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  • Quake2 v3.15a for Linux
  • New Eraser with Source Code
  • Quake2 v3.15 Released
  • Mission Pack #1 Goes Gold
  • QuakeWorld 2.2 Released
  • ThunderWalker CTF Released
  • New CTF Exclusive Screenshot!
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  • Q2 Anaglyphs: Now Hosted!!
  • QWorkshop: Interviews Posted!
  • Illuminati TC: Help Wanted
  • Crash's SPQ2: Updated!
  • DF Development: Test Released!
  • RBR: Below Decks: Now Hosted!!
  • Quake Workshop: QERad Interview
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  • Brian Hook: 5-31-98 5:15 PM
  • Christian Antkow: 5-29-98 1:15 PM
  • Paul Jaquays: 5-29-98 1:00 PM
  • John Cash: 5-28-98 12:15 PM
  • Paul Steed: 5-26-98 1:00 PM

  • Monday, June 1, 1998 - Submit News!
    New Poll
    The newest Gamer's Alliance opinion poll asks "Does Unreal stack up to Quake2"? The poll asks what gamers feel about how Unreal relates to Quake2 in comparison. You can vote here. Previous results to past questions are also posted.


    New WeaponsFactory Released
    The Weapons Factory team has released version 2.2 of ST Weapons Factory. This is the finished product of the merging of the Weapons Factory and Star Troopers mod code, and has several new features including 3 new player classes, 15 new weapons (!), and more. Check it out!

    Reclamation 1.0
    Reclamation version 1.0 has been released. This is a CTF style mod with a focus on territory control.

    HitSquad Released
    From the folks who brought you Reclamation 1.0 (above), comes HitSquad version 1.0. In HitSquad "your goal is to be the first to frag each and every player in the game."

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • The Skirmish HQ is a new UK Quake2 site hosted by Jeremy Servers that serves all Quake2 needs.
    • A general/clan news page has opened up here.
    • Classy Glasses has relocated. This site is about Quake/Quake2-gameplay with the H3D-stereoscopic glasses, so check it out!
    • There's a new config page up here, with all the config info you'll ever need.

    Sunday, May 31, 1998 - Submit News!
    More on Cheating
    iMMoRTaL's e-mail about cheating arose the whole Quake2 community about cheating. We received numerous e-mails about other experiences with cheaters and possibilites on how these people are cheating (which we will not post for obvious reasons). Basically, there's a huge outcry to remove all cheating possible. I'm afraid to tell people to mail a particular id guy all the accounts of cheating you come across until they ask for it, but I feel that's what needs to be done. If I were id, I'd setup a special e-mail to accept all these accounts of cheating or possible ways of cheating. It might be a waste of resources, but if it eliminates at least 1 way of cheating, it will probably all be worth it. There's nothing worse than a cheater in my opinion. They ruin everyone's experience of playing Quake2, they ruin the complete outlook of the competition of Quake2, and they ruin the reputation of this great community.

    Loki's Minion Review
    Quake2 Press has posted a review of Lokis Minions CTF up on their mod reviews page.

    Action Quake2 v.92a
    Version 92a of Action Quake2, the mod of modern mayhem, is out to fix compatibility problems with the 3.15 Quake2 upgrade. It is a server side only update, and fixes the head bobbing and grenade bugs that 3.15 caused.

    New Releases by QNM
    Quake Name Editor v1.02, Quake2 Name Editor v.4, & Message of the Day Edit v.5 has been released on the QNM Homepage. Fixes include error checking throughout to eliminate run time errors.

    My Turn...
    It's my turn to rant now... I basically can't stand it when my Internet isn't working. All throughout last night and this morning, my Internet just would not connect to "outside" servers when I had updates planned for both last night and this morning. There, I said my excuse for not updating! :)


    EFE v3.2 Released
    Version 3.2 of EFE has been released. New features include the "support for launching pre-defined bots on CTF teams."

    New SkinED Released
    A new version of SkinED has been released, with a new gradient fill feature. Thanks SD.

    Tectonic v1.5
    Tectonic version 1.5 has been released. Along with bugtweaks comes a maps list editor, as well as support for Q2 v3.15.

    New BotJohnny Released
    Version 1.53 of BotJohnny has been released. Aside from the usual fixes and tweaks, this new version adds support for the new Quake2 release, as well as 3rd-Zigock and Famkebot support.

    • Brian Hook updated his .plan numerous times today in direction toward Alex St. John.
    • Dave Kirsch updated his .plan with information on Quake2 v3.15 and mentions a v3.16 soon. He gives information about server downloads and explans the increase in ping times.
    • Christian Antkow also updated about the future Quake2 v3.16 and talks about the removal of gl_modulate.
    Help Wanted
    • The Chemical Existance TC is looking for a couple more mappers and a programmer or two.
    • The Torn TC is looking for another programmer or two.
    • Resident Evil is in need of people to help them out in all areas of expertise.
    • The Battle of the Clans tournament is looking for coders, mappers, and servers. If interested contact them here.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • Apocalypse has relocated, and has been reworked and renamed even! It's new name is PeeKabOOm's Deathmatch DIAGNOSIS.
    • If you're looking for some good Quake2 benchmarks, look no further than this site!
    • A Venezuelan Quake2 site has moved here, and is looking for a (spanish speaking) news updater.
    • Artificial Intelligence has started an all-encompassing newsletter... drop by and sign up!
    • Correction: The actual location for is, not one of their hosted sites as was linked earlier.
    Hosted Sites Update
    • Crash has posted a review of Unreal over at Crash's SPQ2!
    • Also, Earth Quaked has been redesigned and their own review of Unreal up.
    • The Mirror has an interview with Mushroom Blue Entertainment posted.

    Quake2 Cheating Source?
    We received mail from iMMoRTaL which describes what appears to be a new way to cheat in Quake2 multiplayer games:
    Far be it from me to start off a large rumor that escalates into nothingness... but this is "for real". I was on a server with a few other players. One man, with a 155 ping avg. had YET to be killed in a 25 minute game. I got curious when i saw other people complaining about him "cheating"... So i hit him head on with a Quad BFG shot, then he turned around and rocketed me to death. I was to shocked to strafe!

    To PROVE cheating exists:

    I was on Q2DM3, me and a 200 some odd ping guy. I TRAPPED him (you know... THE trap) and he stood there in the lava like a llama with w00d and then ran out the other end. I just scratched my head and continued chasing him. When he fell into the lava, and i shot several rockets at him, he stood there, trying to get OUT of the lava, but NOT dying at all. I purposely jumped into the lava to see if maybe there were special server settings, and i quickly died.

    He LAUGHED then said "Wanna be like me 'eh?" So I asked him if it was a proxy He said "NO, i'm NOT giving you the source!" Then he left. I have another eye-witness: yet, no, i didn't get a demo. Sorry quake community. I TRULY believe there is a cheat... PLEASE look into this!
    Not really too much evidence to worry, but keep your eyes open. :)

    CAPTURE! Mod Looking For Maps
    Kunani from the CAPTURE! mod is looking for CTF-style maps to be submitted so that the mod can be released in about two weeks. If you're interested, contact him.

    Battle of the Clans Tournament
    Matthew Black needs some help with the Battle of the Clans tournament. He needs DLL Programmers, map makers, and three Quake2 multiplayer servers. Mail Matthew if you can help him out.

    New Releases
  • BotJohnny v1.53 - Works with Quake2 v3.15.

    Ya know what really sucks? Parents who invite company over, and then ask you to vacuum the entire house in place of finishing your news update :/ Sigh.


    Saturday, May 30, 1998 - Submit News!
    VWep v3.15
    A new VWep was released in conjunction with Quake2 v3.15. This new version is not necessary for download, but is recommended. It is optimized for the new version of Quake2 which supports VWep natively.

    Q2 Competition Mod v.12 Beta
    The Q2 Competition Mod has reached versions v.12 Beta. This new version includes better VWep support and a Linux version.

    More on Quake2 v3.15
    Paubo semi-corrects me about the Mission Pack The Reckoning. Quake2 v3.15 comes with this Mission Pack, so either way you look at it, I guess you are getting Quake2 v3.15! :)

    Help Wanted
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • A new site called The Dark Zone is trying to claim the name of "The Most Complete Resource Center for Quake/Quake2." It looks like something to check out.

    Friday, May 29, 1998 - Submit News!
    Quake2 v3.15a Released for Linux
    Zoid released Quake2 v3.15a for Linux because of a nasty checksum bug that prevented some players moving. The player would move foward but be jerked back to where he/she started in the first place. It can be found here: Eraser Bot v.991 Beta
    Ridah over at Impact Software released a new Eraser Bot to bring it to v.991 Beta, along with the Source Code. Thanks BAM!BAM!.

    SkinED Build 034
    A new version of SkinED, a Quake2 skin editing tool, has been released with an impressive new gradient fill.

    Support Files for BotJohnny
    Configuration files have now been released for BotJohnny 1.52 to enable 3rd-Zigock and Famkebot support. These files are 4k and 5k respectively and are available at Please be sure to check out the readme's before using.

    EFF v3.2
    EFE version 3.2 is now available on the Eraser Frontend Homepage. New features include the support for launching pre-defined bots on CTF teams.

    Notes on Quake2 v3.15
    No other version will be compatible with Quake 2 v3.15 but 3.15. Old saved games will not be compatible with the new version because of more optimization done to the code. The version is also required for the upcomming Mission Pack The Reckoning (thanks ILLust8tor). More information about this new patch can be found in Disruptor's .plan.

    Up from the 36 Chambers...
    Yes, it's me (yay!). Many know me as GFK, WU-GFK, WU-GFKiller, but you can call me whatever (except WU :). I finally decided to join the News staff because I feel I can provide you guys with a good amount of news. For a little background on myself, I run the Messageboard, the #Quake2 Undernet Homepage, and I'm in the original Wu-Tang Quake Clan. I've known Nigel and NetGuy for quite sometime now, so it's easy for me to yell at them when they piss me off! :) Anyways, you'll see my real potential to provide you guys with news when we get some more, so make sure to send whatever news you got to us. Enjoy the updates!


    Quake2 v3.15 Released
    Xian made a .plan update today stating that id has released both the version 3.15 upgrade as well as the v3.15 compatible CTF upgrade as well. They are both available from the
    id ftp server. Here are the direct links: I hope to have these files mirrored on our ftp server here later on tonight. For now, enjoy!

    • Exclusive Interview - Paul of The Mirror just completed an exclusive interview with Mushroom Blue Entertainment on their well guarded, but exciting T.C. Check the Interview Here.
    • is hosting an online interview with Richard Smith, author of QBS, on Saturday 30th May at 3pm EST (8pm GMT). The interview will be on, channel #interview. It will begin moderated, as scripted questions are put to Richard, then it will be open to questions from any visitors. A script will be available afterwards on
    • Crash over at Crash's Quake2 Pages has an Unreal Review (Unreal!?!?) up. I guess since the game is still causing a frenzy, we can post 1 piece of news about it. :)
    • Dave Kirsch updated his .plan about the quick release of Quake2 v3.15a for Linux which fixes a checksum bug that prevented players from moving.
    • Christian Antkow updated his .plan about the newly released Quake2 v3.15. It contains links to the patch and the patch's readme.txt.
    • Brian Hook updated his .plan with information to correct Tom at about AMD's and Quake2.
    • Paul Jaquays updated his .plan about the next level creator in the Jaquays' family.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    Enter the GFK...
    The rest of today's update will be completed by my newest footrest... er helper (muahaha), GFKiller. GFK is our messageboard coordinator as well, so he's not new to the staff, but we're glad he's doing the news now too!


    Thursday, May 28, 1998 - Submit News!
    TeamFortress Stuff
    It looks like the TeamFortress time has finally found a home for their mod, as they were bought by Valve Software recently. This of course means that TeamFortress will be developed as a commercial addon pack for Valve's game, Half Life. Check for the full story. After you go there drop by for some interesting TF2 discussion.

    Viking v0.99
    Version 0.99 of the Viking mod has been released with several new features.

    JailBreak 2.0 Released
    JailBreak version 2.0 has been released, a day or so after their release party. The client side release is 6.8 megs and the server side release is 168K. Naturally both files are avilable at the Jailbreak page.

    New QuickStart Released
    Version 2.08 of QuickStart, the Eraser Bot Wizard has been released. This one has several bugfixes and tweaks in it.

    Mission Pack In Stores
    We got a note from Gray Wolfy that the Quake2 mission pack has hit the stores and is looking pretty cool. Be sure to check it out!

    Help Wanted
    • is looking for people who can do reviews and such for the site.
    • A TC revolving around the Lance Burton world is looking for any kind of help, contact HeadLesS if you're interested.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    Hosted Sites Update
    The GLQuake2 Primary LZ has gotten their hands on an OpenGL utility for the i740 card, be sure to drop by and check out all the interesting details.


    Wednesday, May 27, 1998 - Submit News!
    New Qoole CDROM Available
    The second Qoole CDROM is out, with Qoole v2.50 (Quake, Quake2, and Hexen2 support). Version 2.50 fixes bugs in v2.45 and can be downloaded via the Qoole page now.

    Quake2 Launchpad v0.12a
    Quake2 LuanchPad version 0.12a has been released, fixing a "fatal bug" in version 0.12.

    New Action Quake
    Version .92 of Action Quake has been released. This release contains all new skins, maps, a new HUD, and more!

    Energy Quake Source Docs
    A bit of a project has been started to document the source of the Energy Quake mod. This should help those aspiring mod programmers out quite a bit.

    Help Wanted, Part II
    The Fugue has added a new section and is looking for submissions from members.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers, Part II
    • Newbie666 and Count Pimpy Luv have opened up a new site, Naturally, is geared towards those in the quakemunity with artistic interests.
    • is under new management and now covers Trinity info as well.
    • TerraFusion is a page dedicated to user designed levels. If you're looking for some to try out, drop by... and be sure to enter their contest (ends June 1st) to win a VooDoo2!
    • There's a new project underway here called NightGames, which is going to be a map pack... drop by and check it out.

    Viking Mod Stuff
    A couple of notes about the Viking Mod and the Viking Control Panel:
    • The Viking Control Panel has moved to a new host, and a new bugfixed version of v0.98.02 has been released as well.
    • As originally planned, version 0.99a of the Viking Mod will not be available this week. Plans have been made to form a Viking Development Team (VDT) with three coders, three Win95/NT beta testers, and three Linux beta testers. Check the Viking page to join.
    New SGM Routes
    Eight new route files for the Stroggs Gone Mad mod have been released. You can download the files here.

    RAMBOT Released
    KRYPTYK has released the first version of the RAMBOT for Quake2. Check out their page for info.

    New EFE Available
    Industry News has released version 3.1 of EFE. This adds the option to launch via a command line.

    Hyper Quake-Bot-Blast
    Hyper@ctive has started their "Quake-Bot-Blast", in which you play against Omicron bots for 5 minutes, and kill as many as you can within that time limit. Check their page for all the details.

    New PPM Released
    The Hostile Team has released their civilian PPM (CiviPPM). This is a modified version of one to be used in their upcoming mod.

    Help Wanted
    • The Quake Swat Team TC is in need of a coder, skinner, and mapper.
    • If you'd like to help with a new Q2 news page, drop by here.
    • Reactor 4 is looking for some programmers to help with their upcoming project, if you're interested contact them here.
    • The FearTech team is in need of several people to fill open positions, including 1 sound engineer, 3 level designers, 2 programmers, and more.
    • is looking for news reporters.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers


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