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Monday, August 10, 1998 - Submit News!
TF-Type Mod from WeaponsFactory
The WeaponsFactory has updated the progress on their 9-class Team Fortress type mod. They've made several adjustments and tweaks, and mention a new pak planned to be released with several maps. Check out their page for more details and info as the mod nears completion!

LMCTF Server Upgrade Available
There's a server upgrade for LMCTF available, for servers running version 4.1. Thanks DBS.

RailGun Tournament
Clan [KR] is holding a Railgun Tourney which is open to the public. Basically it's a challenge to see who is the best with the railgun during deathmatch. There are 10 people signed up already so if you're interested drop by their site.

Help Wanted
New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Hosted Sites Update
The TopGun team has posted the final list of members for their upcoming tournament. They have also brought their server back online and have secured another server to be used for the tourney as well. Check their page for details!


Sunday, August 9, 1998 - Submit News!
BH-SiteZ Ver. 3 Released For Quake2
You can now download the latest version of the largest crosshair mod for Quake 2, BH-SiteZ Ver. 3, from here. This version includes many updates including: 2 new crosshair types, quick paks with size and type examples, all sites zeroed in for center hand, and a grand total of 96 crosshairs.

Stroggos News
Rohan of the ROS site has been working on making some fog entities, and will be posting information on how to code fog into QII soon. Go visit his web site for more details.

New Quake 2 Script
Blaze of 3D Scene has made a new script for Quake 2 and is looking for feedback on it. Go visit his site for more info.

Tournament News
The TLG Qualifications begin today. The pre-season goes from Aug. 9th. through Sept. 4th., has both HPB and LPB divisions, and is free for all players. For more information, go here: http://tlgt.hypermart.net.

LM TE Map Previews
If you are interested in checking out the new LM TE maps, head over to CTF Central. These in-depth overviews of the maps also offer tips for both offense and defense.

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Saturdy, August 8, 1998 - Submit News!
Server Upgrade for Loki's Minions Tournament Edition
LMTE server upgrade 4.1 is now available for download here. Overflows, annoying grapple sounds, erratic chasecam toggles and other bugs were fixed.

More LM News...
Mplayer will be joining Loki's Minions in giving away two new Voodoo2 cards in an upcoming contest(s)...we'll bring you the details as soon as we get them. Also, the online game service, TEN, now has their LMCTF servers up and running.

GameSpy Programmer Positions Open
GameSpy is expanding, and needs additional programmers to help with GameSpy 3D and some new projects related to GameSpy. Currently they're looking for: Full details are available at http://www.gamespy.com/jobs.

Rocket Bot 0715 Is Available
The latest version of Rocket Bot ( Version 0715 ) is now available for download here. Some of RocketBot's new features include: random spawning of players and bots from different map locations, the introduction of Teamplay, and bots that no longer fire at you during Countdown, as well as other fixes.

QuakeLogin 0.90 Is Out
QuakeLogin 0.90 is out now, and is almost complete. The server lookup section isn't quite finished yet, but a .dll will soon be added to do the lookups. The new 0.90 version will allow you to run QuakeLogin from any directory now, not just your Quake 2 directory (it puts the options you selected into Windows registry). QuakeLogin 0.90, along with more details, can be found at http://qlogin.quake2.co.uk.

TopGun Tournament
This is the LAST weekend you can sign up for the TopGun Tournament so be sure to go to http://www.quake2.com/topgun today and sign up! Also, their server is going through some optimizing procedures for the tournament and will be down for next couple of days.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers Help Wanted
A Personal Note...
Hey folks, I wanted to let you know that because I live on the West Coast, and have a wierd schedule, it's not always possible for me to provide you East Coast people with an early morning update. However, my r/l schedule looks as if it will be changing in the next couple of weeks and I may be able to do them earlier. We try to provide you with all the latest news as soon as it comes in...but hey, stuff happens and it isn't always possible. Anyway...we at Quake2.com wish to thank you for making us one of the best Quake 2 news sites!


Friday, August 7, 1998 - Submit News!
Todd Hollenshead Updated His .plan
Todd Hollenshead has updated his .plan file. This is what he had to say:

Warning: Upcoming shameless plug for a business partner of ours!

Anyone interested in Quake or Quake II keychains, money clips, necklaces, pins, or basically anything cool that can be made out of metal (within reason) should check out www.qvt.com. Those guys are huge Quake/Quake II fans and do Quake jewelry in their spare time. The quality is really nice and the stuff is affordable, too. They do custom stuff (including silver and gold) so you can get something personalized for your girl/boyfriend, husband, wife, clanmates, whatever. It's definitely worth checking out.

Oh, I also hear that if you're having a tournament with at least 250 people, they'll send you a cool plaque for no charge (you have to inquire with those guys about all of the details).
EX CTF PAK has been released and can be found at http://studwww.rug.ac.be/~sdelrue/exctfpak.html. This levelpack contains 4 new CTF2-levels and some new textures.

Quake2 Battleground v1.03a
Version 1.03a of the popular teamplay mod Quake2 Battleground has been released at http://www.ogl.org/battle.

Don't Get Fragged While Talking!
Sick of being fragged while typing a message in DM? We all know there is always gonna be some idjit who is gonna frag yer ass regardless, but maybe they will show some mercy if they know you are typing (maybe not!). Paul Bowlay has come up with a pretty clever little proggie called the "Typing Model" which automatically changes your skin to a male/grunt which is all-white with a red "Don't Shoot Me!" circle and a black blindfold when you press T. This lets others know that you're typing and that you don't intend (and can't) do them any harm. It will automatically change you back to your previous model when you start walking forward again! :) This is all done in the background, very seamlessly, so you won't even know you're switching models when you type. Download the model and installation instructions from his site which can be found here: http://members.tripod.com/~bowlay. Uh, Paul? Can we get a female skin, too?

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Thursday, August 6, 1998 - Submit News!
PC Gamer Voodoo2 Contest
News on a cool Voodoo2 contest from PC Gamer:
Brisbane, CA--August 5, 1998--PC Gamer, the world's best selling PC games magazine, is proud to announce the "Fancy Man to the Rescue" Contest. One lucky winner will receive a brand-new Voodoo 2 video card and a bundle of games. And since installing new computer components can be a pain, PC Gamer will fly Technical Editor Greg Vederman to your house, so he can install the card for you!

For full information, including contest rules, visit PC Gamer Online at: http://www.pcgamer.com
Frogbot Editor v1.8 Released
Version 1.8 of the Frogbot Editor has been released. New features include option file associations, an added options window for quick-configuring, improved keyboard handling with hotkeys, tabs, etc, and more. Here's the direct link to the new editor.

Quake Rally 2 Announced
Team Hostile has announced that they will be developing QuakeRally 2, the sequel to Team Impact's way cool mod, QuakeRally. Some of the features planned for QR2 include single player racing against bots and multiplayer deathmatch racing, with standard and destruction derby modes!

CtC Interview
Network Gaming Site has an interview with the Catch the Chicken II crew posted.

Clan Server Available
The LMCTF team sent out word of a pretty cool service to the clan community. If your clan does not have a server to call your own, and need a server for a match, contact Dave and he'll hook you up. Servers are temporarily customizeable by the clan members using the LMCTF TE referree password mode. Cool huh?

World Quake League
The World Quake League August 98 Open Quake2 Tournament has been reduced to a field 100 players, so be sure to get your name in as a competitor ASAP before they fill up!

Help Wanted
New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Hosted Sites Update
Serial Killers is a brand new hosted site here at Quake2.com who is developing a "Cops and Killers" type mod. They're also looking for people to join their team, so if you're interested, go check 'em out!


Wednesday, August 5, 1998 - Submit News!
Crusher md2 Viewer Released
Crusher md2 Viewer for Q2 has been released, which allows you to view Quake2 model files without requiring a 3D API like DirectX or OpenGL to be installed. Along with this binary release comes the source code as well, which is also available here.

Control It All for Q2
Version 1.19 of Control it All for Quake2 has been released. Control it All is a program that allows you to tweak your Voodoo and/or Voodoo2, make autoexec.cfg/config.cfg/alias.cfg files, and more.

New Catch the Chicken
Catch the Chicken version 1.4 has been released. Check the page for details and changes.

Alien Annihilation TC Released
Alien Annihilation for Quake2 has been released. This TC combines humans and aliens together (kind of like TF), to kill the Alien Queen. Featured weapons include a light machinegun, sniper rifle, gibgun, and more!

Starfighter Quake Release Tonight
Tonight at 20:00 CET, the Starfighter Quake Team will be releasing their Quake mod. Check their page for details!

DirectX 6 for Win98
The link we gave yesterday for DirectX 6.0 was for Win95 PC's only. Those of you who have taken the plunge into Win98 will need to grab the core DX6 components here.

GameStats Competition
GameStats is haveing a contest where the prizes are a couple of those 3D-card model kits from Cybermodels, featuring the Quake Marines!

Sumaleth Interview
An interview with Rowan "Sumaleth" Crawford of Team Impact is up at this site (english version).

Help Wanted
New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

Tuesday, August 4, 1998 - Submit News!
DirectX 6.0 Is Out!
Yep, that's right...DirectX 6.0 is now available here: http://www.microsoft.com/msdownload/directx/dxf/enduser6.0/dx6eng.asp.

Balance of Power v0.92 Released
Balance of Power v0.92 has been released and is available for download. Those of you who are running servers, now have your choice of the following mods with BoP support added (all of them for Win32 and Linux): There is more info available at http://www.planetquake.com/bop.

Grenade-BFG Jumping? Check Out This New Quake 2 Movie!
TiggerDawg of PORTALS has a cool Quake 2 movie using KeyGrip2 which shows him Grenade/BFG jumping from the bottom of "The Edge" to the top. Hard to believe? Just go check it out at http://www.planetquake.com/portals/stuff/grenbfg.zip.

Rocket Arena BotDownload
There is a new Rocket Arena Bot with lots of neat features available for download at http://www.planetquake.com/arena.

The UK LAN Party League
If you are interested in playing Quake 2 duels across the Internet and winning great prizes, then head on over to http://www.lanparty.co.uk/league to sign up. The first season begins now and will run through the end of August. It is free to enter, and you will have the chance of winning a brand new AMD K6-2 motherboard and processor.

Expert CTF Audio Is Out
MisH team audio for Expert CTF version 1.0 is out. You can get the client and server files at http://users.nac.net/radfaraf/mishta.

TLG Quake 2 Tournament
The Loudest Gun (TLG) has just announced a Quake 2 tournament. Pre-season is Aug. 9th through Aug. 23rd, and the season registration starts on Aug.9th. They are accepting up to 200 applications. Their website is at http://tlgt.hypermart.net.

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