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Monday, August 3, 1998 - Submit News!
Top Gun Server Is Up
The TopGun server is now up for you to go and practice with the people you will be playing against in the Top Gun tourney. The server is located at: and has a limit of 16 people.

New Quake Movie: The Devil's Covenant
The Devil's Covenant, a new Quake Movie, has been released by Clan Phantasm and can be found over on their page at http://www.planetquake.com/phantasm. Parts 1 & 2 have been released, with Parts 3, 4, and 5 being released tonight. Since this movie's running time is approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes, be prepared for a long download time.

Keygrip2 and Scourge done Slick
Keygrip2 has been released with a ton of cool features and can be found here: http://www.planetquake.com/keygrip; and the QdQ team has released Scourge Done Slick, a speed run through of the first Classic Quake Mission Pack, which is over here: http://www.planetquake.com/qdq.

Urban CTF Release Delayed
The Urban CTF project has been delayed, and the preview will not be released; the 1.0 version of UCTF will be released instead. Although no deadlines have been set, the mod may be released before the end of August.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

Help Wanted LadyICE

Sunday, August 2, 1998 - Submit News!
Zoid News
Zoid has updated his .plan file again. Check out what he has to say:
Aug 1st/1998

I've released the new Q2CTF 1.09BETA upgrade at ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/quake2/ctf/beta/q2ctf109beta.zip

This version features the new competition mode, server map rotation, remote admin functions, elections for map changing, and many other features. This is a SERVER ONLY upgrade. Players (clients) do not need to download this.

Server admins: By default the mod runs just like 1.02 without the new features, if you want to make the optional competition mode available to players, add "set competition 1" to your server.cfg start up file. Also, you may want to enable elections by putting "set electpercentage 66" since this allows users to vote for map changes and giving trusted players admin access (much like the competition mods for Quake).

As mentioned before, the user manual for the new version is available at http://www.idsoftware.com/q2ctf. The user manual covers all the new features of this release.

This is a beta release, so there may be some problems. I invite feedback on the release from both server admins and players.

Hope everyone enjoys this new release!
/// Zoid.
Top Gun Tournament
This is the last week TopGun is accepting tournament applications, so get on over there today and fill one out. No applications will be accepted after August 9th!

You can currently find online instructions for quick and easy setup of the ServerConfigMOD v2.2 DM mod, which also now supports Cycler v1.0. Visit http://quake2.com/sconfig for all the details.

Quake 2 Demo Opener 1.03
Head on over to http://www.planetquake.com/shonson to get the newly released Quake 2 Demo Opener 1.03, as well as the Capture The Chicken Config File Maker 1.00.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
There is a new site called Gringo's Hut which focuses mainly on Quake/QuakeII demos and Clan news. Gringo tells us that he is also looking to add more match play demos, specifically NQ (all styles), TF, QWCTF, RA/RA2, and Quake2 (all styles). Stop by and check out the site.

Help Wanted LadyICE

Saturday, August 1, 1998 - Submit News!
AMD 3Dnow! Patch For Quake2 Now Available
All of you K6-2 users out there can now download the 3Dnow! patch for Quake 2 which will work with all versions. You can download it at http://www.sysinfo.net/GenADDS.htm.

Quake 2 Transformer Conversion
The guys over at TFQ are hard at work on a Quake 2 conversion featuring the Transformers. Sounds pretty cool...check it out.

WQL Open Quake Chapionships
The WQL Open Quake Championships is now taking registrations for their tourney. Registration is limited to the first 200 entries, so sign up quickly. There will be prizes awarded, and depending on the support they get, this may become a monthly event. For more info, go to http://www.quake2000.net/wql/.

Hey All You Lefties...
There is a new "Left-Handed Config" for all you fraggin' lefties out there. You can snag a copy of it over at The Bind.

QBSed 1.1 Released
QBSed Version 1.1, a bug fix/enhanced release is now available for download. QBSed is an editor used in conjuction with QBS2 which allows you to create headline news files for your website.

Action Quake IRC Chat
There will be an Action Quake IRC chat on Sunday (8/2) in #portals on 3DNet at 10 PM EST to discuss what needs to go into the new Action Quake maps. For more details on the purpose of the chat, go to the Portals site and check it out.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
The DroneBot's mirror page has been renovated. Go see their new design and download Gamma 22 of DroneBot while you're there.

Help Wanted
If you're a skinner or modeler, and are interested in working on a new mod called Street Wars, get in touch with MaStErRaT.


Friday, July 31, 1998 - Submit News!
The Capture! Team has decided to release Capture! earlier than planned:
-- - Join us TODAY! on 3Dnet.net in room #capture at 6pm pst. The release has been pushed forward due to the fact we all wanna just play! Below is a small list of features to be seen in CAPTURE!
  • Offhand Grapple / Standard Grapple Options
  • Grapple onto enemy and hold on to his life (grapple kills)
  • Grapple onto Team players and cover their back!
  • New Super Grapple TECH! - Speeds up Grapple speeds
  • Positional Damage
  • Quick Weapon Selection (Kuwep) - Instant Weapon Switches
  • BFG Banning serverside option
  • Custom Maploop.cfg file for running any map in any order you wish
  • SpawnProtection - Configurable number of seconds via serverside cvar
  • STDLOG Support for GIbstats type of software - Logs Frags, Captures!
  • Configurable Anti-Spam
  • Ignore and UnIgnore - Ignore chat messages from a certain player
  • Enhanced Spectator Mode with zoom and rotation abilities
  • Deathmatch Timelimits, Flag Carrier Time Limits - configurable
  • NEW Energy Cannon - Energy Jump, homing abilties
  • New HUD, New Models, New Sounds!

The following platforms will be released TODAY:
Intel x86
Solaris x86
Solaris Sparc

Checkout the website: http://www.planetquake.com/kunani/capture/
Hosted Sites Update
A big welcome to Clan PMS' QBitch who has added her LMCTF site to our family of hosted sites! There is also a whole lot more than LMCTF here, so do yourself a favor and go check out this great site at http://www.Quake2.com/QBitch.


The Zoid-Files
Zoid updated his .plan file with a lot of new and cool info (I'll try to keep it short, but check out the full one if you have time):
Linux Stuff

While doing some Linux work, I've been wondering about some library issues.

Currently, all current Linux Quake, QuakeWorld and Quake2 releases are based off the (old) libc5 stuff. I'm planning to support glibc in future versions. I'm wondering if I should still support libc5 versions as well, or convert everything over to glibc support and drop support for old libc5 stuff.


So, I'm asking for input on whether I should continue to support libc5 binaries. Drop me a note and let me know.

Q2CTF Stuff

The Quake2 server at satan.idsoftware.com:27913 is running the new Q2CTF version 1.09BETA. This version features stuff such as server map rotation, elections for remote admin, map warping, and a full tournament mode. We're going to let it run on Satan for a day to beat on it and if things go well, I'll be releasing the new beta version publically probably tomorrow.

The new code is a server only upgrade. A full manual that covers all of Q2CTF including the new server options and the competition mode is available at http://www.idsoftware.com/q2ctf.


I'm also working on Quake2 3.18. This version will address some bugs in 3.17 (*cough* water surface friction *cough*) and offer some new features. A new Quake2 release is needed for the upcoming Rogue mission pack, Ground Zero, so I'll try to tie it all into one release. Other stuff in 3.18 is server controlled air acceleration, server specific map rotation, and other minor features that makes life easier for server admins and players.
UK Fragfest Planned
A UK competition is in the works over at Quake2.co.uk, with sponsors including MadCatz and Rogue Entertainment as the prize providers. Check out the page for full details.

Code Exchange Update
The Code Exchange team has been hard at work, and has updated us about the new features in their upcoming release. The newest feature is "Nightmare mode", and is much like Darkmatch in Unreal. They're also looking for a dedicated team to port their Windows .DLL to other platforms, so drop by the page if you're interested.

CAPTURE! IRC Release Party
The CAPTURE! team will be having an IRC release party in #capture on 3DNet this Friday at 6pm PST. The CAPTURE! crew will be there to answer any questions you may have as well as to announce a possible "big surprise."

Quake2 Open Tournament Info
Clan SDSC will be hosting a Quake2 open tournament. Registration and information can be found at http://home.rochester.rr.com/sdsc.

Help Wanted
Wanna work for a game company? Like to play on your PSX? Then read this:
JOB Opening: Playstation programmer - Vicarious Visions, Inc.

Experienced PSX programmer needed for development on a hot new project. POSITION STARTS IMMEDIATELY!

You should have skills in the following areas:

* Must be an avid gamer * Know C/C++ inside and out
* Windows95, DirectX, N64 or other console experience a plus.
* 3D/2D graphics programming experience
* Ability to work long hours with a talented team
* Contract or Full Time position available
* Relocation to Albany, NY area is required

Send resumes to: Karthik Bala, Director of Development
Email: karthik@vvisions.com Company Website: WWW.VVISIONS.COM.
New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

Thursday, July 30, 1998 - Submit News!
EFE Source Code
Industry News has decided to release the source to its Eraser Front End (EFE) program. You can visit their online registration form to get the download password.

Logo Contest
NetStart!, an online magazine for all ages that teaches people where to find the best resources on the net, is having a logo contest. Prizes include some new software, so if you've got an idea, submit it to them and see if you win!

More New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Hosted Sites Update
Hey! We have a new hosted site! The Quake System is all primed and ready for the public. Drop by and see what they're all about!


Modern Warfare ScreenShots
The Kamikaze Krew has just released screenshots of their MOD, Modern Warfare. The screen shots include weapons, map pics, vehicle pics, and even shots of the flags. Check them out.

FireArms TC ScreenShots
Caspar over at Fire Arms tells us that they have just released 4 in-game screenshots of FireArms. They are still looking for beretta 92 F sounds.

The Depo Needs Input
The Depo has decided to do a drastic redesign of their current site, and are looking for user input on the redesign. By the way...if you're into DM map reviews, they have 256 of them (really!). So go check them out and give them a piece of your mind :)

Elemental Map Review is celebrating their opening with a map making contest. The winners will recieve their own pages on this site, as well as a full interview. The 3 categories will be Best CTF, Best DM, and the best "Real Life Map" (a map that involves real structures and settings, i.e., schools, offices, streets, malls, etc. The deadline for the contest will be August 14th. For more information, go here: http://www.ipass.net/~toymachine/.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Predator DM has just put up a new site here: http://www.telefragged.com/predatordm.

Help Wanted LadyICE

Wednesday, July 29, 1998 - Submit News!
Eraser for RocketArena2
I saw over on Blue's that crt has put together a modified Eraser bot dll which includes support for RocketArena 2! Players are now able to join arenas and spawn a bot to fight it out with. Included with this release is the full source code as well, in case someone wants to add additional support and functionality to this version. Here's the direct link to the bot dl l and source files.

QBSEd and QBS Source Code
News from the QBS site includes the release of QBSEd, a quick editor that gives you access to all the files you need to setup your site as a QBS headline source. Also, keep your eyes on the QBS page for th e possible release of the source code to QBS 1.35!

Sparc Eraser Route Converter
A program that converts Eraser route files (.rt3) from x86 to Sparc platforms has been released. Admins who run Eraser bot servers off of Sparc machines can now use the prefab route files that you can pick up anywhere on the web without any problems.

New Chaos DM
Chaos DM verison 1.03 has been released for both Sparc and Solaris x86 platforms.

Quick Start v2.22
Version 2.22, Revision 1 of Quick Start has been released. Changes include some tweaked console messages, a tweaked command line, and several other bugfixes and changes.

New BotJohnny
BotJohnny v1.72 has been released (non-beta now). This new release has a ton of new features (too numerous to list here), so check the BotJohnny site for more details.

New Dx CTF Released
Version 1.5 of Dx CTF has been released. New additions/tweaks include a faster rocket launcher, flag status printing, a fifth (vampirism) rune, as well as a couple other feature updates.

Work for id Software
Kevin Cloud updated his .plan file with info on a new job opening that they have at id:
Adrian and I are looking for a 2d texture artist to help create wall textures, skins, and interface graphics. Any one interested should send their resume to me at kevinc@idsoftware.com. I am looking for someone skilled as a traditional artist, with strong 2d art talent and good modeling experience. Experience as a professional computer artist is required with a preference on someone who has worked on 3D games. I'm looking for a person willing to put in strong hours, is easy to work with, and doesn't require a lot of oversight.
Tournaments and LAN Parties
Help Wanted
New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Kill or Protect the Queen has moved their site and is ready for the world.


Tuesday, July 28, 1998 - Submit News!
Fan Art!
Hey, a special thanks to McGruff for sending us this logo. We appreciate it! :D

Nigel "Gah, NetGuy gets a PARKING spot?"

Quake3 Arena Pictures? Almost...
QuakeCity has posted the 5 early screenshots of Quake3: Arena that were used by Brian Hook during his talk at SIGGRAPH. Taken from the PDF file found on VE, these new shots show some of the stages of the graphics development and rendering passes.

Weapons Factory Beta Testing
The Weapons Factory team has started open beta testing on version 3.0. Version 3.0 has a total of 9 classes now, with a server going up sometime today. Thanks WileE{ACME} for the news :)

New Xtreme Quake2
Xtreme Quake2 version 0.80 has been released. This new version has several additions including jumpjets, a flare gun, a cluster bomb launcher, and much more. All the files and details can be found on the Xtreme Q2 page.

Quake2 Comic Preview
FutureShock Design has a preview of an upcoming Quake2 comic entitled "The Adventures of Razor & Mojo: The BFG Bandits" up on their site. Included are a few of the pictures as well as a story summary.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Hosted Sites Update
Quake2.com would like to welcome TopGun to our hosted sites family. Be sure to stop by the site and get information on their upcoming tournament! Also, the TopGun team is having a Q&A session on Wednesday at 8pm Central Time, stop by the page to find out more info.


Monday, July 27, 1998 - Submit News!
News straight from the CAPTURE! team:
CAPTURE! server side files will be released early! If you are a server operator and want to run a CAPTURE! server then head over to the website and get on the list.

PLUS!! - Response from map authors for this game has been overwelming! Work on CAPTURE II is already under way and we can expect 10 MORE maps included with that release which is guaranteed to have ground breaking design and features NEVER before seen in any Quake2 mod to date!
LMCTF Updates and Servers
A couple of things have been going on in the world of LMCTF. They have their beta server patch now open for testing on,, and, as well as a new United Kingdom LMCTF League being formed by Rupert Loman. Also, for those of you who use the TEN Online gaming service, the LMCTF team is proud to announce that TEN will start running LMCTF on some of their own servers!

Online Autoexec.cfg Creator
There's a pretty nifty Javascript based autoexec.cfg creator up online now. There are screenshots included on this page so people who use the utility can see just what they're choosing when they do it. Cool eh?

Gameplex id Interview
The Gameplex has posted the results of its id Software interview. Should be a good read, so check it out!

Help Wanted
Quake2CTF.com is looking for a new webmaster. HTML experience and good CTF knowledge are required. Email FalseGod if you're interested.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

Sunday, July 26, 1998 - Submit News!
Chaos Deathmatch v1.03
Chaos Deathmatch v1.03 has been released, and is available at http://chaosdm.telefragged.com.

Tectonic 2.02
Tectonic 2.02 is now availabe at the Tectonic site; problems with the previous version have been fixed.

Quake 2 Scene Builder Update
The QSB Gallery Page has been updated.

The Reckoning Review
Check out Crash's review on The Reckoning, the first mission pack for Quake2, over at http://www.gamepost.com/dantech/final.htm.

QuakeIII: Arena
I just finished reading The Carmack Report over at Gamer's Alliance - CPL Coverage. Although Carmack's speech was largely technical, there was a bit of information on how he feels the success of Quake3:Arena will impact the future of idSoftware and its place in the multiplayer market. It's worth checking out. As always, thanks to Dark Blue Samurai for tipping us off to noteworthy news :)

ZBot Dead?
BigLare over at http://www.gibbed.com/tejaz tells us that he has received word from Zappa (ZBot's creator) that due to numerous requests from the Quake2 community, he will not be updating Zbot to 3.18. If you are interested in reading Zappa's letter, jump on over to BigLare's page.

Q2Comp Ver. 0.30 Released
Q2Comp version 0.30 is now out of beta testing and has been released. Q2Comp is a "competition" mod for Quake 2 that can handle up to 16 teams of any number of players for controlled team/clan matches. Q2Comp was recently stress tested at Fragapalooza 98 where a single Linux server ran 15 copies of Q2Comp for 1 on 1 Quake 2 matches. Some of the new features in Version 0.30 include: Q2Comp version 0.30 is available at http://www.telefragged.com/q2comp/".

New Mailbag!
Paubo says there's a new mailbag up...so get on over there and READ!

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Gamer's Reality is now open with lots of great new features and a whole new design. Visit them for the latest news, and gamesite hosting.

Help Wanted


Saturday, July 25, 1998 - Submit News!
Quake II beats Unreal...
In a recent issue of the U.K. Edition of PC Gamer, they have listed the top 100 games of all time. They ranked Unreal as #6 and Quake II/Quake (a tie) as #1...w00p! Thanks to Dark Blue Samurai for passing that info on to us :)

Topgun Quake2 Tournament
TopGun is sponsoring yet another Tournament this year, only this time it is for Quake 2. If you wish to sign up, go to http://spektran.hypermart.net/topgun/. If the e-mail form does NOT work, and you get a javascript error, then your browser isn't compatible, and you can e-mail the information to lawrence@megsinet.com.

Rail Me, Baby!
If you are looking for some really useful tips on railing, Clan KING have posted some railing guides for both hpbs/lpbs on their site. Go take a look at http://clans.quake2.co.uk/kings/.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

Help Wanted

Friday, July 24, 1998 - Submit News!
Alpha/Linux Quake2 Battleground Released
Ports for Alpha and Linux of the Battleground mod have been released. Expect a maintenance release for all platforms sometime within the next week as well.

Chaos DM Review
False.com has posted a review of Chaos Deathmatch v1.0. They discuss each weapon, item, and powerup individually, so check it out if you're curious about what Chaos DM is like.

More Help Wanted
The 007 Quake2 mod team is looking for help in just about any category. The prerequesite is that you must have a copy of Goldeneye for the N64. If interested contact them via email here.

More New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Hosted Sites Update
A World of Quake2 has announced a new addition to their team, Robert Stupak. They've updated with 9 new dm levels reviewed as well as one "truly great" single player map.


PC Gamer Quake 2 Mod Contest
A reminder that the PC Gamer Quake 2 Mod Contest concludes next Friday, July 31st at 12 midnight Pacific Time. Some great prizes are on the line, including $2,000, a Voodoo 2 from Creative and 3Dfx, a signed copy of Quake II, and hats and t-shirts. Be sure to check out http://www.pcgamer.com/static/contests for all the details. Hmmm, I sure could use that cash! ;)

Urban CTF Preview
The Urban CTF preview will be released on Friday, July 24th...be ready to grab it ! :) Please note that this a TEST version only! The final release date should be sometime around the 15th of August. All classes will have their own player plugin model.

Navy SEALs 2 Q2 TC Release Date
The Navy SEALS Development Group have announced a release date for their Navy SEALs 2 TC for Quake 2 project. A deadline for its release is set for no later than August 23rd, although it could be released sooner depending on the rest of the project's development. A feature list for the first release will be posted sometime in the near future. You can visit their site at http://www.planetquake.com/seals.

Fragapalooza '98 Wrap-up
Here's the official press release pertaining to this year's Fragapalooza Event:
Edmonton, Alberta - Fragapalooza '98 wrapped up this year on July 19. It was four days of fun, frags and prizes. This year's event was a huge success bringing in gamers from the US as well as all over Canada. Tournaments were held for Quake, Quake 2, Starcraft, Jane's F-15, Forsaken, and other games. Over $6000 in prizes were given away to people with nicknames like Warmonger, Rizzen and Globbinator. Overall the event almost doubled attendance compared to last year's Fragapalooza. Demonstrations of Half Life from Sierra/Valve and Baldur's Gate from Bioware/Interplay wowed attendees with their incredible gameplay.

Fragapalooza sponsors made a large contribution to this year's event. Prizes and other support were provided by Academy of Learning, Access TV, Acclaim, Activision, Bioware, City TV, CombatSim, Compusmart, Elco Computer Inc., Electronic Arts, First Word Computers, Guillemot, H3D Entertainment, Intel, Microsoft, Reflexive, Sierra and SSI. Prizes were not only given out for tournaments , but some pretty twisted contest as well. One winner, bRam gave a resounding rendition of "Oh' Canada" which can be seen on the web site along with other equally bizarre examples of what people will do for goodies.

Fragapalooza will continue to be active in the gaming community with contests and LAN events. Right now if people order a Fragapalooza t-shirt they will be entered into a draw for one of three copies of Baldur's Gate donated by Bioware. Fragapalooza is working with sponsors to make sure that next year is the gaming event of choice across North America. Keep a look out for Fragapalooza '99 - One more before the end of the world!

Check out the official Fragapalooza site at http://www.fragapalooza.com.
New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Dark Blue Samurai let us know that a new site for all of us linux fans has opened up. It's called Linux Games...go check it out!

Help Wanted
The Seventh Sin Development team is looking for experienced coders(2), modelers(2), skinners(2), texture artists(2), and a sound engineer. If interested and qualified, please email the team leader, Shockwave X, for additional info.


Thursday, July 23, 1998 - Submit News!
jawMD2 v1.31 Released
A maintenance release for the popular model viewer, jawMD2, has been released. New features include a modified view frustum, a fix for the ILLEGAL OPERATION bug seen here and there, a significant reduction in the size of the software, as well as the move to freeware (!), which removes the old nag-screen!

New EarthQuake 2
Version 0.69 of EarthQuake 2 has been released. EarthQuake is a Q2 mod supposedly similar to TeamFortress. The team already has 2 servers up and running their mod, with more on the way.

KOTH Server Update and Request
The KOTH team has updated their server list, with 3 European servers and one Australian server. Due to the popularity of the mod, and the lack of servers, the KOTH team is asking that anyone willing to donate a server to contact them at spudman@fastlane.com.

World Quake League Opens
Here's the official press release pertaining to the new World Quake League:
VANCOUVER, B.C - Managing a team is not just for paid businessmen anymore. Even a 13-year-old can do it. Yes, today the World Quake League launched today. The World Quake League's goal is to provide the excitement of a playing in a professional sports league to anyone in the world. The WQL is an amateur gaming league.

The World Quake League's inaugural season will be the 99-00 season, playing the next ID hit Quake Arena. The league will play its first game around October, starting with exhibition matches. The WQL will consist of two different divisions, the North American Division and the World Division. Each division will then be further split up into two divisions. The North American Division will consist of the Canadian and American divisions, and the World Division will consist of the European and Asian divisions. The league will play what is known as Capture the Flag 8 on 8 games, using the yet-to-be-released ID title Quake Arena as it's main game in the 99-00 season.

The league is welcoming any potential WQL team managers who are interested in creating their own team, recruiting their players, holding practices, and every thing else that comes with managing their teams. These team managers will be known as team captains. These team captains are welcome to play as well. Teams will represent certain regions in the world. Team players are required to be physically in the region (or reasonably close to it). (You can find out more about becoming a team captain at the WQL website listed below)

The emphasis of the WQL is getting the players to have fun. The thrill of holding the Stanley Cup or World Cup high in the air is not something everyone will get a chance to experience. So the next best thing? Win the WQL Champion Cup, and become a local hero.

The WQL is now in need of official sponsors. Again, to find out more about being an official sponsor please visit the WQL website below.

You can visit the WQL website at http://www.quake2000.net/wql.
Hacked Bot Article
Tejaz3D has posted an article about people using hacked player bots while playing multiplayer Quake2 online. Not only does this article proove the possibility of these bots, but it includes a short CTF demo that you can download to see these hacked bots in action for yourself. Drop by this site and check out what a lot of people have been buzzing about.

Help Wanted
A new updater is needed to help out the LAN Scene, check the page for info.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers