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    Sunday, October 4, 1998 - Submit News!
    New Quake 2 Expansion Pack Demo Released
    A new Quake 2 Expansion Pack titled 'Unseen' is now 100% complete, and publishing talks are underway. If you are interested in checking out a demo of the finished product, which includes one level, you're in can download a copy of the demo here. Once you have downloaded the unseen.exe, run it, then the setup will ask you to extract the temporary files to a directory (default is windows\temp directory) then the unseen.exe will automatically launch the Unseen installation.
    Note: A word of caution...development of the uninstallation process is still underway, and if you attempt to uninstall the demo, it will delete quake2.exe, and a couple of other files in the quake2 and baseq2 directory. To correct this problem, just reinstall quake 2 or Unseen or the 3.19 update patch. The authors of Unseen have assured us that the problem will be fixed for a later demo release, as well as for the final product, and have extended their apologies for this inconvenience.
    New BotJohnny Beta
    The final beta version of BotJohnny 2.00 has been released, and is available here. The new features include improved automatic bot list creation, search/replace in the bots list, a find option in the Maps list, and a few more bug fixes.

    Weapons Of Destruction 6.0 Release and Review
    Version 6.0 of the Weapons of Destruction mod has just been released. For a list of changes/features, download instructions, and mod info, check out the Weapons of Destruction website. Also, if you want to check out a review of this mod, you can find one at the 7 3/4 site.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • For all you Action Quake fans, the Action Map Depot has moved to a new home. They are offering a ton of new maps only for Action Quake 2, and have new maps coming in almost every other day. You can them in their new spot here.
    • There is a new 1 on 1 competition website called RavageNet, which offers ranked DM competition in both HPB and LPB categories for Quake, QuakeII, and Unreal. Registration for RavageNet is free, so get on over there and show the world your mad fraggin' skillz :)
    Help Wanted
    Ghent from Endor Productions sent us the following information on a couple of positions they have open. Please visit their website for further details.

    Due to the tremdously tight time line we are forced into looking for some more help on meeting the deadlines. The two open positions call for a qualified level designer and a texture artist. Our positions include pay from the products on a "by unit" basis after the product is published. See below for details regarding each position.
    • Texture Artist: Must be able to properly convert to WAL format. The ability to do Animated textures is a bonus but not a requirement. Must be able to produce quickly and efficiently. Also needs to be creative, not only having the ability to follow our specifics, but also produce textures as they see fit for stock purposes. Required to be able to output a minimum of 30 textures a week.
    • Level Designer: Must be able put in 20 hours a week (By which we define 7 days) minimum. Should be creative and able to adapt to new styles. Will be required to work on SPQ maps only, DM authors need not apply. Must have a thorough understanding of the Quake2 Entities, Funcs, etc. But also have the ability to learn very quickly a complete new series of entities and creature layout system. Must be a strong team player and work of basic designs to construct technical maps of various shapes and sizes.

    Saturday, October 3, 1998 - Submit News!
    Quake 2 Scene Builder Gallery Pics
    Some cool new artwork has been added to the Quake 2 Scene Builder Gallery. These scenes were submitted by people using the QSB, which I understand will be upgraded to a new and improved version soon. You can find out more about QSB, and QSV (Quake Scene Viewer) on their homepage.

    New GibStats Beta Released
    The new GibStats II ver. 2.3 beta has just been released. The list of improvements include:
    • erased the double name bug
    • more comfortable PlayerEdit dialog
    • more clan support in PlayerEdit dialog
    • new highscores categories in HTML export
    • new best/ worst/ best average map in Single Player View
    • Skill and Relative Frags calculations can now be based on Frags or Total Score
    • CTF Team Scores fixed
    • HTML export for Clan matches
    You can download the newest version of GibStatsII here.

    Rail Arena Review
    If you are interested in checking out a review of the Rail Arena mod by SumFuka, you can find one here at The 3D Scene.

    VR...the future of Quake 2?
    w0000...Paul Rajlich sent us some information on a project that he is working on involving VR and Quake 2. Sound exciting? Read on:
    "I've written an adaptation of Quake2 for the CAVE VR environment, and that this might give your readers a good look at what gaming will be like in the near future. Right now, a CAVE costs a cool $1 million. If you are not familiar with the CAVE, it is a 10x10x9 foot theater that gives the user real-time, head-tracked perspective with a large angle of view and stereo display.

    The CAVE QUAKE II demo engine was written from scratch, and since it is specific to the CAVE, it is not a true Quake2 client. However, it is quite playable and shows how cool Quake2 would look in the CAVE! It demonstrates how cool head-tracked perspective is. If you want to look down, look down! If you want to crouch, crouch! You can even get down on the floor and peek around corners! The input device (called a wand) is also tracked. From your perspective, the gun appears where the wand is and has the right orientation. You just point where you want to shoot and press a button."
    If you are interested in seeing some screenshots, and reading more about this really cool project, then go here.

    Help Wanted
    There is a new WF MOCK 1 mod that has been released for Quake II called Mercteam which has all new classes and skins. There is a need for a skinner and modeler to help out with this project, so if you are interested in more information, email Merc248.


    Friday, October 2, 1998 - Submit News!
    Zoid Has Updated His .plan
    Zoid updated his .plan file, and did a little reminiscing:
    Oct 2nd, 1998


    From Blue's News:
    "Today marks the two-year anniversary of the day the first-ever story about Capture the Flag appeared anywhere, right here on Blue's News. I was on a trip to Virginia and it really seems like the "old days," because I was updating on a monochrome 486SX laptop, using a flaky 14.4 AOL connection, and I can still remember the email from Zoid that had such a strong hook."
    I remember writing that email to Blue. When I realized that CTF was going to catch on (the sheer number of people fighting to get into my two little twelve player servers was astounding), I wrote mail that would "sell" the product, so to speak. I knew I built something cool and I wanted tell everyone about it.

    I guess everyone heard about it by now. :)

    CTF has been an amazing project for me. From my humble beginings on a little NetQuake server running a little hack with floating keys to Quake2 CTF. It's been fun building it all, and it's going to be a challenge to continue the tradition of simple gameplay, but addictive design.

    Speaking of Q2CTF, I've begun some layout plans for an addon level pak. Players have been screaming for more "official" quality levels and I think it's past due time for some to be made. No time line yet, but I'm hoping to get a new pak together soon for all your CTF fanatics out there.

    Thanks to Blue for wishing me a Happy Anniversary and a special thanks to all the players out there that enjoyed ThreeWave Capture the Flag and made it what it is today. It was your feedback and desire to play a game that drove me to build it and continue to make it better.

    "Zoid captured the BLUE flag!" :)

    /// Zoid.
    Weapons Factory News
    A couple of news items from the folks over at Weapons Factory Software:
    First, Weapons Factory Software announces the first release of their Mod Construction Kit (MOCK1). MOCK 1 is an easy to use Windows application that makes it easy to quickly create a Quake II mod without programming. MOCK 1 was first used to create the class definitions for the official Weapons Factory Mod. Check out the WFS homepage for full details.

    Second, version 3.2 of The Weapons Factory has been released. This release features a lot of enhancements including IP banning, standard frag logging, unbalanced team scoring limits, new sentry gun, and locational damage for the sniper rifle. You can visit The Weapons Factory mod home page at
    Generations News
    The dudes over at Generations have been busy adding some cool stuff to their site including some new DooM model pics, and a random quote generator. They are also planning to release an update to the Beta soon, so keep a watch out for it. You can find more info over at their site.

    Help Wanted
    The Navy SEALS:Dev. Group team is in need of two animation modelers to help complete the final release. Please send samples of animated models (preferably weapons) to: GreyBear along with a short bio and an estimate of the amount of time you can commit to the project.


    Thursday, October 1, 1998 - Submit News!
    Ward Six DoD Info
    Ward Six has released some more info about their upcoming Dawn of Darkness commercial product. The official DoD website has opened up, in tune with the official press release.

    HolyWars 2.1b6 for Linux
    As you've probably guessed, Linux version 2.1b6 of the Holy Wars mod has been released. All linux servers are encouraged to upgrade immediately.

    New King of the Hill Map
    Orange Smoothie Productions has released a new King of the Hill map by Tim Medcalf. The new map is called "Perspex Platforms" and works well in your server map rotation. LAN Event is sponsoring a 100 player LAN party this Saturday called Multi-Mayhem 2: Carnival of Carnage. The event will be held in the Hopkins Center Hotel in Hopkins, MN. Check out their site for more info, as well as their new level review site!

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • The new page for Lethargy Software's new unofficial Q2 mission pack "Oblivion" is now open. Drop by for info on their upcoming release!
    • has gone public. This site offers automated rankings for 1on1, Clanmatch, CTF and RA2 for Quake, Quake2, Unreal, Sin and Half Life (when available).

    Wednesday, September 30, 1998 - Submit News!
    New Commercial TC From WardSix
    Ward Six Entertainment has announced plans to make their upcoming TC (renamed from Bloodlust to "Dawn of Darkness") a commercial product. Keep an eye peeled for their webpage launch, as well as an official press release which I'm sure we'll have posted here when it's released.

    New id Demo Analyzer
    Version 0.98 of the id Demo Analyzer has been released. The IDDA is a unified release of the Quake, Quake2 and QuakeWorld demo analyzers. New supports in v0.98 includes Clanring, Painkeep, Threewave CTF2, Q2 Lithium, Rocket Arena 2, and mission pack #1 (Xatrix). It also has a whole slew of new features, so be sure to hit their homepage for the list.

    Xtreme Quake2 Bugfix Released
    The Xtreme Quake2 team has released a follow-up bugfix version for the one that was just released a day or so ago. This fixes a critical bug that crashed Xtreme Q2 servers whenever someone died (eek).

    New Urban DM
    A new version of Urban DM has been released. Version 1.0 is now stable on any server, and includes many new Urban CTF features such as the day and night rotation system, and dynamic item placement. Keep checking the Urban page for their Solaris port, coming soon.

    NightHunters v1.41
    Version 1.41 of Night Hunters has been released. New features include several different kicking options, an motd, improved scoring system, and more. There is also a linux port now available, so check their site for the files.

    Webdog Beta Testing
    QBS2's follow up has been renamed to Webdog, and its developer needs your help. If you'd like to help them beta test the module plugin system, grab a copy of target=_top>QBS2 and then point your browser to for more info.

    Help Wanted
    • The FireArms TC is looking for programmers, email caspar if you're interested.
    • will be opening soon, and they're looking for suggestions and ideas relating to the site. Email their Webmaster to submit one.
    • A Doom soldier model and a Doom Cyberdemon model are needed for an upcoming project, and the person who's needing them (nameless in the email) is willing to pay money for them. Contact him here for more info.
    • The Classic Games Conversion Project is looking for a skinner and a coder.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    Check out this site, homepage of the new D-Day mod.


    Monday, September 28, 1998 - Submit News!
    Frag 2 Location
    If you are planning to attend The FRAG 2 ... you'll be happy to know that a location has finally been chosen. This year's FRAG 2 will be held at the Hyatt Regency close to downtown Dallas. Arrangements have been made with the management to offer attendees a price of $89 (instead of $165) per night, single sleeping rooms. More information can be found at

    Action Quake2 Bugfix
    Action Quake2 v1.00b has finally been released. This is mainly a bugfix which fixes the following:
    • Lasersight in DM fixed
    • Killing people in observer mode in Teamplay fixed
    • Crashbugs related to radio usage fixed
    • Memory corruption related to radio usage fixed
    • A couple of other things
    You can grab the server-side only update here. Please note that this is server side only, clients need not download it.

    Hosted Sites News
    4th Dimension Interactive has announced their latest version of the Crush Depth mod, Version 1.0D. If you already have Crush Depth, download this update for it. They've ironed out a lot of bugs, and added yet more goodies to their creation. In case you haven't checked out the mod yet, it puts you in command of your own personal submarine for underwater combat. w00!

    Help Wanted
    • Chemical Existence , a total conversion for Quake2 is moving along, but is still in need of some help in order to complete it. They are looking for a skinner, level designers, and possibly another modeler. If you are interested and qualified, please send some samples of your work, via email, to ShockMan.
    • Tekken360 is looking for a Quake2 modeler, who he is willing to pay, to help him make two models: a Doom Soldier, and a Doom CyberDemon. If you're interested, send him an email.
    Yeah, Yeah....
    I know these late updates really suck...but I haven't had much choice due to r/l events of the past week involving work and school. What can I say? Sorry, and thanks for your patience :)


    Sunday, September 27, 1998 - Submit News!
    Modern Warfare Interview
    The Converted^2 crew has managed to get an interview with VB69er of the upcoming total conversion for Quake 2, Modern Warfare. I found the interview to be very informative, giving me some insight on the makings of a TC, as well as a look at the unique features that Modern Warfare will be offering. You can find the interview here.

    New Xtreme Quake
    Xtreme Quake 2 version 1.00 has been released, providing some bug fixes along with some new features including new weapons, items, and a new model, as well as some other cool stuff. You can find the new Xtreme Quake 2 here.

    Quake Server Control Mailing List
    Quake Server Control is now offering a mailing list, with regular QSC newsletters regarding up to date project happenings. QSC is a program which allows anonymous telnet access to a Quake, QuakeWorld, Quake II, or Unreal server, or just about any other server you'd care to add to it. Visit the QSC homepage for more details on the mailing list, or on the Quake Server Control program itself.

    Quake III Previews at is alive and kicking, and is now offereing regularly updated Quake III: Arena previews. The site is still undergoing a bit of construction, but looks like it will have a lot to offer. Check it out :)

    LAN News
    Viper over at Gamers LAN sent me some info on his club which hosts monthly LAN parties on Long Island, NY. Gamers LAN has been in operation for over a year now and is scheduled to have their next GamersLAN Fest on Sunday, Oct. 11 9am - 7pm. Stop by the site if you are interested in joining them.

    Help Wanted
    • Grifter over at the DeadLode is looking for a new logo for his QuakeII site. If you have the talent and originality to come up with a cool new logo for DeadLode...stop by the site for more info.
    • The Anti-Heros are looking for some talented map makers to join them, or to contribute QII DM maps to their site for distribution. Visit their site for more details.

    Saturday, September 26, 1998 - Submit News!
    Holy Wars Release
    Heaven help us...Holy Wars, the next reincarnation, has been released. If you are looking for QII salvation, it can be found at

    Ward Six News
    I guess Ward Six Entertainment had to change the name of the their upcoming QuakeII TC from Bloodlust to Dawn Of Darkness due to a conflict with another commercial product in development. They will be launching a new website and issuing a press release within the next few days, so stay tuned to Ward Six Entertainment for more news.

    Generations News
    Skid and the Generations team have been working hard on the Generations beta, and have served up a new version. Along with the many bug fixes, they have also added the QI axe skin which was left out of the 1st beta version, and feel that the new DLL provided in this upgrade will be a lot more stable than its predecessor. They are recommending that both server ops and clients download this newest version; and speaking of servers...they are desperately seeking a server or two to be dedicated to Generations. They are planning on one more update which will include a few more QI maps, along with whatever bug fixes are necessary. Go check it out.

    Predator - New and Improved
    Predator for QuakeII has been upgraded to version .97 which includes bug fixes, some new and enhanced weapons, and a new and improved predator. w00...bring him on! Go visit out the Predator & Prey site for the download and more info.

    No Item Quake 1.92 Released
    The latest version of NIQ, along with its source, has been released and is available here. You can find more info at their site, and while you're there, go check out the two new screenshots of NIQ in CTF mode with Eraser Bots.

    Converted^2 Database
    The Converted^2 total conversion database is a comprehensive list of current total conversions which has just expanded the number of games it supports, also adding a search engine and numerous other features for the developers of total conversions. TC makers can add their TCs to the database at this page. You can find a list of the supported games, as well as more info at

    Tournament News
    If you would like to sign-up for a new Quake II tournament called The Loudest Gun Tournament , or just get more info on it...go here.

    Help Wanted
    Predator DM is in need of 2 good modelers to help bring Predator DM to life. If you can help out with this project, stop by the site, or contact UnderToe.


    Friday, September 25, 1998 - Submit News!
    Holy Wars 2.1 Release Tomorrow
    The Holy Wars Team sent us this press release today:
    Dance, sing! Let Heaven know we're happy...tomorrow, Saturday 26, will see the release of Holy Wars 2.1 for Quake 2. It's the Second Coming, my friends!
    More Holy Wars News...
    And another press release:
    We had this strange idea today... We were thinking about RealLife and how much it sucks, and we thought of starting a small competition. Welcome to the "Real Life Sucks" Competition, my friends! Just send us an image which, in your opinion, symbolizes the epitome of game player nerdness. We want to see people doing something that only another Quake player might consider normal... Anything will do, as long as it gives us that "Who cares about Real Life?" feeling... We want a picture, a photograph, a drawing, whatever... Dig into your albums of photographs from LAN parties, or draw your own picture. People playing naked, someone pretending to be in a game and strafing around in the middle of a busy road... No prizes but glory: the best image will be put on the Holy Wars page for everyone to see. Send those pictures to Nusco now!
    Wplan Client 0.85 Released is cool little proggie that a friend has written; it is still in the beta stage, but still worth checking out. I even put my plan on there, but don't be expecting me to tell you all where I am or what I'm me, you don't want to know :)

    The Wplan Client is a program which sits in your system tray, and with a few clicks allows you to easily view your friend's Wplan Message Boxes as well as quickly update your own. This is still in developmental stage, (The Wplan Client requires the VB5 Runtimes, get it if you don't already have it)

    What is this WPlan thing? - A free service where you set a message, and others retrieve it by simple typing your name in or following a link or bookmark. After reading your message, others can contact you via email or ICQ, which you can set.

    How does this thing work? - You sign up, and get your Wplan Message Box account. After you sign up, you tell your friends that they can check your message at by entering your name, or by following a link on your webpage, email or icq message. You update your message so that your friends know what you are doing, why you are away, what you are working on, etc.

    You can link to the file here, and the website is here.
    Euwyn Poon Message Box : Euwyn Poon
    LAN Party Time
    If you live in the Wichita,KS area, and are interested in getting together, playing a little QuakeII, and doing the geek thing (heeyyy, I'm one!) at a LAN party...then check out the Fraggin' in the Heartland site. Too bad I live in California :(

    Hosted Site News
    • The Rogue's Gallery, dedicated to non-clan players, now has 200+ Quake2 players listed from all over the world. They have also added a servers page as well as a page dedicated to "Rogue Squads," which are small teams that have formed from the multitude of registered players that challenge the "all powerful" clans. Drop on by and join up with the independent players or challenge one of the "Rogue Squads".
    • Ninja Quake II has released some new screenshots up of their upcoming release of Ninja Quake 2 - Single Player/Coop edition. They include some pics of the new female ninja model in action chopping up stuff with swords, not to mention some delightful clips of impaling with a spear (is that what that is?). There will be two new weapons, which are not pictured, and the release should be within the next week or so. Check it out :)

    Thursday, September 24, 1998 - Submit News!
    Impulse 98 Map and Model Making Competition
    As part of the Australian LAN tournament, Impulse 98 (covering Quake 1, Quake 2, Half Life and Team Fortress), there will again be a map making competition. This year, they are seeking three Quake 2 Duel maps to be used in the 64 players double elimination competition. The author of the winning map will receive a Diamond Monster Fusion 16MB 2D/3D Video Card, along with 32MB of RAM, and the winning map will also be used for the Quake 2 duel final.

    There will also be a Quake 2 Model Map Making Competition run as well, for a prize of a Diamond Monster MMX300 Sound Card (bundled with Half-Life Day 1) and 32MB of RAM.

    Entries for the map making competition will be taken until the 5th of November, and entries for the model making competition close on the 20th of November. For more details go to the Impulse98 site.

    Hosted Site News
    • Death Match 2 has been totally revamped, and now has the largest collection of Quake 2 demos available. Demos from LAN parties such as QuakeCon and K9Con, and online tournaments like the PGL can all be found there. You can find demos of all the best Quake 2 players B2, Rosco, Unowned, Kuin, Immortal, and clans like Legacy, Darkside, and Deathrow. Whether you collect demos, or simply use them for learning purposes you can find just about whatever you are looking for there.
    • 4th Dimension Interactive has released their newest version of the Crush Depth multiplayer mod. Ever wanted to fight underwater in your own personal arrmed sub? If so, you should check this mod out! In case you haven't checked out Crush Depth yet, it's a multiplayer mod, with CTF capability, TeamFortress type classes, and over half of the weapons have been redone.
    Help Wanted
    D-Day Teamplay is a new teamplay mod in development for Quake2. It's set in World War II, and will feature weapons and player models from that time. It is a strategy based "Objective" style playing mod, putting an Allied company against a German company with each team having certain goals to accomplish. D-Day Teamplay is just starting off so people with all types of Quake2 editing experience are needed. Email Abaris for more information.


    Wednesday, September 23, 1998 - Submit News!
    Config-O-Matic Released
    The Expert Quake2 team has released the "Server Config-O-Matic." This tool is designed for server admins who are (or who are thinking about) running an Expert Q2 server. Some of its features include easy mode switching, map cycle configuration, automagic MOTD creation, and more.

    New RocketJump Config
    The Bind has released a new "never failing" RocketJump alias. Also, for those of you who are into configs & such, The Bind is looking for a group of Quake players to be their review team for their new upcoming "Config of the Week" feature. If you'd like to help them out, or if you just want to rocket jump better, check out their site.

    Confidence CTF Map Released
    Orange Smoothie Productions has released a CTF-compatible version of their Confidence Lost map by BotanikA. This map is compatible with both Threewave (id) CTF and LMCTF.

    AusQuake Skin Competition
    The AusQuake skin competition for the best Australian Quake skin starts today! All submissions must be in by Wednesday, October 14th, and must support (be designed for) one of these Quake2 models: Male, Female, Cyborg, or Crack Whore. The winner of this contest gets their very own shrink-wrapped copy of the new Quake2 mission pack: Ground Zero!

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    The Quake2 Demo Site is a new site featuring demos and reviews of demos from different countries. Right now they are only accepting 1on1, DM, and CTF demos.

    Hosted Sites Update
    • Deathmatch 2 has been totally revamped and is now the largest Quake2 demos site available! Dm2 has demos from LAN parties, conventions, and the PGL. They also have demos of specific Q2 players and clans.
    • 4th Dimension Interactive of the Shaded Reality Team has some updates on their recent release of the TC, Crush Depth. Right now, they are implimenting a multiplayer feature, that allows you to jump into your own PERSONAL submarine, and fight underwater. Your sub is armed with its own arsonal also. You should definately check these guys out. Also, the completed total conversion will include a total Single Player aspect, with new textures, entities, and all those goodies in Quake2 we love:) You can contact the team at

    Tuesday, September 22, 1998 - Submit News!
    Generations Mod Release Info
    We got this little press notice about the impending release of Generations, a new "tribute to id Software" mod:
    Generations , after long months of waiting , is finaly releasing something!!! w00! well, it might not be the finished product, but that don't mean it don't kick some major ass!!! Generations is the 'Tirbute to id software' that will eventualy (soon) incorperate Wolfenstein, DooM, Quake, and Quake 2 all in one awesome game! Tonight (Tuesday, 9/22/98) at 7:00 pm (cst) we will be releaing a preview of that to give the audiance something to play fer a little while, while we finish the real thing. The beta will only include Quake 2 and QUake 1 classes, but will give us a chance to have some beta testing doen by the public and let them have some fun. There will be a release party (of cource) on 3dnet in #generations is anyone wants to attend.
    BotJohnny And KeyBind Info
    New versions of both BotJohnny and KeyBind are now available. BotJohnny version 2.00 beta 3 includes a new interface, integrated KeyBind support, new teams and options lists, and more. Along with the BotJohnny comes the first release of KeyBind, which is a new drag/drop alias and keybinding editor. KeyBind is designed for use with the BotJohnny, but can be used as a standalone editor as well.

    New TRSM
    A new version of The Real Stats Machine has been released. Version 1.03 adds several new administration features as well as some other tweaks and options. Check their site for the full list of changes and for the files.

    New Q2Comp Version
    Version 0.40 beta of Q2Comp has been released. This mod is similar to the Clanring and QWRing mods, providing much more control over deathmatch games. The new version includes a menu system, enable and disable commands, a "boot" command, and more!

    3DScene Stuff
    Blaze over at the 3DScene has been rather busy, releasing a new Sin desktop theme (does NOT require MS Plus!), and also releasing a new demo. This demo shows an easter egg in Quake2 that contains John Carmack's head, a Doom logo, and a pic of Carmack standing by his ferrari. Pretty neat huh?

    Help Wanted
    The Predator DM TC is looking for two experienced Quake2 modelers to help them out, as well as a few other people. Visit their site for details.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    Gamer's Reality has just reopened with a brand new design, and with previews of Half-Life, Max Payne, and a review of Rainbow Six.


    Monday, September 21, 1998 - Submit News!
    ThunderWalker CTF News
    Here's a couple of cool news items from the ThunderWalker CTF front: The ThunderWalker CTF page has just passed the 200,000 visitor mark, and is extending a big "Thank You" to everyone. Also, a "Happy Anniversary" to Clan ThunderWalker who is celebrating their 2nd year of TWCTF; and last but not least, Team ThunderWalker is holding a contest for the design of the manual for ThunderWalker II: Rolling Thunder v2.0. Details will be appearing on the ThunderWalker homepage.

    Battle of the Sexes News
    The new Battle of the Sexes v2.9.9 Server Side DLL has been released with extensive support for custom .wav files, and many gameplay tweaks which were suggested by the players. The list of new features is entirely too big to post here, so go check out this site for all the info on the new release.

    Holy Wars News
    Version 2.1 of Holy Wars, a QuakeII mod, will be released this Saturday, September 26th. This new version includes harsher penalties for "Heretics" (killers of innocents), as well as major improvements to the scoreboard, GibStats compatibility, new sounds, minor big fixes, and more. You can find Holy Wars here.

    Hosted Site News
    The Q2 File Fanatic has just completed its site redesign and is offering several new files, including wallpapers, themes, and icons. Also, within this coming week there will be two new themes available, as well as some new animated cursors. Head on over and give it a look see!


    Sunday, September 20, 1998 - Submit News!
    Q3:Arena Screenshots
    Game Killaz have posted some scans of Q3: Arena screenshots from the new UK PCGamer. You can view them here.

    More Q3:Arena Screenshot News
    Apparently, when asked about the availability of high-quality screenshots from the upcoming Quake3:Arena game, Todd Hollenshead had this to say:
    We won't be releasing any screenshots until after the PC Gamer US story is on the shelves. At that time, we'll probably make some shots available to the general public via our website.
    Todd Hollenshead
    id Software, Inc.

    Leftie Config
    Indy has posted a new version of his Left-Handed Config for all of you fraggin' lefties out there. He has added some cool new features like a simple, but effective communications system which would appeal to all you non-lefties too. Go check this and more aliasing stuff out over at The Bind.

    RoadKill '98
    I found this to be an interesting bit of news and being a college student myself, I thought the rest of my peers would find it interesting as well, so I'm passing it along:
    For the last two weeks our company,, has been touring the SouthEast US putting on a Quake II gaming competition called RoadKill. Last week we were at UH in Houston, Rice in Houston, and Texas A&M University in CollegeStation. Next week we will be at SMU on Tuesday the 22nd and TCU on Wednesday the 23rd. I would love it if you could get the word out to your Quake players in the area. Here are the specifics:

    SMU September 22, Humphrey Lee Student Center, Ballroom 3rd Floor TCU September 23, Brown Lupton Student Center, Room 216

    We will be giving away a Voodoo II graphics card and tons of gift certificates. If you have any questions, please let me know.
    -Bethany Allee

    Back Orifice News
    Having had my system taken down by Back Orifice several weeks ago, I personally know how vulnerable and violated one feels when something like this happens. Seeing as how we all depend on downloading game mods, patches, maps, demos, etc., from the Internet, we are all potential victims of Back Orifice which can be easily installed on our systems unbeknownst to us. Leif ' Flasher 907 ' Gruenwoldt of Team 3d Palette sent along the news that his site has posted a tutorial on how to get rid of Back Orifice once you've been infected without having to reformat your hard drive. It's called: "Removing the Unwanted Back Orifice" and I seriously recommend that you check it out.

    Hosted Site News
    4th Dimension Interactive has released the first version of their multiplayer mod, Crush Depth (formerly called Dark Syndicate). You can download it from their site.

    Help Wanted
    • theNET is looking for some people to help out with their site. They are specifically looking for a logo/image artist, some web designers, some JavaScript programmers, etc. If you have the talent, and the desire to help out, please contact Mr. Baldy.
    • The Bullet Proof Design team is in need of help with their graphics/web design projects, and are seeking a few great artists, designers, and web p1mps to help out. You must have previous knowledge, and must be able to provide some good examples of your skills/work before you will be allowed to join their team. Also, you must be willing to dedicate plenty of time to the team/projects. If you think you have what it takes, contact Teufel.

    Saturday, September 19, 1998 - Submit News!
    GameSpy 2.03 Released
    If you are a registered user of Gamespy, you should know that version 2.03 was released yesterday, and is available at the Gamespy 3D website. There are some new improvements/enhancements including full SIN support, improved Unreal support, and support for Monolith's upcoming Shogo: Mobile Armor Division.

    WarMod 2.0 Released
    Version 2.0 of WarMod, a teamplay TC with 8 player classes for QuakeII, has been released with some new features. There are new new models, new weapons, and several bugfixes in this newly released version. You can get the WarMod Client, as well as the WarMod server for both Windows and Linux at the WarMod site.

    UKBHL Season Start-up
    The United Kingdom Brotherhood League (UKBHL)is two weeks away from their second season start-up, and they are looking for more applicants. They are a 2 on 2 clan league with every match being played on Q2DM1. If you are interested in joining the Brotherhood, go visit the UKBHL website for more info.

    WinAmp QII Skin
    w00p...if you are interested in using a QII skin with WinAmp, there is one called Quadamp available here.

    Console+: a Quake2 Add-on
    There is a cool little proggie called Console+ which is an advanced-user add-on that gives you four new dynamic variables (counter, stamp, time, date), and the ability to delete demos and screenshots directly from the Quake2 console. For full details on Console+, go here.

    Help Wanted
    The Night Hunters team is putting togehter a map-pak and is need of about 5 mappers to help them, so if you are interested send an email to GunAr.

    New Hosted Site
    Welcome to Thrasher, who is bringing his QND:Quake Name Designer site here to Go check it out.



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