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    Tuesday, September 8, 1998 - Submit News!
    New QuakeStarter Released
    Version 0.62b of QuakeStarter has been released. This new version is mainly a bugfix release which addresses some of the bugs including the map browser, improved setup window, updated bot window, and a nightmare skill option has been added. The QuakeStarter team is also working on a Quake2 cfg creator, and ask that anyone with alias/scripting experience please contact Adion.

    More New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • Solar Eclipse is a new site dedicated to Quake and the Solaris OS, where mod makers can go when they want their mod ported to Solaris, and where the latest Solaris info and files can be found.
    • has announced a new column called The Mighty Times, featuring commentary, editorials, and witticisms.
    • There's a new site here that's just starting up, and is looking for some help too.
    New MessageBoard!
    Our resident messageboard guru, GFKiller, has installed a brand spanking new public messageboard for everyone to enjoy! This one is based off of the same software that Epic Megagames' popular MMboard uses, and it's pretty fancy. Take a couple of minutes to cruise through the new forums we have setup, including a tech forum, programming/editing forum, and a help wanted board!

    CTF Expansion Pack
    Yay, you can stop emailing us for the download link to the new CTF Expansion Pack now :) There's a good description of the pak up here, with a couple screenshots and a lot of info. While the pak itsself isn't available there, you'll be happy to know that has approved it for download, and has made it available to everyone: Thanks to Paul from A World of Quake2 for the download link. Enjoy!

    Quake Demo Analysis Tools
    Some new tools have been released which allow "analysis" of Quake/QW/Quake2 demos. They scan the demo files, and return statistics about the demos, which can be written to text or even HTML format. Some of the info it returns includes kills, deaths, suicides, efficiency, and more for each player, as well as an accurate count of the number of demos, and the name/size of each. There are several other features and functions for these tools, so be sure to check the homepage for more information.

    Weapons Factory v3.1
    Version 3.1 of Weapons Factory has been released. This is a server side only upgrade, featuring new improvements like a more accurate sniper rifle, improved sentry gun interface, a new tranquilizer dart for the spy, and more. There are also NT and Solaris versions now available, with the Linux version planned for release within the next day or two.

    New HyperQuake Released
    Beta 3 of HyperQuake has been released. New features include Eraser bot support, laser trip mines, weapon banning, 7 new maps, and more.

    New Stats Machine
    A new stats machine for LMCTF has been released. This new log parsing/stats generating utility is geared towards LMCTF, but may possibly work on other mods if you want to give it a shot. Check their site for info.

    Modern Warfare Messageboard
    The Modern Warfare team's new messageboard has gone live. They aim to use this board as a point for suggestions and polls about the progress of the mod and what people would like to see happen to it.

    Help Wanted
    • Camper's Anonymous is looking for Programmers, Skinners, and Modelers to help them with their new mod called "Dualfusion." Check the CA page for more details.
    • There's a new TC underway here that's looking for some help.
    • The Final Conflict TC Team is still in need of a modeler, level designer, and sound engineer. Drop them a note if you're interested.
    • A new mod underway with a "team/single game" theme is in need of a good, loyal programmer. If you're interested, you can contact them via email here.
    • "Gater's Swap" is a new mod in need of a programmer, skinner, and modeler.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • The Quakehouse is now open for business, and is currently looking for members. Check out the site as well as their hosting info!
    • is a new online gaming magazine, with in depth reviews at new products being released, to aide gamers planning on purchasing new games or just looking for the latest info and reviews.
    Hosted Sites Update
    We'd like to welcome GIB: Quake II Scenes to our hosted sites family. GIB is dedicated to brining the coolest Quake2 scenes and artwork to the community. Check 'em out!


    Monday, September 7, 1998 - Submit News!
    I Want My CTF!
    And apparently so do you...I have received numerous email regarding the inability to get to (or download) the CTF Expansion Pak that I told you about yesterday. The author of the email said that he was uploading it and that it would be available sometime yesterday from I have checked on the file status several times (just did a few minutes ago), and it is still sitting in /incoming/ waiting to be approved. Guess it must be a holiday weekend or something :) I'll post any news I get regarding the availibility of this addon as soon as I get it.

    Action Quake2: Director's Cut
    The Official Map-Pack of the Action Quake2 mod is now out and can be found at the Action Quake2 Map Depot. This Map-pack was voted "best of the best" by thousands of Action players, and AQ2 server ops are encouraged to download and install this all new high-quality pack.

    Modern Warfare Contest
    The Modern Warfare team has setup yet another a contest for all you loyal fans. All you have to do is be the 20,000 visitor to their site, get a screen capture to prove it, and then email it to VB69er for the chance to win a CD with the Modern Warfare music on it.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    Qdevels now has a new messageboard which is more organized, and already has a few new tutorials. You can find it here.

    Help Wanted
    Campers Anonymous is looking for programmers, skinners, and modelers to assist the current team with a new mod named Dualfusion. A description of the mod can be found at their website.

    Thanks Guys :)
    I'm sending a big "Thanks" to all of our loyal readers who sent me email regarding my little incident with Back Orifice. Blue Smurf sent me some info on ConSeal PC Firewall which allegedly stops network attacks (i.e., viruses, icmp floods, udp floods, nukes, hacks, etc.). There is a 30-day evaluation available at: There is also Back Orifice Plug which can be found at (thanks Evil_Bill). I advise you all to arm's a jungle out here.


    Sunday, September 6, 1998 - Submit News!
    Back In Business
    Yay! It seems like it took forever to find all my data and programs amidst the endless piles of cd's and zip disks. And, ahem, everything is now labelled and catalogued (see, you can teach an old dog new tricks). A very deserved thanks goes out to Bomb, who stepped in for me and did the update yesterday; and also to my honey, Evil_Bill, who called me long distance from the UK to keep me company and offer his support during the restoral process. Anyway, I'm back in business, and apologize to all of you who sent in news prior to today that did not get posted. Resend and I'll post. Oh yeah, thanks for your patience :)

    Battle of the Sexes
    Four new Battle of the Sexes maps have been released: Air Time by LagDaddy, Aberation by Kevorkian, Prison #5a by Starship Pooper, and Frag Fest 2000 by Killer. You can find the full descriptions of the maps, as well as the downloads here.

    New Quake2 CTF Expansion Pak
    Yay! A new CTF Expansion Pak is just now being made available for all of us who are bored to tears with the same old McKinley's Revival thru Final Showdown runthrough. In addition to those 5 classic maps, 9 new additional ones (which will accomodate 24 players comfortably) are included. Along with the 14 levels (and only one has the BFG - woohoo!), there are also some additionals features:
    • improved graphics (from Stecki's CTF project)
    • beefier sounds
    • easy to setup viewable weapons
    • team balancing
    • ID of flag carrier
    • 10 second end of level countdown
    • high score tracking
    • score-protection if you lose your connection then reconnect
    • spectator and chasecam modes
    • anti-spamming safeguards (ignore other players)
    • server can add addtional maps to the map cycle
    This expansion pak is backwards compatible with the original Threewave CTF, and hopefully, servers will soon begin using this pak for more map variety. It should be available today by ftp here...and will be uploaded to more sites within the next few days.

    New Painrift Build
    A new PainRift build 1.01, and upgrade patch for version 1.00 has been made available. This is mainly just a big bug fix release with no major game play changes. You can find the pingtool tab, the gamespy tab, PainRift dll files only (253 Kb), full build, version 1.01 (16,747 Kb), and the patch to upgrade version 1.00 to 1.01(3,332 Kb) on their Downloads page.

    NightHunters Beta 3 Released
    Night Hunters mod Beta 3 has been released and can be found at their new home at This Beta fixes some annoying bugs, as well as offers some new features. This is a deathmatch-based mod which pits the marines against one predator (an anti-strogg robot gone bad). You can now play NightHunters on an additional server located at (sorry, don't know the address of the other one), just make sure you download the mod and its pak files before playing. Also, NightHunters still needs a modeler to help them with the Predator model for the final can send email to or ICQ: 7395683 if you can help.

    Help Wanted
    • The team that is working on the ShadowRun Q2 mod still needs some serious programmers (preferably able to speak/understand French) to help them finish this project. Please check out their site for the full details.
    • The Classic Games Conversion Project is ready to ready to shelve their production of the Doom to Quake 2 TC due to a lack of help. They desparately need help from any modelers, skinners, level designers, and programers who have even an ounce of free time to spare. Lend them a hand if you can...check out their site for more info.

    Saturday, September 5, 1998 - Submit News!
    Slow Going...
    Okay...well, things are just not going the way I planned (do they ever?), and getting my system up and running has not been an easy task given my r/l responsibilities (school, work, kid, blah, blah, blah). Anyway, things are moving along more slowly than I anticipated, so a friend is stepping in to do the news update for me since I can't. So without further ado...take it away Bomb!


    John Cash Updates His .plan
    John Cash updated his .plan file.
    September 04, 1998


    John Cash
    Our Condolences to John Cash and Family
    We here at were saddened to hear the news of the passing of John Cash's mother, and on behalf of our administration and staff, I wish to send our deepest regrets and sympathy to him and his family.

    Quake II Mission Pack: Ground Zero
    Activision has announced that the second Quake II Mission Pack, titled Ground Zero, has gone gold and may possibly be in stores as soon as Saturday, September 12th. Ground Zero features fourteen new single-player levels and 10 new deathmatch arenas, as well as new weapons and monsters.

    Faith CTF Mod Released
    The first version of Faith CTF (the only fully themed CTF Mod) is now available for download. Also, the New Zealand Quake Map Makers Guild has an exclusive review of the Faith CTF Mod. Check it out by clicking here.

    Klan Amish has released a new PAK-file called FONQ. It features 10 new 1-on-1 maps including a makeover of the ever-so-popular Quake level, E1M7. It has many more features such as new sounds, textures and insults. Click here for a direct download.

    Mapping and Skinning Contest
    Generations is having a mapping and skinning contest. If you submit any work, you will receive credit for it, and you may have a chance at winning one of their three prizes. If you're interested please visit the Generations site for complete details.

    Review of Action Quake2!
    The Q2 Depot has re-reviewed the Action Quake2! (v.95) Mod. Check out what they have to say by clicking here.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • Gonz-O-Matic is a brand-new Quake and Quake II DeathMatch site featuring level reviews.

    Friday, September 4, 1998 - Submit News!
    Down Time
    Well kiddies...yesterday morning as I was just finishing up the news update, strange things started occuring on my system. I started seeing my programs disappear one by one and by the time I realized what was going was too late. It seems that somehow, my computer got infected with BO (Back Orifice), and whoever was remotely controlling it decided that simply monitoring what I was doing was not enough. Before I could do much of anything...Windows was gone and I had no operating system. As I try to get the updates done before I leave for school every morning, there wasn't a whole lot I could do until I got back home last night. My system is still not up and running, and I will be working fast and furious to get it together by tomorrow morning (I have a clan match tomorrow night). Anyway, I lost all of the mail that was sent after September 1, so all of you who did send mail after that date will have to resend it. I know this is a pain in the ass, especially with NetGuy away...but there is not a whole lot that can be done about it at this point. I am currently writing this using vi on a UNIX system (my school account), but have no access to the news mail, and have to get my system up and running again. I expect to be able to post again tomorrow morning - I hope! Welp, wish me luck...and oh yeah, be careful what you download ;)


    Thursday, September 3, 1998 - Submit News!
    Gone Fishin'
    Just a note to let everyone know that I've got a family reunion in the great state of Tennessee to attend this weekend, so you won't see any updates from me. If you were planning on emailing me, please hold off until Monday or Tuesday so I can get things back in order when I return. Thanks :)


    Wednesday, September 2, 1998 - Submit News!
    New AirQuake Released
    I saw over on Blue's that version 0.3 of AirQuakeII has been released. New to this version of more planes to choose from, new maps, and combat drones (bots?). Check the page for more detailed information and the files.

    New FreezeTag Mod
    FreezeTag v1.71a has been released. New features include a team_skins setting for servers, improved floating keys, an entirely new scoreboard, as well as the addition of more sounds and more!

    Jailbreak GOLD Released
    The Jailbreak team has released "Jailbreak GOLD", which is a client addon, with 5 new maps, sounds, and graphics. Check their page for more info as well as the downloads.

    Modern Warfare mp3 Plugin
    This is pretty cool. The Modern Warfare team has released mp3 plugin code for their MW mod, which allows people playing the mod to simply type "mp3play filename" and Quake2 will play your mp3 of choice. While I generally don't listen to mp3's when I play, personally, it would still be a pretty good idea if more mod authors included something similar to this in their mods ;)

    National Capture Association
    The National Capture Association is a new league for NQ, QW and Q2 CTF. The NCA is far different from any other league in that it takes the theme of a Professional sports league and adapts it to Quake. Every clan signed up will choose a "Home" server. A schedule will be posted and your clan will be required to play both home and road games. More info can be found at: or on irc @ #nca.
    Help Wanted
    • 3D Rage is looking for a news person to cover their morning news hours, check the site if you're interested.
    • The "Warhammer 40.000 'Final Conflict'" TC team is looking for several positions to be filled. If you're interested you can contact them here.
    • The Checmical Existance TC is in desperate need of manpower, after losing several team members. If you can help in any way, check their page.
    • The Speedball TC needs all kinds of help in just about every position.
    • The new Assimilation mod team is looking for someone to host an Assimilation server. If you can help them out contact WarZone (the guy, not the website) on GamesNet in #assimilation.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • HMS:RiGoRmOrTiS has been totally redone and has added 2 new demo sections.
    • The Impulse98 website is now up and running. This is the sequel to Impulse97, Australia's most prestigious annual PC Gaming event.
    • Quetiquette is a new site that covers the strategy aspect of Quake2 from a sportsmanship point of view.

    Tuesday, September 1, 1998 - Submit News!
    New Tectonic Releases
    New versions of Tectonic (v. 2.03) and TecTray (v. 0.6) have been released on the Tectonic page. TecTray now supports the Tectonic client, Quakelauncher, and Sincest).

    Assimilation Mod Released
    Assimilation: Resistance is Futile has been released. I don't really know how to describe it ;) so I'll just include a clip from the readme.txt file:
    You assimilate an enemy by killing him any way necessary. Upon death, the player's essence is converted to your team color and joins the battle for your team. Each time you assimilate someone, they are placed in your chain of command. If a player in under your command earns a kill, you recieve a bonus point, and that newly assimilated player is added to your chain of command as well.
    Demoplay Patch Released
    A patch for Demoplay has been released, bringing the mod to version 2.11. This patch adds the ability to play QW 2.29beta and 2.30 demos.

    New BotJohnny Alpha
    An alpha version of BotJohnny has been released. This is a release for bug testing purposes only, but it still has an enormous list of changes and fixes (WAY too many to list here). For the changelist and the client files, check out the BotJohnny site.

    New TiggerDawg Film
    TiggerDawg from Portals has released a new Quake2 movie entitled "LOCOQUAKETION". This one is much longer than his last piece (the Grenade-BFG jump flick), weighing in at 3 minutes long and sporting a 3-song soundtrack!

    PainRift Release Today
    PainRift will be released tonight, at the IRC party they're holding on in #painrift. The festivities start at 9 PM EDT (-0400 GMT).

    Modern Warfare Release Date
    The Modern Warfare team has announced the release date of their upcoming MOD to be October 1, exactly one month from today. Check their site for more info as well as a chance to join their beta-testing contest.

    Help Wanted
    • Pluvius is looking for someone to help him with his new TC "Final Conflict." He currently needs a programmer, skinner, sound engineer, modeler, and texture artist.
    • is looking for 3 news reporters, 2 file reviewers, and other types to aid them with their move.
    • Erased is looking for people to do several kinds of reviews, if you're intersted email Pestilence for more info.
    Hosted Sites Update
    We have 2, count 'em 2, new hosted sites!
    • Camper's Anonymous: Quake2 Tactics and Hints is a brand spanking new site with a ton of tactics for multiplayer games, clan games, camping, and more. Check 'em out!
    • Also new to the family is The ASYLUM. The ASYLUM specializes in map review, with an emphasis on detail. Definitely worth a look for the map fanatic.

    Monday, August 31, 1998 - Submit News!
    New Zaero Screenshots
    Sgt. Hulka at Team Evolve has made available some brand new screenshots from the "Zaero" mission pack which should be released sometime next month. Although these screenshots are not too terribly revealing, they are still intriguing enough to make me want to check out the full game. You can check them out here. Bids Farewell
    We received sad news today that Quake HeadQuarters has decided to shut down. You can find the full details of their closure here. We bid them a fond farewell :(

    VWep Site Update
    The VWep site has been updated for the first time in a few months and is offering code examples for 3.15+ compatible VWep code. (Hey, does the CTF VWep work yet?)

    Help Wanted
    The WARHAMMER 40.000 TC team is searching for a programmer, skinner, modeler, texturer, and sound person to help get this TC underway. If you are interested in being a part of this team, contact Pluvius.


    Sunday, August 30, 1998 - Submit News!
    Interview With John Romero
    John Romero has granted Planet Riva an exclusive interview in which he discusses his upcoming new game, Daikatana, as well as several other subjects including his mentors, and his new company ION Storm. You can check out this very informative interview with one of the gaming industry's biggest legends here.

    The Frag 2 Contest
    Yup, it's that time of year again...time for the fragfest galore known as The Frag 2. This year, The Frag 2 event will be held October 30 thru November 1st, and is being hosted by Babbages Software

    The event will host an official CPL Quake2 one-on-one Tournament with many prizes, including $15,000 in cash. In addition, FRAG 2 will host an All-Star Doom2 one-on-one Competition (more details coming soon). Other competitions that will take place at the event include Quake and Unreal.
    Several other attractions to take place at FRAG 2, include:
    • A contest for the best costume worn on the Halloween evening
    • Celebration of the Cyberathlete Professional League 1st anniversary
    • Birthday party for the CPL Chairman, John Romero
    • Workshops and Conferences performed by several game developers
    For more information on Registration, the breakdown of cash prizes to be awarded in the Quake 2 Tournament, and how to give your input on which maps should be played in the one-on-one tourney, go here.

    Clan Steel Maelstrom Contest
    Clan Steel Maelstrom has announced a new contest: "The SMS Qoole Gigadeth Giveaway" in an effort to find a new model/skin to play with. They are giving away some cool prizes: a copy of the Quantum Rage "Songs for DeathMatch" CD AND a copy of a Qoole (version 2.0) CD-ROM for the first place winner, as well as an additional copy of the Qoole CD-ROM for the second place winner. For more info and contest rules, go here.

    Urban CTF Documentation Updated
    Although the mod has not quite been released yet, you can find updated documentation giving a detailed description of Urban CTF and its features here.

    Action Quake/Maps Review
    You can find a review of Action Quake and all of the maps in the first map pack at the Q2 Depo.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    The Gaia Project has been recently redesigned, and you can check out their new look here. They would also like to get some community input regarding interest in an IRC Deathmatchmaker2 channel on the tell 'em how you feel ;)

    Hosted Sites News
    • TopGun has posted the scores from the Championship round, and is still looking for signups for the Clan Tournaments. Go check out the scores, and signup for the Tourney, and check out their new site design while you're there.
    • One of our hosted sites, Serial Killers really needs your help with their Cops vs. Serial Killers type TC for Quake 2. They desperately need some programmers, as well as some dedicated new members to help them get the project back on track again. If you have the skills, the desire, and the dedication it takes to see this project through to the end...please stop by their site for more details. It would be a shame to see this project get shelved.

    Saturday, August 29, 1998 - Submit News!
    Zoid Has Updated His .plan
    Zoid has updated his .plan file. Zoid had this to say:
    Aug 28th/1998

    QuakeWorld 2.30 Release
    The long awaited Quakeworld version 2.30 has been released. Head over to for download information. The main archive for QuakeWorld can be found at

    2.30 doesn't introduce a lot of new features over 2.29 (the most notable is the packet loss meter on the scoreboard), but mostly consists of "behind the scenes" fixes from the 2.29 BETA.

    All servers should upgrade to 2.30. This will end the current situation of 2.1, 2.21 and 2.29 server differences. The 2.30 version covers all the bases and offers all the functionality of the previous versions.

    Assuming that no major bugs show up in this 2.30 release (one can only hope murphy doesn't rear his ugly head), this will probably be the last QuakeWorld release. QuakeWorld has been an amazing project from John Carmack's early origins, to over a year of tweaking at Jack 'morbid' Mathews and my hands. It is one of the most complete and best first person internet gaming experience available today. It's been a pleasure working on it and keeping in contact and participating with the thousands of players. Thanks to all for your feedback and requests in helping me build a great product.
    /// Zoid.
    PC Gamer Online's New Level Paradise
    Marking the beginning of some format changes at PC Gamer Online, yesterday their Daily Demo area was replaced with their new section, Coconut Monkey's Level Paradise. This area currently holds the best Quake, Quake II, and Unreal single and multi-player levels, but will soon expand to include such games as Myth, Total Annihilation, StarCraft, and many more.

    PC Gamer has also hired two highly respected members of the Quake community to review and select the levels that will appear in Level Paradise: Brian Bland of Planetquake's Ramshackle, and's very own Paul Taylor of AWOQ2. To coincide with the launching of this new area, PC Gamer has created a new "PC Gamer Instant Classic" award, which will be given to authors who have created exceptional levels. Be sure to check out Coconut Monkey's Level Paradise.

    New Bot Epidemic Poll
    There is a new poll up at the Bot Epidemic site entitled "What is your opinion of Proxy/Aimbots?" If you have strong opinions about bot use/abuse, here is your chance to express them by taking part in this poll (I did...damn spawns of Satan!). This poll expires in 4 more days though, so better make it snappy :)

    New Screen Shot Tutorial
    For all you Quake art fans, PaK-RaT has come up with a tutorial on how to clean up screen shots utilizing the tools in PhotoShop. You can find this and much more at his 3DPalette.Com site.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    The No Frills Quake Mods Page has been updated to include some information on the Crystal Conflicts mod, which recently won third place in the PC Gamer Quake 2 mods contest. Also, if you are into playing TagYerIt, you can find information on a new server here, as well.



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