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Friday, October 10, 1997
The work log is up! - Slipgate
John Carmack put up his worklog from August 5 till today in his .plan file. It was VERY cool of him to do this, I remember him doing this shortly before Quake's release.

I noticed Redwood put it in a text file, and it makes sense to do so, so I will as well. Whenever I see him update the log I'll put the newest copy in the text file, and the day the log disappears we'll have a copy of the final version that existed in permanent storage :).

Here is the worklog. I've decided to have a constant link to this at the top of the news.

QuakeCast highlights - Slipgate
Wanker was kind enough to inform me his QuakeCast highlights are up, including the talk with me. Click here.

Redwood's Quake 2 demo opinions - Slipgate
Ack, posted this before under Blitz's name even though I wrote the update. Here you go again:

Redwood has posted his "blurb" so to speak about the Quake 2 demo and what he thought over at
his site. I saw that on his site, but Prophet also mailed me (thanks bud) because he had heard it from Voodoo Extreme.

One of the cool things is that he uses illustrations (albeit old out of date ones) to give you a general idea of what's going on.

Contest logos - Blitz
I have put all the contest logos in a few subdirectories so everyone can view them. I have to admit the turn out was fantastic and alot of real good logos were submitted. You can access the directories here.

Paul Steed .plan update - Slipgate
Rotwang informeth me of this cool .plan update on Quake 2's progress by Paul Steed:

Well, the game is jammin' along and looking as expected: AWESOME. I have to have the cinematics done by tomorrow so Sound Deluxe can put the sound and music to it. As far as whether or not I'm happy with the stuff? Is it cool? I'll let you make that call.

Next week I go balls out and tweak EVERY single frame of character animation until they're all dead-on perfect. BTW, anyone out there not using Alias Wavefront with Power Animator on an SGI gets my vote for manliness. You HAVE to use a skeletal system with vertex deformation. Moving objects or groups of vertices around to animate is both barbaric and akin to stop-motion photography. All you Ray Harryhausen wannabes out there go grab Character Studio or BonesPro something and get serious. Any other approach will be both frustrating and sub par in quality.

The CW contest hasn't progressed very much (as in '0'). Either I'm underestimating the number of girlfriends/wives/friends/whatever willing to put on the outfit or the real entries are waiting for Holloween. Hope it's the latter instead of the former.

Finally I watched Disruptor play Jedi Knight for a while and thought the cinematics and sound were great. I could go into a more in depth analysis of what I thought about JK (I AM a SW fan BTW) but I'll go ahead and agree with Kevin: We've been working way too hard.
Quake 2 maps site - Slipgate
Mindbomb's Quake 2 maps site (don't recall its old URL incidentally) has moved to The word was sent via Prophet :) Thanks bud.

QuakeCast over - Slipgate
Phew, well my appearance is finished. You can go to the QuakeCast site to go hear it, I start somewhere soon after the 37 minute mark.

Wanted to clarify some things about my appearance. I was going to ask a really hard trivia question and if someone in the IRC got it I would send them the copy of Quake 2 that I won with John Cash. However we didn't get to that trivia, and Judgecal is going to use it next week (I have given them permission to).

The 100,000 hitter and the logo contest person will win copies of Quake 2 we purchase for them.

As I announced on QuakeCast, although |2| won the physical contest, he's not the one getting the free Quake 2 copy. Chris Perna who made legion01.gif is the person winning the Quake 2 copy since Walter requested that if he was in fact chosen that the runner up be given the prize instead since he'd feel better that way.

We didn't just pick Walter because of the name, he is really the logo we came down to after a long time deciding. 1000+ entries all fairly viewed and decided on by us.

I was really nervous, but I think I did OK tonight. Go over and listen to it and be your own judge I guess :).

We'll be opening all the entries (sans the postal addresses) tomorrow for public viewing. The top five in the end were (you'll be able to hunt these images down tomorrow):

Top five placers
No particular order
chaosquake2-8.jpglegion01.gifhelluvalogo2.jpg 2.jpg2b.jpg

Thursday, October 9, 1997
Hosting stuff - Slipgate
I have been asked how fair it is that the Green Ribbon Campaign is a subdomain while other hosted sites are subdirectories. I posted a reply to a message about this on
Quake 2 Press's messageboard, answering a query there. If your curious as to why the Green Ribbon Campaign is a subdomain or you think its unfair, please read that.

We love our sub sites. :)

Button FAQ - Slipgate
There have been requests apparently for a "Button FAQ", so Scarecrow has put up such a FAQ on our Quake 2 Buttons site he runs as well as his original Quake Buttons site. Thanks Scarecrow.

Ok, one quickie - Slipgate
Daniel Strand asked John Carmack about shadows in Quake 2 and Trinity, here's the letter to John and his reply quoted off Redwood's:

>Hej! (hi, in swedish)
>I remember some unreal programer saying they had removed a graphical
>feature which allowed shadows to 'slide' across objects as they moved,
>due to too much slow-down..
>Q: Will Quake2 have shadows 'sliding' over objects as they move, or will
>the entire model be shadowed 'on-off' .. ?

Quake 2 will not have any advanced shadow features. Trinity will...

John Carmack
Last update till tonight at best - Slipgate
I'm going out prior to QuakeCast tonight, so this'll be either my last update until QuakeCast is over or my last update for the day. Check out Barrett Alexander's .plan for a hilarious joke:

Today someone wrote wanting to know what you get if you play the Demo, and you don't actually 'flip over it', as I promised yesterday.

So, all non-flippers will be honorary inductees into the Llama Hall of Fame. This is an extraordinary honor! Something that some people work really hard over an entire lifetime to achieve, and yet others seem to effortlessly obtain, almost as if they have a god given talent or something. You can do this one thing, not 'flip over' the demo, you will leap frog all your buddies and reach the crown jewel!

You're gonna flip over the Demo! (and the full game will be even better!)
Quake II DLLs - Slipgate
Quake II DLLs, our programming hosted site, has their fourth C lesson, an introduction to pointers, up. Thanks Hendo.

Quake purity - Slipgate
I am 64.5% Quake pure (compared to Blue's 46%) according to The Quake Addiction Purity Test by EFNet #quake op DemonEatr.

Go take the test yourself!

PQ spotlight - Slipgate
Today's PQ Spotlight is on tin's Quake 2 Nutshell, their Quake 2 site. Congrats tin! He's also the maker of our (soon to change :) ) logo.

Mailing list - Slipgate
Guys, when looking over the results of the auto-form, I thought I'd mention something. Partial addresses will NOT work. You can't just say hooha, you have to say or I've seen someone who forget to put the @ and suffix on their input. Also, I saw another occurence of something similar, "swipnet" forgetting the ".se". These are just 2 things I noticed, people seem to be getting the idea of what they do. If you don't give us your full address we can't mail you. If you've misentered your address please re-enter it fully and correctly.

Not much news today, be sure to watch QuakeCast tonight though and hang out in the IRC channel.

Microsoftian incompetence - Slipgate
Brian Hook's pretty upset that Microsoft stuff seems to behave differently under the same situations. Here's what he had to say:

I do not comprehend Microsoft's inability to write software that just works.

Here is the latest in my epic saga of "How to Write Software When Your Tools are Written By Complete Idiots". The sad part is that I know a lot of really competent and smart people at Microsoft, yet I guess their code never makes it into production software. Or something like that.

So why am I griping? Dig upon this scenario:

Given two identical machines (Intergraph Realizm workstations, identical driver sets, both dual PPro/200s and 128MB of RAM, both running WinNT 4 with SP3), and given two IDENTICAL installations of MSVC 5 (w/ SP2), and given that both grab an ENTIRE directory of source code (including all relevant project and workspace files) from a central directory, and both do complete rebuilds without touching any compiler options, given ALL this, WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THEY GENERATE DIFFERENT EXECUTABLES? Different sizes, and in many cases different behaviour.

If I build Quake2 on my machine using the "release build", the DLLs and EXEs generated work just fine. If either Cash or Carmack do the same thing, they get fucked up, bizarre shit like weird spinning worlds and other randomly bizarre stuff.

Did I mention this is with the same basic hardware on everyone's machine? And the same OS? And the same compiler? And the same project file? And the same workspace files? Cash went so far as to format his hard drive and reinstall everything from scratch, and he's getting the same problems. Where are these magic compiler options being stored -- in the Flash BIOS?!

Or maybe I have magic compiler options being stored in my registry...and in that case, well, civilization is doomed and we may as well start building fires with rocks again.

It's like the programmers at Microsoft have neither pride nor common sense.

All right, I'll shut up now, since if I say how I REALLY feel I'll probably piss off even more people.
Wednesday, October 8, 1997
Beta clarification! - Slipgate
LOT of rumors/info been circulating this way and that, about Q2Test being this weekend, and recently "no Q2Test at all". Well, Barrett Alexander of id Software updated his .plan file to clarify things completely.

October 8, 1997

Someone wrote me today and said that there were rumors flying about that QTest2 was coming out soon.

I wrote back and said that there won't be a QTest2. Now there's more concerns from that statement, so let me clarify:

We all along have said there will be a Demo released for Quake. This is a bit different from a 'QTest2', in that QTest2 would lead you to believe it would be the same type of thing as QTest was. QTest was a non-monster-populated, internet playability test. The Demo will not be like this.

The Demo will be released when we are finished with it, and at that time you will get to see exactly what's in it :) And, I promise you will flip over it!
For complete clarity, I always used the term Q2Test to mean the game beta. I never meant it as what Qtest was. Also, I'm not the individual who mailed him.

In ANY case, there will be a playable demo of the game and we are still continuing our mailing list for it.

Special thanks to Barrett Alexander, Paul Steed, and Redwood for helping me understand.

Gamespot blurb - Slipgate
A certain Blue fella let me know about this Gamespot blurb. Title? Quake II is Gonna Kick Ass!

QuakeCast! - Slipgate
Tomorrow night I'll be on QuakeCast (not in person, over phone). Tune in of course at if interested.

I know people have been wondering who won the logo contest, and I'll be announcing who the lucky person is during QuakeCast. I'll also be doing some other stuff, so I recommend watching (and hanging out on the IRC channel, you'll see why) when I come on.

Stop using - Slipgate
If you would like to sign up for the beta test mailing list please use the automation thing above. If you've already signed up through e-mail or with the automation thing then don't bother, but if you have not signed up yet please don't do it in e-mail. Thanks.

Quake 2 site - Slipgate
Logicquest now has a Quake 2 site as well. Thanks Redwood.

Redwood played Quake 2? - Slipgate
Well, here's a quote from Redwood's page yesterday: "Anyway, Zor and I went to id Saturday to play Quake 2 (mostly the demo) for a few hours." He's said he'll have his impressions of it up by tomorrow night sometime. Keep an eye out I guess.

Alpha news - Slipgate
Alright, a lot of people have informed me that the news regarding Intel and Alpha from yesterday was incorrect. Thanks.

Tokay's contest - Slipgate
The 2nd and 3rd place winners of Tokay's contest were announced at Redwood's site as well as the honorable mentions. They get free Quake 2 copies, and Mr. #1 Onethumb gets an id jacket also :).

Tuesday, October 7, 1997
Submissions - Slipgate
Now, instead of using to send in your e-mail address and get on the mailing list of people to notify once the beta is out (with links to download from in the mail), you can sign up automatically at the top of this page.

Do not do this if you have already signed up via e-mail. Just if you haven't signed up yet use this instead of e-mail now.

Thanks to Patrick Cupka of The Void for writing the script to do this for us.

PC Games and other news - Slipgate
Buddy Tex-Murph sent me this e-mail, it in itself sums up the news he has to present.

PC Games has just released Quake2 coverage in their latest issue. This includes an in-game shot of that controversial female monster. I'm aware this has previously been on-line, but just to let everyone know :).

(BTW, in other news, Intel just bought out Alpha, the company making that 500mhz chip that id was porting to. So they'll be writing for an obsolete platform :). hm)

[Zerstorer] Tex-Murph
Work called - Slipgate
I've been doing a lot of site work aside from the news, as well as some homework, which is why I'm so late on updates today. Apologies.

Monday, October 6, 1997
Casablanca 6 again - Slipgate
I've received a request from Loonyboi to rename the "Casablanca 6" article since although it is a response to Casblanca 5 it doesn't tie in to the rest of the series, etc. I have no problem with this and will honor the request. I'm e-mailing the Times's maintainer pRy (also our hosting advisor incidentally) about changing the name to simply "The Online Gaming Community".

PlanetQuake's mailbag - Slipgate
I wasn't sure when to check, but I was checking out PlanetQuake today and saw that they had posted my response to the article about newbies on PlanetQuake called the Goldfish Effect. Go check out PlanetQuake and see the mailbag, lots of great feedback on that article and on Rocket Arena the modification.

John Cash interview - Slipgate
The man I will always sing praises of for letting me win Quake 2 free, John Cash has done an
interview over at PlanetQuake. Thanks Hanif.

Quake 2 Times - Slipgate
I got slow on updating about this because I got busy, but I wrote an article called Casablanca 6:The Online Gaming Community (a followup to Casablanca 5 by Loonyboi, and I'd like to consider it the "next in the series"). It's on
Quake 2 Times, which is our subsite that lets folks vent their opinions by writing articles for it, and will also occasionally have interviews. I'd like to take this opportunity to invite people to write articles for it about anything you'd like. Respond to any existing articles or write your own!

Oh, and this to Loonyboi: I'm interested in what your reaction to my article is, because it is entirely based as a response to your Casablanca 5.

Quake 2 Press assistance - Slipgate
Quake 2 Press's webmaster Lag is looking for people to help him update and take care of the news. Go see if interested. Thanks Hanif.

Correction - Slipgate
Thanks to Martin Kozicki of The Entermedia Network for informing me that my update on September 30th was somewhat incorrect. Red Herring is not a gaming publication specifically, but they are a respected publication in the high technology field (as I understand it).

Sunday, October 5, 1997
Tokay interview - Slipgate
Saw on Da Shuga Shack that there's a new brief American McGee interview at Mostly personal questions actually.

Calling - Slipgate
We're at over 200 addresses already. Please be aware this isn't a list to acquire the beta now, but a list to be notified of when it is released (most people understand but some have misunderstood). I've updated the original post to this effect.

OK, quick note. To, I tested your address and it bounced back, I wasn't able to send e-mail there. If you could send me some other working address so that you aren't left out when the mail is sent, that would be good.

News (and error) - Slipgate
The Quake-A-Thon use of the IRC server is complete. I accidentally said PST before, but it was EST. Many people came nonetheless (several) and I'm sorry if my mistake made anyone miss it who was planning to come.

Also, we ALREADY have 72 e-mail addresses from from people wanting beta notification (read the news post just below this). This is going well so far :).

Want to be notified when Quake 2's beta is out? - Slipgate
Basically, the question's in the topic. If you would like to receive an e-mail notifying you of when Quake 2's test version is released (test, not full version), simply e-mail with your e-mail address. The day the beta/test comes out, we'll send out an e-mail to all of you who do that with the note that the beta is out and a URL to a page with a list of download links.

We're doing this because we received several requests like this, and we decided that instead of turning them down we would do it. Of course we'll still also announce the release on the page.

Update: Please understand this list isn't to become an id Software beta tester or get the test now. It's just to be notified when the test is out.

Buttons page - Slipgate
We'd like to announce the addition of a new hosted site,
Scarecrow's Quake 2 buttons page. Its by the runner of that page that had 377 Quake buttons. So far he has 20 Quake 2 related buttons. Be sure to submit additionals if you see any he doesn't have yet!

The banner and button to this site were made by our very own Dyno.

Undernet #quake2 page - Slipgate
The homepage of the Undernet #quake2 channel has turned into a hosted site, and it has been updated and redesigned by WU-GFK, who will be the maintainer of it now.

Also, all our logs from Undernet #quake2 that used to be accessible from the left frame have moved there and been edited for brevity, content, etc.

The banner and button for this site were made by our very own Dyno.

Hosted sites change/update - Slipgate
From now on instead of using subdomains for our hosted sites we'll be using subdirectories. The ONLY exception to this is the Green Ribbon Campaign, which is mostly out of our mainstream content so we decided to keep them on a subdomain. Every hosted site has moved though. Example, becomes

Check out updates to our Hosted Sites, hosting info, and links pages for the new URLs and info on our current hosting mechanism. The old subdomains have those refresh pages that take you to the new URLs there for now, but they will be removed soon.

Thanks to several site runners for being understanding about the moves and thanks to our hosting advisor pRy and our Techie page guy Snoopy for helping us out. Also thanks to Dyno for helping with his art skills on buttons and banners in a time of need, and updating the links page. Last but not least, thanks to Blitz for moving the sites and spending hours of work making sure they moved completely.

Quake-A-Thon '97 update - Slipgate
It's channel #qthon at 8 pm PDT btw (read lower announcement).

Quake-A-Thon '97 - Slipgate
Here's an announcement pertaining to our site, check it out:'s QuakeWorld tournament, Quake-A-Thon '97, is on its final stages. The registration deadline is today and everything is running smoothly. A chat will be hosted tonight on's IRC server, so everyone who still has questions or problems regarding the tournament can get their answers there.

Once the tournament has started, the channel will be re-opened for the players, so they can be informed of their status and upcoming matches. Make sure you register and don't miss the chat.

For more information go to:

If you have any questions send some mail to

Thanks to for letting us use the server for this.
Saturday, October 4, 1997
GameSpy 1.01 - Blitz
Version 1.01 of GameSpy has now been released. Grab it
here from our files section.

PC Gamer shots - Slipgate
PC Gamer's released four new screenshots on their
screenshots of the week page. I haven't incorporated these in my screenshots area yet because I've got a class to go to in just a little while (love school, don't you?). I'll get on the ball in the afternoon sometime when I get back.

Thanks to Hanif and several others for the info.

Dhabih Eng's new website - Slipgate
Dhabih Eng, the artist who did a couple of pieces of Quake 2 related artwork (including that famous one of Natasha) now has a homepage to show his work on at Thanks Lag of the Quake 2 Press.

Friday, October 3, 1997
Gamespy release - Slipgate
On 3Dnet a few minutes ago,
GameSpy (formerly called QuakeSpy) had version 1.0's release. The difference in Gamespy is that now its reworked to handle Quake and future Quake engine games. Current version supports Quake, QuakeWorld and Hexen 2. Future versions will add things like SiN, Daikatana, Quake 2, etc., as those games get released. Since this is the util that will become "Quakespy" of Quake 2 in the near future, I considered it appropriate to allow you folks to download it here (Also on the Files page). We are an official mirror of this by the way.

Now, go download Gamespy already!

Quake2 Previews? - Slipgate
Noticed how lately they are rehashing old info or quoting .plan updates as if it was personal interview material? Goes to show that with us so much closer to "breaking point" they can't find much to say but they all want their own "Quake 2 preview" up.

Quake2 Preview - Dyno
Gamer's Zone has a Quake2 preview up, thanks Prophet.

Thursday, October 2, 1997
Miscellaneous .plan updates - Slipgate
I've been slack on the news today because I've spent practically all day on logo contest judging (not too far away from the end of the judging now). But, the news for the day that I've missed it just basically .plan updates.

Brian Hook updated briefly about the NVidia:

Quake related! Woo-hoo! Okay, nothing special, other than to say that we talked to NVidia today and they showed us an early early early version of their ICD for Win95. Very impressive, given the short amount of time they've been working on it.
And Barrett Alexander updated his .plan to say:

Hahaha. Someone pointed out my lack of typing ability, obviously I meant '1998' in yesterday's .plan update.
Editor's note: He means me, from yesterday. Click here to see what he's referring to.

Anyways, that's about it. Jedi Knight's demo came out, but that's not stuff related to this site. Go over to to get it.

Paul Steed on weapons - Slipgate
Paul Steed updated his .plan again to say that he forgot to add the uzi/machinegun to his list of weapons he provided before. So yes to all the folks on my messageboard, there is still an uzi/machinegun :). I'm glad they didn't have to cut that weapon out, especially with what I've read about it (call me sentimental, I like rapid fire stuff).

Tokay's contest (belated) - Slipgate
I'm late in saying this (I've been meaning to though), but Onethumb won Tokay's contest ( Go there to check out his entries and the other entries that were submitted.

Swedish folks rule! - Slipgate
I just wanted to clarify that the reason I grinned yesterday when reporting the Swedish Quake 2 page isn't because of any prejudice or any other such ridiculous thing. I was merely in a genial mood ;) and in fact had grins all over the place, but then cut down to one :). Also I'm actually happy to see a Swedish page because most pages are US based and there are not a lot of pages from other countries. I know of a French and a Swedish one now, in fact, but no others off the top of my head.

Doom3D clarification - Slipgate
Thanks to my good friend IguanaGuy, Doom3D coder, for clarifying that what was supposed to be a screenshot of their TC in GLQuake and was supposed to be an exclusive to TC Magazine is what (unintentionally) got paraded around as a "GL Doom" shot. In fact its the DOOM3D TC, in GLQuake, and it should be out sometime soon I hope :).

Wednesday, October 1, 1997
By Christmas release darn it! - Slipgate
Barrett Alexander updated his .plan with the note to all of us who read Next Gen magazine (as well as Next Gen themselves):

Wanted to make sure that everyone who reads the latest issue of Next Generation disregards their lack of fact finding. They say in their 'Alpha' section that Quake II is due out in Spring 1998 (which technically could be as late as April or May), which is incorrect. As we've been saying all along, Quake II will be out this year :)
Editor's note: He had mistyped 1988 in his .plan but I corrected it for him :).

Disruptor made a hilarious .plan update about why you shouldn't get IE 4 (thank God I didn't bother since I use Netscape):

"Because it's a free product, it's pretty darn compelling."
-- Bill Gates on IE 4.0

Yeah Bill... Compelling me to run Netscape.

I just love it how screen redraws are four times slower with Active Desktop, my taskbar mysteriously reloads, removing the contents of my systray, and how IE randomly hangs while trying to load webpages, forcing me to terminate the process.

Try again Microsoft. Maybe you'll get it right with 4.1.

Small Print: Yes. Four times slower on screen redraws is an exageration, but you get the point. It's more like twice as slow. Ok, well, maybe 1.728 times slower...
I noticed he got rid of his disclaimer :).

Quake 2 pages - Slipgate
Here's a
Swedish Quake 2 page for all you Swedish folks out there <grin>, and here's yet another Quake 2 page to check out.

Quake 2 preview redux - Slipgate
The two new shots from the GamePen preview mentioned below (again, the UGP preview has no new screenshots) have been added to the bottom of page 1 of the screenshot area.

Quake 2 previews everywhere - Slipgate
Two new Quake 2 previews (been a lot of "previews", haven't there?) have popped up.

First there's one at, which despite what your hearing DOESN'T have any new screenshots and is a rehash of stuff we know basically.

Second is GamePen's Quake 2 preview, which I was informed of by Prophet. I've read through it, and besides being a good preview, it has 2 new screenshots (this is the one that has two new shots, not the other one), which I will get up in the screenshots area ASAP. I found lots of great quotes in this one, below:

A limitation of the original Quake engine was that enemies could not chase the player past certain boundaries within the game architecture; now that is no longer the case as they absolutely will not stop until you are dead (or crush them in a metal press). Players need to use the lay of the land to his (or her, there will be two player types) advantage, hiding in shadows so that the enemy doesn't know you're there, until you're ready to let him know.

Quake II is gonna bring the whole roof down on 3D action gaming, leaving the others shaking in its wake.

Players can also crawl into narrow shafts or behind crates (to pop up in surprise when the time is right). Another new feature for Quake is a more interactive environment; some walls can explode, giving access to other areas or power-ups and gun turrets can be manned for those times when the chaingun just isn't enough (can you imagine the CTF games where players can defend with these puppies?).
Gah, as Scary would say - Slipgate
Thanks to Lindsay for pointing out my error with the date before. Also thanks to Snoopy from our Technical Page for pointing out my spelling errors (don't ask). All fixed now. I musta been sleepy this morning.

Q2 Soundtrack - Slipgate
Thanks to
Frederic Gilbert for telling us the Sonic Mayhem website is updated (Sonic Mayhem are the folks doing the Quake 2 soundtrack). Here's the info quoted from there (BTW, redbook audio is what will eventually be put on CD tracks. Quake used redbook audio):

Heres some specs:
Quake2 soundtrack is done!!!
Quake2 soundtrack will rock your world!
There will be 15 tracks all in redbook audio format
All together we composed 23 tracks
We used up over 3 gigabytes of HardDisk space for audio
We had 100 liter of coffee and 25 times we ordered pizza ;)
According to the website they invite any questions people may have.

Quake 2 screensaver - Slipgate
Got this letter from my friend Rotwang, it pretty much says it all:

The Screenshot Archive's Quake II screensaver has been updated to accomidate extra image sets. Six extra image sets have been posted as well. Check 'em out:
Logo contest progress - Slipgate
People have been asking who won the logo contest, or when we'll know. Please be aware we are judging them all (and all fairly) but there is a HUGE number of logos. It's not hard to judge but its time consuming. You'll know soon enough who's won.

Carmack's Ferrari - Slipgate
I've been meaning to mention this. Thanks to Brandon Suzuki for telling me. Here's what he sent me:

The subject pretty much says it all! John Carmack's 1000HP Ferrari Testarossa is to be featured in the October issue of "Street Power" The article is appropriately named "EDGE OF DOOM". Anyhow, I thought the QUAKE community would find this to be of some interest.
Tuesday, September 30, 1997
Paul Steed .plan update - Slipgate
The man talked about the weapons and miscellaneous facts. Thanks to Tobey for alerting me on the messageboard. He doesn't seem to mention a machine gun or uzi in this (but I don't recommend mailing him about it right now, he's been getting a lot of mail lately). Here's the 411:

I've been getting a lot of inquiries about the weapons so since I animated them I thought I could add a little illumination to this subject. Forgive the redundancy if someone has already clarified any of the following issues on one of the news sites. I stay away from the browser since Danni's Hard Drive is just above Redwood's (sorry red) so in order to save myself from being lost in mindless surfing, I miss out on all the late breaking, pulse-pounding, orgasm-inducing tidbits about the world according to Quake. These are the following weapons I've animated for the little game we've been working on for the past oh, 354 days or so...
- blaster
- shotgun
- super shotgun
- chain gun
- hyper blaster
- flare gun
- hand grenade
- rail gun
- rocket launcher
- grenade launcher
- Disintigrator (ALTHOUGH Kevin says this may be questionable making it into the final cut)

Some other weapons that have been discussed but I have not seen or animated are:
- mines
- sticky bombs
- a low-yield, hand-carried, tactical thermonuclear bomb

Some other weapon factoids you may be unwilling to wade through a FAQ to obtain are:
- weapons can be customized to be on the left or right
- view model weapons are between 250 and 400 faces
- weapons seen in the world are no more than 200 faces
- the shotgun drum doesn't actually do a full rotation. I just move it a little and then move it back
- the rocket launcher will still carry 3 missiles on the rack even when empty (call me a tease)
- the rocket shells and grenades being fed into the chambers of those respective weapons are not really different shells and are tricks ala the pseudo-rotating shotgun drum
- the chain gun and hyper blaster have overspin and one rotates clockwise and the other counter-clockwise
- when creating the weapons I built them as usual and then viewed them through a 90 degree field of view camera viewport in order to account for any view warp. This occasionally required me to deform the weapons in order to compensate for our wacky FOV (i.e. squash them in a bit)
- the decision to make our weapons look more conventional as opposed to looking like some quisinart(sp) or toaster oven was because we wanted you to be able to realize it was in fact a weapon you were holding in your hands
- no melee weapon was made because we wanted to piss people off, although the mission pack may have such a weapon if we get enough bitching about the lack of that feature
- yes the weapons animation ARE a bitch to do and to make look 'right', that's probably one of the reasons why I'm actually PAID to do what I do
- no people or defenseless animals were harmed in the creation and/or animations of the Quake2 weapon
- finally YEP you guessed it I am tired of questions about the weapons

Back to the grind good friends and fellow philogynists...
Brian Hook .plan update - Slipgate
Basic summary? Menus are a pain to do.

id appropriately honored :) - Slipgate
CEO Todd Hollenshead updated his plan to say that Red Herring, a gaming publication that is held in high regard, selected id Software as one of the top 100 technology companies. Here's what he said:

Another honor has been bestowed upon id Software. The Red Herring has named us to its 1997 list of the "Top 100 Technology Companies". The magazine has this to say about the list:

"The Herring 100 lists the one hundred brightest stars in the digital firmament. These are, we believe, the companies that define the digital universe."

WOW! That is hefty praise.

The Red Herring isn't much of a "gamer's magazine", but it is a very respected publication in the high technology field, which prides itself on coverage of upwardly mobile companies. I say this to frame what it means to be included on their Top 100 list.

You can see the full list and story here:

...I think I'll put the article next to the Quake II ad once we get *both* of them framed...
.plans fixed - Slipgate
Disruptor fixed the .plans. It all started with a mail server problem.

No GLDoom shot - Slipgate
The GL Doom shot making rounds on the web isn't for real. Funny thing is, it did kinda look like DOOM with a GL effect applied, at least it did to me. Oh well.

IE 4 - Slipgate
Internet Explorer 4.0 (final) is out apparently. I don't know where you can get it from, but I imagine it must be on I'm avoiding it for now since I don't heavily use IE (I use Netscape) and I'd really rather not crash tonight, thanks though :). Just thought I'd mention it. BTW, the problem on this site in Internet Explorer 4.0 preview 2 (and I imagine the full version too) will be fixed in a little while. That's all I'll say.

Hosting info - Slipgate
All subsites as well as anyone trying to get hosted (and anyone who's just interested otherwise) should read the update to our hosting info page. All existing subsites will need to comply, and any people trying to get hosted should read it because its a summary of what we expect.

Later today I'll be changing the contact us link into a contact us page. You'll see that then :).

Weapons list - Slipgate
As many have pointed out, the uzi and machine gun may or may not be the same weapon under two different names. And the hand grenade and grenade launcher is probably a mistake on my part when I was writing the post yesterday. I'll inquire about what the actual weapons list (without repititions) is and then let y'all know.

Sorry for any confusion I may have (read: did) cause.

id .plans - Slipgate
Disruptor made a quick .plan update indicating that due to a system overhaul the fingers over at id are broken. He'll get it fixed soon he says.

Monday, September 29, 1997
Important NON-Q2 - Dyno
Just had some things I need to say real quick. Gamer's Alliance is currently back up as we speak, but we are switching servers again. Mainly because our current one is crashing daily, we'll be moving over to netmegs, which is the same service that hosts this site. Thanks Blitz for helping us out in our time of need. The switchover will probably get over fast, and yes, all hosting offers still stand.

Mailing Us - Dyno
We now have some spiffy new mail aliases to better serve you, the viewer. All general stuff will be directed to all of us now at Mail about links should be sent to, and finally mail about hosting should be sent to We'll be linking to these addresses on this page very shortly, for now I have changed the contact us link to Thanks!

Quake2 Developers - Dyno
Check out 5thD, a Quake/Quake2 Developers Collaboration. They are currently looking for some skilled developers to join the group. You can also see the work of current members, related files, docs and more. It's a good source of developer info for Quake and Quake2 as well.

American McGee's Contest Ends - Dyno
American McGee's contest for the largest Q2 logo is now over, here's what he had to say in his plan about it:

Ok, the Quake II logo contest is over. I have over 50 entries to sort through and decide on. A large number of these entries are fakes. The fake entries will get mention, but so far there is only one fake that will be awarded a special "Cool Fake Entry" prize :) As far as the "real" entries go first place is going to be awarded to the guy with the largest Q2 logo. Those were the rules, and we can't be breaking the rules you know. There will also be 2nd and 3rd place prizes, and I will award some prizes for people who put extra effort into their entries.
I want to thank everyone who participated, and also Stomped and Process for hosting and helping out with this contest.

Since I have no spare time right now it could be a few days before I get a chance to go through all the entries. Please be patient :)

(Note that all the entries are not yet on the contest page)
For more information, check out the contest page.

Final weapons list redux - Slipgate
Doy. I shoulda compared the two before I made yesterday's post. Any ways, basically PC Gamer didn't have a complete and final weapons list, the list they provide is just a few of the weapons (just like they only mention 5 enemies but the game has more than 5 enemies).

Here, from the Quake 2 FAQ, is a list of weapons that Paul Steed, id Software artist, ratted off at QuakeCon. As Paul explained back then, these are all weapons that are ALREADY DONE and will definitely be included (and if they were "already done" back then in July, I'd reason that they'll make it in). Anyways, when I compared the list, I saw all the weapons already in this list, except for the Uzi (which I've added to this list and will add to the next version of the FAQ coming up soon). Also, is laser pistol the blaster or hyper blaster? I'm assuming the "missile launcher" is the rocket launcher. So, the weapon list we know of so far (not necessarily final though):

  • blaster (also possibly called laser pistol?)
  • machine gun
  • assault shotgun
  • double-barreled shotgun
  • hyper blaster
  • disintegrator
  • rail gun
  • chain gun
  • BFG (Paul calls it the PS3000... guess what PS stands for :) )
  • grenade launcher
  • rocket (or missile) launcher
  • hand grenade
  • flare gun
  • uzi

    Sunday, September 28, 1997
    Final weapons list? - Slipgate
    Lord Spike made the following messageboard post. I wonder if it would be too much trouble to ask id if this list herewith mentioned is in fact the final weapon list. If someone from id could e-mail me and confirm this, that would be just great. Anyways, his messageboard post read something like this (it's been edited and html formatted). Regarding melee weapons, both this site and the Quake 2 FAQ have reported for some time now that there would be no melee weapon. Anyways, here's the post.

    In the latest PC Gamer, there is a offcial and complete list of wepons in Quake 2.

    Here they are:

  • Laser Pistol
  • Uzi
  • Shotgun
  • Chain Gun
  • Rail Gun
  • Disintegrator
  • Hand Grenade
  • Missile Launcher

    You may have noticed there's no Melee weapon (which I think sucks).

    Also, the disintegrator is basically a one hit kill weapon and the Rail Gun is as powerful as the Missile Launcher.
  • Pure 3D starts shipping tomorrow - Slipgate
    TiMEBrK sent me an e-mail regarding news he saw on Voodoo Extreme. It's about the Pure 3D accelerator card, which will be a good card for Quake, Quake 2, and other Quake engine games. Anyways, here's the news. If you ordered a Pure 3D card from the website back before the card had gotten released, your in luck because the cards will start shipping tomorrow (um, I think my title to this update said that). I ordered one myself some time back. Hope it comes by Wednesday :). Anyways, here's the scoop from Voodoo Extreme:

    Well it's looking like the Pure3D is selling by the bucket load eh? The big question is; when will all your orders that have been placed materialise in to Pure 3D ecstasy? Well, I got from Steven Erickson (cheers) who got a reply from Michael Humphress of Canopus stating this:

    PURE 3D will start shipping on Monday, September 29.

    Short and sweet but to the point and EXACTLY what we wanted to hear.
    I can't wait to finally play GLQuake on my own PC (only time I've ever personally played it or seen it rather than screenshots was another guy's PC at QuakeCon). I'm also looking forward to colored light in Quake 2 and in the general goodness of GLHexen2. Did I mention I can't wait?

    To all subsites - Slipgate
    I was going to mail this but thought this might be quicker. A couple of issues emerged recently on, I believe from the server move. For example, Illuminati's team e-mail forwarder is broken (getting fixed soon). If any other subsites are experiencing ANY abnormalities or other problems, bring them to my attention immediately and I'll get them looked into. Thanks.

    Green Ribbon Campaign - Slipgate
    The Quake Community Green Ribbon Campaign has now moved to The reason for this move is because I love and support the campaign, and I started wondering why the campaign had to be resigned to using Geocities space for its great purpose. So, we're hosting it. Things haven't otherwise changed on it, mind you. Green Ribbon campaign supports will need to update their link to, but that shouldn't be too hard.

    FAQ News - Slipgate
    It's a quiet day newswise in the Quake 2 community, so I thought I'd make an announcement.

    Version 0.3 of the Quake 2 FAQ was released some time ago (September 12) if you remember. Since then Paul Steed has released character sheets of monsters not mentioned in it, including information on one of those characters. Also, a couple of other miscellaneous bits of news or clarifications have been released. You'd think 16 days would be enough time to incorporate this information. Ideally, it would be.

    The problem I'm running (read: crashing) up against is the fact that there is an html and an ascii version of this FAQ. Each time I update the ascii version I have to re-html-ize from scratch for various reasons. It's killer. It's really tough getting new versions out like this, so I decided on something. Starting with when the next version of the FAQ comes out, there will no longer be an html edition. The hyperlinks to help you navigate were cool and all, but it was a pain to support, and also Netscape's html interpreter made too many mistakes with the FAQ. Since it never really incorporated anything but text, a text version is sufficient. Maybe down the line I can get someone who will make HTML versions available independent of me, but for now, I'll only do text versions.

    Also, I do still plan on uploading FAQ versions to, but instead of a zip with both varieties, I will from now on just upload the text edition unzipped with the filename q2faq_v##.txt (## being version number, 03 for 0.3, 12 for 1.2, etc.). Also, the "text edition", "html edition", and "Download FAQ" links will be replaced with just a single Quake 2 FAQ link to the FAQ text file. Just save the text file to disk to download it :). Anyways, this lets me get new versions out and keep it up to date much better. A lot of people who e-mail me corrections to the FAQ don't realize that the only reason its incorrect is because its an older version when we understood something else. I appreciate these people and anyone who sends me corrections, and hope people still do this.

    So, to get to the bottom line, there will only be ASCII versions from now on.

    Polls - Slipgate
    The Sentinel's poll from this last week has come to a close. This past week the question was "Should AI controlled marines be added to the game to help you complete missions?". There were 187 votes, out of which 76% liked the idea, 20% disliked the idea, and %4 percent didn't care. I didn't vote in this one, but my personal opinion is that if something like that is done, you shouldn't be "forced" to work with the bots, it should be an option so that people who don't want them can say no.

    This week's poll is up, and the question is, "Do you think id should add the grappling hook to the weapon inventory in Quake 2 multiplayer?" I wasn't sure there were enough choices on this question to express my opinion. Go vote if interested, and be sure to check out the Sentinel's weekly polls.

    Not forgetting, thanks to Rotwang for mailing me about this.

    Also, the Sentinel (or the The Nebula) is where you can sign up for the Quake 2 mailing list which comes out every week with a review of the week's news, since not everyone can go to the Quake 2 websites every day.

    Saturday, September 27, 1997
    I win! - Slipgate
    John Cash updated his .plan to say I won the contest he mentioned yesterday. I'm happy! :) I'm getting a free Quake 2 copy.

    I won't comment further on this because I don't want to rub it into everyone's face.

    PC Gamer shots - Slipgate
    PC Gamer added 2 new shots yesterday to their "shots each Friday" site. They can be found in the screenshots area. Thanks Rotwang. There are SO many Quake 2 shots now.

    Quake 2 OGR feature - Slipgate
    Hanif informed me of some new Quake 2 shots on OGR, and Rotwang was kind enough to send me direct links for quick retrieval of the new images. They are in the screenshots area now, thumbnailed.

    Quake 2 console back? - Slipgate
    There's a new "Quake 2 console" background for Quake, made by Julian "Juju" Maxwell. Basically while your playing Quake the normal brown console will be a big Q2 symbol picture instead. Colors are a little odd because of the Quake palette. You can get it here. Be sure to read the included text file, unless your a pak editor yourself and know what to do.

    Quake 2 site maintainer needed? - Slipgate
    Prophet passed along this word from my buddy at 3Dx, Nite.

    Due to various reasons, is now without an updater. If you know anyone who would like to take over on that page, or would like to move the page into, please email (me) and let me know.
    Friday, September 26, 1997
    Interview log - Slipgate
    The interview with me is complete. Here is the
    edited log. Hope you like it.

    I have tried (and hopefully succeeded) to dispell the notion that I work at id with this interview, because I don't.

    John Cash .plan update - Slipgate
    I always prove myself wrong :). Anyways, John Cash updated his .plan with a note to Scary, a humurous contest, and tech info. The humurous contest and tech info parts are quoted below.

    OK, here's *my* contest. Careful, it's very tricky. This contest is open only to journalists. Web p1pms would seem to eligible too. All ya hafta do is answer one simple question. The prize will be the second box of Q2 I set my hands on (sorry, but my kids get the first). Ready? The question is: Name all three of id's programmers. Spelling counts (hey, you're supposed to be pros so you should know how to spell). Extra credit? Sure, why not? The extra credit prize will be as many id signatures on the CD as I can get. The question: Who is the lead programmer for Quake II? email your entries to me. I hate long waits, so this contest only runs until midnight CST tonight (Sept 26th). In the event I don't receive any correct entries (given recent events, it could happen), I will pick people at random at The Frag and the first one who knows who I am will win.

    Thanks to all who've sent me info on that Siemens unit. Man, OBD-II is a pain in the... rear.

    How about some Q2 info. I know I've not said much about Q2 in quite a while, but that's only because we've been working so hard on it to get it ready on time. "For this Christmas" is a lot tougher than "When it's done". Here's a few tidbits for you who like to mess with the QC/progs. It's not exactly news, but, yes, we changed to using a DLL for the progs. There are just so many good things for progs programmers it's hard to know where to start. The physics has been moved into the game DLL. So now you can even change the laws of physcis! All aspects of the player's view can be controlled by the progs, note I said "can be" not "will be at all times". CTF and Quake Rally will be soooo much eaiser for Q2. The progs actually make up about half of the Q2 source, so when we release the progs source, you'll be getting a serious chunk of code. We also have entity teams. For things like doors, plats, etc a team is a group of entities that move (or don't move) as a unit. That way you can make a set of doors so that if one gets blocked they both stop. A million and one fun uses for that. You can also makes teams of items; very useful for DM. Teamed items work like this: when the map loads one (and only one) of the items will be spawned. When somebody picks up that item there is the usual respawn delay time and then one of the items on the team is randomly selected to respawn. For example, you could put a quad and a invulnerability on a team so that they are both on the level but never at the same time. Or you could put 5 RL on a level as a team so that you can't camp on it because you don't know which one will come back next. I'll try to give ya more info later... maybe a little less stream of conciousness next time.
    That's it - Slipgate
    Should be my last update to the site today till tonight's interview at 8 pm in Undernet #idsoftware. See you then, if your coming. /me hopes it goes well.

    Paul Steed interview & plan - Slipgate
    I was slow to mention this, but Voodoo Extreme has a Paul Steed interview (though they appear to be down currently, as does Redwood's site).

    Speaking of Paul Steed, he made a .plan update, here is what he had to say:

    Wow. We've been doing level reviews lately trying to tie up gameplay, identify areas to put unique textures and watching the monster animations. The level designs are very, very cool. Tim has a level where these laser beams kick out and spray death everywhere. American, Xian and especially the rookie Brandon are really kicking ass as well making our design team one solid block of talent. As ridiculous as it sounds, I don't even know our game beyond the responsibilities I have and the interaction I have with the others (head to the GRIND). I get surprised and excited every time I see the levels being played or demo-ed. Again, Twillits, Tokay, Xian and Killme, you guys fucking rock.

    Paul Jaquays Plan Update - Dyno
    Paul Jaquays made a plan update, programming team is simply awesome.

    Our programming team is simply awesome. The changes made last night didn't actually speed the game up ... they just stopped it from slowing down (I test on a P120 which is actually below the target baseline and this game MOVES in hardware). Of course, there were some texture compromises that had to be made ... but man, I know you're gonna love all THREE textures that we can put in the game now ( the light one, the contrasting dark one and the user-selectable decorator accent).

    Oooops. Giving away company secrets. Gotta run now. No time for controversy (still haven't answered the last round of controversy).

    Interview - Slipgate
    The loving "Lobosoft" guys of Undernet #idsoftware are interviewing me tonight at 8 pm eastern (same time scale this site goes by). Get your questions in on the submission form at soon so that they get asked and answered in tonight's interview for sure. I'm going to ask the #idsoftware guys to close the question form an hour before the interview starts.

    Logos - Slipgate
    Someone mailed in saying that it seemed as if we had already picked our winner with |2|'s entry. This is not the case. I was surprised |2| made an entry and didn't think about the pressure it would put on you guys if I mentioned that fact. All logos still have a fair chance, and I haven't actually developed a fetish for any logo yet that would be unfair to the other entrants. We will be judging this fairly, and not at all based on who submitted it, just how it looks and if we like how it looks. Everyone still has equal chance, and good luck to everyone! I've begun going through the logos since now judging has begun, and there are many fine entries.

    Brian Hook Plan - Dyno
    Brian Hook updated his plan a couple hours ago. Texturing and menuing code work.

    I got 8-bit paletted textures working last night with the 3Dfx Voodoo. There is a new extension to allow for shared texture palettes, and 3Dfx, as far as I know, is the first hardware company to implement it. The difference in performance is quit astounding -- far less thrashing occurs, so the frame rate maintains consistency extremely well.

    I'm now back to cleaning up the menuing code and doing optimization of various bottlenecks.
    Logo Stuff - Dyno
    Well as you all noticed, our logo contest ended tonight. There seems to be some great logos submitted, should be a hard to pick a winner. We weren't the only logo contest to end tonight though, the Quake2 Press logo contest is over tonight. The winner is none other than, me! So to see my handywork, just go to the page.

    American McGee addendum - Slipgate
    American McGee added an additional note about the Quake 2 theme song .plan update earlier (which was ironically earlier "yesterday"). Here's what he had to say:

    I'm getting a lot of requests from people to release the "Quake II Theme" early. This is not going to happen. Also, the Quake II music has been done by Sonic Mayhem. Rob Zombie has done the Quake II Theme song and that's it. And to clarify what I mean by theme song... Kinda like the Imperial Theme song in Star Wars which say to you: "Join the Dark Side or we'll poke your eyes out with a Death Star." Except our says something more like: "This is Quake II, we'll just poke your eyes out." :)
    Paul Steed also updated twice with an addendum to the Crackwhore contest and the note that ICQ proved too much for him and he's removing it (I just shake my head in understanding and sympathy, that's all I'll say).

    Logo contest ends - Slipgate
    The logo contest has come to a close. There are many many many entries, so it will take us time to judge them and announce the winner. Good luck to all who submitted!

    Older News

    Quake, Quake 2, and the stylized Q are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.