advantage of the $5.00/call rates offered by the New Zealand phone company to play one game a week, affordably.

    Whoah Nellie That's Alot of Maps
    The Quake2 Depo has posted reviews of 182 maps, with more on the way!

    Quake2/Bot Launcher Updates
    • QuakeStarter is a front end for Quake2 which supports version switching and currently two Quake2 bots (Eraser and CRBot).
    • The release of the hour for Quick Start is version 1.44 beta with several fixes and additions.
    Help Wanted
    The Bobo3D Team is looking for some serious developers to fill their modeling, mapping, and graphics positions.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    Hosted Sites Update
    • Paubo has finished yet another edition of the mailbag. Check it out!
    • DF Development has posted more screenshots and promises a "surprise soon."

    Sunday, April 12, 1998
    Happy Easter!
    We would like to wish all those around the world who celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a very happy Easter!


    Saturday, April 11, 1998
    EFE 2.0 Released
    That's right, Eraser FrontEnd 2.0 has been released, with such extraordinary new features as detection of models and skins that you have installed, correctly working time and frag limits and an "About Box", which will, of course, show the winning entry in the EFE 2.0 logo contest.

    A new Q2 CTF patch, called WAR MOD is in the works and will character classes into CTF, much like TF in Quake1. They, the MOD team, which is from Russia, which is cool because Russian people are cool, also need level designers, modelers and programmers, so check 'em out.

    Aussie Quakers
    There is an Australian Quake Competition. Looks pretty cool, so check it out.

    Easter Egg Hunt Update
    The Easter Egg Hunt Website has been updated with new info about the tourney and client download. If participating in the contest, visit ASAP. You can check-out the winning egg skin, "L'Oeuf du Pouvoir" (The Egg of Power for those non-French-speaking-readers), by Ty Banks, too.

    Help Wanted
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • Quick Start, the Eraser Bot Wizard, has moved!!
    • The Quake2 File House has moved, as well. Oh, and they're hosting a logo contest!!
    • Recon Wars, formerly Warzone CTF, has moved, and is now on version 2.02.

    Friday, April 10, 1998
    Eraser v0.93 Released
    I saw over on Blue's that version 0.93 of the Eraser Bot has been released which fixes a few CTF AI bugs.

    Loki's Minions v3.02
    A server-side-only fix for Loki's Minion's CTF has been released. This fixes several bugs including the holes between flags on LMCTF05.

    Battle of the Sexes v2.9.3 Released
    Version 2.9.3 of the Battle of the Sexes mod has been released. This version adds decreased lag, support for LagDaddy's BotS CTF #2, and a new map as well.

    New Autobot Released
    AutoBot for the AceBot v0.6b has been released.

    Quick Start v1.36a
    Quick Start version 1.36Alpha has been released which fixes a problem with Quake2 launching.

    New BotJohnny
    Version 1.1 of the bot utility, BotJohnny has been released. This new version has easier to setup profiles, bugfixes, and other enhancements.

    Help Wanted
    • Team Recoil, who is putting together Iraqi Assault, is looking for another programmer.
    • The Plague TC is in need of some talented modelers, check them out if you're interested!
    • The Invader TC needs several positions filled.

    Thursday, April 9, 1998
    Eraser Bot Wizard Bugfix
    A bugfix (new version) has been posted for Quick Start - "Eraser Bot Wizard". This version includes a new welcome graphic as well as some bugfixes. A public version can be expected soon!

    ServObit 1.4
    A new version of ServObit has been released. This release includes GenderMod 0.1 which identifies player plugin models with the correct sex, including a "neutered" gender for models like the Snork and Tentacle!

    New Chaos Deathmatch Release
    Chaos Deathmatch v02 has been released with a ton of new features such as an airgun, weapon and item banning, and more.

    Quake2 Competition Mod Released
    Q2Comp, a Quake2 competition mod has been released. It has a ton of features geared towards teamplay and such, including support for 16 teams, the classic clan mod console commands, optional disabling of the powerups and weapons, and more!

    Easter Egg Coloring Contest
    We got this note about an Easter Egg Coloring Contest:
    Did you botch your egg coloring as a kid? Did you always feel that if you only had digital controls you could make the best damn egg known to man? Well... Here's your chance! Quake Innovations' Easter Egg Hunt (http://qteam.stomped.com/eeh.html) has a special egg powerup that we would like you to color and name! The winner will get their name in the credits and will have the egg model and egg name appear in the game during the Hunt! Visit the link above for more details on the Egg design contest and the Easter Egg Hunt.
    Tournament Info Update
    If you were looking for some more info about the tournament I mentioned yesterday (like, oh say, instructions on how to get there ;) then look no further! This website has all the info you'll need, including instructions on how to get to the facility.

    Help Wanted
    • The Hellspawn TC is in need of alot of helpers, if you're interested contact them here.
    • There's a Doom TYC in the works and it needs your help. If you're interested drop by The Scene.
    • The Centro District TC is looking for talented Model designers, skinners, and level designers.
    • Looking to work for a TC with a twist? The Music That Kills TC is designed around teamplay where real life bands beat the pulp out of each other in kind of a teamplay setting, and they're looking for anyone who would like to help out.
    • Gamelinks (not to be confused with the GamesLink IRC Network, of which Quake2.com is a member ;) Quake News is looking for someone to help out with the daily Quake News...for inquires send mail to webmaster@gamelinks.net.
    • The MystQ2 TC needs several people to help them out with their project.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    Hosted Sites Update
    Blackeye Entertainment has updated its site and is requesting ideas and input from gamers about their upcoming Chronos TC.



    Hosted Sites
    Modifications and conversions
  • Aftermath Development
  • Blackeye Entertainment
  • FamkeBot
  • DF Development
  • Ghost TC
  • Illuminati TC
  • Oak II Bot
  • Plague TC
  • ServerConfigMOD
  • RMD Software
  • Team BDP
  • WHaCK
  • Resources
  • AWOQ 2 (maps)
  • Capture^2 (Q2 CTF)
  • Converted (TC/PC)
  • crash's SPQ2 (maps)
  • EarthQuaked (patches)
  • FEAR: A Quaker's Companion (downloads and utilities)
  • Q2 Bot Epidemic (bot news/review)
  • The Q2 File Fanatic
  • GLQuake2 Primary LZ
  • Quake2-Ware (product reviews)
  • Scarecrow's Q2 Buttons
  • Q2 Scene (aliases, tips, tricks)
  • Technical Element
  • Turmoil's Q2CC (console commands)
  • Webring Index
  • Wireplay ClanRing
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  • Modeling Studio
  • Quake II DLLs
  • Quake Workshop 2
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  • Quake 2 Server Frontend
  • Creativity or Commentary
  • Q2 Times
  • MaelStrom
  • The Mirror
  • 666 Skins
  • Misc.
  • Undernet #quake2
  • Australian competition
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  • Unreal.ORG
  • TriCenTric (Trinity)
  • GAGames
  • 3Dx
  • Time2Quake
  • Links
  • Quake2.co.uk
  • WarZone
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  • Linux Quake 2 Mods
  • Inside 3D
  • Frag.com
  • Blue's News
  • Redwood's News
  • sCary's News
  • PlanetQuake
  • Slipgate Central
  • OpenQuake Coalition Member
    QuakeMunity Green Ribbon Campaign
    QWorkshop2 DLL Security Campaign

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