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  • Friday, May 15, 1998 - Submit News!
    KOTH Map Contest Ends Today!
    Just a quick reminder to those taking part in the King of the Hill map contest, that it ends today!

    New Quake2 Bot
    Version 0.10 of the HappyFun Bot is nearing completion This bot will feature route tables, an integrated launcher, teamplay/CTF/HolyWars support, and more.

    New FPS Tool
    TheBind has released a new fps tool which turns the cl_particles off during firefights, then back on again afterwards.

    Bot Launcher Mania
    • Industry News has released version 2.9b of EFE, their Eraser Front End. This fixes a bug with dedicated servers not launching right.
    • Version 2.0 of QuickStart has been released with a whole ton of new stuff/fixes.
    • Yet another new bot frontend has hit the scene. Frontline is a launcher dedicated to Ridah's Eraser Bots.
    Help Wanted
    • There's a new mod underway over at, drop by for more info.
    • The OTT TC team is looking for a weapons skinner.
    • Quake Trilogy, a site dedicated to all 3 Quakes, needs 2 news updaters to help them out.
    • The Bot Lair is looking for someone to help out with bot reviews and updates.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    There's a new Quake2 page up here. Also, a new map has been released that looks really detailed, check out Canyon Outpost.

    Hosted Sites Update
    Crash's SPQ2 has been updated with 18 new archives reviewed and 6 new tlkas.


    Thursday, May 14, 1998 - Submit News!
    More SGM Routes Available
    Right on the heels of it's v1.1.00 release, 8 new route files for the Stroggs Gone Mad mod have been released. For those of you keeping count, there are now 17 total routes available.

    EFE Update
    Industry News has released version 2.9a of their Eraser Front End (EFE). This is mainly a bugfix version.

    Tectonic Version 1.37 Released
    Version 1.37 of Tectonic has been released with support for LMCTF and some minor interface changes and bug fixes.

    New Q2Java
    Q2Java, software that lets you write Q2 mods in Java, has been updated to 0.5.1 and includes VWep support. They have also released a Java version of CTF made as a plugin module.

    Q2Palette Updates
    The Q2Palette has been updated with news of HellSpawn's return after his one-month hiatus, as well as 10 new pieces of art posted in the new art section.

    Help Wanted
    Gizzard77's Quake2 Stuff is looking for link submissions for their new links page.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers Wins Award! Yay!
    The staff here at is very flattered to have been named the Best Quake Site for the Month of May over at QuakeFiles. Our award graphic has been added to the credits page, so why not drop by and check it out! Thanks to all :)


    Wednesday, May 13, 1998 - Submit News!
    Bot Launcher Poll
    The latest edition of the Bot Epidemic Polls is a rather important one. The official question for the poll is "What is your favorite Eraser Launcher?" The results will be used by Ridah to decide which bot launcher he will include in version 1.00 of his Eraser Bot.

    New QBS
    A new version of QBS ("cubes"), the News utility has been released. This is version 1.34.

    New Quick Start
    Version 1.70 of Quick Start, the Eraser Bot Wizard, has been released. This new version features improved graphics speed, tweaks to the editor, and more.

    Dutch Quake Contest
    Info about a Dutch Contest in the works:
    The Dutch gaming company GamePoint has announced their "Point Blank" Quake World and Quake 2 competition. Both categories will have a number of prizes to be won, both with a grand prize of Fl. 1000,-. Participants can enter free of charge and dial into the Dutch GamePoint network at no extra costs (except for what the telephone company charges). This way, lag will not be a factor in deciding who's the best. Check out for more info
    Bot Commander 0.93
    Version 0.93 of Bot Commander has been released. This frontend for the CRBot had many new features, including autoexec.cfg and command-line params support.

    Help Wanted - UPDATED
    • RaezoR Sharp Edge is looking for someone to create a midi sound file for their Quake news page.
    • The War Mod is looking for people to help build this class-based mod. Current open positions are that of level-designer, modeller, skinner, and programmer.
    • This mod is looking for suggestions and input from any and every Quake2 player on their project.
    • is looking for an EXPERIENCED person to help with setting up LAN events. Knowing HTML is required.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers - UPDATED
    • MPlayer has opened a new buttons-site called Button eXchange.
    • A new site developed to Quake2 maps and the art of making them has opened here.
    • Bobo3D has moved and has gotten a facelift.
    • Voodoo2World has moved to their own domain.
    Hosted Sites Update
    Scarecrow is looking for someone to take over his Buttons page. If you're interested you can contact him here.


    New ThunderWalker CTF
    A quick bugfix for the newly released ThunderWalker CTF has been posted. This overflow-error-fix brings TWCTF to version 1.51.

    Viking v0.98
    The Viking Mod has hit version 0.98, with several additions and improvements, most noteably the option to increase the pings of LPB's. I don't know how happy it'll make the LPB's but it'll make modem players a little happier ;)

    New King of the Hill
    Orange Smoothie Productions has released version 1.2a of their King of the Hill mod. This release is a server-side patch for the new version that was just released, clients don't need to worry about this one. This patch fixes the map cycling problem in version 1.2.

    New Eraser Bot Launcher
    Eraser Bot Launcher version 1.2 has been released with alot more options & features.

    QuakeCon CPL Info
    The official QuakeCon CPL Tournament website has opened. The CPL is scheduled to take place on July 23rd at the Infomart in Dallas. For details, directions, instructions, reservations, and more, check out the new site!

    Quake3 Suggestion List Posted
    I saw over on Blue's that OpenQuake, the guys that verify Quake2 mod source code, has posted the first results in their Quake3 Suggestions feature. Drop by and read both the final list to be submitted to id Software as well as the Quake3 wishlist.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    SpaceQuake is making some changes, including a new makeover and possibly a name change for when they move to their own domain. They're also looking for someone to help maintain the files, links & help stuff. If you'd like to help or have redesign/name suggestions, email Teufel.

    Help Wanted
    Q2 Ultimate Reviews is looking for someone to review TC's for them. Contact Tetrazome if you'd like to help out.

    Attack of the Sucky Lines
    I'd like to apologize for the lack of an update yesterday, it seems our lines here at work have decided it's that time of the year for them to suck, so I was unable to get any of my email. Look for an update to this update later on tonight with the news that I missed.


    Monday, May 11, 1998 - Submit News!
    New Stroggs Gone Mad
    Legion has released version 1.1.00 of Stroggs Gone Mad. SGM is a mod that enhances the single player experience by adding to what id has done with Quake2, and making changes to monster AI, among other things.

    EFE Version 2.9
    Industry News has released version 2.9 of their Eraser Front End (EFE). This new version has several additions including the ability to save your team and selected bots, a redesigned interface, and support for several of the new Eraser commands.

    New Quake-O-Matic
    Version 0.92 of the Quake-O-Matic has been released. New additions include skin support, popup help, and more.

    Help Wanted
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • HMS: RiGoRmOrTiS, which is a demos and pics page, has moved & still needs people to submit their demos & pics.
    • The Gamer's Editorium has been redesigned, drop by and check it out!
    • Need help with CTF? CTF For Dummies has just opened covering basic and advanced info as well as a brief synopsis of the 5 CTF levels.
    • CGN Cali Girls has been redesigned with new images and a new color scheme.
    • A new page dedicated entirely to the Snork PPM has surfaced here.
    • The News Hive has been redesigned.

    Sunday, May 10, 1998 - Submit News!
    Qoole v2.45 Released
    Version 2.45 of Qoole has been released. Now officially supporting Hexen2, you can grab the new version at their page.

    MAD Map Cycling Problem
    If you've had problems with your server and The Coven's new MAD 1.1 release, then a fix is now available! A problem with maps cycling once and then stopping has been discovered, and is easily cureable. To fix it simply remove any blank lines from the end of your server's maps.txt file, or visit TheCoven to download their 133 byte replacement patch.

    Interactive News Ticker Released has released a new news ticker program to keep people up to date on the latest news & happenings, here's the release note:
    The news ticker is a downloadable file, which will run on 32-Bit Windows systems, i.e Windows '95, Windows NT, Windows '98. It will contact our server every 15 minutes, or however long you define, and display the current news headlines directly to your desktop, with clickable links for more information. It can run in as big or small a window as you like, so it is entirely possible for you to leave it running over whatever you are doing, in 'Always On Top' mode, displaying the latest news as it breaks.

    If you would like to discover more about the News Ticker, please visit
    New QBS Released
    Speaking of News utilities, version 1.31 of QBS, the Quake news tool, has been released.

    Help Wanted
    • The Mission Yard has several positions available for those wanting to get in on their relaunch coming soon.
    • A new Starship Troopers TC is underway, if you'd like to help with almost any position then contact J'son.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    Hosted Sites Update
    If you were looking for a link to DF Development's new test release, look no further! You can snag it right here!

    NetGuy - Happy Mother's Day!

    Saturday, May 9, 1998 - Submit News!
    TheCoven Releases MAD Demo Version 1.1
    A new version of TheCoven's Disposable Heroes Quake2 preview has been released. Version 1.1 fixes the only known bug in their first release, as well as adds support for configurable map cycling and MOTD's. Note that this is a server-side only upgrade, clients need not apply.

    Fragapalooza Information
    Here's a press release we were sent about the next Fragapalooza event:
    Edmonton, Alberta -- The computer gaming event that took Canada by storm last year is back with a vengeance. From July 16 to 19, 1998 in Canada's festival city a converted aircraft hangar will be the home of the hottest games, coolest technology and tournaments to find the best computer game players from Canada and beyond.


    Fragapalooza will have some of the industry's biggest and best software and hardware makers providing prizes and exclusive demonstrations for the event. Fragapalooza has enough power available to keep over 300 gamers basking in the radiation of their monitors. For those that don't want to miss out on the action by sleeping at a hotel, there is plenty of room for on-site snooze-fests and last year some participants even brought tents.


    The website is up at complete with the registration page and contact information. If you have the bandwidth make sure to check out the incredible Fragapalooza videos on the site.
    Quick Start v1.68 Released
    A new version of Quick Start has been released. This version is mainly enhancements, tweaks, and bugfixes. Visit their page for the details.

    Gibstats II v1.8
    Version 1.8 of GibStats II has been released. The new features include new 3D and 2D graphs, dialog to read in logs, speed increase reading client logs of up to 400%, and (as usual) much more.

    Viking 0.97b Released
    Viking has hit version 0.97b and has several new features, including Eraser v0.92 support, new spectator modes, item banning, and more.

    TagYerIt 1.15 Beta 5 Released
    Version 1.15 Beta 5 of TagYerIt has been released over at SteQve's No Frills Quake Mods Page. This version includes VWep support, a Q2CTF like "id" command as well as the newest versions of ServObit and GenderMod. Drop by and check it out, along with pics from SteQve's apartment fire!

    Command and Quake TC Screenshots
    The Quake3 Scene has received some exclusive screenshots of the Command and Quake TC. Drop by and check 'em out!

    FvF Server Attacks
    Many of the popular Future vs. Fantasy servers have been going down due to Denial of Service attacks that people are using against them. The admins of these servers are trying to correct the problem, but hap sent along word that you might want to visit the FvF page for more info.

    More FvF News
    The Llamanet Conversions have some news on FvF: Redemption, which will be a standalone game and FvF 2 which might be a Quake2 TC.

    Win A Free P200MMX System
    That's right, you have the chance to win a free P200MMX system! Drop by for more details.

    Help Wanted
    • DF Development is in need of programmers and mappers to join their team.
    • Trebz is looking for a modeler and a coder to help with his SPQ2 map project.
    • InterQuake is looking for some people to help review mods and multiplayer utils.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    Excuses Excuses!
    Just to let those that were wondering know why I didn't update yesterday, it was my first day of summer break and I spent it moving from college back home (woohoo)! I apologize to those who were looking for the hottest news, you'll find it in today's update instead ;).


    Thursday, May 7, 1998 - Submit News!
    New Freeze Tag
    Version 1.41 of Freeze Tag has been released. This is a server-side only mod. New features include the ability to choose which skins to use as well as different-colored frozen bodies to correspond to the correct teams.

    Arena CTF Released
    The Deconstruct Team has released their new Arena CTF mod.

    Riva128 Beta 2.0 ICD Released
    We usually don't cover hardware, but since I'm a Riva128 owner, I get to bend the rules some ;) Beta 2.0 of nVidia's OpenGL ICD has been released, you can get the files over at RivaZone. I'm using them as I do this update and they're pretty spiffy.

    New Quick Start
    A new version of QuickStart the Eraser Bot Wizard has been released (surprised? ;). This new version has the usual ton of bugfixes and new features.

    Help Wanted
    • The Torture Arena team is looking for mappers and skinners to help them with their new project.
    • Right on the heels of Wolfenstein 3D's 6 year anniversary comes a project devoted to converting Quake2 into Wolf3D! Called Wolfenstein Resurrection (WORE), they plan to make it so you can play the original Wolf3D maps in Quake2. This new compilations will also include new weapons and such as well. If you're interested in helping out stop by their page!
    • The Rift needs a news, files, and links updater.
    • MapZone is looking for someone to take over map reviews because of a new project they're working on.
    • FragStain, "The Ultimate in Paintball," has entered the production phase and is still looking for a programmer and a skinner or two.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • A new demos and pics page has started up here. They're looking for new submissions in both categories.
    • A new Quake2 page has opened up called The Quake2 Gore-Store. It's hosted in Germany but is primarily in English.
    • Ready to see Quake2 in *true 3D*? Nite over at has opened up a Anaglyphs page. Anaglyphs is basically the technical term for those cool pictures you look at while wearing the blue and red 3d classes. Pretty cool!
    • SpaceQuake has undergone some changes and is now a news and reviews site.
    • Degrade has just opened and is already having two contests.
    • Be sure to drop by Maps_inc, a map reviewing site.
    Hosted Sites Update
    • RBR: Below Decks has some screenshots of Rebel Boat Rockers' new game, Prax War, posted. Check 'em out!
    • The Quake2Palette has undergone a total site redesign and has opened two new sites as well. Looks great!

    Wednesday, May 6, 1998 - Submit News!
    New Eraser Bot
    Ridah has released version 0.98 beta of the Eraser Bot. This new version has several new fixes and features for you to use, including the new option to pause the game.

    ThunderWalker CTF2 Released
    The ThunderWalkers have released
    ThunderWalker 2, their modification of Threewave CTF2.

    New Nightfall Screenshot
    Ward Six Entertainment has released a new screenshot of their upcoming Uber-TC, "Nightfall". They have released the screenshot in both thumbnail and regular flavors.

    New Chasecam Tutorial/Download
    A new version of the original Quake2 chasecam (first posted on the QDevelS tutorials) can be downloaded here. A tutorial has been released regarding the new chasecam and can be viewed here.

    Quasar 1.1
    Version 1.1 of Quasar has been released. This new version has better sounds, as well as a couple bugfixes here and there. Along with this win32 release the team has also released a Linux port of v1.1.

    Help Wanted
    A yet unnamed mod is looking for 2 programers, 2 mappers, 2 skinners, and 1 graphics person to help them out. If you're interested in applying contact them here.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • There's a new Quake2 page for our Spanish speaking amigos up here.
    • has been redone, and they've opened up their new clan forum web board. This is intended to help with the recruiting and match-scheduling process.
    • The PowerMod Team has moved to Converted2 and is looking for some talented level designers.
    • If you're having troubles tracking down a copy of the Quake-O-Matic, you'll be glad to know they now have a mirror up.


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