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Thursday, August 28, 1998 - Submit News!
Hosted Sites Update
Hardware enthusiasts rejoice, as Virtigo and Quake2-Ware are back from his hiatus! He has several new hardware reviews planned, including reviews of full PC systems, so be sure to check back often!


John Romero Rumor
The rumor that John Romero was shot and killed is just that...a rumor. The story that was posted by the Adrenalin Vault earlier has been retracted. Apparently, it was a case of mistaken identity...phew!

ThunderWalker II Release Beta
Beta 3 of ThunderWalker II is now available at http://www.thunderwalker.net. This beta fixes the protection rune, and includes visual weapon support, along with a few other things. They are also sponsoring a contest for the creation of a manual for ThunderWalker II: Rolling Thunder 2.0. Check out their site for full details.

New QSB Gallery Pics
Check out the newest gallery pics at QSB.

Gamesmania Poll
Gamesmania is currently taking a poll to see which shooter is the best: Unreal or Quake 2. Currently, Quake 2 is leading by a fraction (50% to 46%), so if you would like to see it winning by a higher percentage, get over there and vote!

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
The Action Quake2 Map Depot has opened and has lots of maps for download, as well as map reviews for the Action Quake2 mod.

Help Wanted

Thursday, August 27, 1998 - Submit News!
DemoPlay 2.1
Version 2.1 of DemoPlay has been released. New features include support for Hexen2, HexenWorld, and Sin demos, demo compression, as well as the usual bugfixes and tweaks.

PC Gamer Mod Contest Winners Announced
PC Gamer has announced the winners of their Quake2 Mod Contest over at their website. Congrats go to Dave Wallin for his mod "Q Pong", which puts you inside a pinball game!

Liga Explained...
A bit of a follow-up to our post yesterday comes this word from the LMCTF team:
We haven't officially started work for a mod called Liga (German for league), which features one on one DM play. It isn't even an LM project but something a few members of our team were approached to do.
Win Some Hardware
This site informed us of a contest they have running to celebrate reaching the 10,000 visitor mark. The prize they will be giving away is a "WickedVision" which consists of: a Voodoo2 Wicked3D (12meg) board, H3D glasses, and Metabyte drivers; all this at an estimated $349! Check it out if you're interested (and who wouldn't be?).

New Action Quake Map
The Portals has released a brand new map for the (relatively) new Action Quake mod.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

Wednesday, August 26, 1998 - Submit News!
New MOTDEdit Released
MOTDEdit version 0.6 has been released. This is an editor designed to help you create your own server Message Of The Day, for clients to view when they connect. There's a whole ton of new features, head on over to their site for the full list.

LM LIGA Announced
Liga.net has signed a deal with the LMCTF team to develop a new mod for use during their tournaments. Here's part of their announcement:
It will have great new 1on1 maps, Players can authenticate to the MOD with a their LIGA.NET name and password (automaticly send with a gamelauncher-browser-plugin specialy made for Liga Players), No cheating possible (special bot protection, servers often updated by remote), Players can challenge others with a webchat and launch the game with simple browser plugin... so no need to setup the Q2-server after connecting. All the parameters you and your opponent have arranged on the webchat will be automaticly send to the MOD.. also your name and password! After a game is finished the LM LIGA mod sends all datas to the webserver and the matchresult + statistics will be automaticly posted. We at liga.net decided to do all this, because cheating is a big problem these days. ID sofware couldnt fix it, so we will do it.
They will be holding a discussion on cheating tonight at 10:00 pm EST, on EFNet in #Liga. Their guests will be the creator of the Z-bot, as well as id Software's own Zoid (among others).

Free Webhosting for Clans
QuakeClan.net is offering several useful services to the clan community, including free hosting, recruiting center for finding new members, a different "featured clan" every week, messageboards, and semi-automated signup processes.

Help Wanted
WPlan is in need of talented programmers who are interested in working on the windows-based client they have planned. If you're interested, send any prior experience to euwyn@quake2000.net for more info.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Bob's TeamFortress News is a new site which covers everything TF & Quake related.

Hosted Sites Update
TopGun is looking for clans to sign up for the upcoming tournament, as well as a sponsor/silent partner. If you're interested, drop by their site for more info.


Tuesday, August 25, 1998 - Submit News!
The Mailbag is up!
Come and get it...Paubo says there is a new Mailbag up and this week it has been authored by loyal mailbag reader, r0tfish!

Battle of the Sexes 2.9.8 Released
Battle of the Sexes v2.9.8 has been released. You can get full details, as well as the download here.

Quake Arena Bots Article
If you are interested in reading an article about the Quake Arena Bots, you can find it at http://ngs.questgate.net. The article includes interviews with Steve Yeager, creator of the ACE bot, John Cricket, creator of the OAK II bot and M. Scott Harlan who runs Subhumans Bot Outpost.

Modern Warfare Mod
There is a new Quake 2 Teamply Mod which will be coming out soon that deserves some checking out...you can find the lowdown here!

Navy Seals 2
Navy Seals 2 has been released. You can get all the info on it, as well as the download, from their website at http://seals.warzone.com.

New Recon Wars Release
Version 8.23.98 of Recon Wars has been released with a lot of cool new features. Check out their site for more details and download information.

CAPTURE! Server Op Notification List / Webring / Ladder!
CAPTURE! website has been updated with news of a server notification mailing list which will list new beta releases and latest versions first. Also, a new CAPTURE! webring has been started by Pysst and a CAPTURE! ladder has been created by the Gathering of Champions. Check out the site for more details.

LM CTF Interview
There is an interview with Michael "LM_Jormungard" Scandizzo, the father of Loki's Minions, at http://www.captured.com. This is a must-read interview not only for LM CTF lovers, but for CTF fans as well!

Quake 2 With 3DNow!
If you are looking for information about Quake 2 and 3DNow! support, you can find some here.

Q2 Demo Analyzer
Q2 Demo Analyzer is a program which analyzes Quake 2 recorded .dm2 demos, and gets HTML-statistics (or plain text, or screen output only) about kills, selfkills, kills by weapons, telefrags, etc. Q2DA works with Quake 2 up to v3.18beta and with Q2 mission pack #1 by Xatrix. You can get more information here.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
There is a new site called The Quake Times which will be opening today. They will be carrying Quake / Quake 2 / 3D Gaming news and will also be QBS2 checked. Jump on over and check them out.


Monday, August 24, 1998 - Submit News!
Hot Mail insecure
Since we have quite a number of viewers that use Hot Mail, I decided to post this. It is possible for someone to steal the password from your account with the use of an email message that contains embedded javascript code. The temporary fix until Hot Mail (Microsoft) fixes the problem is to disable javascript in your browser. If you want to read the complete details of this exploit you can go here. The reason I am posting the URL to the exploit this time, is that when I mentioned how easy it was to break into people's ICQ accounts a while back, some of you emailed me and told me I was crazy. The only reason I post this stuff is that I know a lot of you use both ICQ and Hot Mail and probably do not visit security sites or subscribe to security news letters and would not know about these problems.


Web PLAN Beta Available
There is a new service available for all of you who like .plan files but may not have access to a standard UNIX/Linux shell account. It's called Web Plan, and you can find more details as well as download the beta version here.

Hosted Sites News
Rhyno, from Rogues' Gallery: the one man clans' site, has informed us that there is now over 100 players signed up at the Gallery. If you are not interested in clan affiliations, but would like to meet fellow Quake2 players...check out this site.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Help Wanted

Sunday, August 23, 1998 - Submit News!
The Ultimate CTF Trivia Contest
Captured.Com is now running The Ultimate CTF Trivia Contest. If you consider yourself a Capture The Flag know-it-all, and think you have what it takes to win this contest, hurry on over to the site and check out the full details.

Weapons Factory 100 Player Party Tonight
The Weapons Factory is throwing their second 100 WF Player Party tonight (Sunday, August 23rd) at 9:00pm EST. They will be using a beefed-up Linux server and two T1 lines, and should have enough power and bandwidth to reach the 100 player target.

"Do We Need Faster Computers?" Part II
In response to some of the emails received regarding his "too buff for buff" article, wyiel has posted Comments/Feedback on "too buff for buff" in which he tells how console systems started off the gaming industry for PCs, and explains why the public doesn't need a PII-400 machine in order to run Win95. Heh, pretty good reading.

TopGun Tourney Scores and New Sign-Ups
TopGun has posted the high scores for round 2 of the TopGun Deathmatch Tournament. Also, sign-ups are now being taken for the upcoming Clan Tournament.

New Map
The Developers Weave has just released a new map by Thrash, who has made some maps for the Earthquake II TC...check it out in the Quake II Section of their site.

Help Wanted

Saturday, August 22, 1998 - Submit News!
New Gibstats II Released
Version 2.2 of Gibstats II has been released. New features include weapon ranking export added, new client-logging support for more mods, support for linux logs, and more.

Meet the DroneBot
Haven't gotten your fill of the bots already available? If so, you might be interested in the DroneBot. This bot has a pretty extensive features list, with full client emulation, true vision-oriented hunt and attack mode, a botcam, support for plugin models with multiple skins, and more!

Faith CTF Update
To celebrate the final stages of their release, the Faith CTF team has put together a manual for it, available on the Faith homepage.

Help Wanted
New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

Friday, August 21, 1998 - Submit News!
Final Eraser Bot Released
Ridah over at Impact Development has released what he plans should be the final version of his Eraser bot (v1.0). This new release includes a TON of work on the CTF aspect, as well as a full installer and a copy of Quick Start, The Eraser Bot Wizard. More details are available on the Impact site.

New Thunderwalker II Beta
Beta 2 of Thunderwalker II: Rolling Thunder (2.0) has been released. There are several fixes in this release, including working ladders, smoother jumping and running, message fixing and a new sniper scope for 3 resolutions. The full list can be found on the Thunderwalker site.

Ultimate Gaming Challenge
GamingKrib.com is hosting the "Ultimate Gaming Challenge", which is a massive online gaming competition featuring 3 categories: Quake/Quake2 & Unreal, Descent 1/2 & Forsaken, and Racing & RTS (ie. Warcraft 2). Competitiors can choose their category and play up until October, when the finalists will go to New York to compete for the Grand Prize, a trip to the Bahamas!! Check the page for more info!

Contest Info
Got your eye on that Abit BH6 motherboard? Wanna get one for free? (like I even need to ask). Check out a contest over at KyleBennett.com, where you might just win that very prize.

"Do We Need Faster Computers?"
There's an article up here called "Do We Need Faster Computers?" which discusses why or why not the public needs faster computers. It also discusses exactly how powerful a computer should be in their "how buff is buff enough?" section.

Help Wanted
New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Hosted Sites Update
We're happy to welcome Ninja Quake2 to our hosted sites family. Here's a cut from the front page:
Ninja Quake II is a mod that adds martial arts attacks and weapons to the world of Quake II. The premise is simple, either you like be the thuggy brustish marine marines who cower behind their heavy weapondry, or you have the guts renounce them, relying on stength, speed, finesse, and steel. No more blasters, rockets, and BFGs, instead you'll have the swords, hammers and axes. To compensate for the lack of blasters and bullets, you'll be given agility, speed, and skill. Take up the challenge, become the ninja...
Wonders Never Cease...
I got my computer back much sooner than I thought I would, so I've been piecing things back together with my new hard drive. If I missed a news item that you sent in, forgive me and feel free to resend it.


Quake2 v3.18 Beta Released
John Cash updated his .plan file to announce that id has released a beta version of the new v3.18 update. Here's a direct link to the file from id's FTP server. He also asks that everyone who tries the beta please read the 3.18_Changes.txt file for more information.


CTF and BFGs
This has nothing to do with news but I figured one of you may know the answer, so I am posting it. Aside from putting a mod on the server, does anyone know what the dmflag is (if there is one) for eliminating BFGs from CTF play? Please email theblitz@Quake2.com if you know the answer. I have read the readme.txt and one does not appear to be listed.