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    Sunday, July 12, 1998 - Submit News!
    Quake2 Demo Opener
    v1.00 of the Quake2 Demo Opener has been released. Goto for more info.

    CAPTURE! Mailing List
    CAPTURE! now has an official mailing list. Anything CAPTURE! will be discussed including Questions/Answers as well as details on the custom map entities. Join now and be one of the first to get the client side pack when its ready for release!

    New RAMBOT
    RAMBOT v0.47 has been released on their homepage.

    Win a Quake2 Mission Pack
    The Quake2 Clan, Steel Maelstrom, is holding a contest in celebration of their 2nd Anniversary. The winner gets a Quake2 Mission Pack (or third-party equivalent). Check out their page for more info.

    Chaos Deathmatch Released
    Chaos DM v1.0 for Quake2 has been released with a long list of features.

    SHROOM Online Radio
    In the tradition of Shooters and Pointless Audio, Mushroom Blue Entertainment, present SHROOM online radio. For more info just click on the links.

    eVolutionCTF for Solaris
    Solar Eclipse has finished the Solaris SPARC and x86 ports of eVoluiton CTF 1.0a. You can download it from their website.

    QBS2 Released
    Everybody's favorite news and .plan tracker program, QBS, has just been updated to v2.0. This upgrade brings a huge list of new features and I suggest you go check the page out to look at the list and download the program!

    Future id Interview is going to be holding a id Software interview and are asking the community what questions they want asked! has all the details.

    New TC Screenshots
    Ward Six Entertainment has just release an insane number of new screenshots from their Quake 2 total conversion RPG. Two shots depict the never publically seen conversation interface! Check them out here!

    Xatrix Level Designer Interview
    TerraFusion has been fortunete enough to score an interview with all three of Xatrix's level designers (makers of the Quake2 Mission Pack, The Reckoning). Alex "Aldawg" Mayberry, Dan Koppel, and Mal "Autosave" Blackwell have taken time out to answer a battery of questions related to level design.

    Help Wanted
    • is looking for some people to help them in hosting Clan Pages, Mods, and Skin pages for Quake, Quake2, and Quake Arena.
    • The Shot Just Once Development Team is looking for some people to help help out with a TC for Quake2 titled simply "Q2RPG." Jobs range from coding, modelling, mapping, music, to sounds. Contact for more info.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • There is a new Quake Arena page up with information on the upcomming game and other stuff, check it out here.
    • FutureShock Design has been redesigned and now includes various Quake art and service offers.
    Hosted Sites Update
    • BotLair needs a CGI programmer to help them out.

    Saturday, July 11, 1998 - Submit News!
    Loki's Minions TE NOT Released
    Whoops! Someone made a goof :) Loki's Minions TE has NOT been released, and will not be until July 15th. Stop mailing us about it! :P


    Friday, July 10, 1998 - Submit News!
    New Q2Java
    Q2Java, which allows you to write Quake2 games in Java instead of C, version 0.6.0 is now available.

    New Outlands Map
    Christian Antkow updated his .plan with links to download a newer, more balanced version of Q2CTF4 (Outlands). Check his .plan for the links.

    FatZo Quake2 PAK
    UFO from the Clan FatZo have made a PAK to Quake 2 with new crosshairs, new sounds and some other stuff.

    Quake2 Bible Updated
    Thresh has updated the Quake II Bible at with an in-depth analysis on Q2DM5.

    New Eraser Bot Wizard
    Quick Start - "Eraser Bot Wizard" V2.20 is now out offering bug fixes and some additions.

    Expert for Quake2 Released
    Expert for Quake2 v2.3 has been released. There are two major new features and significant tweaking of weapon balance.

    New NIQ
    NIQ v1.9 was released with a proper fix for spawning problems.

    Help Wanted
    • Predator DM is looking to put together a good team, and have openings in the modeling, skinning, coding, mapping, and sound effect making categories. If your interested contact or ICQ him at 1671501.
    • A Trek-based Quake2 TC is looking for coders, mapers, artists, and and modelers. Contact
    • Obsessive Influence are in need of dll coding assistance.
    • is in its final stages of development but they are in need of 4 news updaters. If interested contact
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • A site update to CAPTURE! is now complete, go check it out.
    • is now open, formally known as Ladder Complex.
    • There is a new Quake2 site called The Quake Herald.
    • CTF Central has opened up a CTF mod section in which you can download them and read reviews and a LMCTF Strategy guide with overviews of all of the maps.
    Sorry for Lack of Update
    Yesterday's lack of an update looks bad, but it had it's reasons.'s mail server was having some problems and we were unable to retrieve the news. Also, I've been busy and Netguy is out of town at a LAN party, so there's nothing that could be done. This update I just made is really cut down short because I have to rush to work (I'm late as it is) so I appologize now for any news stories I might of cut short or left out. I really did a rush job with a lot of news.


    Wednesday, July 8, 1998 - Submit News!
    New NIQ Fix
    Right on the heels of the version 1.7 release, a new bugfixed version of NIQ has been released. This fixes the spawning problem that was previously occurring.

    ModelServer 3.0 Released
    A new model-pack thingy has been released, here's the lowdown:
    The ModelServer3.0 package is a single zip file with a complete /players directory. The package includes all current player plugin models which fit to our standards of fair play. The package also includes a great number of skins with a focus on ctf skins. Ideally every Q2 server out there would have installed this package. Instead of battling 5 default males, you could very well find yourself deathmatching against robots, aliens, mythological creatures and more
    You can get the release here.

    Twisted Edge Winners Announced
    The winners of the Twisted Edge Games Voodoo2 giveaway contest have been announced. Congratulations go out to Robert Bluff from New York, who managed to snag an Obisidan 3D card.

    Quake2 Tournament Info
    A new tournament has been planned for August 1st. The Prescott Area Networking Group will be hosting it, check their page for more details.

    Help Wanted
    • A couple of newly-resurrected USENET newsgroups ( and are looking for someone to moderate them. If you have newgroup moderating experience, please Andrew Brennand.
    • Predator DM is looking to put together a good team, and have openings in the modeling, skinning, coding, mapping and sound effect making categories.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

    Tuesday, July 7, 1998 - Submit News!
    New Lithium II
    The Lithium II v1.12 mod has been released. This version fixes minor bugs, added some tweaks and Imaster support.

    Quake CD & Jewelery Giveaway
    Gamestats has a "Glitter and Gigadeth Giveaway." They are giving away free copies of the "Songs for Deathmatch" CD, and Quake Jewelery/KeyChains.

    New Quick Start
    Quick Start - "Eraser Bot Wizard" v 2.18 is now out! It fixed any known bugs and added a huge list of new features!

    AMD K6-2 with 3DNow! for Quake2
    AMD has released new drivers for Quake2 that are supposed to greatly enhance frame rates when used with their new K6-2 3DNow! Processor, under software video Quake II or when used with a Voodoo2 card.

    The Papercut: Female Gamers
    There is a news article on The Papercut titled "Lions, Tigers, and Female Quakers, Ohmy!" on this page. This is a great article that discusses the presence and problems with females in the online community. A great read, but not for the politically correct!

    Quake2 Server Setup Guide
    There is a Q2 Server Setup Guide posted on 3dfxWorld that will be an ongoing project until it is the best reference material on the subject at

    MadCatz Becomes Sponsor of the CPL
    The CPL's newest sponsor is MadCatz, maker of the Panther XL. They will be giving away five Panther XL's to the top five winners of the official CPL tournament, and other gaming controllers as part of the Sunday door prize giveaway. Here is the press release.

    Quake2 ICQ Chat
    Aitrus's chat room &Q2/QA (formerly &Quake II) has suffered major damages due to a hard drive failure. All of his members were erased, and he begs them to please message him, so he could re-add them to his list. If you are interested in becoming a member, his ICQ # is: 6207362.

    Help Wanted
    • OTT, the totally exaggerated TC, needs a coder and a modeller (further details on their homepage).
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • TCentral is a new site dedicated to the Total Conversion scene, for various platforms. (Yes, yesterday's link was wrong, thanks to all those that pointed it out :)
    • The LAN Scene has a new look, and a few new sections for organizers and participants in the LANt scene!
    • The Frag Pipe has just released a new makeover of their page.
    Hosted Sites

    Monday, July 6, 1998 - Submit News!
    LavaCam Released
    I saw over on the ever-vigilant Blue's that a new server-side only mod called the LavaCam has been released. The LavaCam allows clients that are connected to the server to track the killing as it happens around them using a series of cameras and the like.

    New RobMOD
    Version 0.40b of RobMOD has been released. The new features/tweaks include a redesigned scoreboard (now shows ping times), ranks sorted by frags instead of kills, invulnerability while respawning, as well as the first public version of RobGUI.

    NIQ v1.7 Released
    Version 1.7 of NIQ, the mod that removes everything from Quake2 (weapons, items, etc) has been released. Check the NIQ page for files and info.

    QuakeConCPL Tournament Info
    Check out this page for info on the "Unofficial Quake2 1v1 DM Tournament" at the upcoming QuakeCon CPL event. The event itsself is scheduled for July 23-26 in Dallas, Texas.

    Help Wanted
    • Neurologic is in need of a skin/texture artist to join their team. Check the page if you're interested.
    • Niranga is in need of extra coders, skinners, mappers, and modelers for a partial conversion tentatively titled as Dark Sanity. Icq UIN = 5808070, or email
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • The Recon Wars website is in the process of having a content/html makeover, check 'em out.

    Sunday, July 5, 1998 - Submit News!
    Sound Enhancements Released
    The TronicSound TC sound "upgrade" for Quake2 has been released. Every sound in the game has been replaced, from the blaster to the megahealth, and all points in between. They've released 3 versions, the Demo (3.2 MB), the Deathmatch (12.1 MB), and the Full versions (34 MB), with all sounds in 16bit/22KHz quality. If you're wondering which files you should grab off of, it's the series beginneginning with q2tsnd*.

    Solaris x86 Ports
    Work has begun to port several mods over to the Solaris platform. These are converted to version 3.17 from their SPARC counterparts. If you're a mod author and you're wanting to have yours ported to Solaris, check out this page for details.

    New Tectonic
    Tectonic version 1.9 has been released, check out the page for the files and details.

    eVolution CTF v1.0
    Version 1.0 of eVolution CTF has been released. They have them in both CTF-pak and non-CTF-pak flavors, with a linux version coming soon.

    3D Scene Upgrade
    The 3D Scene has released an upgrade to one of their scripts, fixing several errors and adding a few new features, including a CD changer and a chatterbox.

    sCary Speaks
    sCary sent along word (using his nifty Eudora built in email spammer =P) that he posted a new editorial concerning the misconceptions people are having about the new QuakeArena project, and why not everyone realizes what it's all about.

    FvF Registered Site Update
    The FvF Quake TC Registered Site ( has been fixed. Registered users, please email for your new password.

    And There Was Much Rejoicing announced that they have reopened their hosting doors to clans, after a 5-6 month stint of invitation-only hosting. Their new hosting application is now up and running and they estimate they should be able to open as many as 100 new accounts a day (!).

    Help Wanted
    • The Stroggos Conspiracy is looking for two new level designers and a skinner. If you're interested, email with a URL to your work.
    • A yet to be named mod is looking for programmers, modelers, and skinners. If you're interested contact them here.
    • A new Quake2 mod called Snowball Strike is looking for modelers, skinners, programmers, texture artists, graphic artists and level designers. If you are interested in helping out with this mod e-mail
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    Hosted Sites Update
    • A new site joins the family! The Rogue's Gallery is now up and running, dedicated to the independant "clan-less" Quake2 player. Be sure to stop by and check it out!
    • The BotLair guys have been busy, not only have they redesigned the BotLair, but they've also released a new Eraser Bot route-pack for the 8 deathmatch stages that were in the point release!
    Uh, yeah. (Correction)
    Yesterday we received a couple email's telling us that one of the leaders for the Unseen mod died, apparently due to stress. Well, we received 10 times that amount of email today telling us that we heard wrong. Apparently it was just a prank someone pulled on the Unseen leader. So actually, the man isn't dead, which is a good thing.


    Saturday, July 4, 1998 - Happy 4th of July!
    New Quake2 DM League
    There is a new Quake2 DM League out for the Quake2 clan community. The web site is at Sign your clan up today. They also split it up into HPB/LPB divisions so it is fair.

    John Carmack on Quake2 Physics
    John Carmack updated his .plan with his opinion on the recent changes in the Quake2 physics over the last patches:
    Here is the real story on the movement physics changes.

    Zoid changed the movement code in a way that he felt improved gameplay in the 3.15 release.

    We don't directly supervise most of the work Zoid does. One of the main reasons we work with him is that I respect his judgment, and I feel that his work benefits the community quite a bit with almost no effort on my part. If I had to code review every change he made, it wouldn't be worth the effort. Zoid has "ownership" of the Quake, Glquake, and QuakeWorld codebases. We don't intend to do any more modifications at Id on those sources, so he has pretty free rein within his discretion.

    We passed over the Quake 2 codebase to him for the addition of new features like auto download, but it might have been a bit premature, because official mission packs were still in development, and unlike glquake and quakeworld, Q2 is a product that must remain official and supported, so the scope of his freedoms should have been spelled out a little more clearly.

    The air movement code wasn't a good thing to change in Quake 2, because the codebase still had to support all the commercial single player levels, and subtle physics changes can have lots of unintended effects.

    QuakeWorld didn't support single player maps, so it was a fine place to experiment with physics changes.

    QuakeArena is starting with fresh new data, so it is also a good place to experiment with physics changes.

    Quake 2 cannot be allowed to evolve in a way that detracts from the commercial single player levels.

    The old style movement should not be refered to as "real world physics". None of the quake physics are remotely close to real world physics, so I don't think one way is significantly more "real" than the other. In Q2, you accelerate from 0 to 27 mph in 1/30 of a second, which just as unrealistic as being able to accelerate in midair...
    Pointless Audio is Back!
    Captain Immy over at Pointless Audio is back after rethinking possible legal actions. I talked to him last night on IRC and he basically said that the show must go on and it will, even though he is still under pressure from his parents. He did spend his "down time" wisely though with making a very funny FAQ on how the Internet works. If you need a laugh, check this out! (I could use a new Midget Central Station myself...) Clan Hosting has gone live for clan and site hosting after a long 5 or 6 months of "invitation only" hosting. Check out for information and application.

    EvolutionCTF v1.0
    EvolutionCTF v1.0, by SolarWave Development, has been released. It's available in 2 flavors: If you do not have the CTF2 pak file, download this version. If you already have the CTF2 pak file, download this one.

    Quake Arena Suggestions
    There is a "Quake Arena Suggestion" design document posted on the Fugue. Check it out if you have the time!

    QuakeCon Skin Contest
    Quakecon is having a skin design competition this year for best skin, if interested visit

    Solaris x86 Ports
    Zoran at Solar Eclipse began porting mods to the new "supported" Solaris x86 platform. He also wants to make a call out to all mod authors that want their mod ported to the two Solaris platforms so that the mod reaches a greater audience. So if you could use a mod that has a Solaris platform, I suggest you check out this page.

    NIQ v1.7
    The mod that removes all items from the game, NIQ, is now at v1.7. This mod also adds some more interesting twists to Quake2 Deathmatch. Check it out.

    New Tectonic
    Tectonic v1.9 is now out with some more support. Tectonic is a multi-mod Quake2 launcher.

    Help Wanted
    • There's a 2 man team that is looking to convert the maps from the famous game 007 (from Nintendo 64) to Quake2 format and they are looking for some help. E-mail Ace9_98.
    • The Black Omega Group is looking for 2 level designers and a skinner to help them out with their TC called The Stroggos Conspiracy (TSC).
    • A new Quake2 mod called Snowball Strike is looking for modelers, skinners, programmers, texture artists, graphic artists and level designers. If you are interested in helping out with this mod e-mail
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • There's a new Quake/Unreal/Doom search engine to help all those that cannot seem to find that certain link.
    Hosted Site Update
    • The Bot Lair added some more Eraser Bot Routes. It now supports Deathmatch maps 1-8. Updated: The BotLair launched it's final redesign today so go check it out!
    Happy 4th of July
    On behalf of the staff, we would like to wish each and everyone of you a safe and Happy 4th of July. Enjoy your BBQ's and fireworks, and please come back here with all of your "digits" intact! :)


    Americans Linking to Ensure Their Rights to Technology Page

    Don't Let Congress Ban New Computer Products and VCRs!


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