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Thursday, September 18, 1997
Corridor 9 - Dyno
There's a new 3D game in developement, Corridor 9. Go there and check out some of the screen shots, it looks quite interesting.

AVault Poll - Slipgate
Adrenaline Vault is having a poll to see which 3d game is most being looked forward to. Jedi Knight and Quake 2 are the top two so far as of this writing, run over and cast your vote. Thanks Hanif.

Error - Slipgate
Dyno accidentally updated about things I had already updated about, writing over my updates, due to a small lack of communication. Things are restored now and the updates unique to him are still here. Sorry about that, folks.

Links Page Updated - Dyno
Headline says it all, the links page was updated, barely. Remember, if you want a link, all you gotta do is ask!

Radiosity in Quake 1? - Slipgate
Got this e-mail from madcow:

Hi, my name is Anthony "madcow" Cowley. I've been working on a number of TC's recently, namely Terra 219. I've made a replacement for light.exe that implements radiosity based lighting with limited colored lighting effects too. I've also begun work on my own 3d engine. The new site is I'd appreciate you checking it out, and mentioning it on your site.

Brian Hook .plan updates - Slipgate
Brian Hook added two notes to his .plan, quoted below:

September 18, 1997 (late day, part 4)

John came in here and clarified that all of our code is 64-bit pointer safe and "just works" on systems with 64-bit default pointer sizes.

September 18, 1997 (late day, part 3)

A few clarifications and corrections:

1. Actually, the code dump we're giving out is NOT to licensees, it's to folks like Zoid who are trying to help us get Quake2 out the door. I was confused on this one, and my apologies to anyone who read that and freaked out.

2. We use GDI for windowed rendering since it's a very safe fallback -- there is no guarantee that DDraw is functional, even if installed, on someone's system.

3. We don't use typedefs for things like char, int, etc. because we're not porting between platforms with different fundamental type sizes. Every platform we work on uses 32-integers, 16-bit shorts, 8-bit chars, and 32-bit pointers. Sure, it would be a little cleaner and nicer in the future if did:

typedef char qchar_t;
typedef int qint_t;
// etc. etc.

But that's not the way Quake is structured right now.
Paul Steed contest info - Slipgate
Paul Steed updated his .plan today with clarification about the contest:

Contest clarification:

1. Only women can be dressed up like the crackwhore model
2. The Crackwhore Clan is cool with this contest and is willing to help me judge the final entries and pick out one of the prizes (if they don't win that is)
3. I encourage all you Quake chicks to enter
4. This is not a thinly veiled attempt to get some pics of beautiful and/or scantily clad women - it's an entirely BLATANT attempt to get some pics of beautiful and/or scantily clad women
5. I want to reiterate that absolutely no pics of miners will be accepted
6. The Crackwhore that is to be copied is not the female monster version, just the red-haired, biker hat model

C'mon, c'mon! Holloween isn't too far away, let's get those sewing machines a hummin' and those pics a comin'! WhooHoo!

He updated again later on to add:

Umm. I was trying to be funny with points #4 and #5 in my post earlier. If you have read my posts before then you should realize by now that aside from my authentically wrong usage of "illicit" instead of "elicit" in an earlier post, my command of the English language is pretty decent. Misspellings are intentional as are any facetious, asinine or otherwise smart-ass statements in my plan. I appreciate the attention, though. Now go get that PICTURE!

ps - Slipgate
Got a banner for the sites page from the DLL guys, and also got this letter:

We've added a new Lesson, plus have made some new additions and links. We aim to finish our C and C++ tutorials by the time Quake II is released, and then be able to start straight away on the "good stuff". :)
Brian Hook .plan updates - Slipgate
Brian Hook put a copy of the documentation he's including in the Q2 code dump for licensees in his .plan (very long) and made this second update later on:

So we got these new drivers for the PowerVR PCX2 and, uh, like, they rock.

The PCX2 is easily the no-brainer purchase for GLQuake for the price. The triple buffering really makes a difference, and their performance is really really good, we're getting 29.1 fps WITH 24-BIT COLOR. No weird dithering artifacts. No tearing.

There are some glitches with its filtering, but hopefully that will be resolved soon enough.

Oh, and the new driver seems to sorta-kinda work with Quake2. There are some visual glitches, but other than that it's pretty damn fast, possibly faster than Voodoo in many areas.
Disruptor .plan update - Slipgate
Disruptor updated his .plan with gleeful news on the first boss monster, check it out:

Remember way back when you first saw the Cyberdemon in DOOM and shit your pants?

Paul Steed just handed me the charachter frame sheet for the first boss you encounter in Quake II. I'm overjoyed! I'll be busy getting his frames into the game right after I finish this update, and I'll test him out in his level later this morning (Read: I'm not going to sleep until I have him running around in the level =)

I think you all are going to learn to hate me after you face the first boss in his level =) I went completely nuts designing the level and it's stats are 1067 brushes and *1878 ENTITIES!* Yep =) More entities than brushes.

You'll just have to wait and see why =)

American brought in the first batch of the sound effects he concocted for Q2 and we're busy sprucing up our maps with ambience and adding sounds to moving machinery. It's really starting to feel like a complete world.

One of the nice things about Q2, is that trains can now trigger events when they hit path_corners (John Cash is our hero. Really!), so for one of the water pumps in one of my maps, I made it play a sloshing sound every time the pump was in it's extended position. It really makes a big difference.

Oh well, enough rambling for now. Back to work.
Tokay's contest - Slipgate
Walter |2| Costinak made a fantastic entry in Tokay's Quake 2 contest.

PC Gamer stuff - Slipgate
I almost missed this, Prestige of The Sentinel read through the October PC Gamer article and summarized some of the salient pieces of information:

  • There will be cutscenes during the game play that will pop up from time to time.
  • Death sequence will be more intense. (ie. Infantry will loose his head after been shot few times and will shoot aimlessly for awhile before dropping to the ground, where flies will buzz over the corpse. If you continue shoot at the corpse, it will blow up into pieces).
  • rotating brushes allow moving platforms, and monsters to get caught in rotating blades and get shredded.
  • You can also blow monster away, and they can fall into lava and etc.
  • Quake 2 does not use player prediction in QuakeWorld, for flexibility reasons.
  • CTF will come with the Quake 2 package.

    Prestige e-mailed John Carmack about the cutscenes, his letter is in light blue and Carmack's reply in light yellow:

    Hi, I just recently bought the October issue of PC Gamer, and from what I read, it said there will be cutscenes in Quake 2 that pops up from time to time. Since Quake 2 only need the CD in the CD-ROM to start with, do you need it in the drive when cutscenes comes up, or are the scenes copied directly to the hard drive when you first install it?

    You will be able to install it either way.

    John Carmack
    Wednesday, September 17, 1997
    sNeAk'S NEWS news - Slipgate
    sNeAk'S NEWS, a Quake 2 and Duke Nukem Forever site, is back and has been updated with all the news Steve Silva missed before.

    D3D Quake map viewer part 2 - Slipgate
    Well, 3 people e-mailed me. Basically, RTFM error. I put the files (INI and all) in my Windows directory and tried again, and now it starts but immediately crashes upon starting. Some have gotten it working but say it isn't all that great. BTW, for those who don't know what RTFM means, it means Read The <beep> Manual. Anyways, thanks to Bruno Montanier, Steven Powell, and Tal Saron (Tal requested that his e-mail addy not be put up to avoid getting on spam mailing lists, and I decided to extend that service to the other two as well). Thanks to those guys, I know what my error was..... now to find out what this error I'm getting now is (Tal gets this error also, apparently).

    John Cash .plan update - Slipgate
    Quake 2 is going well according to John Cash. I saw this and was writing this update when I got a mail about it from Juju, thanks to him for mailing me all the same. Here's a relevant part to his latest .plan update:

    Work, work, work. We're in the home stretch. New features are now officially a no-no (translation: it had better be a great idea at this point). The programming "to do" list fits on one ream of paper now ;-) Really only a couple of things left to implement and then we get to spend the rest of the time until release in bug fix land. Happy, happy, joy, joy. I got loopy the other night and added in ladders; kinda fun.
    Paul Steed's contest - Slipgate
    Paul Steed has begun his own Quake 2 contest. Thanks to [TE]VorpalKreep, Mister Mr., and Juju (who mailed me as I wrote this update) for letting me know. Here's the scoop:

    I've decided if Tokay can have a contest then so can I. I want to launch a Q2/Steed Crackwhore contest. The rules are simple:

    1. Send me a picture of someone dressed up like the Q2 Crackwhore model based on the spec sheet I sent to Redwood which is posted on his site.
    2. The winner would be the picture which I feel is the closest representation of the model and her animations.
    3. The prizes include a signed copy of Quake2, a cool Q2 shirt, and some Victoria Secret lingerie picked out by yours truly.
    4. Pics can be e-mailed or sent to me via regular mail at:

    id Software
    18601 LBJ Fwy, Ste. 666
    Mesquite, Tx 75150

    5. No pics of anyone under 18, please.
    6. Contest ends the day the game ships.
    7. The Crackwhore clan isn't involved or responsible for this (unless they want to be).

    Really. I'll post something of substance soon. I swear!

    Brian Hook .plan update - Slipgate
    Brian Hook made a short (yet always technical) .plan update. Thanks to
    Rotwang. Here you go:

    September 17, 1997

    A couple folks pointed out that the WINAPI calling convention is only PASCAL under Win16. Under Win32 it's defined as __stdcall, which is some really weird and bizarre calling convention that confuses me so much I won't bother trying to explain its parameter passing and stack cleanup conventions.

    Ran GLQuake for the Macintosh on a 7600/120 with the 3Dfx Voodoo-based Power3D board from Techworks and got a TIMEDEMO DEMO1 of 21.2fps. Not bad.
    GeorgeB - Slipgate
    George Broussard's interview (by the folks who did the Brian Hook and Redwood interviews) is this Friday, I'm supporting it (hence the banner). Next Friday (the 26th) they'll be interviewing me. Anyways, submit questions to George (and to me) by clicking on the banner above to go to the site.

    Direct 3D Quake? - Slipgate
    Umm, hmm..... this was, shall I say, interesting? Tom Condor has found on the Microsoft website a DirectX program to let you walk around in Quake levels using a DirectX coded viewer and the default Quake keys. Go to the DirectX website and go to the whats new: sample our wares section. I was going to test this thing's performance by benchmarking it against WinQuake on my system and reporting the results and my system specs, but I can't get it to run. When I try to, it says it can't find the Quake path. When I edit the INI file to my correct Quake path, I still get that error. Oh well.

    Quake 2 Press News redux - Slipgate
    Forgot to include the link before.

    Quake 2 Press News - Slipgate
    The Quake 2 Press has redesigned with a new no frames layout. Also, the name contest ended short because they decided they liked and wanted to keep the name Quake 2 Press. However they will still award the person who would have won. The lucky winner will be announced tomorrow. Thanks Prophet and Lag.

    Green ribbon campaign news - Slipgate
    The Quake Community Green Ribbon campaign is now collecting the addresses of sites that are supporting the campaign (such as this one, Redwood's, Crash's, and any others). Go check it out. I saw this before, but my buddy Crash (of Single Player Quake and DOOM 2 Requiem fame) reminded me to mention it :).

    Tuesday, September 16, 1997
    Quake 2 conversions - Slipgate
    The Hidden is a Quake 2 partial conversion in planning (thanks Tin's Quake 2 Nutshell). Also, a Quake 2 TC called Paradise Lost can be found here.

    Brian Hook interview - Slipgate
    Voodoo Extreme has an exclusive new Brian Hook interview. Check it out. Thanks to the man, Prophet, and to yet another man, Billy Wilson :).

    3Dx Quake 2 site redesign - Slipgate
    The Quake 2 News Central site at 3Dx has had a major redesign, courtesy of Tin of Tin's Quake 2 Nutshell (who also did our current logo, though its soon to change).

    Also, they are hosting an Unreal site called the Demilitarized Zone too.

    Maps site - Slipgate
    I mentioned this Quake 2 maps site (first and only, currently) before but since Prophet mailed me about it (thanks dude) I decided to mention it again.

    Screenshot - Slipgate
    The Gamesdomain article mentioned before did in fact not have a new screenshot, it was an old one from PC Games. Thanks Tanus.

    Rocket Jumping in Quake 2 - Slipgate
    Hanif forwarded me an e-mail he exchanged with Disruptor of id Software about rocket jumping. The light blue/purplish text is what Hanif wrote, and the light yellow text is Disruptor's response.

    I have a small question which I am sure many people will find interesting. According to all the screenshots in Quake2, the weapon is being held in the righter side. In Quake,the rocket was directly in front so Rocket Jumps just simple ones were easy to do.But in Quake2 the weapon is not right in the front, will we have to aim to the right or something to Rocket Jump or Missile Jump or whatever? Or will the jum will be the same as Quake? Becuase physically I can not aim the gun from the right and rocket jump forward. I would appreciate a reply.

    Rocket jumping should be mostly the same. The weapon placement toward the right will have no bearing on your rocket jumping orientation.

    200,000 achieved - Slipgate
    Wow... 200,000 hits later, I'm still alive and kicking. This is of course a surprise to me..... I thought I'd be dead and gone by now :). Just kidding. I really appreciate Brian Grant sending me his screenshot of the hit, but unfortunately we aren't awarding a free copy of Quake 2 to #200,000 :). Sorry Brian. However, never underestimate what may happen in the future. Thanks to you all who have visited this site and helped us. Here's to #1000000 being in the near future.

    Quake 2 kickoff party - Slipgate
    little while back, I mentioned an attempt at a kickoff LAN party for Quake 2 where he already had some equipment but he needed more, and he needed sponsors, etc. Well, Basher has sent us another e-mail now:

    We have a 3com backbone and 2-3 servers from microdirect (they're awesome) so now we need some sponsors willing to give up some money.. and we need a good name.. So hey what better way to find a name then ask the quake me out guys..:)
    Report & new screenshot? - Slipgate
    Thanks to
    Brian Short for letting us know about this GamesDomain thing which mentions Quake 2 (go to the page, click on the Dark Reign link, and scroll down). It offers a screenshot of Quake 2 that possibly may be new, which is something I will be determining now. Update: It's not a new Quake 2 screnshot. Thanks Tanus.

    I am not on crack! - Slipgate
    Well.... looks like when I quoted the Brian Hook .plan update before (which was from a telnet terminal, so I had output the finger output to a file and then "included" the file), I accidentally left the rest of the finger somewhere in my news ;). Namely, the Hexen 2 mention yesterday. It's corrected now, and I'm also in therapy, to boot. Just kidding. Anyways, it's fixed. Thanks to Rotwang and Prodigy for alerting me that Houston did in fact have a problem.

    Brian Hook .plan update - Slipgate
    Brian Hook made a lengthy technical update about problems when calling functions. Here it is:

    September 16, 1997

    The coding lesson for today:

    When creating a function pointer, use the definition in the header file, NOT the definition in the help file.

    Since we can't assume the existence of DDRAW.DLL on a system, we do the following:


    ddcp = ( DDRAWCREATEPTR ) GetProcAddress( hinstDDRAW, "DirectDrawCreate");

    Then we call "ddcp" later.

    This worked fine in the debug build, but when I did a release build all of a sudden I was jumping to address 0x00000000 when I returned from the routine that called "ddcp".

    This usually means that your stack is being hosed, so I isolated which routine was hosing the stack, and it happened to be the call to "ddcp". Hmmm. I played around with it some, and I thought that maybe I casted the DDRAWCREATEPTR to an incorrect value.

    So I load help, and it says that DirectDrawCreate is:

    HRESULT DirectDrawCreate( LPGUID FAR *, LPDIRECTDRAW FAR *, IUnknown FAR * );

    I looked at "ddcp", and it was the same thing.


    So on a hunch I look in DDRAW.H, and the function prototype was _almost_ the same:


    Well now, that's interesting! WINAPI means "use the Windows API calling convention", which is NOT the standard C calling convention -- it's actually a PASCAL calling convention! For those of you who don't know the difference, the main differences are ordering of parameters (left-to-right vs. right-to-left) and who is responsible for cleaning up the stack (caller or callee).

    Funny enough, the parameter ordering wasn't causing a problem because my parameters were NULL,&lpDD,NULL, so reversing the order didn't cause any problems. This is why it worked in the debug build and even in the release build. However, the issue of stack cleanup somehow became problematic in the release build, resulting in my return address getting clobbered.

    By changing the function prototype to include the WINAPI calling convention everything just magically started working. *sigh*


    On Win95, from a 16-bit desktop, when switching to an 8-bit fullscreen mode, I get a failure when trying to create the primary buffer. On NT 4 this seems to work fine. This is with two different drivers.
    Monday, September 15, 1997
    Screenshots - Slipgate
    I've added a shot Dan "The Gibster" McNamee sent me some time back and "last Friday's" PC Gamer shot of day. Also, according to the PC Gamer page, they've been doing this for 3 weeks now, so they'll slow down at this point. Now they will do a new shot every Friday (once a week), which is a much calmer pace :). Anyways, to the
    screenshots area you go!

    Links - Slipgate
    The links section is under work..... never fear, we will update links and remove the dead links. But that's Dyno's job :).

    Hexen 2 (last mention here) - Slipgate
    I finally got to purchase a registered copy of Hexen 2 today. The CD versions of what I always only heard as MIDI, and everything else, is quite stunning. This game is fabulous, and definitely would be enjoyed by the real Heretic and Hexen fans. I'm having fun with it. That's the last time I'll mention Hexen 2 on this site. It rocks.

    Tokay's Quake 2 contest - Slipgate
    The contest Tokay is running over at Redwood's has been extended by a week due to the number of entries. Go read the rules... you win an autographed id jacket and an autographed Quake 2 copy when it comes out, both free. Thanks Process.

    LCC stuff - Slipgate
    Our programming site now has instructions on how to use LCC-Win32 (the free compiler that can be used for Quake 2 modifications and is in our essential files page) up now. Thanks John Crickett and Hendo for the news.

    Logo contest - Slipgate
    The logo contest has just 10 days left, folks! Submit your entries by September 25th at midnight if you want to be the person whose logo we use and win a copy of Quake 2 free! Don't forget to read all the rules and other important information on the logo contest page before you make your submissions.

    Todd Hollenshead's .plan - Slipgate
    For those of you who have e-mailed me about this, Todd Hollenshead's .plan isn't working because he hasn't updated it since id Software changed their finger software (I asked him). Thanks Todd for e-mailing me.

    Paul's all better - Slipgate
    Paul Steed updated his .plan today with the following in reference to his .plan update yesterday:

    My Gawd. You people are absolutely incredible. Even if you wouldn't have sent me approximately 51 e-mails over the past 12 hours, I still would have apologized for my puerile and abrupt reaction to a sleep-deprived, cranky cruise along the internet beach. Writing plans after being up 30 hours is about as dangerous as grocery shopping when you're hungry. All kinds of crap and junk seem to make it into your basket.

    Consider the blackout lifted and accept my thanks for not being afraid to politely give me a good head slap when I act like a 5 year old (most of the time I act at least 10). A gold star to the majority of you who wrote seeing through my toothless threats and posing, and a little red check mark to those of you who still feel I need some couch time and a bunch of self-help books.

    In closing I have to post this mail sent by Johnny B. I'm still laughing over it:

    "I'm offended. My wife was grown in a vat you see.... but we cannot afford an endoskeleton. Sometimes she is fun in bed.... other times it's really, really sad."

    J. Branson

    I'll post something useful in several days. Thanks again for putting up with my crap or even reading it for that matter.

    Phew! :)

    Sunday, September 14, 1997
    Quake2 Technical Page - Dyno
    Our hosted site, the Quake2 Technical Page, has been updated. There's some great info on the radiosity section, check it out. Also they've posted an exclusive interview with John Carmack from the UK magazine PC Zone.

    Blade FAQ - Dyno
    Drywall just released the Unofficial Blade FAQ, using Slipgate's FAQ format with permission... Check it out.

    Some 9/13 Plans - Dyno
    Missed these two plans yesterday, weekends are just not good for me I'm finding out. Oh well, I'll be getting more involved REAL soon. There was a Brian Hook update:


    Took two days to track down a "bug" we have that apparently stems from some undocumented behaviour

    In a nutshell, after John rearchitected all of our stuff so that we destroy and recreate windows whenever we switch rendering DLLs or fullscreen mode things got pretty flaky under Win95. The big, mysterious problem was that if we started in windowed mode (DIB sections) and switched to fullscreen (DirectDraw), IDirectDraw::SetCooperativeMode( DDSCL_EXCLUSIVE ) would fail with a cryptic error, DDERR_HWNDALREADYSET. This happened under both DX3 and DX5, and was limited to Win95 systems (worked fine on WinNT).

    After screwing around with the DirectDraw code for a few days, I got the bright idea of installing the debug DLLs and watching the debug spew that gets tossed into the output window in MSVC. Lo and behold, some very unexpected behaviour was occurring -- DSound was loading DDRAW!

    Following this theory, I set "s_nosound 1" and voila, DirectDraw started magically working correctly again! ARRGGGH! FUCK YOU MICROSOFT! Do they have monkeys typing the code up in Redmond?! *fume*

    So I spent most of tonight rearchitecting the sound code so that it handles app activation correctly, and so that sound buffers are destroyed and recreated during all WM_ACTIVATE messages. This is pretty ugly, but it finally seems like things have stabilized (hopefully).


    John commented on the fact that there is a chance today that someone with the time, dedication, and a little bit of money could easily build a Unix workstation that devastates the SGI O2.

    Dig if you will a picture....

    Take a dual processor Pentium 2 motherboard (or DEC Alpha if you're feeling crazy), install Linux SMP and a lot of RAM, and you have a real nice Unix workstation. But for 3D graphics it probably leaves a little to be desired.

    Unfortunately, there aren't many fast 3D graphics adapters that are capable of doing desktop 3D applications available for Linux. So, what would rock as a good 2D/3D accelerator for a general purpose 3D workstation? The Rendition V2200.

    Now, it doesn't have the best numbers, but it's got VERY good numbers, and it is extremely full featured -- probably the most full featured of all the current 2D+3D accelerators out there. The only thing it's missing of any note is per-pixel MIP mapping.

    So you convince Rendition to show you how to program its microcode and you develop an OpenGL driver for it for your magix Linux box.

    Boom, instant awesome OpenGL Unix workstation for well under $10K. Now you have to face the problem of lack of content -- who's going to buy this workstation if it doesn't have any applications?

    Serious problem, that, but if you sell it to hackers and freaks who are just into cool graphics, some cool app may arise. Or maybe the Quake2 Editor would be ported to it. Or maybe (doubtful) one of the big graphics companies would support it. Either way, if enough grass roots support got under this thing and a single really killer app could generate sales for it, you could have another little miniature explosion in the Linux domain.

    Anyway, just a thought...
    And there was also a Paul Steed update yesterday, about the female monster:

    Okay. Guess I need to waste some animating time to enlighten you all in regards to the female monster in Q2. I've only received one negative letter on the subject. Since it clearly points out the author's dissatisfaction (understatement) with the character I'll use it to clarify some points. Since I bear the author no ill will (opinions are like assholes, everyone has one), I will leave his name out of it.

    "I saw some shots of the female monster on this morning, some guy said he was disappointed but i've been spewing over it all day. This is this worst piece of misogynistic crap i've seen in a game. I keep asking myself how a nearly naked genitally mutilated woman running around with a big gun for an arm fits into Quake2, perhaps you could tell me?"

    Good question. First off let's remember two things: One, this character is not a woman and two, I am a die-hard philogynist; not a misogynist. The goal of Quake2 is to be scared shitless by freaky, creepy alien cyborgs to the point where you have no problem drumming up a reason to blow their heads off. Our monsters don't have genitals. They are grown in vats and use human flesh to cover their half organic/half inorganic body parts. If you check out the character's posterior you'll notice that beneath her skin is a 'Terminator'-like armored endoskeleton.

    "What i find offensive is the fact that she's not wearing pants, while similar to the arch-vile and zombie from quake who were essential naked and to varying degrees disfigured, the representation of the female form in your artwork is disturbing to me and I'm sure women will not appreciate it."

    While I could justify the fact that she's not wearing pants by saying that she was horribly raped by the Tank, Gunner and Infantry in some lonely corridor, it would make about as much sense as any other reason. Half the time we do stuff because it's sick and twisted and will get your attention. I honestly don't know why Adrian textured her the way he did. All I know is that I think its cool and stand by it as a unique and creepy monster. These IMAGINARY CHARACTERS IN A COMPUTER GAME don't have any pretensions or agendas. They're mindless bad guys who deserve your contempt and rockets to the face. Quit trying to predict what women like or dislike. Guys pretending to know what women will think about anything need to go read a book like 'Mars & Venus' or go talk to Mynx. I'm sure I'll get some more negative feedback about the character, but I'll deal with it one letter and one disgruntled fan at a time.

    "By all means show some tit, leg or have her bum hanging out but please put some thought into how a female would fit into the alien race you've developed while considering what reasonable people, including girls would regard as acceptable."

    So I take it porn is okay and women are cool with a more 'bimbette' look in games, but don't go and make an alien, torn-flesh bimbette or we'll cross the line. If we at id or any other company worried incessantly about what others found acceptable, do you really think we'd do this for a living? To say we blatantly disregard the input from our fans is pretty wacky. We are paragons of support for those who buy our games. It is a part of our strength and compels us to do even better games. Far from being self-indulgent, we always keep you guys in mind. John's already voiced concern to me that making so many frames of animation for the player characters in Quake2 will make it harder for the fans to do their conversions. I simply laughed an evil laugh.

    This character is no different from any other character in the game. The fact that it appears to be female may disturb people, but I think the person being disturbed more than likely gets bothered by lots of other things too. Lighten up. We love women here at id. The subject occupies quite a bit of our daily bandwidth.

    This character in no way is a reflection of any mysogynistic attitude and is just some ugly, messed-up, nasty creature on some distant alien planet. It purposely accumulated flesh over its endoskeleton the way it has in order to illicit a distracting and horrifying response from the inhabitants of Earth in the war to take over that little mud ball. What an evil thing to do. Hurry. Go kill it.

    Busy busy - Slipgate
    Sorry I've just been too busy lately (reason we hired news help). I'll deal with my mail as best I can... but I'm largely out of the picture for a little while. Hope Dyno treats you well, come to me if he doesn't :)... er, kidding... anyways... back to this stuff called homework. I'll be gone a day or 2 or 3 likely... But... I'll be back.

    BTW, for now send all news and questions to Dyno and Blitz... you can send to me if you also send to them, but for 2 or 3 days any letters just to me will be forwarded to them because I can't really help folks right now.

    My Foot in my Mouth - Dyno
    Paul Steed made a plan update earlier, and I am pretty sure it was inspired by... me. That's not a good thing. Rotwang just let me know about this, just read the update, I have an explaination below.

    I've been up all night working so excuse my following attitude. I just read something by someone I thought was cool that really bugs me. It seems that some people feel that the recent character reference sheets I sent to Redwood has been viewed as a potentially harmful thing to Quake2 and may 'ruin' it in some way. Mistakenly I felt that people would be interested in getting a closer look at some of the characters in the game and consequently have a break from the recent flood of bad to mediocre screenshots (unfortunately there's only about eight or nine characters left to surprise you guys with when the game ships). Forgive my ignorance. To decrease the chances of my contributing to the failure in any way of the project I am working on, consider me a Q2 news blackout. From now on I will refrain from answering revealing questions and/or volunteering interesting bits of info. After all, like pictures, info on the content of the game and the motivations behind said content would only lessen your interest in the game and most likely prevent you from buying or playing it. In-fucking-credible.
    I did post something about that, yes. And I was pretty mad, here's why though: I have been hearing all about this screen shot issue non-stop from Quake2 site maintainers every damn day since that PC Gamer thing started. I think it's really no big deal, and I wonder why they are whining about it. I mean, if they really think it would ruin the game, why wouldn't they think that anything else released from id would? And as I said in the last two sentences of that update, "Hey, but I don't mind, doesn't ruin anything for me. All this info just makes me want to play the game more!" I can't emphasize that part enough. I am critical, I am sarcastic, sometimes it's hard to understand what I am putting accross. So I am sorry if I stepped on any toes, no harm intended. I like the character sketches and I look at everything I can to find out more about Quake2.. Because I am gonna play, eat, sleep, breath, and shit Quake2. I agree with Paul Steed, I do NOT agree with the people that think over-released game information will ruin the game. I think my questions about the Parasite are proof of that.

    Quake2 Map Depository - Dyno
    Noticed a new Q2 page today, the Quake2 Map Depository. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to be the first Quake2 Map page. Doesn't suprise me, the game isn't even out yet! But when it is, we will all enjoy depositing our maps there. :-)

    Tin goes to PQ - Dyno
    Tin's Quake2 Nutshell moved to Sorry that it took so long to get it up here Tin!

    I guess we are Busy! - Dyno
    Sorry for lack of updates, I had to roof a church all day, woo fun! Anyways I wanted to make it before midnight but I just couldn't, this is strange being on Pacific Time and updating on EDT.

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