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Thursday, September 25, 1997
Walter Costinak - Slipgate
Well, Walter |2| Costinak, the maker of the Blue's News and Redwood logos and the designer of the new layout at broke down and made 2 entries into our logo contest :). The entries can be seen at:
Click the first one to get to the second one. He has expressed that if he in fact wins the contest that he would like the runner up to receive the free copy of Quake 2 since he'd feel better that way, and if he DOES win we will respect his wishes. Everyone still has equal chance though, because no judging has begun. In other interesting news, it's Walter's birthday today also! :)

American McGee .plan update - Slipgate
I'll let it speak for itself, here you go:

When I came into work this morning I was greeted with a Fed-Ex package from LA. Contained inside was a DAT on which was recorded something beyond cool. Everyone gathered around as I slid the DAT into the player and pressed play. Silence... and then... ass-kicking, head-pounding, hairs standing on end music spewed forth. Ahhh... the sounds of Rob Zombie doing his music thing as only he can do! We all smiled at each other. We were all thinking the same thing: "This is the bad ass theme song that goes with the bad ass art that fills the bad ass levels that contain the bad ass monsters which is all coming together into Quake II"

I hope everyone is prepared for this.
Paul Steed .plan updates - Slipgate
Paul Steed updated his .plan twice today, once to say wine and animation don't mix, another time to indicate that he is now on ICQ. Not critical updates, but they were funny, so here they are:

I finally decided to heed several requests to get on ICQ; pretty painless. My UIN is 3648697 or my e-mail is the same. My nickname's Titus so don't take it easy on some frag-bait loser if he's getting mopped up in your dm level by that moniker. I need the practice (once the game's done, of course).

Its not quite midnight yet so sue me. ARRRGGGHH! Wine and animation do not mix. Ran out of beer so bring on the vino. All I'm trying to do is make some pod doors rise in a relatively short close-up. It lasts 200 hundred FUCKING frames and it is very, very simple. But this is becoming extremely arduous for all the wrong reasons. Doors up. Pods out. Readiness activation/position light ON. ZERO continuity (aka 'smooth') and all it has to do is FLOW. Is that so goddamn hard?
Hey, he forgot to say chucking instead! :)

Blitzy's birthday! - Slipgate
Today is's own Blitz's birthday! Drop him a happy birthday e-mail at

Interview - Slipgate
The interview with me is tomorrow night at 8 pm in Undernet #idsoftware and will be conducted like the others (Brian Hook, Redwood, George Broussard, etc.). See you there, if your coming.

Logo contest - Slipgate
The logo contest ends tonight at midnight. Get your entries in!

Wednesday, September 24, 1997
Lefties rejoice! pt2 - Slipgate
Well, Brian Hook updated about the left-handed option (mentioned in the just before update about Paul Steed) also! He says that they still have to really "finish up" the option, but that it is available both in standard and in GLQuake2. He then goes into tech talk about how it was done. Here's what he had to say (and thanks to the esteemed Rotwang for letting me know):

As Steed mentioned, we now have left handed weapons working visually, however there is still some work to be done on the part of John Cash to get it "really" working, i.e. shots coming from the left hand side of the player instead of always coming from the righthand side.

And yes, it works in software too.

For those of you curious how this was done, we simply did an inverse scale on the X axis. In OpenGL the code looks kind of like this:

if ( drawing weapon ) {
glMatrixMode( GL_PROJECTION );
glScalef( -1, 1, 1 );
gluPerspective( ... );
glMatrixMode( GL_MODELVIEW );

glCullFace( GL_BACK ); // normally we cull GL_FRONT

In the software rendering engine it was almost as simple. I simply negate the X scale factor used during vertex projection when drawing a weapon model, and then I make sure that I reverse the vertex order for each triangle when drawing the weapon model so that it isn't incorrectly backfaced.
Lefties rejoice! - Slipgate
Well, id heard your pleas for a left handed option. According to Paul Steed, they've now got a left-handed weapon carrying option in GLQuake 2 and will try to get one in Quake 2. It's a start! Here's Paul's .plan, quoted:

Excellent news. Brian Hook implemented a mirror function in the GL version of Q2 that allows you the option of having left-handed or right-handed weapons. Still unsure as to whether or not the software version will be able to support this type of mirroring, but who knows? So all you lefties out there rejoice! See? I passed your ideas along to the Carmack and occasionally they get realized.

I've built the final boss and have begun to animate him. You people are going to be REALLY impressed. I made it exactly to Adrian's specs and design and its/they are very, very cool!

Crackwhore entries are slim and no one has yet to realize that this is a COSTUME contest: "Dress up like the CW and win some cool id prizes." Speaking of cool prizes, we just sent Julianne, host of the Queen Hill Tournament a box of goodies including an id-signed copy of Quake. Anything to keep getting the girls involved...
Gamespot preview - Slipgate
Chris Spencer mailed me about a big Quake 2 preview at Gamespot. Also, he forwarded me a mail exchanged with GameSpot of some length, which seemed to be a mini preview in itself. Here it is:


The first version of any game often presents a huge learning experience for the development team. Many of its members are doing certain tasks for the first time: tweaking their new game engine, trying to find play balance, chasing out all those darn bugs... and doing them together. With this in mind, let's talk Quake II.

It's been said that even with the departure of certain key team members, id Software may be preparing to release what Quake should have been in the first place, at least for the single player. Moreover, with the strong performance of 3D video cards, many say hardware acceleration is already upstaging John Carmack's software magic show. Or is it?

GameSpot took a trip down to Texas to see Carmack and Co. and brought back more information on Quake II than you can shake a rocket launcher at. So take a few moments to check out GameSpot's Feature Preview of Quake II:

Then, let us know how you think it will compare to the original Quake. Will it be:

1. Better
2. About the same
3. Worse

Enter one of the three answers above in the "Subject" of an email, and send it to me at I'll let you know the results in about a week in GameSpot News. In the meantime, check out what GameSpot has to offer; our index this week was compiled by previews editor Trent Ward.

Tasos Kaiafas
Features Editor
BloodTrail news again - Slipgate
The maintainer of the BloodTrail conversion mentioned before dropped off his UIN on ICQ, 3628421. If you want to help him make it a reality, e-mail him or ICQ him.

PQ Poll (formerly Wampey's Census) - Slipgate
The PQ Poll has been updated with some Quake 2 oriented questions, go vote.

John Carmack .plan update - Slipgate
The programmer to end programmers made an incredible .plan update. It's also a very LARGE .plan update :). He talks about a new areaportal entity in Quake and what it helps you do (level designers can breath a sigh of relief), and he says that he *believes* that all the file format changes that'll be done in Quake 2 are complete, and gives the new header formats of some of the file types (Read: when the test comes out, people will go hacking it with this info). I don't normally link to a .plan update, I normally quote them, but given the immense size of this one, I outputted it to this text file to read. Give it a read.

Quake 2 kickoff LAN party news - Slipgate
I got another e-mail from Basher about the Quake 2 kickoff LAN party I've mentioned in the past he's planning. Here's what he updated us with:

  • We still need a name, A good name still in the works soon..trying to be original but time is running short.
  • We have decided on a place (I hope) its got plenty of room and power for all the quakers and there monster computers.
  • We have the exspense of the hall taken care of so as soon as all the paperwork is done the date will be final and we can put up a page.
  • the loacation is really good. Hotels,food,a mall. Hell theres even a college with hot lookin women near we are set..:)
  • w00p! Our New Web Server is up! - Blitz
    I completed building and setting up our new home, a P2 266 with 128 megs and an Ultrawide SCSI running RedHat linux. Working into the early morning hours I transfered all our data and made the needed configurations.If anything appears to be working improperly please let me know. I am very tired and could have missed something.

    Tuesday, September 23, 1997
    BloodTrail - Slipgate
    Earlier yesterday I mentioned a modification that was mentioned on our messageboard tentatively named "Hide and Go Seek." The original poster of the message made another messageboard post as follows with additional information:

    Well, so far Hide and Go Seek (tentativley called BloodTrail) has the basic concepts of Hide and Go Seek, but with the violent twist of Quake. One player is deemed "It" and while he is frozen for 30 seconds, all other players must run and hide. The double-damage-dealing, Red Armor wearing, MegaHealthed (or Q2 equivilent), full weapon carrying It has to kill EVERYONE. He stays it and racks up points until someone frags him; at which point his killer becomes it. Well, that's the BASIC concept. Hope you like it. Anyways, drop a line if you're interested.
    His e-mail address is if you are interested.

    Interviews - Slipgate
    Blue reported this and Hanif informed me as well. There is an interview with Todd Hollenshead at Also, an interview with American McGee can be found at Both are interesting reads, check them out.

    .plan updates - Slipgate
    Hmm.... Todd Hollenshead's .plan is listed as updated today, but it was updated yesterday. Also, Kevin Cloud reports in his .plan that the top selling game in the UK last week was Hexen 2, even after only 2 days of release. I'm enjoying the game too (with what time I get to play it, between schoolwork, going to class, the site, sleep, and food :) ) and congratulate Raven on the hard work paid off.

    Quake 2 Press move - Slipgate
    The Quake 2 Press has moved to I could be mistaken but I think I've reported that at some point in the past. In any event, thanks to the Prophet of Quake News.

    Monday, September 22, 1997
    Todd Hollenshead .plan update - Slipgate
    Todd Hollenshead updated his .plan (thanks Rotwang). Here's what he had to say:


    New Deal of the Week: October issue of PC Gamer. It should be easy to spot on the shelves with the big QII right on the cover. Its a really thick issue with tons of Quake II screenshots, interviews, scoop, etc. If you don't have a copy yet, you should go pick one up.

    Another magazine you might want to check out is the November issue of Computer Gaming World. The new Quake II cover ad is in it, replete with concept art by Adrian Carmack. We've had some cool ads before, but this one takes the cake. I'd buy the magazine so I could get a copy of the ad. We're getting some prints done of the ad, one of which I intend to hang on one of the bare walls in my office.
    I'm going to be less involved with the site for the next few days due to real life. Be back soon.

    Shots again - Slipgate
    Oddly, the PC Gamer site has 5 shots but only shows four of them. By virtue of filename The Sentinel had found the fifth. I wondered why the shots were numbered 1, 2, 3, and 5, but didn't investigate. Well, the other intro shot, #4, is now in our screenshot area.

    Quake 2 demo stuff - Slipgate
    Boy, this thing just festered. News got out that UK PC Gamer would get exclusive rights to distribute the Quake 2 demo on its "with the magazine" CD but of course that is ludicrous, and Kevin Cloud informed Blue that in fact all magazines will of course be able to distribute it. I originally thought it was a fishy idea because a public test release is public and isn't governed on where it can be distributed with only reverse-engineering and a few extreme circumstances excepted. The only thing really happening is that UK PC Gamer will snag the Quake 2 demo FIRST among the UK (not the US) magazines, but they don't exclusively have it, the others can get it then. I didn't post about this news yesterday because it smelled of rumor to me, and now that it has been cleared up I just wanted to make that statement. Thanks to the innumerable people who mailed me originally and who mailed me again to mention that it turned out to be a miscommunication.

    In either case it should be noted that any sort of exclusives, which not only sound fishy but are hard to enforce (since every magazine wants grabs at hot upcoming games), would NOT affect the Internet distribution of any such demo. You'd still get the Q2 demo here or any other Q2 site the day it hits the net.

    Quake 2 team mod? - Slipgate
    "Team" modifications were a big hit for Quake (TeamFortress, CTF and its variants, QTeam stuff, and on and on) and a teamplay mod is now under development (over at
    HexenWorld), and it seems they'll be a big hit for Quake 2 also, what with CTF being included in the game, the TF guys planning on developing it for Quake 2 also, etc. Well, recently a messageboard post here indicated that a teamplay modification for Quake 2 is already being planned. At least, I can assume it is a team type modification from the way the message mentioned that it wanted to rival the success of TeamFortress and CTF, but I honestly don't know for sure of course. The subject of the post was "New Quake 2 DeathMatch Mod..."Hide and Go Seek"...Help Wanted", and the message body follows:

    Sure, that's not the final name, but my team and I have been developing the concept of a "Hide and Go Seek" themed DeathMatch Mod for Quake 2. We plan to make this a big enough success to rival that of Team Fortress and Capture The Flag. We currently have a few members who have specialized talents, but if there are any others who would like to lend their skills to our team it would be greatly appreciated. Interested parties may contact me (The PA Guy) at We shall have a homepage up soon
    Release info note - Slipgate
    After taking a couple of suggestions, I combined the best aspects of a few of the best suggestions, and a sudden personal thought, and wala, a little thing that takes care of the release date info without seeming rude above the news. Hope yall like it.

    PC Gamer pics redux - Slipgate
    Just wanted to let yall know that I put the 4 new intro shots in the screenshots area. It should be noted that someone told me they are the only four shots from the intro, that's not quite right, since there were four different ones released some time back by Paul Steed (somewhere off in the older shots of our screenshots area). One of the shots looks similar to one of the older shots, though.

    PC Gamer pics - Dyno
    PC Gamer has some cool new screen shots posted, take a look at the Gallery. Thanks Sneak and WU-GFKiller for mailing in about it.

    Paul Steed Plan - Dyno
    Paul Steed made a non-q2 plan update, but if you are interested in seeing his opinion on G.I. Jane, and hearing about his Air Force years, here you go.

    Sunday, September 21, 1997
    Logo contest almost over - Slipgate
    The logo contest has almost reached the deadline for submissions! Get your entry or entries in by midnight on September 25! Remember, the winner gets a copy of Quake 2 free when it comes out!

    #idSoftware interview - Slipgate
    On September 26th (next Friday) at 8 PM eastern, the #idSoftware guys on Undernet that handled the Brian Hook, Redwood, and George Broussard interviews will have an interview with me. Go to to submit questions beforehand, since I likely won't get to too many of the questions that aren't submitted ahead of time since they take priority before I answer others' questions. As usual, the channel will have a limit on how many people can be in it, but the interview is getting outputted to #interview on Undernet also, you can go there if #idSoftware fills up to watch the interview. Anyways, although these interviews usually have banners to them, I haven't received one yet for my interview.

    Skate and Fire - Slipgate
    Well, I received an e-mail asking if in Quake 2 the character would skate like he did in Doom and Quake (when walking and shooting, the legs don't appear to move since the character is moving but just the fire animation is playing, not the walking animation). Since of course I didn't know, I asked Paul Steed of id Software. Here's our e-mail exchange:

    >In Quake 2 will the character's legs be able to move while he's firing and
    >moving or will he be skating like in Doom and Quake?

    Slip-slidin' away. Slip-slidin' away-ay-ay! Not much we can do about stafe anims.

    Screenshots stuff - Slipgate
    The screenshots area has been made up to date with the new shots out of the Gamespot preview recently. Rotwang was kind enough to compile a list of the new shots for us (the man isn't human, folks... he's an animal, but he's good at his job :) ). Also, I recently saw the October PC Gamer issue with that big Quake 2 preview in it (a friend brought the issue over)... I didn't really get but a moment's look at it, but I did see some new shots and stuff, and read a little of the John Carmack interview. I only had a few moments to flip through it, and I had no scanner.. BUT, it is 14 pages, and I recommend you go buy the PC Gamer issue and read it (Not like you haven't already). Speaking of PC Gamer, weren't they supposed to give a new screenshot on their website on this past Friday?

    Quake 2 test/release info - Slipgate
    I myself don't particularly like the huge sign we have to put up to cut down on our e-mail, and I'd like to think of an alternative that still keeps us from getting e-mails asking about the release while at the same time being kinder and also not so, umm, huge. Anyone with ideas? Mail me (not all 3 of us, just me).

    Back in action - Slipgate
    I'm sufficiently back in order to be able to update, I'm just dealing with a few issues with the new computer is all. Anyways, to the news of course.

    Quake2 Preview not new - Blitz
    We have been informed by a couple of people that the preview below is just another URL for an older preview. Sorry about that.

    Quake2 Preview - Blitz
    Yet another Quake2 preview up at Gamecenter.Thanks go out to Hanif for this piece of news.

    Saturday, September 20, 1997
    Release Date - Dyno
    Hades pointed out that the preview posted below mentioned some information on the release date of the demo. They said some things about it being out next month. This is probably just a guess, currently considering how close they are to being done, it's practical for them to say that.

    Quake2 Preview - Blitz
    Phillip T. Pi (Ant) just mailed in to let us know there is a Quake2 Preview up at Gamespot.

    Friday, September 19, 1997
    Out for weekend - Slipgate
    I'm not going to be able to update during this weekend, because I have classes and I've also purchased a new computer, going to spend the weekend transferring my software, games, life's work, and all that good stuff to it. Paul Steed updated his .plan about the Crackwhore contest, not too important so I won't quote it... click the finger link above to read it.

    Dyno will handle all updating during this weekend. My new computer is (since I know I'm going to get asked) a P233MMX with 32 mb RAM and a 5.1 gig hard drive and an AWE64 and other good stuff.

    Oh, and the link to the Next Gen Quake 2 preview in the previous update is fixed now, thanks to Alex Wright for informing me of the error.

    Slipgate out.

    Quake 2 previews - Slipgate
    There are two new Quake 2 previews out. Next Gen and GameCenter. Thanks Redwood and Prophet.

    Q2Press logo contest - Slipgate
    Got this mail from Lag of Quake 2 Press. (Prophet also sent it my way, thanks bud).

    I am going to have a logo contest. The winner will recieve a free copy of a "PC Gamer" magazine with the Quake 2 Demo on it. The contest will expire on October 11, 1997. The rules are as follows:

    - The logo cannot be too big. (nothing bigger than 5 X 2.5 inches.)
    - The logo must say "Quake 2 Press"
    - The logo must match with the site.
    - All submitions are to be sent via e-mail

    Thanks guys,
    Yet another updating mistake - Slipgate
    Sorry folks... we're getting things fixed here regarding notifying each other of updates (we used to have a system but its not working). If you have no idea what I'm talking about... good ;).

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