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  • Christian Antkow: 6-15-98 12:45 AM
  • Brian Hook: 5-31-98 5:15 PM
  • Paul Jaquays: 5-29-98 1:00 PM
  • John Cash: 5-28-98 12:15 PM
  • Paul Steed: 5-26-98 1:00 PM

  • Saturday, June 13, 1998 - Submit News!
    Quake2 v3.17 Testing
    We've received word from BAM!BAM! that Quake2 v3.17 is under testing at an undisclosed location. I guess they made a lot of updates to Quake2 that it deserves a higher number than 3.16.

    New RobMOD
    A new version of RobMOD was just released. This new version fixes a nasty Quake2 Bug that would crash the program and some handicap bugs. It also adds a feature to see a monster's health and name.

    Grappling Hook Sound Fix
    A fix for the delayed Grappling Hook sound in Quake2 CTF has been released by Vynn of Clan Elite Strike. This fix adds a pak4 to your Threewave CTF directory.

    WorldCraft 2 Suggestions
    The people over at the Forge are taking suggestions for the new version of WorldCraft. The suggestion sheet can be found here.

    New DroneBot
    Gamma 22 of DroneBot has been finished after the author of the bot went through a nasty computer crash. :(

    New Quake2 BattleGround
    Version 0.99i of Quake2 Battleground has been released and is available for download This update fixes a number of minor bugs and adds many new features, including enhanced client voting, player kills/deaths statistics,and more.

    New SkinED
    SkinED Beta Build v035 has been released over at their homepage.

    Quake2 Bible Updated
    The famous Gamers Extreme Quake2 Bible has been updated with the latest weapons' technique and a new tip from Thresh.

    Help Wanted
    • Q2Java always had Java SecurityManager support according to the author.
    • Yesterday I posted that GameSpy 2.1 would be released, but the real new version number is 2.01. Sorry about that! :)

    Friday, June 12, 1998 - Submit News!
    New Q2Java
    Q2Java, the tool that allows programmers of Quake2 mods to program in Java as opposed to C, was released as v0.5.4. One of the advantages to this new version is support for Java SecurityManager which makes mods much safer than current Quake2 mods.

    New Wally
    Wally 1.09 Public Beta was released today. This program is the famout .WAL editor for Quake2. If all goes well, it will transform into 1.1 Full (as opposed to Beta).

    GameSpy 2.0 Bug
    There was a bug found in GameSpy 2.0 that will push at 2.1 release as early as tonight, according to Mark "Bastage" Surfas:
    First major bug: Some users are having problems with retrieving server lists via http. Tim has identified the source of the problem and we'll be releasing 2.01 tonight. This will be the wide release that goes up on tucows, etc. No one ever trusts a .0 "dot oh" release anyway. ;) I recommend waiting for this update before moving up to 2.x
    CPL Gains Another Sponsor
    H3D has jumped on the bandwagon to sponsor the CPL. The press release can be found here.

    Action Quake2 Review
    Quake2 Press has a review up for the new Action Quake2 Mod. You can find out more about it here.

    I'm Back!
    After a week hiatus of new hardware, formatting, and rebuilding, I'm back to updating. Yes, it was hell but I lived through it (too bad the stability of my hard drive didn't). I will resume my updating post as much as I can, as of today. It's good to be back! :)


    GameSpy 3D 2.0 Released
    Version 2 of the popular GameSpy utility has been released (if you don't know what GameSpy is, you're either really new to the scene or you've been living under a rock somewhere). This release has a unique twist in that it's kind of a partnership deal with Intel.

    New Quick Start
    Version 2.14 of QuickStart, the Eraser Bot Wizard, has been released. This is a bugfix version, and also has a couple of tweaks in it.

    EGN Preview Released
    The EnterNET Global Network has released a preview version of their new gaming client/platform. I've been beta testing this for them for a short while, and it's pretty spiffy, kind of like "ICQ meets GameSpy." You can have a list of friends, and it tells you when they're online, much like ICQ. The client gives you the ping times to the people on your list, and gives you the option of launching games and playing with people right from the client. Drop by and give it a try.

    Tournament Info
    The Anti Cheating Webring's first RA2 Tournament. Singups are this Friday, and are limited to the first 100 clans that apply.

    • John Cash updated his .plan with his own insights on the US Government vs. Microsoft anti-trust case.
    • Paul Jaquays updated his .plan by mentioning a LAN party that is trying to be the biggest ever. He also sends out a "thanks" to all those who complimented him on his children!
    I just wanted to add in right now that we are fully aware of the lack of updates to our .plan system at the top of the page. We are working something out currently, so thank you to all that pointed it out to us.

    Help Wanted
    The Welcome to Hell PC is looking for level designers, inquire within.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

    Thursday, June 11, 1998 - Submit News!
    New Deathmatch Mod Released
    A new mod has been released that adds fairness (?) into deathmatch games by allowing certain handicaps to be set. This mod should do a good job of appealing to Quake2 beginners. It also adds a few cosmetic changes as well.

    FrogBot Editor Update
    Version 1.5 of the FrogBot Editor has been released over at the Metropolis.

    LMCTF TE Shots has gotten the green light from the LMCTF team to post some screenshots from their beta testing of the new Tournament Edition of LMCTF. Drop by and check 'em out!

    Reckoning Review
    Gamehut has posted a review of the Quake2 mission pack, The Reckoning. Drop by and check out what they said about it!

    Help Wanted
    A new CTF based conversion is underway called "Cops and Robbers." They are currently looking to fill most any position, so if you're interested contact them here.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    Our link that we posted to CTF Central yesterday was just a bit off, here's the correct one.


    Wednesday, June 10, 1998 - Submit News!
    JailBreak Upgrade
    Massacre from The News Hive sent along word that a server-side upgrade (v2.2) for JailBreak is available. This new version includes the option to enable some "test features" for the next Jailbreak release.

    Eraser Launcher v1.3
    Version 1.3 of Eraser Launcher has been released. This new version has a couple new features, including the option to make a bot for each skin and model, as well as random statistics.

    Expert TeamAudio Released
    Expert TeamAudio "combines many of the audio files with gestures, taking team communication to the next level." This release focuses on short range comunications, and looks pretty interesting.

    Help Wanted
    • Moltar Interactive has resurrected their Anarchy TC project. If you'd like to help them out, visit the site for details.
    • SteQve and Two Pole Software are looking for some help with their new mod "Project PackRat" which will be submitted to the PC Gamer contest. If you're interested you can contact SteQve here.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • Launch Time, a bot launcher news page, has relocated to a new home, and is having a logo contest.
    • Q2 CTF Central is a new CTF strategy site open to the masses.
    • Got a really cool graphic that you want to use on your page, but it's too big to be useable? Well, [ThorN] has decided to provide a service to the Quakemunity in which he'll reduce the file size of your images, without losing quality. If you're interested email him at the address above.
    • The Gaia Project is a site dedicated to the Virtus Deathmatch Maker 2. The site has prefabs, maps, textures, etc.
    Hosted Sites Update
    The mailbag has been updated, drop by and read the rants and raves!


    Tuesday, June 9, 1998 - Submit News!
    Lithium II v1.02
    Version 1.02 of the Lithium II Mod is now available. This new version fixes the long delay that occurs between grapples.

    New BotJohnny
    BotJohnny version 1.6 beta has been released, with word that the official (non-beta) version 1.6 can be expected sometime later on this week. Thanks to the News Hive for the info.

    Skinview Mod2 Released
    Skinview version 2 has been released. This version includes several new features, among them are adjustable lighting, and a partial remake of base1 that includes PPM wearing your skin, posed and ready for screenshots!

    New Scene Script
    The Quake3 Scene has released a new script which contains new features such as new zoom functions, a "Turn N' Shoot" feature and multiple quick weapon changes.

    The Review Corner
    A new review of The Reckoning, the Quake2 mission pack, has been posted. People thinking about picking the pack up might want to give this a look.

    Help Wanted
    Help is wanted on a new Quake2 DM Pack, called DMPAK2. They're looking for mappers (naturally), and as many mappers as they can get. If you're interested you can contact Barracuda.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    Hosted Sites Update
    A reminder that Quake2-Ware is giving away a free t-shirt and free set of dogtags! Check out the site for more info.


    Monday, June 8, 1998 - Submit News!
    GamesLink Welcomes Epic UK would like to welcome the newest server to the GamesLink IRC network, sponsored by Epic MegaGames' UK office and Nildram Internet Services. This server provides much faster access to the network for those of you in Europe. Feel free to use Epic-UK.GamesLink.Net and drop by #unreal for up to the minute Unreal news (you might even run into an Epic employee or two ;)

    Help sCary
    This really sucks. Apparently the new company that provies financial backing for sCary's employer, the VRGames Network has decided to cut funding to several of it's investments, one of those being VRGN, and sCary's Shuga Shack along with it. Thus sCary is left without a choice but to look for a new host. Please check out the detailed post that he's made to his page and if you can, put in a bid to help the guy out.

    New EFE Available
    Industry News has released version 3.3 of EFE. Several changes have occurred including an interface redesign.

    eVolution Beta Released
    Beta version 0.1 of eVolution has been released. This is a server-side only mod, use the link for the direct download.

    Tournaments and LAN Events
    • The Summer Clan LAN Bash is an all-day online party that will have CTF, DM, and RA tournaments along with KotH games and JB games. Planned for June 27th, the tournament only has 4 clan spots left, so if you're interested get your spots reserved soon!
    • A tournament has been planned for July 4th and 5th up in Northern Alberta, Canada. First place is a Diamond Monster3D II! Check out their page for details.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • Future Shock is a web-design service provided by Gliebster, one of the founders of the BodyShop aimed at helping people who are designing Quake2 and Unreal mods/programs/tc's by making a good website for them to use. Check out the F-Shock homepage for details.
    • FlagNoise is a new site dedicated to LMCTF radio addon sounds.
    • A new German clan league has opened up, if you and your (German) clan are interested in joining, drop by the league's site.
    Hosted Sites Update
    A World of Quake2 has posted at 10 new map reviews, be sure to check them out!


    Saturday, June 6, 1998 - Submit News!
    Clan PMS Turns 2
    GameGirlz has a feature up which celebrates Clan PMS' 2 year birthday, as one of the first and few women-only clan. They aim for June6th as the celebration date, and info will be posted about what server their celebration fragfest will be on. Congrats!

    Interview with Robs
    Processed News has an interview with Rogue Entertainment's newest employee, Robert "robs" Selitto. The newest level designer over at Rogue talks about the Quake2 mission pack: Ground Zero, as well as Dallas life, among other things.

    New RealAudio Show
    With the topic of cheating flying around in the Quakemunity lately, it's interesting to know what some people's opinions are about it. iMMoRTaL has created a new "Offensive yet Funny as Hell" RealAudio segment that touches on the topic of cheating. If you're interested in hearing it, you can do so at his site.

    New Quick Start Released
    Version 2.12 of Quick Start, the Eraser Bot Wizard, has been released. "This version fixes the "Error!" message bug for people who didn't use a previous version of QS."

    Screenshot Roundup
    A lot of new screenshots were released yesterday and today:
    • There's 2 new screenshots of finished weapons from the Operation Urban Assault TC up here.
    • CAPTURE! has 26 (!) new exclusive screenshots of a mod that's been in "top secret development" for the last 3 months. Drop by and check 'em out!
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • Missing the BodyShop? Alot of people were, but it has resurfaced at it's new home, and with a namechange, now 3D: The BodyShop.
    • A new site dedicated to the world of 3D Gaming is up over at Drop by and check it out!
    • Quake Pathfinder, a button-link site, has relocated.

    Friday, June 5, 1998 - Submit News!
    Valve/TeamFortress IRC Session
    Altho' it isn't Quake2 news, I figured alot of people would be interested in hearing about what the TeamFortress team has planned. There will be an IRC session/interview with both Valve employees and the TF team tonight on Undernet in #Half-Life, brought to you by the good folks at The shindig starts at 7pm EDT (GMT -4)/4pm PDT.

    New Deathmatch Manager
    DeathMatch Manager, version 2.3 for configuring LAN Quake2 games has been released. This includes updates to the new Eraser Bot code, team configuration with Erasers, and more.

    New Wallpaper
    Wallpaper fans rejoice, a new wallpaper graphic to dress up your desktops in Quake2 style has been released over at

    Holy Mods BatMan!
    Ok so we received a ton of new-mod notices in the mail today, so instead of pushing myself closer to having carpal tunnel syndrome, i'm just going to put them all in a list...
    • Version 1.0 of Bivvend, a teamplay mod based on collecting "mana" that's released from players when they die, has been released.
    • The first Cybertown version has been released, check it out!
    • Lithium II version 1.01 has been released. This version has minor changes, and a fast weapon changing system. Drop by their page to get the new version and sign up for their beta-test mailing list as well!
    • The Firearms TC Team will be releasing the first public beta version of their mod, check the site for details.
    • A bit of a teaser has been posted on the Bobo3D Page. This is actually a code test but has several nifty features in it already.
    Help Wanted
    • The Anti-Cheating Clan Webring is looking for CGI and Java coders.
    • The Resident Evil TC team is in need of modelers, animators, and anyone else who would like to help out... check the page for details.
    • A huge project is underway, called MechWars, which will have alot of pretty cool things in it, as well as alot of maps, textures, etc. If you'd like to help out (and they need your help :) contact Zero-XT3.
    • The Quake2 Complex is looking for some help finishing up their redesign.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    The Rainbow Bridge is an LMCTF site that contains basic strategy, as well as a FAQ and map descriptions... check it out! Also, try and drop by Cyberrat's Quake Lair, one of the newest Quake sites on the 'net.

    Hosted Sites Update
    A reminder that Quake2-Ware is giving away a set of FREE dogtags and a FREE T-shirt, definitely drop by the page and check out how to win these cool prizes!


    Thursday, June 4, 1998 - Submit News!
    Q2 Wallpaper
    There is new wallpaper for fans of Quake2 over at RastaWorld, check them out!

    FireArms TC
    A new TC called FireArms trys to take on a Navy Seals theme with innovative weapons and exciting new gameplay.

    3DFX Banshee
    Boot has a splurge about 3DFX's upcomming 2D/3D card, Banshee.


    New Erased Released
    Version 1.0 of Erased, an Eraser bot launcher, has been released. Check out the page to see what's new with this version.

    Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!
    The CPL Tournament team has announced that their prizes for July are getting increased, with 1st prize being $3,000 (thanks to the fine folks at Babbages), and 2nd prize being $2,000 from ACT Labs.

    Battle of the Clans
    Official signups have gone underway for the Battle of the Clans tournament. The tournament needs two or three more servers to be ready to roll, check out the page for more info.

    • Brian Hook updated his .plan with words in response to Alex St. John's words.
    • John Cash updated his .plan by expressing his pride in the Utah Jazz.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • The Rainbow Bridge plans to tackle news that deals with the popular mod, LMCTF.
    • Here's a new site that reports general Quake2 news.
    • There's a new button exchange site up, check it out.
    • If it's clan news you're looking for, try checking out this page. Watch for their demos section soon.
    • Be sure to check out [SC]Spawn's skin site, with new skins already added.
    Hosted Sites Update
    • Quake2-Ware is giving away a free T-Shirt and a free set of dog tags... pretty cool deal. Check the page for details.
    • DF Development has remade their page and is looking for coders, love, and little puppies (don't ask).

    Wednesday, June 3, 1998 - Submit News!
    Battle of the Sexes Info
    A server-side only release of Battle of the Sexes has been released. This update (now version 2.9.6) has several bugfixes and a list of new features a mile long. Server admins are encouraged to upgrade to this new release.

    Stroggs Gone Mad v1.2.03
    Version 1.2.03 of Stroggs Gone Mad, the AI enhancer, is out. This new version adds coop flags, a new weapon, and several other features. Definitely worth a look.

    New QuakeWeekly
    Just a reminder to stop by and check out this week's edition of Quake Weekly, over at!

    New Quake-O-Matic Release
    A "prerelease" of Quake-O-Matic has been released. Check it out if you get the chance!

    New PingTool Released
    Version 2.1 beta 4 of the PingTool has been released. This version corrects a bug with Unreal server listing, as well as a few other bigfixes/tweaks. Thanks News Hive.

    Help Wanted
    • Help is wanted for this German Quake2 page. Drop by if you're interested!
    • Work is underway to develop WHACK2 (Weapons Hack 2)... if you're interested in helping out contact them here.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • Artificial Intelligence is looking for some help with HTML and Graphics, if you're interested, check the site.
    • The Deathmatch Machine has reopened its doors after 2 months of taking a break. They have a new makeover as well!
    • If you live in the land down under, be sure to check out the AGN.

    Tuesday, June 2, 1998 - Submit News!
    It seems that all this talk of cheating has people unjustly accusing others of cheating. I decided to hop on for a few frags and was accused of cheating so many times I couldn't count. The binaries running on both Stroggos and CTF are stock binaries, they are unmodified in any way as is my client. Did any of you stop to think that maybe the fact that I have a 26 ping could have anything to do with what you think is cheating? Maybe what we need is some way of checking md5 checksums on each others binaries via remote, I really don't know but this takes all the fun out playing....

    Our CTF server has a new IP. Have fun!

    Cheating Revisited
    More and more letters keep pouring into our mailboxes of the apparent cheating problem plaguing all the honest Quakers out there. Most people out there think the culprit of this horror are proxy bots, but that is not the case. We have been sent proof and I myself have noticed the most obvious way to cheat but also the most over-looked way. Modified servers. I think this is disgusting. We trust server owner's to run a server that is fair and fun, but we find out more and more dishonest owners. Now I'm not saying that all are bad and that we should burn them at the stake, but there are definetely some low-lifes running easily modified servers for cheating. You want to know how they are doing it without you noticing? I may be going out on a limb by saying it, but here it goes. You know how some mod author's are really cool and release the source codes so all people can benefit from it's wealth? Well, some of these model human beings are modifying the source to cheat without anyone noticing. You ask "How can we not notice?" It's pretty much impossible to notice. Some of these are very obvious mods that are specifically made to be used for cheating. Other's are hidden. It's just as simple as download the source to CTF, modifying a few lines, and using a new .DLL that no one knows about. There's no way to detect a modified .DLL because that is only the server's responsibility, not the client. How can we stop this? Who knows... However, it's amazing how some people totally abuse what is given to them. id made this game so that we will never be tired of it. And if we were tired, we can develop new ways of playing it. It's sad to see people abuse this. /me gets off the soapbox.

    Interview with Dario Casali
    3D Alpha posted an interview with Valve Software's resident level designer, Dario Casali. The interview can be found here.

    Reckoning Review
    Voo2Quake has a review of the new Mission pack "The Reckoning" from Xatrix. The review can be found here.

    New Edition of Quake Weekly
    This week's edition of The Quake Weekly has been released. If you would like to check it out the url is

    PowerVR Problems
    It has been discovered by PowerVRoom that the new version of Quake2, v3.15, is casing some problems with PowerVR users. Apparently, one of the drivers included with the patch (pvrgl.dll) is not agreeing with the card. Users of the PowerVR are being advised to download a new version of the driver.

    2 on 2 Ladder
    Clan 519 is hosting a 2 on 2 Ladder over at their site. The official start date of the ladder is June 8th, so go sign up here! There will be prizes given out.

    New NIQ & NIQCTF
    NIQ and NIQCTF has reached v1.4 over at their home. This new version fixes the niq_kildpts that existed from the last version.

    Rant on id
    There is a new rant up about id over at TeleTalk. It looks like it's worth checking out.

    New Quick Start
    Quick Start - "Eraser Bot Wizard" V2.10 is now out. This new version fixed some bugs and added many new features to make the user's life easier.

    Review of AMD k6-2
    Over at the HPC they have slapped up a huge review of the AMD k6-2. They put it to the tests against the pII in Quake, Quake2, Forsaken and more. The url for the review is: Thanks goes out to the News Hive.

    New Eraser Bot Frontend
    A new Eraser Bot Frontend has been added to the list. This one is called Erased.

    Mission Pack Entities
    A list of new entities and descriptions of their functions have been posted at Quake Workshop 2. Also, a new FGD has been made for WorldCraft. It can be found at The Forge.

    • Paul Steed updated his .plan with news that the CrackWhore contest is over. Also, he says something about new CW sounds!
    • Paul Jaquays updated his .plan with praise to his daughter this time! (that's some family he's got there, wish I was that good in school! :)
    Help Wanted
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers


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